He Loves Sex

Your Name: Reshid

Favorite Position: I love sliding my cock deep into my lover’s ass when he is on his knees in front of me. My cock is buried deep inside him and his moans keep me nice and hard till I fill him with hot cum.

Your First Love: My first love was Adem. We met in a gay bar some time ago and he introduced me to a Turkish Bath where he pampered me. It was the perfect start to a fantastic relationship.

Favourite Turkish Food: I love my sweets – baklava and Turkish delight are my favorites.

Favorite Town or Resort: If I was to go to a resort in Turkey, I think it would have to be Marmaris. It is possibly the most European of all the Turkish resort towns on the Mediterranean coast. Lots of tourists visit in the summer months. I’ve been told it is a fantastic place to visit.

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Gay Basketball Lover

Najim loves his basketball. He also love reading magazines featuring other men and he often gets horny when he looks at them. In the privacy of his own room, he can do what he wants to do and more often than not he looks round thr room and admires the pictures that he sees. He then looks through his mag and immediately his hand goes to his groin. He can feel his cock growing in his joccks and knows it’s time to get naked for some serious jerking.

Of course with the camera rolling he takes it slowly, removing his shirt first before his trousers and then his boxers. He wants to be naked when he plays and he quickly poses for the camera. He strokes his cock before kneeling on the bed. He loves showing off his cute ass to you and everyone else watching him.

Back down on the bed with his basketball, he sits on it and feels the firm rubber againt his cock and balls. quickly he lays down and begins stroking his cok, getting it nice and hard and slowly jerks it. He cums too quickly, but strongly for the camera and his cum is splattered all over his tummy. It was the perfect ending to a jerk off session that he loved you watching and you can see more of Berk’s pictures inside Istanboys.com.

Dominant Berk

Your Name: Berk

Favorite Position: For some reason I like being the dominant one and I like to take control.

Your First Love: My first love was Peter. We met at the gym one evening and when he flirted with me I took control and we ended up having sex in the locker room. Fortunately the gym was quiet that nigt and we had the place to ourselves.

Favourite Turkish Food: I quite like Arnavut Ciğeri , which is lamb’s liver with red peppers, it tastes so very different and it is yummy.

Favorite Town or Resort: I quite like the popular resort of Altinkum and if you go there you may find that lots of British holiday tourists visit there. Altinkum is found on the south Aegean Coast. It is a small and quiet resort which is great for people who want to have a relaxed easy going holiday.

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Computer Geek Achraf

He doesn’t look all that comfortable but he searches the Internet hoping to find the perfect gay lover. Achraf doesn’t always hang out in the gay bars looking for the right man to pick him up, instead he searches the online dating sites hoping that someone will find his profile very attractive.

He took a few pictures like the ones you see inside Istanboys.com and placed them within his profile. He’s had a few nibbles here and there but nothing that promising. Not yet. He loves hanging out with boys like himself. But he also enjoys having his webcam going and masturbates so everyone can see. The cameraman caught him in action and managed to take this set of pictures while he jerked off.

All he could picture was many gay boys watching him jerk his cock before moving to his bedroom where there was another cam.

He lay back and took his enormous cock in his hand and held it tightly. The thick cock head was purple and looked like it was almost ready to burst… but he didn’t cum, not yet. Instead he walked through every room of the house showing off his big cock. You can enjoy it too when you visit Istanboys.com.

Turkish Gay Lover

Your Name: Halil

Favorite Position: I love feeling my partner take control of my body. I like our times together hard but I also like the sensual moments we share together. I like being taken so I guess you could say I was a bottom…

Your First Love: I fell in love with Harry last year. He was a broad American guy who looked like a man eater but he really was a gentle giant who knew how to make love to me. His smile and his laugh made me feel so very special.

Favourite Turkish Food: One of my favorite meals is Circassian Chicken Çerkez Tavuğu especially when it is made with chicken breasts.

Favorite Town or Resort: Hisaronu is inland from Turkey’s Mediterranean Coast and it has turned into a fantastic and popular holiday resort. It has lots of hotels, bars, restaurants and shops. The view is perfect, I love visiting the beautiful seaside resort of Oludeniz because it has a fantastic blue lagoon and crescent beach. It’s ideal for that perfect holiday.

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Tarik Gay Lover

Your Name: Tarik

Favorite Position: I believe that both partners should experience being bottom or top and one of my favorite positions is being the bottom on top which is where anal is epxerienced by riding on top. I like to have my partner lay down on the bed with his cock in the air and he relaxes while I slide my ass down his hard cock and I ride him. It’s a fantastic experience and he can play with my cock at the same time.

Your First Love: My first love was Tabik, he looks like me and perhaps that is why we get on so well together. He seems to know what I like and I know what he loves. We spend quite a bit of time together and our days are perfect when we do.

Favourite Turkish Food: It’s really strange but I have fallen in love with a lot of American foods, but if I go out to a Turkish restaurant that serves real Turkish foods, I would normally start with some hot Turkish break that is glazed in garlic butter, Mussakka and I like to top it off with Baklava or Kabak Tatlisi.

Favorite Town or Resort: I’m a bit of a romantic at heart and I love watching beautiful sunsets with my partner. I would have to say that Calis is the perfect place to view these fantastic sunsets. When I am there I enjoy visiting the Sultans Aquacity water park… The whole area is perfect for a vacation with plenty of activities like horse riding, qad biking, diving and fishing. It’s perfect.

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Holidaying in Istanbul

Holidaying in Istanbul is a special treat that everyone should give themselves when they travel. Its charm and characters are very special and they lay waiting for you to visit. Special places such as the Byzantine ruins, its splendid palaces, the ancient mosques and churches as well as the hamams or bath houses and exotic bazaars are available to visit if you can.

Of course some like to go to the trendy night clubs and bars where men and women enjoy their evenings and rent boys search for male punters. It was after a night out that Mustapha found himself in a small apartment in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Istanbul. He was in the Cihangir. He was quite impressed that the room he was in was well looked after, it was neat and tidy and it belonged to the man he met the night before.

He was asked to go back to his apartment because Niko found him very attractive and wanted to take some photos to show his male companion. He didn’t think anyone could believe that Mustapha was attractive and had a big cock to show off. Niko was an artist and he wanted Mustapha to pose for him and he would use his photos to paint his gorgeos body on canvas.

Slowly Mustapha began stripping off his clothes. he was delighted that someone thought him attractive enough to want to take photos of his body. He looked after himself well and when he unzipped his jeans exposing his cock, he heard Niko take a deep breath. When he looked over at him, he noticed his cock growing in his pants and decided to tease him more while he took the photos.

Many photos had been taken, Mustapha could tell because of the amount of clicks coming from the camera… he was naked, he turned around showing off his massive cock and his balls that hung low. He turned again and gave him a quick look at his cute ass before turning sideways, his massive cock standing out in front of him. It was bowed a little but that didn’t matter because he knew when he slid it deep into a guys ass, it tickled his g-spot until he came with an intensity like no other.

Finally he lay back on the bed with his cock standing straight up and he invited Niko to join him… and you can see Mustapha’s pictures inside Istanboys.com.

Stroking Cock in the Pool

With no one around he lets himself relax in the pool. The cool water washes over his Arab body. He enjoys the sun shining down on him and he swims around taking in the quietness and the privacy that he has. The only person watching him, is the cameraman who is envious of the gay Arab lover.

The cameraman wants to take some more pictures so he tosses the blue and black air bed into the pool and Erhan climbs slowly onto it. No one could ever imagine in the heart of Taksim Square, a pool like this where he could enjoy the silence that he needs alone. When he lays back he can explore his fantasies just like the cameraman does while taking photos of this wonderful gay boy.

Erhan, notices that the cool water has made his cock small but it doesn’t take long for his hand to warm it up and make it grown while the cameraman clicks away. He strokes his cock, feeling the sun warming his body and the cum in his balls starts to boil. Not long now… he strokes harder and faster until he can’t hold back and he experiences a climax like no other. He knows he is being watched and now he knows that you can see his pictures inside Istanboys.com.

Fantasies Cum True

I’d been out working my day job as a mechanic and I was quite messy by the time I knocked off but for some reason I didn’t feel like heading home at the end of the day. Instead I found myself walking up the path towards the front door of a friend who most people thought was the sexiest guy in town. Well he was. And he was a good friend to talk to… and I guess that was why we got on so well.

I’d heard rumors that he gave good head and he was a lover of many men but like I said they were rumors. I wasn’t sure if he was even home but by the time I made it to the front door, it had opened and there stood Ali, waiting for me. His smile was so welcoming and I couldn’t help but smile back and apologize for being so grubby. He just laughed…

“Come on in, I’ve got the shower running already!”

He had seen me coming up the path and he led me down to the bathroom and told me climb in and get nice and clean. By the time I’d finished he was there with a fluffy towel waiting to dry me. I was a little shocked but at the same time, he turned me on and my cock suddenly grew very hard and of course he noticed it. How could he not notice a huge pole sticking out from the towel.

He took my cock in his hand and led me to the bedroom and ordered me to lay on the bed. For once I was a little hesitant but at the same time eager to find out how good a lover Ali really was. I guess you could say I was curious… He quickly climbed on the bed and was kneeling over me, kissing me gently before kissing me all the way down my chest and stomach until his lips

rested on the head of my cock. He licked it all over, teasing me and I felt my nipples go hard in anticipation. Suddenly he closed his mouth down over the head and sucked my cock into his mouth.

My moans echoed around his bedroom and he knew he had my full attention. Quickly he moved around so that we were in the 69 position. His cock rested close to my mouth waiting for me to suck it. And I did. I opened my mouth and let it slide in, down over my tongue and I tasted his pre-cum for the first time. It was so different but I knew he was feeling what I was with him sucking my cock at the same time. His cock grew quite big in my mouth and for the first time ever, I wondered what it would feel like with his cock buried deep in my ass.

I began playing with him while I sucked him, sliding first one, then two fingers inside him. I couldn’t resist, knowing that he may do the same to me. But instead he stopped sucking me and begged me to fuck him. He wanted me to fuck his ass.

When he moved away, I was shaking. I’d never fucked a guy before but I guessed it had to be the same as fucking a girl. Well sort of…

He lay on his back and I moved so I was kneeling between his legs. I lifted his legs up and let them rest on my shoulders while I positioned my cock close to his ass. Ali told me to wait… he slipped his hand under the pillow and found a tube of lube and smiled back at me. ‘This will help!’ That’s all he said. But I knew what he meant.

I dribbled the lube down over his ass hole and coated my cock with the cool gel. Once again I positioned my cock, pressing it into his hole. I watched the head slip into his tight hole and I felt a tightness that I hoped to experience again. His ass was warm and tight and felt like a vice was squeezing it but I wanted him to feel the entire length of my cock deep inside him. He wanted me to fuck him too…

“Oh Sharif, fuck me! Please fuck me hard and don’t stop!”

I pounded into him, the entire length of my cock buried inside him, I drove my cock deeper and deeper, harder and faster, not stopping until I came. I watched him wrap his hand around his cock and began jerking it. The faster I fucked him, the harder and faster he stroked his cock. His tight ass pulsated around my cock and I couldn’t help but cry out that I was cumming and as I began spraying his bowels with my hot cum, he came too, his man juice spraying both of us.

My almost limp cock, slipped from his ass and I climbed off the bed and staggered into the bathroom for another shower. Ali followed and I knew that our time together this afternoon was the first of many pleasurable visits.

Dominated Timur

29 February 2008

Your Name: Timur

Favorite Position: My favorite position is being submissive to my Master. I take up whatever position that I am told to take up.

First Love: I wouldn’t call it love as in being in love. My love is for my Master who dominates me, he was my first love and I do what he wants me to do and at the same time, he looks after me very well.

Favorite Club: I enjoy going to Kehribar with my Master. They have the latest Turkish music, some pop and some jazz.

Favorite Food: Manti is everyone’s favorite isn’t it. I enjoy it when simmered in a tomato paste. My Master likes this as a treat…

Favorite Music: Master often plays Duman…. and I believe they are quite good.

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Feza Gets a Paint Job

29 February 2008

I found a very refreshing sets of pictures featuring a horny Turkish twink named Feza. He was quite cute and it looks like the day the camera guy found him, he was getting ready to paint a wall, in a strange design but it looked very good.

He started painting and then stripping off slowly. His chest was suddenly bare after stripping off his yellow t-shirt and it wasn’t long before he had white paint down the front of himself. He quickly wiped it away and because painting the wall again. It would have been interesting watching him move his sexy body while painting.

The purple paint on the wall looked good, but he looked a hell of a lot better and it would be an incredible experience to be with him.

Now naked, begins showing off his body, his cute ass and cock while painting and looking over his shoulder while he paints the wall. He wants to know everything the cameraman is up to so that he can tease you with his eyes. It was magic watching him stroke his cock in front of the camera and like me, I am sure you will enjoy looking through his fantastic set of pictures inside Istanboys.com.

Jerking Off

Sometmes it’s easy to pretend you’re at the beach or by the pool but Zeki takes those visions one step further by having his photos taken with a water pleasure scene behind him.

He does what most guys do when they have a camera in front of him. He starts of nervously showing just a little of his skin before he begins to show his white jocks. He first slips his hand into his pants and adjusts his cock in his jocks a little more before sliding down his pants.

One of the hottest moments during his photoshoot was when he turned around and showed off his cute tight ass. I am sure you can all imagine what it would be like to take control and slip your between his tight cheeks and into his ass. He quickly turned around and with his hands in his jocks he stroked it gently before stripping his pants and jocks off and sits in a beach chair and strokes himself while the camera continues to take photos.

you can see his pictures inside Istanboys.com, he masturbates until he shoots his load…

Cock Sucking Gay Boys

26 February 2008

There’s nothing quite like a good blowjob and Tarkan and Urs always know how to put on a fantastic show for members of Istanboys.com. Their cock sucking is incredible and they both take in turns sucking each other. When you slip into Istanboys.com you will find Tarkan and Urs have three sets of pictures for you to check through.

In Tarkan and Urs 3, Tarkan stands while Urs is on his knees. he is naked, leaning sideways sucking Tarkan’s cock deep into his mouth. He starts by teasing the head, licking all around it before sucking it into his mouth. He takes a few moments licking all along the shaft and if he had access to Tarkan’s balls he suck and lick those also.

Throughout the session, they move around a little but most of their time together is spent sucking cock. I noticed that Urs also plays with his cock too. He strokes it slowly, while he gives Tarkan a blowjob. When they change positions Urs is on his back with Tarkan feeding him his cock. he controls the moment, moving back and forth sliding his cock in and out of his mouth. He likes to sink it in deep, until the head of his cock hits the back of Urs’ throat.

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Fucking Fuat

25 February 2008

Your Name: Fuat

Favorite Position: I’ll say it. I love to suck and I’m slight. I’ve had lovers on the small-boned side like myself and with one or two we’ve even managed to do what I call the fuck and suck, where I get to suck my lover’s cock and fuck him at the same time. He has his legs akimbo. Obviously, it’s a position for the limber.

First Love: I met Asaf at a party. He looked so cute. I bummed a cigarette off him. Our hostess didn’t like us smoking around her cherished furniture and antiques. So she chased us outside. Three hours later, we were still chatting on the terrace, smoking away. I went home with him that night.

Favorite Club: Club MOJO in Istanbul has live music and a fun atmosphere.

Favorite Food: My mother has a recipe for leek and Lamb; Etli Pirasa that is absolutely delicious, my favorite.

Favorite Music: I like Turkish techno music. Salih Saka is one of my favorites. But I am open to variety and often look for a mix of artists on my cassettes. Istanbul Calling is especially hot, in my opinion.

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Loving Cahil

24 February 2008

Your Name: Cahil

Favorite Position: I prefer to bottom and I like things edgy. I like toys, being spanked, etc. I love macho tops and role playing Yeah, I like moving and interacting with my lover. But I’m a big fan of the ultimate submissiveness of being flattened over a table and just done then and there too.

First Love: I was gay-clubbing with a bunch of my friends and Kadir cut me from the pack I was dancing with so smoothly, it was like being scooped up by a polar bear. When the music turned slow and he pulled me into his arms I felt my heart thrum louder than the disco beat of the club. I knew I’d found the one I was willing to go all the way with.

Favorite Club: The Halikarnass Disco in Bodrum is hot.

Favorite Food: Sucuk; Turkish pepperoni is delicious, whether in sandwiches or prepared in a hot dish. I just love it. We always had it at home and I’ve kept that tradition up in every place I’ve lived in since.

Favorite Music: I love to dance to disco and electronic. But romance is something else. Nana Mouskouri is Greek. But her music touches my Turkish soul. Oh and music to my ears is listening to the gay boys come inside Istanboys.com.

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