“Laguna Beach Breakdown” by Joe Bolton

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29 June 2009
You had come searching for a second chance,
But trying to break through, merely broke down,
Until at last any sense of purpose
Seemed nothing more than something else to lose.
You let it go and, seeing no reason to mourn
What you could no longer name, kept silence
Under the vast vacuum of heaven
Someone had nailed stars up to to hold in place.
You were hoping maybe a change of season
Might help, but there was none. You woke at dawn
Shuddering in the indifferent embrace
Of your own arms, unable to turn or return,
Dreaming of drowning, neutral as a seaweed in the war
The sea continually waged against the shore.

-from "The Last Nostalgia"

Turkse homo-arbiter mag weer fluiten

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28 June 2009

De Turkse homoseksuele voetbalscheidsrechter Halil Ibrahim Dincdag kan weer wedstrijden gaan leiden. Dat werd mogelijk dankzij de inzet van PvdA-Europarlementariër Emine Bozkurt. Dincdag mocht geen duels meer leiden omdat hij a...

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“Prelude: Late Twentieth-Century Piece”

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26 June 2009
And after pain, the calm—dark records on dark shelves:
Some notion of romance we never got over,
Some sweet past theme we kept trying to recover,
Some concept of ourselves as more than our lost selves.

If we cannot be lovers, we will be players,
Throttling sharp-dressed and muscled, guns in our pockets
For good luck, through the new cities of the tropics--
Deco, palm, flamingo, blues and greens in layers.

This is the dead end of the end of the dead day.
Starlit, remembering what we outlived, we lie
Watching old films of us sweep the ceiling: the sigh
Of flesh on flesh, the cut, and the turning away.

- by Joe Bolton, from "The Last Nostalgia"

“Tropical Watercolor: Sarasota”

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26 June 2009
Summer sings not far away, and we both know
The errors we've made. The sloped shoulders
Of those palms in the middle distance
Darken; the palms stand solitary as guards.

Summer sings, and against those walls
The late May light has sweetened, the palms
Sigh a little, fronds swaying in the breeze,
Making a sad watercolor of the square.

A mackerel sky frames the square, the square
We dreamed failed us in this place we'd come to
To find ourselves again as in a mirror.
Love, this is the square that failed.

I broke myself trying to make myself strong
For you. Dusk gilds white buildings, and smoke
From my cigarette floats toward the stars
That aren't there yet, the stars we used to desire.

They are a vast absence, reminding me
I don't believe in anything anymore except
The difficulty of everything for men and women.
Your remembered ghost is the ghost of my grandmother

Walking here endlessly in a black dress,
Shadow lost among the shadows of palms
On this square that failed, blocks from the sea.
I have run out of life, for what?

I have run out of life from the repetition
Of our moving only from mirror to mirror,
Catching our reflections in shop windows
And finding them less real than mannequins.

- by Joe Bolton, from "The Last Nostalgia"

Cute Ass Boy Jamalo

Your Name: Hi, I’m Jamalo …

Favorite Turkish Food: Ispanakli Tavuk Dolmasi which is spinach stuffed chicken breast – it’s quite easy to make if you know how to cook chicken. And I quite like trying different recipes so when I found this one I had to try it. I also served it with some mixed veges including tomato, red onion, zucchini in olive oil and some rice. It was very nice.

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Ahbab News 2009-06-21 21:43:00

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21 June 2009
Sixty-seven Filipino men working in Saudi Arabia face jail and lashes for "imitating women" after being arrested at a party in which a number were dressed in drag, a Philippines embassy official said on Saturday. Riyadh police arrested all 67 men at a private party and drag show in a resort villa near Riyadh on June 13, Philippines embassy Vice Consul Roussel Reyes told the news agency AFP. "They

Kinky Gay Boy Kaan

Your Name: Hi, I’m Kaan …

Favorite Turkish Food: Pasta is quick and easy and I love eating it for lunch or dinner. My favorite is Beyaz Peynirli Makarna – Pasta with feta cheese…

Favorite Turkish Place: It’s hard to say what my favorite place is in Turkey because even though I am Turkish, I haven’t spent a lot of time there. However if I did go here is a list of places, I would love to visit:

– Istanbul because it is one of the world’s most interesting cities… and I’ve heard so much about the bath houses, the mosques and the nightlife.

– The Aegean Coast because there are lots of beautiful beaches, there are some archaeological sites and the scenery is said to be fantastic.

– Kusadasi – my friends tell me this is a resort town that has some great restaurants, good hotels, and pleasant hosts. I love the nightlife and Kusadasi is known for its nightlife and it’s also good if you want to soak up the sun and relax at the beach.

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Sexy Gay Boy Alp

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Model of the Week – Rainer G

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16 June 2009
Rainer G is the Model of the Week for the week of June 29th through July 5th. Rainer is an ultimate sex god with a bad-boy personality and an 8 inch uncut cock. His fetishes include toys, porn, group sex, and muscles. Sound like something you can have in common with Rainer? His five-stars back up the talk, it is up to you to check out the sexy walk. See him LIVE!

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Model of the Week – Landon Cox

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16 June 2009
Landon Cox is the Model of the Week for the week of June 22nd through June 28th. Landon is a versatile 6ft 2 inch hottie, with a 7 inch cut cock. Looking for a boy-next-door type with a horny drive? Landon Cox is your answer. His fetishes include sub and uniforms. Any takers thus far? Landon comes off as a confident man looking to please and be pleased!

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Bareback My Ass

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12 June 2009
After "DU ZOB" and "ENCORE DU ZOB", we present "DU ZOB FOREVER" with 8 solo scenes from the hottest, sexiest guys of Citebeur. 8 stunning dudes show it all for you, hot bodies and inches of rock-hard cocks. They do anything and everything to shoot their hot creamy loads. If you like cock then you will love French "Zob Forever"!

Model of the Week – Sed

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11 June 2009
Sed is the Model of the Week for the week of June 15th through June 21st. Sed is a tanned, hunky bottom, with a 7 inch, uncut cock. Self-suck anyone? Sed satisfies himself as you watch him engulf his large cock in his warm, moist mouth. If that got your panties in a twist, be sue to check out his room! He is just a few clicks away from satisfying your sexual thirst.

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