Eddy Enjoys a Gay Sex Fantasy

It was a cold night and the open fire was burning and it heated the room up nicely. We were warm enough to be naked, kissing and touching each other. I knelt down and let my tongue work up and down his hard cock. I could feel the head swelling as I kissed it and licked the pre-cum from the little slit.

He tasted better than my ex and that was a bonus. I let more of his cock slide into my mouth, inch by inch until the entire length of his cock was nestled in my warm mouth. I could feel the head touching the back of my throat and it felt just right. I wanted to taste him some more but at the same time I wanted his cock hard enough to fuck my ass.

I released him from my mouth and stood up and held him. He whispered that it was time, and my cock throbbed knowing what was about to happen.

I knelt on the bed with my legs slightly apart and my head resting on my hands. I felt him spread my ass cheeks followed by the coolness of the lube. He massaged a little around my tight hole… I felt the head of his cock press against me and before I had a moment to think about the sensations, he pushed forward. The burning sensation was incredible, but he didn’t stop and I didn’t want him to.

He pushed deeper and deeper before fucking me hard and fast. Not once did he stop, my balls were aching… I needed to cum badly… I reached under and began jerking my cock while he fucked me. It didn’t take long… we came together. When he pulled his cock from my ass, I turned and smiled up at him and kissed the head…

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Posted by turkish-boy   @   28 April 2009


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