Tony Dias & Gustavo Ryder BareBang

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27 May 2016
Tony Dias and Gustavo Ryder are truly versatile guys who like to fuck and get fucked. So when they couldn't decide who would top we figured a flip flop bare banging fuck session was the answer. Tony deep throats Gustavo's big black dick to begin with getting it good and hard so it can penetrate his ass cheeks with gusto. Tony jumps on that monster cock with glee and then rides it like a rodeo pro. The then flips Gustavo and rims his ass getting it ready for his own raw cock. He fucks Gustavo's fine ass until the both of them cum - happy BangBangBoys.

Marcelo Mastro Barebangs Andy Star

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13 May 2016
We've filmed a lot of hot scenes here at BangBangBoys but this one stands above them all. The amazingly ripped and inked Andy Star in a leather harness on his knees deepthroating the monster cock of Marcelo Mastro. Marcelo treating the suck pig roughly - pulling his hair and grabbing his throat. He lubes up Andy's hole and then that cock is impaling Andy as he screams for mercy. There's no mercy here - just a butt load of cum deposited deep inside the abused hole.
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