Gorgeous Gay Boy Alejandro

Your Name: Hi my name is Alejandro

Favorite Turkish Food: When I have dinner parties with my friends I like the sit down kind because they are very personal. Everyone has the same meal and the comments are incredible really. I like to start with an entrée and one of my favorites is Stuffed Tomato with eggplant – Pathcanli Domates Dolmasi.

Favorite Turkish Place: When I go away I particularly like going to places that have everything there for me to do and one of those places is called Aqua Fantasy Resort. It sounds quite good doesn’t it. This resort is located in Ephesus Beach area name Pamucak. It’s a great place to have fun and relax at the same time.

Gay Sex Fantasy: Spending time with a gay lover on the beach in Turkey would be wonderful. Making love under the stars on a private beach would be wonderful. Making love to the man of my dreams would be the perfect gay sex fantasy.

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Wanna Be Basketball Player Najim

Najim is really into his sports in a big way. He even takes his basketball to bed with him when he wants to look at gay men magazines. He likes to fondle his ball a lot and I can only imagine that he fondles his own balls the same way… gentle and with great enthusiasm.

When I found his pictures inside Istanboys.com I was quite intrigued because he genuinely is into sports. Basketball and gay sex as a sports. He mixes the two together and cums real hard, it’s quite amazing really.

I love his cute ass and the way he uses his body to tease me and you, is a huge turn on.

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Twink Fantasy

I always had a fantasy to be with a gorgeous twink and today I finally had that opportunity. I was swimming in a secluded bay and I could see them playing with each other. My cock was straining for release as I watched the two twinks laying back masturbating each other.

I began stroking my cock while I watched and I just had to join them. I made my way around so that they couldn’t see me and I continued to watch them. They were kissing each other and suddenly they were looking straight at me. I had nowhere to hide. I stood there with my cock in my hand and when they smiled at me, I knew everything was ok.

They waved me over to them and when I got closer they hugged me and kissed me and began seeking out my cock. I couldn’t believe it. One knelt in front of me and began sucking me, licking all around the head and down to my balls before sucking my cock deep into his mouth.

The other twink with curly hair got on his hands and knees with his ass in the air. He spread his cheeks wide and begged me to fuck him. I moved from the other’s mouth straight to the twink with curly hair. His mate knelt close to him and helped hold his cheeks open.

I pressed the head of my cock against his tight ass and in seconds I was buried deep inside him. The feeling was incredible. I fucked him hard. The other twink stood in front of his friends face and fed him his cock. We fucked him both ends and it didn’t take long for me to fill his ass with my hot cum.

Spicy Latin Studs

Spicy Latin Studs gives you access to Hot Latin gay sex in the form of dozens of downloadable DVDs. And every movie features lots and lots of anal porn. You can download each of the movies and watch them when you feel need your gay sex hit.

When I looked at some of the scenes it was a huge turn on watching all Latin guys making out, the sex was hot and the cum shots were incredible.

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Gay Boy Bülent

Your Name: My name is Bülent …

Favorite Turkish Food: While I like vegetables I also like a little beef and so I like to combine the two. I enjoy serving up stuffed eggplant with ground beef – Karniyarik when my friends come to visit. It’s tasty and no one complains. I like to serve it with a little yogurt on the side and pilaf.

Favorite Turkish Place: Personally the only place I want to visit when and if I get to Turkey is Istanbul. I have read so many things about the best places to stay and my dream is to stay in one of the older style motels. One with a marble bathroom… it’s a fantasy I have that’s all. And I’d like to visit some of the gay bars and the bath houses. That is what I’d like to do when I go to Turkey.

Favorite Music: I love all kinds of music. I can’t actually say I have a favorite but I do love music by Dr Hook, the Bee Gees and I also like some of the music from the 70s and 80s.

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Model of the Week – Jamarcus

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27 May 2009
Jamarcus is the Model of the Week for the week of June 1st through June 7th. Jamarcus is a green-eyed, piece of hunk, with a pleasing 7 inch uncut cock. His fetishes include feet and role playing. Jamarcus has deliciously ripped arms and chest, an adorable face, and an unforgettable fun-loving personality. Quite the ideal playdate, if we must say.

Jamarcus wants nothing more than to satisfy you, whether for a quick lick, or a lengthy private. Find yourself wanting a bigger taste of this gorgeous man? Be sure to check out his feature show, scheduled for Thursday, June 4th, from 6:00-7:00 pm ET.His charm and his sexual nature will have you coming back for seconds.

Laid Back and Horny Juan

It’s fantastic that Istanboys.com has found some horny gay guys that know what it’s like to be in front of the camera. Some of them get hot and horny when they think that you are watching them. Juan really is laid back and he tries to hide his body from you but every chance he gets he shows a little bit more until he thinks you will like what you see.

I certainly did and that is why I have a few pictures here of Juan laying back, getting horny and pretending to sleep whenever he can. It’s just a trick he has to get you to watch him a little more. Eventually he lets you see his cock and balls and he certainly gets nice and hard. He is what every man’s gay sex fantasy is about.

And when you see him kneeling up on the bed, if you are like me then all you can imagine is kneeling behind him and sliding your cock into his ass.

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Gang Bang Cum Eaters 2

Some guys just don’t know how to take it but the guys in this movie certainly do and they take it like real men. Straight from the cock, and they even lick the hot cum off a plate. There is plenty of deep ass pounding action taking place and one of the guys, Hot Cum Slurping Ricky does it again and again with his newest guy…

Johnny is banged by a group of horny hot studs. They feed him their hot cum loads and it is quite interesting watch them slurp it off the same plate.

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 Gang Bang Cum Eaters 2

Sophie op 3, Allochtone homo’s [VIDEO]

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24 May 2009

Een tijdje geleden heeft het BNN programma Sophie op 3 een uitzending gewijd over allochtone homo's.

Sophie dook in de wereld van de all...

A Little Older and A Little Wiser

Your Name: My name is Esad, I’m a little older than most of the Turkish twinks and Arab gay boys that hang out here…

Favorite Turkish Food: On a cool winters night I like soup with some bread. My favorite soup is Plateau Soup (Yalya Corbasi).

Favorite Turkish Place: I’m a little older and a little wiser now but for the life of me if I ever went to Turkey I wouldn’t know where to go so I decided to look through the tours and the one that caught my eye was the Western Turkey package tour because it took in places Izmir, Ephesus, Troy, Canakkale and Gallipoli… if it’s organized then I think it would be great to take this trip.

Gay Sex Fantasy: Having sex with two guys at the same time has always been a fantasy of mine. I could be the guy in the middle, the bottom to both guys. I would love to suck one cock while the other penetrated my ass. I could stroke my cock at the same time and the three of us could cum together. That would be perfect.

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Gay Sex with My Lecturer

A Gay Sex Fantasy
I had to have extra tuition to help give me some extra credits, all because I was caught jerking off behind a tree. I couldn’t believe closing my eyes for a second enjoying that special fantasy of mine and when I opened my eyes my lecturer was standing there, looking in my eyes.

He was watching me. And he smiled when I blushed and tried to hide my cock in my pants at the same time. Instead of punishing me, he invited me back to his home office so I could build up some more credits to get through college. I agreed.

Once there, I was taken to his office, he closed the door behind us and held me. He kissed me, his thick lips on my mine and I felt his tongue searching for mine. I let him kiss me, and I could feel my cock growing harder every second. He pressed his body close to mine and felt how hard my cock was. My lecturer pulled away and knelt down in front of me.

He unzipped my jeans and released my cock from my jocks. I leant back against the door, letting it hold me up as his wet tongue licked up and down the entire length of my cock. He licked all around the head and down to my balls. The feeling was incredible.

My heart was racing and I tried not to cum quickly but he knew what he was doing. His lips closed over the head before taking my cock into his mouth, he sucked me. Sliding his mouth up and down the entire length of my cock was too much. First I felt pre-cum oozing into his mouth, I heard him moan around the head and his fingers teased my balls… and that was it. I held onto his head as I came, shooting a load of hot cum into his hot moist mouth.

My lecturer didn’t release my cock until he had swallowed down every drop.

When he stood up, he kissed me again and this time, I knew I was ready to feel his cock slide deep into my tight ass!

Huge Black Gay Cocks

Turkish Boy along with Dooza gives you access to guys with huge black cocks. These guys are incredible as you can see…

This site looks really very good and you have access to hundreds of downloadable DVDs featuring exclusive hardcore action and black studs with huge cocks! It’s an incredible action filled site.

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Turkse homo-scheidsrechter ontslagen

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21 May 2009

Beautiful Candan

Your Name: My name is Candan…

Favorite Turkish Food: I love my sweets and I love walnuts so when I can combine the two it’s fantastic and that is why I enjoy Tel Kadayif with walnuts.

Favorite Turkish Place: I’d like to lay back and relax and take in the incredible delights of the Turkish coastline and islands. Taking a boat trip to see the 12 Islands would be fantastic. Lazing back under the heat of the summer sun, that would be wonderful. But it would also be nice swimming in the water at Cleopatra’s Bay – it is said if you swim in those waters you will become a true beauty… hmm I wonder if I could become a true beauty!!!

Gay Sex Fantasy: Becoming a true beauty so that my next partner really falls head over heals in love with me and makes mad passionate love to me under the stars… or under the sun… Making love all day and night, not stopping, only to eat and drink and swim in the waters… it would be perfect. It’s my perfect gay sex fantasy!

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Model of the Week – Keith Jordan

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21 May 2009
Keith Jordan is the Model of the Week for the week of May 25th through May 31st. Keith is a gorgeous brunette, blue-eyed, hunk with a 7 inch uncut cock. His fetishes include topping, and domination. So if you itch for being submissive to a 6 foot hunk, Keith Jordan is your man. Aside from his full lips and his muscular body, Keith has a big personality that will have you coming back for more.

Whether its a flex-show or a dirty conversation, Keith satisfies all your naughty wishes and desires during a private show. If you want to learn a little more about Keith first-hand, be sure to check out his one-hour feature show, scheduled for Thursday, May 28th, from 6:00-7:00 pm ET. See you there!
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