Candan Turkish Twink

Candan is not like other Turkish twinks for he has wild hair that he likes to spike. He also loves vintage motorcycles and dreams of getting his own some day. I first met him a few weeks ago when I was taking pictures at a local motorcycle show. We started talking and I invited him to do a session at my studio. Candan told me that he would think about it and I was a bit surprised to see him a few days later.
Candan Turkish Twink
The Turkish twink has a small tattoo on the left side of his neck. I asked him what it stood for and he told me that it was a symbol for spiritual speed. I also noticed that he had a tattoo on the back of his neck but I didn’t ask him what it meant. Instead, I concentrated on snapping pictures of Candan and he soon had his t-shirt off. He showed me his hairless chest before he took off his belt.
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Candan was a little shy about showing his young cock but he didn’t have any problems about showing off his firm butt for members at

Mustapha Gay Boy


Mustapha Gay Boy

I was born in Konya

Age: 18

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Body Hair: I am clean shaven with a hairless chest, back, balls and butt. I have some hair on my flat belly and a nice thick patch of pubic hair.

Build: I am tall with a slender build.

Circumcised: No

Piercings & Tattoos: I have no piercings or tattoos.

Loves: I love having my penis sucked by my boyfriend. His mouth is like a vacuum cleaner and he doesn’t stop until I am fully erect. I also love filling his tight ass with my hard penis. My boyfriend and I also enjoy threesomes with older men.

Hates: I hate guys who do not like giving blowjobs. I knew this one guy who wanted me to fuck him but he refused to suck my penis. I could not get erect to penetrate his tight ass properly.

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Turkish Twink in the Woods

I was hiking in the woods when I spotted the handsome young Turk. He had stopped near the river to take off his shirt and I guessed his age to be around twenty-one. His lean body was slightly muscular and he had a nice thin layer of hair on his chest and belly. I decided to watch him for a little bit since I would rather watch a handsome Turkish twink in the woods than a bird.

He kneeled down by the river and splashed water on his face. I watched as he then sat down and took off his brown leather hiking boots and white athletic socks. He looked around to see if anyone was around before he stripped off his blue denim jeans and black jock strap. His legs were hairy and he rubbed them before he stepped into the water.

I slowly moved closer so I could see the handsome Turkish twink in the woods better. I froze suddenly when I stepped on a twig that produced a loud snap. He gave to sign of hearing the sound for he waded into the water until it was knee high. I found a better position to see as he sat down in the water. He splashed around in the river until he was completely wet.

When he stepped out of the water, his young cock was fully erect. He found a patch of tall grass near the river and lay down. My own beast was throbbing for action so I decided to step out of my hiding spot. I walked up to the handsome Turkish twink in the woods and introduced myself. He was startled by my appearance but he smiled when he noticed the bulge in my pants.

He told me that his name was Muammer and that he enjoyed being outdoors. I asked if I could join him on the tall grass near the river and he told me that I could. I stripped off my clothes and kneeled next to him. I had wanted to taste his young cock from the moment that I had first seen it. I told him to lay back and relax before I engulfed his young cock.

I sucked his swollen shaft until it erupted in my mouth. I swallowed every drop of his precious man seed. Muammer returned the favor before we went for a brief swim in the river. The Turkish twink in the woods and I fucked each other long and hard after we got out of the water.

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Arabian Twink’s Young Cock

Eniz came to my studio to show off his new black denim jacket. The Arabian twink had never own such a nice jacket and he asked me if I could take a few pictures of him wearing it. I told him that it would be alright and I started snapping pictures of Eniz wearing his new black denim jacket. I could tell that he was getting turned on while I snapped the pictures and he was soon playing with his nipples.
Eniz - Arabian Twink
The Arabian twink soon had his young cock out of his pants. I snapped pictures as his amazing manhood grew longer and thicker. Eniz stood up, turned around and lowered his jeans. He asked me if I wanted to fuck his ass. I told him that I did and he laughed before sitting down again. He stripped off his new black denim jacket and finally his jeans.
Eniz shows off his cock at
After Eniz was completely nude, he turned around again and wiggled his firm butt at me. My cock was growing hard in my pants while I snapped pictures of the Arabian twink so I pulled it out. I snapped a few more pictures of Eniz before I plunged my hard cock deep inside his tight asshole.

Turkish Twink Muammer



I was born in Tarsus

Age: 21

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Body Hair: I have hair on my chest, belly and legs. I use a razor and trim around my penis and balls.

Build: I am of average height and I have a slightly muscular build.

Circumcised: No, I’m uncut.

Piercings & Tattoos: I have no piercings or tattoos.

Loves: I love being outdoors especially during the spring season when the flowers are blooming. I love exploring nature and watching wild animals in their natural environment. I also enjoy taking care of my body and I like others that do the same.

Hates: I hate pollution and that’s why I don’t enjoy smokers. I don’t smoke myself and I really can’t stand to be around anybody who does smoke.

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Turkish Twink Jelcin

Jelcin is a twenty-three year old Turkish twink that loves playing video games. I first met him at an arcade in Istanbul, where he was playing a mortal combat game and winning. I noticed that I wasn’t the only one watching him so I waited until he beat the game to introduce myself. I invited him for a drink and he insisted that we go to the cafe next to the arcade for a latte.
Gay Turkish Twink Jelcin
As we drank our lattes, I told Jelcin that I wanted to photograph him. He smiled and asked if I wanted to capture his youthful Turkish body nude on film. I replied that I did and we spent an hour talking about the terms so I could photograph. He agreed to show up at my studio the next day.
Jelcin's gay pictures at
The Turkish twink showed up on time at my studio wearing a white shirt, blue jeans and sneakers. I started snapping pictures of Jelcin and he didn’t shy away when I asked him to take off his white shirt. He then kicked off his sneakers before stripping off his blue jeans to reveal his turquoise swimming trunks. I asked him if he liked swimming and he said that he did. I snapped a few more pictures and was surprised at how comfortable he felt when he showed me his hot asshole.

Arab Twink Sevilin

Sevilin reminds me of myself when I was his age. He’s a wild Arabian twink that looks like he was born just to wear blue jeans. He showed up at my studio a few days ago looking for some easy work. I knew that he would spend any money that I gave him at the night club so I made sure that he earned his money. I told him that he would have to let me snap pictures of him undressing. Sevilin smiled and accepted my offer.
Sevilin Arab Twink
The Arabian twink sat on a wooden stool as I snapped his pictures. He pulled his white t-shirt over his head and exposed his hairless chest. I didn’t have to coax him to pull his young cock out of his blue jeans. As Sevilin touched his large manhood, I couldn’t help myself from being turned on as I snapped the pictures. If he noticed the bulge in my pants, he didn’t say anything.
Gay Arab Twink Sevilin from
Sevilin stripped off his clothes and began masturbating in earnest. His young cock grew even longer and thicker. I was glad that I was snapping pictures of the wild Arabian twink. I even captured the moment that his young cock erupted. And you can see it too at

Sex Arab Gay Boy

When I first saw Reshid I immediately wondered if his moustache would tickle my ass when he licked it. He looks so cool and at ease with himself which makes me want to get to know him a little more.
Reshid sexy Arab gay boy
I’d love to feel his calm fingers touching my body just like when he touches his cock. I was mesmerized for a few moments because he did it so naturally. He didn’t look nervous at all and this sexy Arab gay boy really turned me on. My cock was hard because I was imagining what he would do to me if we were together.

I think I would let him take control and make love to me. He looks to me like a gay lover that most of us would want to have a night with. I believe Reshid would work well in one of the gay night clubs in Istanbul. In Taksim Square where the gay clubs have the boys that pleasure many men, he would be the perfect gay lover.
Reshid's pics at
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Sexy Gay Boy Emrah


I was born in Kesan

Age: 19

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Body Hair: I have some hair over my body. It’s not thick but it’s there and the guys I have been with love to run their fingers through it or pull on it gently when they play with my body.

Circumcised: Yes

Piercings & Tattoos: No, I don’t but I’m thinking about it.

Loves: I enjoy the night life, entertaining and being the meat in a sandwich. I love threesomes but I also like private times with one guy.

Hates: I don’t like it when a guy has bad body odor, it doesn’t take much to cleanse the body before asking a guy to suck him.

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Turkish Twink Masturbation

If you enjoy watching videos of hot Turkish twinks masturbating, then you want to check out Fethi at He has three video clips that lasts three minutes each. Each video clip is available in MPEG, QuickTime, Real Player and Windows Media formats.
I like watching the videos of Fethi because he has a neatly trimmed moustache and goatee. His looks makes him appear older than most of the Turkish twinks found at but I consider that a good thing. He pulls up his black t-shirt to expose his hairy belly while sitting on a wooden bench. Fethi plays with his nipples a little before he pulls his cock out of his faded blue jeans.

There are some nice close-up scenes of him jerking off and watching his cock grow huge really turned me on. The fun really begins when Fethi strips off his clothes so he can put one leg on the wooden bench. His hairless balls hang down while he jerks off even harder than before.
Fethi masturbates for members
Fethi may be a little older than most of the Turkish twinks but watching him masturbate is still a big turn on. His videos are only available at

Gay Celik Masturbates

When you visit slip into the picture index and find Celik’s pictures. You will find him relaxing in the bath. I loved looking at those pictures because I could picture him in one of the hotels in Taksim Square. Some of those baths are big enough for two guys to enjoy themselves.
Sexy Gay Celik
I could picture him perfectly, sitting back, letting the water wash around his balls and him playing with himself. He’s so hard, his big cock stands straight and tall and when he takes it in his right hand he strokes it slowly at first but then stops.

Celik continues to play with his balls, tickling that sensitive spot between his ball sack and his ass. You know the spot I mean. Just watching him turns me on too. But then I love watching all guys who know how to please themselves and other gay boys also.
Celik strokes his cock at
As I flicked through his pictures I imagined every sensation he was feeling, his fingers playing with his balls, his hand wrapped around his cock and him jerking himself. When he closes his eyes and moves his hand up and down his cock, you know it feels good. And my cock is hard all the time I watch him. When he shoots his load all over his chest, I cum with him, our orgasms are incredible…
Gay Celik masturbates until he climaxes at Istanboys.comI wonder if you are able to imagine being with Celik when you view his pictures and other Turkish twinks and gay Arab boys at

Turkish Boy Favorites

Hey guys, it’s Turkish Boy and I just wanted to take a little break in writing a few bios and personal entries to give you a run down on a few of my favorite Turkish Twinks and gay Arab boys that appear inside

Over the past few months I’ve introduced you to some really sexy gay boys and over the next few months I will show you a few more Turkish twinks that will make you cum in your pants. But for now, I’d like to just go over a few of the guys I’ve already posted because they really turn me on and my cock gets hard just thinking about them.

Erol – he’s a guy that looks so horny and his horny eyes beg me to fuck him. He loves showing off his body and with his hair falling across his eyes the way it does is such a turn on. I’d love him to be a bottom because if he was, I could fuck him all day long.

Sexy gay boy Erol

And then there is Nimet. Now I know he’s tall and thin but his cock is huge, long and he can suck it himself. That is incredible really. There aren’t many Turkish twinks or gay Arab boys that can do that.

Nimet can suck his huge cock at

These two gay boys are so very different and yet they both make me hard especially when I picture either fucking Erol or Nimet fucking me. I wonder if they would be interested in a wild threesome…

Catch ya soon…

Sucking a Huge Cock

Two guys, two cocks…. One guy loves sucking a huge cock when his mate is with him. He is a little shy and keeps watching the camera because he can see his friend sucking his big cock.

It’s a little strange seeing him watching the camera when he should be enjoying the sensations but then his cock his hard and it’s huge and begs to be sucked and he secretly enjoys it. His mate wearing the coach t-shirt, touches his balls and plays with them, willing his mate to cum. He bites his nipples, licking them with his tongue before taking over and tasting his pre-cum.

When he climaxes, he takes the entire length of the huge cock into his mouth, sucking it clean of hot cum. He continues sucking him, making him stand up so that he can take all of his cock again into his mouth; he plays with his balls and licks the strands of pre-cum from the head.

The moment is incredible and you can watch the entire video at Enjoy!

Sexy Twink Basri

There is a huge list of Arab gay boys and Turkish twinks found inside the members’ area of and there are some that stand out more than others. Today whilst I was looking at the photo index I decided to check out a guy called Basri.
Basri - slim Turkish Twink
I wondered what made him want me to look at him. I couldn’t work out if it was because it was the pink t-shirt he was wearing or the bulge that stood out between his legs. He was wearing white jocks and they really didn’t hide his cock well. I could see his balls and the outline of his cock standing through and it made me want to look through the whole 80 images that were there just of him.
Basri gay boy at
He may look a little thin, but there was something about him. His hard cock, his shy but sexy gay boy look and the nervous appearance before the camera turned me on. As I quickly looked over each image, I could imagine him showing off to the cameras, stroking his cock for you and me and when he lay back, lifting his legs, he spread his cheeks wide enough for us to see how sweet his asshole looked.
Basri cums all over his hand
I wanted to slide my cock deep inside his tight hole and it was great to see that showing off his body, his cock and ass made him so hard. He jerked off and came quick, his cum coating his hand. And even after he had shot his load, he was still hard. What a perfect set of images at I’d love to see some real life video of Basri, I ‘m sure it would be an incredible session to watch.

Hot Gay Turkish Twins

From a distance anyone would think these horny Turkish Twinks were twins. And they will make you wonder right up to the last second. They look very similar and they are both very sexy and happy when showing off their bodies to the members of
Tarik & Tabib
Tarik and Tabib were born in Kemerhisar when they first when to a gay nightclub in Taksim Square, they had fun teasing many guys. At first from what I was told many believed that when they looked at these Turkish twinks they thought they were seeing a mirror image. Of course that wasn’t the case. They are both very attractive gay boys that love having fun and I’m sure we would fun tasting them both.
Turkish twink Twins at
When they were approached by the photographer of to appear in the site, they decided that it would be a lot of fun. So here they are, showing off their bodies, and the only difference is their jeans. Tarik wears blue jeans and Tabib wears black.
Double Trouble - sexy gay twins
I’m sure you will be looking them over and checking them out completely when you slip into because they really do look like they are the same person. You may think you are seeing double, but what you are really seeing is double the sexiness, double the horniness in two horny guys who love having fun showing off their fantastic bodies.

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