Andres J: I'm Back Again ;)))

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20 March 2014

Hi guys, how are you?? Today I had a busy day here in Ibiza. Many things to do, like every day! Now I'm ready to have some fun... you want join a Private session with me??? I'll love it ;))) Andrés.

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Boyhous: Back in Action!

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19 March 2014

I wanted to thank everyone for giving me a warm welcome back. Started up on cam today after taking a bit of a break. Along break's been months since I last broadcast here on Flirt4Free!! Once I turned my cam on I felt right at home! YOU GUYS ARE GREAT! Definitely glad to see many of you again! In the days ahead I'll work on adding some new photos and maybe even some other surprises. (And no..I'm not telling) At any rate, expect to see more of me in next few months. If I can set up a regular schedule then I will certainly do so. You guys will be the first to know! One of my goals this week is to try and get caught up with all that I've missed here on Flirt4free. So many new deals and tools...all kinds of goodies. The abundance of information and user tools is just one reason that makes this site so outstanding! And of course all of you make it worthwhile! With that being said...many thanks to everyone for your patience as I get back in the swing of things here on Flirt4Free. Miss you guys! It's so great to be back! And a few of you I still haven't seen yet..well I'm back! Plan on a reunion party next time in chat! See you soon! Hugs.

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Trevor Fall: Atarceder on a Beautiful Beach

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19 March 2014

Our first sunset in Cartagena. When we arrived at this beautif city after 17 hours of travel by car, left our luggage and ran to meet the famous beach big mouth. After arriving, a few minutes the sun began to settle on the sea in between a cloud and make it more perfect, a sailboat crossing the orange sun. Definitely will never forget a post in this very romantic place.Our first impression of the city after touring the city, parks, bridges, transportation, artificial beach was great! We loved the chance to do things outdoors and the entire organization of the city. It was certainly a very good choice to spend 3 weeks in this city not only as tourists but embedded in their culture and dynamics.

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Prince Fox: My First 2 Days Bein a Model

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17 March 2014

I was a bit nervous bout doin this cause I was lookin for a second job for extra income and to help payoff my student loans. With no luck and getting turned down via email, I was on adam4adam and was curious about it. so I clicked on the link and here we are. I calmed my nerves down after the first few customers. I love the attention I've gotten for showin off my sexy body and makin the customers feel welcome and talk to them. who know? maybe one day i'll become a stripper in one of the clubs in my state of illinois

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Kamiloh: Myself

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17 March 2014

I'm a simple guy with desire to learn and to fall in love desire to consolidate uan relationship in which you can share with that special person to me .. I like and I do not like: I like cooking, drawing, I am a student of systems I have 20 years I live in Colombia .. in the city of Cali live alone ..... I have no family .. I would like to be mine .. I love the sport .. me no guts wing people taking advantage of the personal situations one I like serious .. right people ...... and I would like to have sex in a park and not know what else lol allah conoceme enjoy my show and accounts with a great friend more

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Kamiloh & Alessandro Bruno: Myself

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16 March 2014

hi all I would like to go to buy many things including clothing erotica do more motivational moment of pleasure and comfort sexi ..... have a delicious outdoor experience in which everyone can see me serious as exciting adrenaline to be discovered .... of the craziest things I heho is an elevator in a public park do I need a pool ... my favorite part is my legs make me look attractive and there a peculiar charm in them and that are robust and husky make me look sexy and hot in part I like to have for my family ayudraa money and bring up my studies because I live alone in another city .. and maybe soon found love in someone to look at my start a family .. that is something short of my dare to know me better

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Jo Country: Hey Guys

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14 March 2014

hey y'all Jo Country here if you enjoy my shows thanx A'Bunch for veiwing. If you havent had the chance to see me head on over and check out my schedule will be active as of sunday 3/16/14 unless otherwise stated here on the blog. if you have any ideas let me know im up for just 'bout anything thanx y'all see ya soon...

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Malcom Fisher: Where I Want to Have Sex :p

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12 March 2014

i think i am like most people and the thought of being outside is naughty and turns me on soo bad lol i have been sucked off on the beach before and it was the best orgasm i have ever had lol i had to bury my face into his chest to smuther my moans ;) sex on the beach would obviously be so hot and you could wash off the cum in the sea after which is good ;)i also want to have sex in a public restroom. the thought of someone walking in makes me dick hard just thinking about it ;) but in all fairness as long as its rough and hard ill shag anywhere ;) i love for my world to be rocked and for me to be hot sweaty afterwards. what do you guys like during sex? are you top or bottom, a shooter, cut or uncut? i personally prefer to top but i do love to be dominated ;) i would classify myself as a shooter but i love to cum down a guys throat make him choke on my dick ;) im not gonna lie writing this has made me hard so i need to cum sso bad, who wants a private show ;)

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Camilo Soler: I Love to Excercise!

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10 March 2014

Everyday I wake up in the morning wanting to be better and stronger for it at 4am comienso start my day with a little jog along with very good stretch and finishing with weights and adominales able to work through my body and the more areas more I admire my cleientes dosnde'm willing to traajarlas they hit for more and more in love with me and my beautiful body I want my customers to be as todon enamorasos me to get married with me

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Rusty Wood: New Job.

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9 March 2014

I'am so excited to start working. I haven't had a job in over 5 years. I dont really need one. I have enough to get by. I figure if I'm going to sit home jacking off all day anyway. You know that whole "two birds one stone," saying. I can use the spare cash. I think I'm gonna be good at this. I hope I'm good at this. I'm mediocre at a lot of things but I would like to really really excel at this. haha Is it wierd to say I think success on here will feel gratifying. I excited to make people happy. I wonder how long it'll take to start getting getting tips? I wonder if people will like me? I wonder if it'll be wierd the first time i have to grab hold of my dick lol or if I'll be able to keep a straight face. Probably not. I can never take anything serious. Not that I'd want too. I wonder. Who would have thought a web cam job would start such wonderous thinking... I dont have any costumes yet need a new labtop and havent done this before but if you guys bare with me I'm gonna give ya my all haha literally (pun intended.) I hope this works out day one of many yet to come -Rusty Wood

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Aiden Mathews: Uncomfortable Situations

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9 March 2014

So I have been staying with a friend this past week so I could take a little break from the city. Silly me I decided not to pack my bag of goodies with me. My friend he is a bottom so I figured my sexual urges would be met. Well he had to work most of the week and I was all alone with nothing or no one to do. Man I really wish I had packed that bag now. On the third night I came across one of his toys and figured I would make the best of the situation and have myself a little fun! It was a small 7" vibrating dildo the typical type you would think of nothing fancy about it. I have never really used a vibrating toy before. I always thought they were for women. The toy was a little smaller than my normal one that I am used to. The vibrating was kind of different and with I hit of poppers I was really getting into it. However I wish that it had just a bit more to it as I could easily insert the whole entire thing. Which obviously I continued you to do and it felt great inside me! Pushing it in and out working my muscles that I am so proud of. I don't know if it was the poppers or the want for something more. I let the dildo venture just a bit to far and next thing you know it was in there. Surely I could push it back out without a problem. Nope, think again. The toy hit a corner that I just couldn't get to myself. I tried everything: Laying down, standing up, on my side, doggie style, a spoon and some hotdog tongs. Nothing! This thing was in there. Oh, and it's still vibrating my I add. What do I do? I ask myself. My friend is asleep and has to work in the morning and not to mention it was his toy and I didn't exactly ask to use I am not in any pain or discomfort so I just enjoy the good vibes for bit and watch some porn. After that I unsuccessfully try and retrieve the toy again. What am I going to do? be continued.

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Blaze Thunder: A Little Exciting

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7 March 2014

i had somewhat of an exciting night meeting new members having fun just flat out feeling a little better even though my father is having the problems he is right now about that i found out he is going back in for surgery tomorrow for an infection that was found from the last surgery he has to have it done right away or he can develop bllod infections so hopefully they cought it in time hes a dumbass though he tried walking out of the hospital in his gown he wanted to go home well i cant blame him he is haveing severe memory issues right now from the low sodium levels but they cant bring it up to quick or it will cause brain swelling so for now with that he i guess might do ok and pull through just fine i will keep my fingers crossed the whole time and i thank you for taking the time to read this and dive into the personal life a little of blaze thunder well i guess there isnt to much else to say so i hope to see you in my room enjoing yourselves and playing with me in some special alone time guys lets go i can be more fun then you think challenge me

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August Lincoln: Lol Notice I Have Kinda Been Going on About Health Care My Apologt, but Dam It Pisses Me Off

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7 March 2014

Lmao been spending somrd quality time with the pups there doing great boots and rhena, ya no there doing dam good, taking care of me like always :) ya not sure for those who dont know my pups I have 2 females mom and daughter, mom I have had for about 11 yrs now daughter about 5 or 6, king doby, rotti, german shephard, wolf.

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Kane Drexler: Free Write

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28 September 2013

I learned about free writing in college. It is basically just writing the very first thought that comes to ones head. It doesn't have to make sense. It doesn't have to have a purpose. Like, "I truly enjoy watching purple space ships crash into the mountains because the fell asleep behind the wheel!" Another, "I kissed a girl once who had just ran away from home, but it turns out kissing her was a bad idea because she gave me AIDS!". Another, "I haven't had a bowl of soup in over 14 hours!". "Oh what I wouldn't give to eat a piece of turkey bacon right now........wait, I fucking hate turkey bacon!!!". "Read my blogs, because if you don't, then you never did truly give a shit about, not reading my blogs is like not sending on a chain letter.....bad shit is gunna happen dogg!!!". "I just ate a half of a pizza! I'm guessing that the half a jar of jalapeos I put on it are gunna give me a VERY WARM welcoming to my day tomorrow!". "I love camming! Its definitely one of my favorite sports!!!". "What do I have to do to get some hate and riot around here?!". "I love Freddy Krueger!".

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Art Wolf: Friday,september 27th, 9:30pm Alaska Time

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28 September 2013

Dear Diary,Well as of September 16th, my lap top did the blue screen of death. So I no longer have a lap top until my PFD (Permitted Fund Dividend) get here. Once that is here my number 1 thing is a new computer system. I heard that I can get one around $400 buck at Walmart. Well in other news...I have completed Fable: The Lost Chapters for the x-box on my 360. Granted it is a reg. x-box game, my 360 can play it cause it. It took me 3 days to complete. Now I am working on Fable 2. I just started it, and still at the start of it. Other then that, I have been playing Boarder Lands with my room mate for almost a week straight. Gawd how I miss being online, and in my room. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of my friends/clients. I just hope I can get back soon, or else the codes I made would be nothing, and I would hate that. Well this is the last entry that I make until I get that new system. I am just thankful that my room mate let me use his computer to do this. Love, and miss everyone...Yours TrulyArt Wolfp.s Once I get my new computer, I am going to use it for mostly work, and maybe a little play. Well see you all on the 4th or 5th of Oct. In the mean time take care.

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