Gay Sex Couple Gustav and Micheal

30 April 2009

Gustav and Michael are two horny guys that caught my eye today and I have to admit that if I was really with them, this photoshoot may have turned into a threesome. Their playtime starts out innocently enough with them looking at a porn mag together.

But from there, these two horny gay boys move on to some incredibly horny moments including some wild and wet blowjobs that they give each other. You can see them together inside

Gustav loves playing with Michael’s nipples before he sucks his cock. It’s an incredible moment and for a while I really thought perhaps it was there first time together.

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Gay Boy Osman

Your Name: My name is Osman…

Favorite Turkish Food: Easy to make meals is great for me because I am always on the go – I also love pasta so of course when I can I make Kolay Makarna. It is an easy to make pasta meal with some garlic, paprika, basil and olive oil. That’s it. Oh and my favorite pasta is Penne.

Turkish Place I’d Like to Visit: I don’t look like the type of guy that would like to visit a museum but if I had the chance I’d like to visit several museums in Turkey. Those few would be the Caricature and Cartoon Museum and the Istanbul Toy Museum. I think I’d get a kick out of these two types of museums. Of course if you do like museums Turkey has many to choose from and each is incredible to look at.

Favorite Music: I like the Bee Gees. Yeah I know… they are old… but their music is very good.

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Model of the Week – Jerom

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29 April 2009
Jerom is the Model of the Week for the week of May 4th through May 10th. Jerom is the stud muffin with an 8 inch uncut cock, who is known for pleasing all who enter a steamy private with him. His five-stars go along way, maintaining his extensive fan base, as well as encountering daring new comers. This two-time MOW is as sensuous and as pleasant as they come.

Jerom is an ideal favorite, fulfilling all of his sexual offers and requests. You will never come out with less than a smile on your face and a heart throbbing moment. Anyone feeling a little anxious? Be sure to tune in for his one-hour feature show, scheduled for Thursday, May 7th, from 6:000-7:00 pm ET. See you there!

Eddy Enjoys a Gay Sex Fantasy

It was a cold night and the open fire was burning and it heated the room up nicely. We were warm enough to be naked, kissing and touching each other. I knelt down and let my tongue work up and down his hard cock. I could feel the head swelling as I kissed it and licked the pre-cum from the little slit.

He tasted better than my ex and that was a bonus. I let more of his cock slide into my mouth, inch by inch until the entire length of his cock was nestled in my warm mouth. I could feel the head touching the back of my throat and it felt just right. I wanted to taste him some more but at the same time I wanted his cock hard enough to fuck my ass.

I released him from my mouth and stood up and held him. He whispered that it was time, and my cock throbbed knowing what was about to happen.

I knelt on the bed with my legs slightly apart and my head resting on my hands. I felt him spread my ass cheeks followed by the coolness of the lube. He massaged a little around my tight hole… I felt the head of his cock press against me and before I had a moment to think about the sensations, he pushed forward. The burning sensation was incredible, but he didn’t stop and I didn’t want him to.

He pushed deeper and deeper before fucking me hard and fast. Not once did he stop, my balls were aching… I needed to cum badly… I reached under and began jerking my cock while he fucked me. It didn’t take long… we came together. When he pulled his cock from my ass, I turned and smiled up at him and kissed the head…

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Georgios Big Cock

27 April 2009

Georgio’s photos can be found inside He loves showing off his body and his smile will definitely grab you. I personally love his bright red tight boxer pants. They really do suit him and when he slowly lowers them you can see his cock peaking out.

It’s the perfect look. Guys you won’t know how big his cock is unless you grab a pass to You see, while it’s hiding in his pants you can’t see how the size… he has a cock that is big, massive and if you are into big cock sex then I am sure you will enjoy Georgio – or better still, I’m sure he will enjoy your tight ass.

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Sadistic Satyrs

This video is for gay boys that like the alternative way in life and prefer to be taken hard and fast. The description of the video says that Gabriel one of the horny gay porn stars is hanging upside down in a dungeon. He submits to his takers and he is also blind-folded.

Another guy called Luke enters the dungeon and finds him there. He begins to fuck his mouth, taking his cock deep inside his mouth, deep throating him. From there he licks his ass, the scene is incredible and another guy – John comes in and starts sucking him too. It’s an incredible threesome.

If you like it hard and fast then you will also enjoy the wild threesome that they have with these guys using sex toys, dildos and chains in his tight asshole before fucking him in the ass and mouth.

To view this incredibly hardcore threesome, you can see Sadistic Satyrs when you visit the Turkish / Arab VoD section inside!

Sadistic Satyrs

Fakir Loves Pilaf

Your Name: My name is Fakir…

Favorite Turkish Food: I love chicken meals and I also love Pilaf – so when I combine those together I enjoy a great meal called Istanbul Pilaf or Istanbul Pilavi which is made from chicken breast and rice of course, and it also has some almonds and pistachios in it. This meal is very tasty and easy to make.

Turkish Place I’d Like to Visit: I think I’d hire a car if I go to Turkey. From Alanya I could visit The City of Antalya, the mosques and museums and because I love the water I wouldn’t mind going to Antalya’s beaches.

Favorite Music: I love the Village People. Especially when I am with friends and we start dancing together to the YMCA – it really did get everyone together and we all had a lot of fun doing it. You can only imagine what it’s like to dance to that song…

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Gay Sex Couple Mehmet and Murat

When you see Mehmet and Murat you will certainly feel your cock start to rise. Their photos appear inside the one and only real Turkish twink & Arab gay boy site –

They are pictured together in the great outdoors and for this photoshoot in particular they actually start out in their clothes, which isn’t too bad because you get to see what they are really like and I am able to show off a few more of their pictures this time.

Mehmet and Murat have a lot of fun together. They love teasing each other and you will even see Mehmet try and pinch Murat’s nipples. It’s really cute and you can only imagine what it would be like to have wild sex with him. I’m sure he would have a lot of fun teasing your cock and licking your ass.

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His First Blowjob

My gay sex fantasy was all about meeting Larry, the son of manager of the ten pin bowling alley. Larry was a few years older than I but I wanted to know him a little better. So one night after a great bowling session we sat talking and had a few drinks and he told me that he’d always wanted to get close to me. He told me that he wanted to suck my cock.

I was almost blown away because I didn’t think he’d even noticed me and I was till a virgin so I really wanted to feel his mouth on my cock. The bowling alley wasn’t the place to do it though so he invited me to his place. I guess I should have been a little worried but I wasn’t. I felt quite at ease.

Once inside his unit he pulled me to him and kissed me. It shocked me at first because it was the first time a guy had kissed me. It really was my first time… He pulled away from me and knelt in front of me and slowly unzipped my jeans. I could feel myself shaking but I didn’t stop him. He released my cock and I felt his breath tickling the head…

His mouth closed over the head and his tongue teased it… he held me close and his mouth slid down the full length of my cock. It felt so good. He took control and before long I came, filling his mouth with my hot cum. He taught me how to fuck him and he fucked my ass for the first time too. He took my anal cherry and the sensations were incredible….

Larry and I have been friends for a long time now and one night we plan to fuck at the bowling alley…

Romantic Gurkan

Your Name: My name is Gurkan…

Favorite Turkish Food: I love seafood especially shrimp or prawns depending on which country you live in. I like Shrimp-Feta cheese sauté… or Bayaz Peynirli Karides Sote – the flavors together work in well and with a nice glass of wine to go with it, it is very yummy. I saw a friend put parmesan cheese over this meal one night and I quickly told him he doesn’t need it… it already has feta cheese and the parmesan would spoil it…

Favorite Turkish Place: I’d like to visit the Turquoise Coast which is part of the Mediterranean coast. I’d like to check out Phaselis which is an ancient city – only surface excavation has taken place there. And there is lots of forest which means it will be beautiful to look at.

Gay Romance Fantasy: Meeting a guy on my trip to Turkey would be incredible. If we had time we could take in the different areas and enjoy the nights, the sunsets and the night life. Making love under the stars would be incredible…

Join the gorgeous Turkish twinks and Arab gay boys inside and while there, don’t forget to check out Gurkan’s pictures.

Pardish and Nils Love Gay Sex

If you want to see two guys who really enjoy each other then you need to take a look at the great pictures of Pardish and Nils. Unfortunately I can’t show all those pictures here because they show them enjoying each other.

Pardish enjoys a foot massage given to him by Nils. From there, the gay sex takes place and the cock sucking is incredible. I’m sure you will enjoy seeing Pardish wearing his cock and ball ring as much as I did. It really adds to the moment.

From some gentle touching and that great foot massage they sucked each other’s cock and the hard gay sex looks fantastic. They really did look like they were enjoying themselves.

All I can say is, it’s time you took a few moments and grabbed a pass for and enjoy their pictures as much as I did.

Gay Boy Mini Picture Gallery

20 April 2009

Kaan’s mini picture gallery is not that small a gallery but it certainly is worth checking out. I didn’t find Kaan in amongst all the other Turkish twinks and Arab gay boys, I found his set of pictures in the Male Movie section – if you scroll down a little you will see several sets of pictures featuring many gay boys and gay couples.

I loved looking at Kaan because he starts the photoshoot sitting backwards on the chair and he is looking right at me and you.

From there he slowly starts to strip out of his clothes, removing piece by piece slowly so that you get to see all of him and he teases you at the same time. I hope you enjoy Kaan’s pictures as much as I did. Don’t forget to grab a pass to and check out the full mini set of Kaan’s pictures.

Dogans Gay Skiing Holiday

Your Name: My name is Dogan…

Favorite Turkish Food: I make a homemade soup and to go with it I love Peppered Bread or Biberli Ekmek… very tasty. I make it with a pizza dough although some prefer it with a bread dough… my friends enjoy the taste as much as I do.

Favorite Turkish Place: One of the things I’d really like to experience is skiing in Turkey and I was told that if I holiday in Istanbul during winter and if I loved to ski then I should go to the city of Bursa. I was told that it was located south of Istanbul, and was just across the sea of Marmara. The mountain to ski is called Uludaay which is near Bursa. It’s only about an hour from Istanbul.

Turkish Gay Sex Fantasy: A skiing holiday means staying in a resort that has open fire places and gorgeous guys to spend time with. My gay sex fantasy is to meet a guy and have wild sex in front of the open fire. Not only will he warm me with his cock, the fire will keep me warm on the outside too.

Slip inside and check out the full set of Dogan’s pictures.

A Gulet Gay Cruise

Your Name: My name is Cevdet…

Favorite Turkish Food: I love the incredible taste of rahat lokum especially when it is homemade.

Favorite Turkish Place: This may seem a little strange to a lot you but I’d like to go Gulet cruising on the coast. A Gulet is a traditional wooden sailing ship and there are holidays in Turkey that offers this sort of time away. I’m not sure if I’d like to do a short trip or an entire cruise, but if I do get the chance to do this, I’ll make that decision then.

Turkish Gay Sex Fantasy: As I mentioned I’d like to go cruising on a Gulet. And if I had the chance I could travel the Mediterranean, the clear blue waters with my lover and we would make wild passionate love, or enjoy incredible sex together under the stars. The experience would definitely be worth every moment. That is my fantasy!

Slip inside and check out the full set of Cevdet’s pictures.

Cute Eran Turkish Gay Boy

17 April 2009

Cute Eran’s smile isn’t the only thing that caught my eye. His shyness, his sweet smile and his fantastic tattoo sort of really got me going. I couldn’t believe such an innocent looking guy could have a tattoo… and I didn’t think he would strip down until he was totally naked and showing off his cock.

I am sure you will enjoy his photos as much as I did because he really is cute and I was surprised to see him go as far as showing off his cute asshole too. And you will love his cock, it’s quite a good size and you will certainly feel him spread your ass wide if he penetrated you.

I would personally love to see him ass fuck another guy, it would really make this shoot perfect. But guys if you want to see Eran’s pictures, his cute ass, his gorgeous tattoo and his perfect smile, then you will need to grab a pass to and enjoy some more pictures. You can even see him cum…

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