Huge Arab Cock

I was almost 12 when my father decided to build an apartment about our
garage and at that time there was a number of petty thefts going on in
our neighbourhood. So on recommendation from the building foreman he
hired a night watchman. Tarak was huge arab who on arriving in
America and being uneducated found he had to take what ever job came his
way. He had worked the docks, construction, delivery and night watch,
so he had survived practically hand to mouth and being a man of little
needs he was quite content.

I lived with my father since my parents had divorced when I was about 4
years old. My father was devoted to me and I usually always got my way
99% of the time. I often showered with my father when I was younger
and he allowed me free access to his body, he figured I was just a very
curious child but from when I can remember I’ve been cock crazy and his
big thick cock and balls were a constant intrigue for me until I turned
8. He decided I was becoming obsessed (little did he know) and banished
me from his bathroom, although I spied on him and observed him wanking
his big stiff cock many a night when he thought I was fast asleep.
I taught myself to wank and had indulged in wanking and sucking at my
private all boy school.

So when Tarak knocked on our back door one hot afternoon it was love at
first sight. This huge dark skinned swarthy man with a foreign accent
stammered he would like to speak to the man of the house. I ogled the
huge arab starting at his smooth shaved head, his rough weather beaten
features and huge bull neck that ran into huge muscular shoulders, big
muscular arms and a slightly portly stomach. He wore a loose cotton
shirt and loose cotton trousers.

I informed him that my father was in the study and proceeded to lead
the way, turning to make sure he was following and as I turned I
suddenly noticed the massive cock swinging against his leg and without
realising it I stopped dead in my tracks and gaped openly. Tarak
stopped with a puzzled look which instantly turned to a big toothy
smile of recognition, he slowly cupped his huge bulge and drawing the
cotton fabric tight he outlined his huge cock and balls.
“You make sure Tarak get job and you have new toys!” Whispered the
dark arab as he fondled himself.

I nodded vigorously and led him into the study, where I introduced him
to my father and quickly sowed the seeds, commenting on his mere
height, build and looks. Mentioning that they alone would scare anyone
in their right mind and trying desperately to conceal my bulging pants
which Tarak eyed and winked at me when my father wasn’t watching him.
Eventually my father conceded and Tarak got the job and was to start
that evening. As I walked the big 6 ft. plus arab back out through the
house I suddenly felt a huge and on my shoulder and in the hallway he
stopped me and taking my small hand in his giant sized one he placed
my hand on his huge bulge.

“Feel, they are yours now, you like?” He stammered quietly.
I groped the huge flaccid cock and my hand couldn’t quite grip around
the girth. A door slammed and Tarak leapt back nervously, smiling he
looked around.

“We play tonight my little one!” Whispered the giant as he
left through the kitchen.

I charged upstairs and yanking off my pants I proceeded to wank myself
hard and fast until my very watery cum flew through the air and landed
on my school books. I had never felt so randy before and as I collapsed
on my bed I began to conjure up images of that giant arab and his huge

He was 38, unmarried and had been in America about 8 years. The rest
flew over my head as he had answered my father and I had studied him
from head to huge feet.

Five o’clock arrived and I watched as Tarak ambled up the drive way
and my father and I walked out to greet him and show him where he would
be taking watch. My father inquired as to whether he had eaten and
when Tarak produced his box my father offered him the use of the
kitchen to warm his food and make himself tea or coffee. Tarak thanked
my father and explained he had been watchman for many years and not to
worry, everything and everyone was safe. With that my father left and
I lingered. When he was out of sight Tarak motioned me to follow as
he made like he was inspecting the layout and as he climbed the stairs
I followed until we were in the half constructed building, the walls
were up but no windows. Tarak turned and facing me he dropped his
pants and lifted his tunic, exposing his dark skinned torso to me.
My eyes drank in his dark skin, (almost black but not quite) and his
hairy body, starting at the huge pec’s and hairy nipples, down over
his paunch which had thick hair swirls covering it and down to his thick
bushy pubic hair which crowned his huge thick flaccid cock that
although flaccid was easily 7 ” long and as thick as my father’s cock
when it was pumping jets of cum across his bedroom. Beneath the huge
cock lay a pair of balls the size of lemons, I stared at the mass of
flesh and noted the heavy forskin the capped the huge cock-head.
“You like your new toys?” Asked the dark man as he thrust his hips
forwards towards the thin boy.

I nodded my head and stepped forwards, reaching for the huge cock,
it was so thick I could hardly close my hand around the fleshy sharft
and the veins running the length were almost pencil thick.
Igrasped it and began drawing the forskin backwards, exposing a huge
purple cock-head. It was the size of a plum and the slit was puffy, I
pushed the skin backwards exposing the head completely and felt the
shaft pulse and begin to thicken. I began wanking slowly and the giant
arab groaned quietly.” I know you like as soon I see your eyes, he tell
me all.”

The huge meat in my hands jerked and began throbbing as I handled it,
it lengthened and swelled.

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i like you and i want to fuk you

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