Huge Arab Cock

I was almost 12 when my father decided to build an apartment about our
garage and at that time there was a number of petty thefts going on in
our neighbourhood. So on recommendation from the building foreman he
hired a night watchman. Tarak was huge arab who on arriving in
America and being uneducated found he had to take what ever job came his
way. He had worked the docks, construction, delivery and night watch,
so he had survived practically hand to mouth and being a man of little
needs he was quite content.

I lived with my father since my parents had divorced when I was about 4
years old. My father was devoted to me and I usually always got my way
99% of the time. I often showered with my father when I was younger
and he allowed me free access to his body, he figured I was just a very
curious child but from when I can remember I’ve been cock crazy and his
big thick cock and balls were a constant intrigue for me until I turned
8. He decided I was becoming obsessed (little did he know) and banished
me from his bathroom, although I spied on him and observed him wanking
his big stiff cock many a night when he thought I was fast asleep.
I taught myself to wank and had indulged in wanking and sucking at my
private all boy school.

So when Tarak knocked on our back door one hot afternoon it was love at
first sight. This huge dark skinned swarthy man with a foreign accent
stammered he would like to speak to the man of the house. I ogled the
huge arab starting at his smooth shaved head, his rough weather beaten
features and huge bull neck that ran into huge muscular shoulders, big
muscular arms and a slightly portly stomach. He wore a loose cotton
shirt and loose cotton trousers.

I informed him that my father was in the study and proceeded to lead
the way, turning to make sure he was following and as I turned I
suddenly noticed the massive cock swinging against his leg and without
realising it I stopped dead in my tracks and gaped openly. Tarak
stopped with a puzzled look which instantly turned to a big toothy
smile of recognition, he slowly cupped his huge bulge and drawing the
cotton fabric tight he outlined his huge cock and balls.
“You make sure Tarak get job and you have new toys!” Whispered the
dark arab as he fondled himself.

I nodded vigorously and led him into the study, where I introduced him
to my father and quickly sowed the seeds, commenting on his mere
height, build and looks. Mentioning that they alone would scare anyone
in their right mind and trying desperately to conceal my bulging pants
which Tarak eyed and winked at me when my father wasn’t watching him.
Eventually my father conceded and Tarak got the job and was to start
that evening. As I walked the big 6 ft. plus arab back out through the
house I suddenly felt a huge and on my shoulder and in the hallway he
stopped me and taking my small hand in his giant sized one he placed
my hand on his huge bulge.

“Feel, they are yours now, you like?” He stammered quietly.
I groped the huge flaccid cock and my hand couldn’t quite grip around
the girth. A door slammed and Tarak leapt back nervously, smiling he
looked around.

“We play tonight my little one!” Whispered the giant as he
left through the kitchen.

I charged upstairs and yanking off my pants I proceeded to wank myself
hard and fast until my very watery cum flew through the air and landed
on my school books. I had never felt so randy before and as I collapsed
on my bed I began to conjure up images of that giant arab and his huge

He was 38, unmarried and had been in America about 8 years. The rest
flew over my head as he had answered my father and I had studied him
from head to huge feet.

Five o’clock arrived and I watched as Tarak ambled up the drive way
and my father and I walked out to greet him and show him where he would
be taking watch. My father inquired as to whether he had eaten and
when Tarak produced his box my father offered him the use of the
kitchen to warm his food and make himself tea or coffee. Tarak thanked
my father and explained he had been watchman for many years and not to
worry, everything and everyone was safe. With that my father left and
I lingered. When he was out of sight Tarak motioned me to follow as
he made like he was inspecting the layout and as he climbed the stairs
I followed until we were in the half constructed building, the walls
were up but no windows. Tarak turned and facing me he dropped his
pants and lifted his tunic, exposing his dark skinned torso to me.
My eyes drank in his dark skin, (almost black but not quite) and his
hairy body, starting at the huge pec’s and hairy nipples, down over
his paunch which had thick hair swirls covering it and down to his thick
bushy pubic hair which crowned his huge thick flaccid cock that
although flaccid was easily 7 ” long and as thick as my father’s cock
when it was pumping jets of cum across his bedroom. Beneath the huge
cock lay a pair of balls the size of lemons, I stared at the mass of
flesh and noted the heavy forskin the capped the huge cock-head.
“You like your new toys?” Asked the dark man as he thrust his hips
forwards towards the thin boy.

I nodded my head and stepped forwards, reaching for the huge cock,
it was so thick I could hardly close my hand around the fleshy sharft
and the veins running the length were almost pencil thick.
Igrasped it and began drawing the forskin backwards, exposing a huge
purple cock-head. It was the size of a plum and the slit was puffy, I
pushed the skin backwards exposing the head completely and felt the
shaft pulse and begin to thicken. I began wanking slowly and the giant
arab groaned quietly.” I know you like as soon I see your eyes, he tell
me all.”

The huge meat in my hands jerked and began throbbing as I handled it,
it lengthened and swelled.

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Death of Gay Activist Brings Turkey’s Attitude Toward Gays Into Focus

24 January 2010

21 January 2010

For 26-year-old Ahmet Yildiz, the choice to live openly as a gay man in Turkey proved deadly. Prosecutors say his father, charged with allegedly killing his son in what is being dubbed as the first gay honor killing, traveled more than 900 kilometers from his hometown to shoot his son in an old neighborhood of Istanbul. The case has drawn international attention and is putting the spotlight on Turkey’s attitude towards homosexuality.

The young physics student, Ahmet Yildiz, was one of the few openly gay men in Turkey, a country in which the military, the guardian of Turkey’s secular state, regards homosexuality as a disorder.

Yildiz represented his country at a gay meeting in San Francisco and wrote for gay publications in Turkey. Observers believe his activism is probably what got him killed.

His boyfriend, Ibrahim Can, was in their shared apartment when Yildiz was murdered.

He wanted to go out and buy some ice cream, he went down and just got into his car and I heard gunshots, he says. I looked down from the window I saw him being ambushed. He says he ran outside and screamed “Please do not die.” Can said his eyes were closed, when I shouted he opened for a second, he looked at me and then closed his eyes.

Can says before the shooting, Yildiz had repeatedly filed complaints at the local prosecutor’s office that he was receiving death threats from his family. Gay rights groups claim the prosecutor’s office did not investigate or provide Yildiz with protection.

The story was largely ignored until it starting getting attention by the foreign media. What resulted was a bout of national soul-searching underlining the tensions between the secular modern Turkey and a more traditionalist Turkey, in which conservative Islam increasingly holds power.

Oner Ceylan of Istanbul’s gay rights group Lambda says it’s a landmark case.

“I think it is important that people, that this fact, that a father can kill his son, simply because of his sexual orientation. That is an important awareness, because maybe they were cases before, but we just did not know,” said Ceylan. “We read in the news maybe a father killed, but we did not know why before. So I think its a very important step.”

Yildiz’s father is on the run and believed to be in hiding outside Turkey. As a result, the trial that began in September is on hold.

While Turkey’s aspiration to join the European Union is pushing the Muslim-rooted government to increase civil liberties for women and homosexuals, some remain nervous with a permissive attitude toward sexuality and gender roles.

Scott Long of the U.S.-based Human Rights Watch says reluctance by the authorities to punish violence against the gay community is not unusual.

“People who express their sexuality, people who differ from these cultural norms, from masculinity and femininity, are abused, are beaten, are raped, are excluded from the family,” said Long. “That there is violence at every level and most conspicuously that the government does not intervene to stop it.”

The country’s growing lesbian, gay and transgender movement is increasingly challenging violence against them.

Ceylan says its a long struggle, but education and patience are key.

“When you talk about violence people do not really exactly know what are you talking about. When you have the incidents, the cases and everything, then it more clear to them that inevitably there have been some human-rights violations. And with the police we have been trying to communicate with the city government, because the police reports to them,” he said. “I think we are making some progress, but these things are deep-rooted, so you cannot expect things to be just great within years or decades.”

The Yildiz murder has become an focal point for gays around the world to put pressure on Turkish authorities for change.

This video entitled “Ahmet Is Part Of My Family”, is circulating the Internet as part of a campaign by gays around the world to protest the Yildiz murder. Yildiz’z boyfriend, Can say he hopes the legal proceedings will not only put Yildiz’s murderer on trial, but put Turkey’s treatment of gays on trial, too.

I hope this court case will reveal the situation of homosexuals in Turkey to the whole world, he says. He says there are millions of gays living in Turkey, most hidden, some forced to marry women, some willingly married just to avoid loosing their respectability. He says he hopes the case will change attitudes.

A recent government study estimated one person dies every week in Istanbul as a result of honor killings. The victims are mostly young women, murdered by male relatives for such things as having illicit affairs, talking to strangers or even for being the victim of rape. Because gay honor killings remain underground, it is not known how many of those happen on a weekly basis.

Arab Homophobia, Poverty, Religion and Forbidden Sex

23 December 2009

Westhampton, MA – October 18, 2009
Richard Ammon –

According to a new UN report presented in Tunis, Tunisia, on October 20th, Tunisia, Libya and United Arab Emirates are the only 3 Arab nations where famine has been eradicated. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations conducted the survey of 17 Arab states ahead of a global summit on hunger, malnutrition and food security, set for November 16th-18th in Rome. (There are a total of 25 Arab nations, ranging from Morocco in the west to Iraq in the east. Iran is considered Persian not Arabic.)


Certainly this is good news for a few but overall for the majority of the 325 million people in that swath of earth, it’s not. Poverty and hunger are ills that should be resolved by good governance and grass roots organizations to relieve the problems. But these two ‘plagues’ persist in the majority of Arab countries as governments don’t appear to take the suffering of their own people seriously. Leaders would rather buy weapons and tolerate corruption than cure misery.

And it’s a curious fact that these same impoverished lands are also among the most homophobic cultures on the planet–in addition to Jamaica. The range of attitudes and treatments in these countries runs from stigma and rejection to actual death penalties.

Is there any common thread between these two phenomena, between deprivation and discrimination, between the anger within poverty and the anger at homosexuals?
(Photo right: traditional friendship kiss)

Deprivation breeds anger in it victims; deprivation is cruel and unusual punishment for no justifiable reason and renders a victim helpless and hateful. Since an individual can’t strike out against something as amorphous and complex as a government it is more convenient and available to strike out against something particular and local, such as a person caught being sexual with someone of the same gender.

As well, these Arabic countries are also Muslim countries which interprets Islam’s holy scriptures in a way that urges people to condemn and scorn homosexuals. This religious condemnation legitimizes expressions of anger, which ordinarily is suppressed by authorities. But gays represent a legitimate target for this displaced anger and the reaction toward them is often excessive and harsh or murderous (some call it ‘spiritual violence’) – even to the point of an honor killing of a family member to redeem family’s shame for have a homosexual among them.

As if privation and religion are not enough drivers of violence, there is another urge against homosexuality in these Arab/Muslim cultures. This is the well-documented ‘open secret’ than many, if not a majority, of pre-marital men experience their first sexual contact with other males.

Usually this natural drive has to be shrouded in privacy, denial and guilt, oppressive forces that evoke silent resentment at having to hide what should be a thrill. Instead it becomes a shame; what should be pleasure is turned into anguish at desiring carnal intimacy. And for genuinely gay Arabs their sense of self is clouded and punctuated with fear and self-doubt.

(That said, not all male-male erotic activity is private: see this CNN video on boy sex slaves.)

At a certain pitch of anguish and frustration all these negative feelings can sometimes be expurgated, purged, by turning individually or in a group to verbal or physical violence against an actual or alleged homosexual who is found out or suspected.

It is a very sad entanglement of poverty, helplessness, social anger, religious conditioning, family shame and personal guilt (or any one of these) that drive homophobia into the blind recesses of most Arab minds.

And it’s not just male homosexuality. In a recent book from Arab Jordan, Bareed Mista3jl, one lesbian recounted this most painful experience of enraged homophobia from her own father:

My father has a bad temper. One day a girl came back home with me after school. We were sitting on the floor of my bedroom kissing. My father walked in on us, did not say a word, and asked the girl to leave. Then he beat me up with his fists and his belt and his cane. “Shut up before I break my fist on your face…you animal…I curse the day you were born…’ I begged him to stop. I begged like I never thought I would beg in my life. I cried out please, please. I screamed with all my lungs. He screamed, ‘you will not learn your lesson unless I bury you. If I ever see you doing so much as looking at a girl I will pluck out your eyes and break your skull.’ I begged and pleaded. No human being should ever have to plead for anything, especially from her own father. It’s been eight years since. He broke so much more than my arm that day. Every time I remember the way I pleaded for him to stop, I start crying and can’t stop… (more about the book)

The rage of homophobia is the rage of deprivation, religious repression, secret shame, family dishonor. Overcoming such rage will take generations of defiance and courage and truth-telling. This is true of many societies around the world, not just the Arab world. Poverty and deprivation and repressive religions and homophobia are everywhere.

True Gay Stories – I’m from Turkey

My name is Zee and I’m from Turkey.

My story is about my father. When I was a kid, I was very different than the other kids. I remember they got me–my parents got me–toy trucks and guns. I cried. I wanted to have a brunette doll. So I cried so loud and screamed, so then they had to buy me dolls. And then pretty much at that time, my father and I were okay.

I started elementary school and the whole thing, like, being a girly boy started and then all the kids started making fun of me. And I heard my father kept saying to my mother, “What is wrong with my son? Why is he acting like a girl??

And I went to junior high and that’s where the drama started. The kids were so mean. It was the first time I had been called “faggot.? And I think in 8th grade, one of my teachers called my parents and set up a meeting or appointment at school. They told them something was wrong with me and they need to do something with me because I would play only with the girls and acting like a girl, behaving like a girl, and they need to take me to a doctor or something.

My father came home and he was so angry. He started screaming at me, “Why are you going to be a faggot?? You are embarrassing our family. You cannot act like that.? And he started slapping at me. One and another and then I collapsed. And then he started kicking me, but my mother stopped him. He left the room and I locked the door and I started crying, but I didn’t want him to hear it.

And I think my senior year, or maybe the previous year, another teacher called my parents, and pretty much the same story. He came home in a rage and I knew what was going to happen, so this time I was prepared. He slapped me but then I pushed him so hard he collapsed, and then he got so scared, and I told him that if he touched me again, that I would kill him. After that, nothing happened.

I went to college and after that my draft came which, in Turkey, is a common thing. Every guy goes to the military service. And 10 days before my draft, my father had a really big surgery–he had a bypass. So I took him to the hospital and I helped him and the day I was leaving for the draft for the military service, in the hospital he told me…he told me, “Don’t hate me.? I was like, I just didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t say anything. I told him, “Okay, I…I’m leaving now.?

And I thought about it and I never hated him but I never loved him either. It was just something in my heart that I wanted to be okay. And then 2 years ago, I got a phone call the morning of Christmas Eve and my uncle said my father died. He had a heart attack. I sat on my bed and started to cry. I just realized I loved him. I just wanted a real father, because I knew if we were in a different era or time, we would have been father and son.

Soul-Searching in Turkey After a Gay Man Is Killed

26 November 2009

ISTANBUL — For Ahmet Yildiz, a stocky and affable 26-year-old, the choice to live openly as a gay man proved deadly. Prosecutors say his own father hunted him down, traveling more than 600 miles from his hometown to shoot his son in an old neighborhood of Istanbul.

Ahmet Yildiz was shot outside his apartment building.

Mr. Yildiz was killed 16 months ago, the victim of what sociologists say is the first gay honor killing in Turkey to surface publicly. He was shot five times as he left his apartment to buy ice cream. A witness said dozens of neighbors watched the killing from their windows, but refused to come forward. His body remained unclaimed by his family, a grievous fate under Muslim custom.

Ahmet Yildiz

Ahmet Yildiz

His father, Yahya Yildiz, whose trial in absentia began in September, is on the run and believed to be hiding in northern Iraq.

The case, which has caused a bout of national soul-searching, has underlined the tensions between the secular modern Turkey of cross-dressing pop stars and a more traditionalist Turkey, in which conservative Islam increasingly holds sway.

Ahmet Kaya, Ahmet Yildiz’s cousin, said Mr. Yildiz was the only son of a deeply religious and wealthy Kurdish family from Sanliurfa, in the predominantly Kurdish southeast.

Mr. Kaya said Mr. Yildiz, a straight-A physics student who had hoped to become a teacher, was tutoring fellow students so he could make extra money to live independently. But by coming out as gay in a patriarchal tribal family, he had become the ultimate affront to both religious and filial honor, even with parents who adored him.

“Ahmet’s father had warned him to return to their village and to see a doctor and imam in order to cure him of his homosexuality and get married, but Ahmet refused,? Mr. Kaya said. “Ahmet loved his family more than anything else and he was tortured about disappointing them. But in the end, he decided to be who he was.?

That clash of values permeates Turkish society. While Turkey’s aspiration to join the European Union is pushing the Muslim-inspired government to accept and even promote civil liberties for women and homosexuals, some traditionalists remain ill at ease with a permissive attitude toward sexuality and gender roles.

Until recently, so-called honor killings have been largely confined to women, who face being killed by male relatives for perceived grievances ranging from consensual sex outside of marriage to stealing a glance at a boy. A recent government survey estimated that one person dies every week in Istanbul as a result of honor killings, while the United Nations estimates the practice globally claims as many as 5,000 lives a year. In Turkey, relatives convicted in such killings are subject to life sentences.

A sociologist who studies honor killings, Mazhar Bagli, at Dicle University in Diyarbakir, the largest city in the southeast, noted that tribal Kurdish families that kill daughters perceived to have dishonored them publicize the murders to help cleanse their shame.

But he said gay honor killings remained underground because a homosexual not only brought shame to his family, but also tainted the concept of male identity upon which the community’s social structure depended.

“Until now, gay honor killings have been invisible because homosexuality is taboo,? he said.

Gay rights groups argue that there is an increasingly open homophobia in Turkey. The military, which is the guardian of Turkey’s secular state, regards homosexuality as a disorder.

Last year, a local Istanbul court ruled in favor of disbanding the offices of Lambda, the country’s leading gay rights group, after a complaint that it offended public morality. (The decision was later overturned by a higher court.)

Firat Soyle, a human rights lawyer for Lambda, who was advising Mr. Yildiz before his death, said that three months before the murder, Mr. Yildiz had filed a complaint at the local prosecutor’s office that he was receiving death threats from his family. Mr. Soyle said the prosecutor’s office had refused to investigate or provide Mr. Yildiz with protection. The local police and prosecutors declined to comment on the allegation because the case was continuing.

The murder has divided Mr. Yildiz’s neighbors in Uskudar, an old Ottoman district on the Bosporus in Istanbul where secular and religious Turks live side by side.

Ummuhan Darama, a neighbor of Mr. Yildiz, was shot in the ankle during the attack and has filed criminal charges against his father. She said that the police had visited her in the hospital after the episode, urging her to drop the charges and to avoid becoming involved in what they called a “dirty crime.?

Ummuhan Darama, a neighbor of Mr. Yildiz, was shot in the ankle during the attack and has filed criminal charges against his father. She said she was the only one among her neighbors willing to testify.

Ms. Darama, a religious Muslim who wears a gold satin head scarf, said she was the only one among her neighbors willing to testify.

“The police and local religious officials are trying to protect the killer because they think homosexuality is a sin,? she said. “But in Islam killing is an even bigger sin, and no one but Allah has the right to decide between life and death. Ahmet was a nice, gentle boy and he didn’t deserve to die.?

But Kemal, 55, a Kurdish man newly arrived to the district from the southeast who declined to give his last name, said he would disown his son if he found out he was gay. “I would kick him out of the house and he would no longer be my son,? he said, fingering his prayer beads.

Even as some gay groups have sought to blame encroaching Islamic conservatism for Mr. Yildiz’s death, others argue that Turkish society is actually becoming more sexually liberated. Nilufer Narli, a sociologist who has studied gender issues, noted that gay clubs and gay bars have proliferated in big cities like Istanbul. She said homosexuality in Turkey had been tolerated since Ottoman times.

One of Turkey’s most celebrated singers is Bulent Ersoy, a transsexual, who was banned by the military government in the 1980s but has since become more popular as a woman than she was as a man.

“It is a cliché that Turkey is homophobic,? Ms. Narli said. “There has been a rise in religious conservatism, but at the same time, because of globalization, people are more accepting now of different values than they have ever been.?

That acceptance, however, has not always filtered down to Turkey’s religious heartland, with sometimes deadly consequences.

Didar Erdal, a 23-year-old gay man from Mr. Yildiz’s hometown, recently fled Istanbul for the Netherlands out of fear that his own family was hunting him.

Mr. Erdal said his family had learned he was gay last month after he applied for an exemption from military service on the grounds of his sexuality. He said his father had gone “crazy? and ordered him home, where the tribe’s elders would decide his fate.

“I know all too well,? Mr. Erdal said, “what the tradition demands must happen to me.?

Source: nytimes

Twink Confessions

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5 November 2009
Twink Confessions
Father Wood has his hands full around his confessional as he deals with a variety of twinks stopping by. After hearing their confessions Father Wood takes matters into his own hands and makes sure to apply all the proper punishment.

Home Coming – Gay Istanbul

Hasad was happy and sad to be returning to his home in Istanbul. His parents had sent him to attend a medical university in America. Hasad would be assisting his father in his practice as a medical doctor. That made him happy for he loved his father greatly. But Hasad was sad for he had heard that his best friend and secret gay lover had killed himself only a week earlier. He knew that his leaving for America had broken Onan’s heart for he was a sensitive boy. Hasad’s own heart had been mended after he fell in love with an American, who was sitting in the seat next to him on the plane.


He knew that his parents would accept his and Robert’s relationship as long as they were discreet in public. His boyfriend would stay with him for a few months in the summer before he returned to the university. Robert was also a medical student but he was three years younger than him. Hasad thought that he looked somewhat like Onan. They both had the black hair and the high cheekbones. The only difference was their skin color. Robert’s skin was a tan bronze whereas his former boyfriend’s skin was much darker.

Hasad looked out the small window and noticed the Bosphorus River. Onan and he had spent many summers fishing and exploring each other’s bodies. All Hasad now had to remember his friend by was his memories and they were fond ones. He was saddened that had missed the funeral. Hasad cursed as the pilot’s voice came over the loudspeaker.

“We will be landing at Ataturk Airport,” the voice bellowed. “Please fasten your seat belts.”

The landing was smooth and he departed the plane with Robert. They entered the airport terminal to gather their bags and go through customs before hailing a taxi. Hasad pointed out some of the landmarks for his new boyfriend. Robert had never been to Istanbul let alone Turkey. He was enjoying his status as a tourist but tried not to be seen gawking like most tourists did. The taxi pulled up at his father’s house and Hasad paid the fare.

He was not expecting anyone to be home. Hasad’s father was a doctor after all and had patients to attend to. His mother was probably working in the nursery again. Hasad let himself and his boyfriend inside the house. He showed Robert his room that he would be staying since they could not sleep in the same room.

“Some homecoming,” Robert said after the door closed. “At least we have a some time alone in a big house.”

Hasad nodded and stepped closer to the American. The men wrapped their arms around each other before bringing their lips together. The kiss was slow and Robert could tell that something had upset his Turkish boyfriend. He thought that Hasad just had a case of being homesick but he knew that there was something else nagging at him.

“Tell me what’s wrong,” Robert said after their lips parted.

“It’s an old friend,” he replied as he sat on the edge of the bed. “He died and I missed the funeral. I feel like I should have been there for him.”

“Did you love him?”

“I did but then I found you.”

The American sat next to Hasad. Robert draped an arm around his boyfriend’s shoulders.

“You never forget your first love,” he said as he hugged Hasad. “As long as he was in your heart, then you were there for him.”

“I never thought of it that way.”

Hasad turned and brushed his lips against his boyfriend’s lips. The men kissed again and he felt something stirring deep inside him. Hasad’s cock filled with blood and began to grow. After their lips parted, he fell back onto the bed. They both kicked off their shoes and pulled off their socks.

Robert smiled before he unzipped his boyfriend’s pants. He reached in and brought Hasad’s thickening manhood. Robert stroked slowly and felt it grow even harder. He bent down and wrapped his lips around Hasad’s swollen gland. Robert enjoyed the salty taste and began sucking the dark-skinned cock.

Hasad moaned as his boyfriend sucked. He unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off. Hasad’s fingers lightly caressed his chest before they touched his nipples. His buds grew had and he knew that he had to have Robert inside him soon. Hasad unbuttoned his pants so his boyfriend could slip them and his boxers off.

Robert threw the clothes aside and began undressing himself. He climbed on the bed and offered his half-raised cock to Hasad. The Turk placed his moist mouth around Robert’s rod and began sucking it. Hasad’s fingers lightly caressed the American’s hairy balls.

“Damn, that feels good,” Robert moaned as his cock grew to a full eight inches.

Half of his cock disappeared inside Hasad’s moist mouth. Robert grunted in surprise when his boyfriend parted his buttocks and placed a finger inside his anus. Hasad fingered his boyfriend’s bunghole as he sucked his hard cock. His finger slowly disappeared into Robert’s asshole. Hasad could feel the American’s prostate and he massaged it with his fingertip.

Robert moaned as his Turkish boyfriend fingered his gland. His was rock hard now and his hairy balls were tight. Robert could feel the sperm boiling in his testicles. He was ready to fuck Hasad good and hard.

Hasad sensed that his boyfriend was ready and he pulled out his finger from his tight hole. He withdrew his mouth from around Robert’s cock before he knelt up on his hands and legs. Hasad felt his boyfriend spread his buttocks and spit on his anus. Robert inserted a wet finger into his lover’s asshole. He spat again and inserted another finger into Hasad’s bunghole.

Robert slowly guided his swollen purple crown into the Turk’s shit hole. Hasad’s moans were filled with pain and pleasure. He felt his asshole being filled with Robert’s cock and enjoyed the sensation.

“Fuck me,” Hasad pleaded.

The American was more than happy to comply. Robert pumped his hard cock in and out of his asshole. Hasad’s moans filled with pleasure and he jerked himself off. Robert tried to last longer but knew that he couldn’t. His sperm jetted out of his piss hole and filled Hasad’s rectum. Robert pulled his spent cock out of his lover’s bunghole and collapsed on the bed.

Hasad jerked his cock near his boyfriend’s face. His own sperm was boiling in his hairy balls and he let it loose quickly. Hasad’s semen shot out of his piss hole and splattered on the American’s face. Globs of white fluid hit Robert’s nose and cheeks.

“I feel better now,” Hasad said as he collapsed next to his boyfriend.

“Good,” Robert said. “So when are you going to tell your parents?”

The Turk looked at him and frowned. He knew that he would have to tell his folks the truth about him and Robert soon. This homecoming was going to be tougher than he realized.

“I’ll tell them over supper tonight,” Hasad said. “In the meantime, let’s rest. There’s a lot of Istanbul that you need to see.”

“I can see that tomorrow.”

The Turk nodded and they fell asleep in each other’s arms.


Was Ataturk Really a Gay? Turkey vs. YouTube. « European Media Blog

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1 January 1970
Was Ataturk Really a Gay? Turkey vs. YouTube. Such type of questions are legally prohibited in modernTurkey. According to the Ataturk Law from 1951 every insult against the “Father of all Turkish people? is to be banned with up to five ...

Turkish Man Goes on Trial for 'Honor Killing' of Gay Son

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1 January 1970
In July 2008, I posted about Ahmet Yildiz (above, left, with his German-Turkish boyfriend Ibrahim Can), a gay man and also the victim of Turkey's first suspected "honor killing". His father, who is still on the run, has now gone on ...
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