Raped by an Arab Master

Raped by an Arab Master.

Hans had been attracted to Arab men for as long as he could remember. He always fantasized about what it would be like to serve one of those handsome masculine Arab men. Unfortunately Hans lived in a small village in Holland were not many Arabs were living, and so he decided to go on a trip to Cairo, all by himself, to explore sex with Arab men. Hans had never been in an Arab country before so when he arrived in Egypt he had no idea what to expect, when to expect it, and who to expect it from.. As soon as Hans arrived at his hotel a handsome staff member approached Hans and said: ‘My name is Mohammed. I will carry your luagage to your room. Would you follow me please?’. Hans felt drawn to the handsome Arab straight away and appearantly the feeling was mutual because as soon as they entered the hotel room Mohammed shamelessly revealed a HUGE Arab Monster cock. ‘You’re gonna be my slave bitch. Undress yourself, hurry up gay!’

It was only a matter of minutes before Hans found himself bound, gagged, blindfolded and being raped by Mohammed’s fist-thick Arab cock. After Mohammed dumped his first gigantic cumload in Hans’s whoreass he started to abuse Hans even more violently. ‘Did you think that I was done with you, sissy boy?’. Hans was about to answer that question when he felt how Mohammed rammed his big fist up Hans’s cum-filled boybutt. When Mohammed pulled back his Arab fist from Hans’s ass again he commanded Hans to lick the cum of his fist. ‘Lick my Arab cum bitch, eat it’. While Hans was eating the cum from Mohammed’s fist he felt Mohammed’s hard Arab horse cock entering his raped asshole again. Mohammed fucked Hans even harder and deeper this time and just before Mohammed filled Hans’s ass with a second cumload he pulled Hans’s head towards him by his hair and whispered in his ear: ‘I hope you’ll enjoy your stay in Cairo. I will be visiting your room every day and you better make damned sure that you will be here for me’.

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