Rob Jelacky & Patrik Janovic

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10 July 2015
Our favorite Twink Patrik is back for another round of bareback fucking. This time with cute blonde boy Rob Jelacky. The two kiss passionately before Rob wraps his his soft lips around Patrik's cock. Patrik's cock is now lubed with spit and ready to start fucking Rob's tight hole. The two fuck on a table before Patrik cums all over Rob's ass. Rob then climbs on top of Patrik and looks deep in his eyes as he cums all over his smooth chest.

Ricco Luna & Rob Tadeus

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3 July 2015
Ricco and Rob are messing around in the bathrooms during their break. They start kissing but that's merely a distraction - they want cock. And my what big cocks they have! Big cocks that go bare into tight twinky ass - such fun!
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