Turk Stud knows he’s hot!

"Im cocky and I couldn't care less what you think of me. Anyway I know you think I'm hot and that's because I am! Even the girls can't help checking me out. My sweet face and my big package drive everyone crazy! Yea that's right, cum in and have a look, you're gonna love it!"

You will remember this Turc Stud!

"Yo dudes! I'm Amine, here to make you cum! I think I was born to give you pleasure. Just look at me! You like cute dudes, sexy, horny and hung? Well i've got it all. Check me out in this video and you will want to meet asap!"

Simeon, rough and tough stud

"Wassup people!!! My name is Simeon. Here at home all the girls know about my big cock and hard body. Even other straight dudes fantasize over me. Right now I'm gonna show you my meat... Get ready for my load. I could shower your whole body and face with it!"

My meat right down your throat

For "Samy La Matraque" holidays go like this: His cock stays up, his balls are full...every day he needs a mouth and an ass to bang. Kevin is the one servicing the stud today and he's gonna have all his meat right down his throat... Total fun between the two rascals.

Rio Stud Hunt

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17 July 2012
Rio Stud Hunt
Ten bronzed Brazilian studs (all 18+) get hardcore in paradise for High Drive Productions’ Rio Stud Hunt. These head-turning Cariocas dive into the world of anal debauchery: rimming, dildos, fingering and long dicking outside in nature. Rio’s raw twinks get rimmed and stuffed. When it comes to debauchery and carnal pleasures, these smooth, mulatto studs aren’t stingy.
Director: Brady Mayo

Hung Soldier stud

"Hi guys. I know you're here to see some good cock. Today is your lucky day! I'm a soldier, macho, masculine and strong. Look at my massive thighs...Between them there's a fat fuck-stick. It's a big one!"

Take this big fat cock boy!

An Arab dude is smoking chicha and wants to share the moment with his brother's friend. After a few drags he makes him try another kind of pleasure: his big fat cock in the dude's mouth. The little passive guy can't believe his eyes when he sees the size of the cock presented to him. At some point he can't take it anymore and begs him to stop! The Arab stud does stop...but only after he has shot his hot sticky load!

Spread your cheeks and shut up!

Looks like Tyron Bang got himself a stud at BeurOnline! His name is Cagoule Man and he is meeting the top in a basement to service him. He's gonna have to take a big cock all the way down his throat and give his tight hole to the hooded fucker!

Beautiful cock on the beach

Check this out: on a sandy beach, during the hottest hour of the day, when everyone stays home to hide from the scorching sun, an Arab stud with the most amazing cock is pleasuring himself. Watch this vid and fall in love with his beautiful dick!

Mister Big Cock is back!

When it comes to massive cocks, Bitume has one the biggest out there in Citebeur's Stud. The rascal has been away for a while but he is back with a vengeance! He's put on some muscles and is even sexier than before. For those who already know him, he is still great at sucking his own cock but what he really is after is a hole to fuck. It's Tyron Bang's job to take his big tool all the way up his ass...Let's see how he got on!


Nobody knows who this Arab stud is or where he comes from but fuck, this dude is super-hot! He is hung like a horse and fucks like a stallion! Watch him play with Leo Helios who is the lucky receiver of the Arab top's massive cock!


Ben Foster is on the roof of a building, admiring the enormous Arab cock hanging between Med's legs. He stares at the sexy Arab stud, he wants his massive fuck-pole...in his mouth...and up his ass!


DOS SANTOS is a muscular bad-boy who loves submissive dudes. Today he's not gonna be disappointed: Tyron Bang is kneeling in front of him, ready to worship his massive cock. Tyron knows how to bring the best out of a stud!


Wassup guys?! I've heard that you like authentic Arab stud. I've been asked to do video and I said yes because I know you're gonna love watching me rubbing my thick cock! I'm sexy and all the girls are after me so....check me out now!


Malik TN has a cock made of still. I have rarely seen someone getting that hard so fast! He loves fucking asses with his Arab fuck-pole. In this video Tyron Bang gets a taste of the Stud in the corridor of a building where Malik squats. Tyron Bang got a big BANG up his little passive ass the day he met Malik! A video not to be missed!
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