Turkish Twink Iskender

Your Names: My name is Iskender and you can see my pictures inside Istanboys.com and I believe Turkish Boy has included some of my pictures in a following entry…

Favorite Turkish Food: For something a little different I quite like a vegetarian potato casserole – Etsiz Patates Oturtma. It is very tasty.

Favorite Turkish Place: If I ever visit Turkey I would love to visit the Ephesus, Pergamon, and Gallipoli.. oh and I think the St. Sophia Museum would be fantastic to see.

Turkish Gay Sex Fantasy: My fantasy would be to visit Turkey and seek out the gay nightclubs and bars and meet as many guys as I could. I guess I would be cruising looking for a guy that I could spend time with. When I find him we would find a room and make love all night long. Of course, if I found a rent boy we could have wild sex together and it would only last a short time but it would feel so nice.

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Istanbul Boys, Euro Muscles and Bareback

These gay boys from Istanbul know that you will watch them because they love fucking each other and they also know that you will enjoy the bareback sex that they experience.

The description for this video says that the boys from Istanbul love fucking each other and they say that the boy-boy action is incredible. There are three scenes featured where these guys suck cock, fuck ass and there is even some action with sex toys and a threesome to add to the incredible gay sex moments.

You will find this VOD in the Turkish / Arab VOD section from the main menu inside Istanboys.com. The video runs for around 90 minutes and every second is filled with gay boys from Istanbul.

Istanbul Boys 34

Gay Turkish Bath Fantasy

You’re Name: Duyal

My Gay Sex Fantasy: Walking down the streets of Istanbul, I make my way silently in the dark of night. There are lots of men heading towards the nightclubs and perhaps some of them are hoping to meet rent boys.

All I can think about is meeting him, the guy who calls himself Jared. He told me to meet him at the Turkish Bath … the hamam the one that was dimly lit and it was where guys went to have a massage. He told me he would be waiting for him and I’d know when he was there.

I followed his instructions and entered the bathhouse. It was a gay bath house and when I entered, the steam greeted me. I found the area he told me to meet him in and I was quick to discover that to be there meant I had to remove all my clothes and wrap a towel around my waist.

I lay down and waited. I felt him kneeling over me his hands massaged my body. When he had me turn over he slipped the towel off me and massaged my entire body including my cock. He did it so well. His hands worked endlessly but he didn’t make me cum. He made me feel so good. He kept me on the edge and when he knew I couldn’t stand it any longer he moved away.

Suddenly we were in a very private room and he knelt down in front of me. His mouth closed over my cock and he sucked me. The feelings were incredible. His fingers began to press into my body. My tiny puckered asshole opened up for him and he fucked me with two fingers.

I could feel my orgasm growing inside me. He latched on with his mouth and teased the head of my cock while he fucked me with his fingers. When I came I filled his mouth with my hot cum… My fantasy is one that I would love to experience for real one day!

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March Gay Boy Pics

28 March 2009

Sexy Abdul-Aziz, a gorgeous, fuckable gay boy makes gay sex fantasies appear very real. He is up there with some of the hottest gay porn stars in looks and he is one guy to check out when you step into Istanboys.com!


Rico is a sporting gay boy, not only does he handle his balls he knows how to handle is football as well.


A horny Turkish gay guy in uniform… perfect! Nizar makes a wonderful lover and he is in many fantasies. He looks as good as he tastes.


A shy Turkish twink also is one of my picks for the month and he is intriguing. He has piercings and he is very mystifying and he knows how to stroke his cock so well too.



27 March 2009


London, 30 March 2009

Urgent action is needed to halt the execution of 128 prisoners on death row in Iraq. Many of those awaiting execution were convicted for the ‘crime’ of homosexuality, according to IRAQI-LGBT, a UK based organisation of Iraqis supporting gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in Iraq.

According to Ali Hili of IRAQI-LGBT, the Iraqi authorities plan to start executing them in batches of 20 from this week.

IRAQI-LGBT urgently requests that the UK Government, Human Rights Groups and the United Nations Human Rights Commission intervene with due speed to prevent this tragic miscarriage of justice from going ahead.

“We have information and reports on members of our community whom been arrested and waiting for execution for the crimes of homosexuality,’’ said Mr Hili. “Iraqi lgbt has been a banned from running our activities on Iraqi soil.?

“Raids by the Iraqi police and ministry of interior forces cost our group the disappearing and killing of 17 members working for Iraqi lgbt since 2005,? added Mr Hili.

“Death penalty has been increasing at an alarming rate in Iraq since the new Iraqi regime reintroduced it in August 2004.
In 2008 at least 285 people were sentenced to death, and at least 34 executed. In 2007 at least 199 people were sentenced to death and 33 were executed, while in 2006 at least 65 people were put to death. The actual figures could be much higher as there are no official statistics for the number of prisoners facing execution,? he said.

IRAQI LGBT is concerned that the Iraqi authorities have not disclosed the identities of those facing imminent execution, stoking fears that many of them may have been sentenced to death after trials that failed to satisfy international standards for fair trial.

Most are likely to have been sentenced to death by the Central Criminal Court of Iraq (CCCI), whose proceedings consistently fall short of international standards for fair trial. Some are likely to have. Allegations of torture are not being investigated adequately or at all by the CCCI. Torture of detainees held by Iraqi security forces remains rife.

Iraq’s creaking judicial system is simply unable to guarantee fair trials in ordinary criminal cases, and even less so in capital cases, with the result, we fear, that numerous people have gone to their death after unfair trials.

The Iraqi government must order an immediate halt to these executions and establish a moratorium on all further executions in Iraq, particularly since due process cannot be guaranteed. The state executing people for ‘morals’ crimes is also obviously unacceptable and deplorable.

Amnesty International has called on the Iraqi authorities to make public all information pertaining to the 128 people, including their full names, details of the charges against them, the dates of their arrest, trial and appeal and their current places of detention.

The immediate urgent priority is to Support and Donate Money to LGBT activists in Iraq in order to assist their efforts to help other Lesbians, Gay, Bisexuals and Trans gender Iraqi's facing death, persecution and systematic Targeting by the Iraqi Police and Badr and Sadr Militia and to raise awareness about the wave of homophobic murders in Iraq to the outside world.
Funds raised will also help provide LGBTs under threat of killing with refuge in the safer parts of Iraq (including safe houses, food, electricity, medical help) and assist efforts help them seek refuge in neighboring countries.

Iraqi Lgbt
22 Notting Hill Gate
Unit # 111
London , W11 3JE
United Kingdom
Mob: ++44 798 1959 453
Website : http://iraqilgbtuk.blogspot.com/

Gay Cooking Lover

Your Names: My name is Metin and I am where I like being. In the kitchen because I love cooking for my lovers…

Favorite Turkish Food: I found a recipe that was almost like apricot chicken but has other things in it like grapes and almonds… it’s called Mahmudiye. Served with rice the taste is incredible.

Favorite Turkish Place: A good friend told me that if I was to go to Istanbul I should book at room at the Star Holiday Hotel because it is in the heart of the historic district of Istanbul. If I stay there I can access all the places I want to visit like Basilica Cistern and the Grand Bazaar and the Topkapi Palace.

Gay Sex Fantasy: To have sex with my favorite porn star is what my fantasy is all about. I’d suck his cock, milk him till he’s dry and then when I think he’s ready I would fuck his ass. I’d dominate him; that is my fantasy!

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Boy Sucking and Rimming

Two pleasures a guy really enjoys is a blowjob and receiving an ass rimming. The feelings are incredible and when two guys get together and feature in a video on Istanboys.com you know the action is going to be pretty hot. In fact it’s so hot I can’t show you the actual blowjob or ass rimming.

These two gay guys don’t waste time getting into the action and it shows that they are eager to give each other as much pleasure as possible. The wild blowjob is incredible. He uses his tongue, his mouth and his hand to enhance the sensations. You can see how good it feels when you watch their faces.

There are three parts to this video and you can view it in a number of different formats such as Real Media, Windows Media Player and QuickTime.

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Greek God Alexandros

25 March 2009

Within the confines of the members’ area of Istanboys.com I discovered a mini-gallery featuring a guy they called the Greek God Alexandros. And I have to admit he is very sexy, horny and I am sure that most guys like you would have fantasies that featured him with you.

Alexandros looks fantastic, his body is perfect, masculine and his long dark hair and brown eyes make up his physic.

When you see him, let your mind slip into fantasy world where anything goes. I personally can picture kneeling in front of him letting his cock slip into my mouth… With his cock hard I beg him to fuck me. And if he would like me to fuck his gorgeous ass I will do so, but he will tell me what he wants me to do…

Slip into Istanboys.com and check out Alexandros’ pictures, he really is a Greek God to many gay guys and I am sure you will experience the same horny feelings I did when I first saw him.

Romantic Gay Boy Fantasy

The room is set up and I’m waiting for him to arrive. I met him last week and we decided that there was no sex for a week. It was the way we determined whether we were meant for each other. A week has past and tonight is the night. I have the candles burning, his favorite music is playing and the hot tub is ready.

When he arrives the night is perfect. We don’t waste time, dinner can wait because for now I have my man’s cock in my mouth and I am sucking it for him. He’s holding my head trying and slowly moving his hips back and forth. I can taste his pre-cum and it’s a wonderful taste and a huge turn on.

I can feel my cock growing harder in anticipation. My cock is the hardest it has been for a long time and when I reached down, it felt massive and it throbbed and dripped pre-cum. I kept my eyes closed and let him slowly fuck my mouth. He felt his orgasm rising and so did I but, he stopped me from bringing him off.

He pulled out and pulled me to my feet. All he said was it was time… He took my hand and led me to my bed and pushed me back onto it. The lube was ready but first he leant forward and took my hard cock into his mouth. My moans of pleasure told him it felt good and he sucked me but he wouldn’t let me cum. He wanted us to orgasm together.

When he stood up, he reached for the lube. I lifted my legs and spread them for him. He massaged the lube into my ass, his fingers slipping in for the very first time. It felt so good and so right.

He had me hold my legs up while he pressed the head of his cock against my tight ass. He asked me if I was ready and when I smiled and nodded I felt the head of his cock spread my hole and slip inside. The feeling was mind-blowing, incredible and I wanted to feel him fuck me. So I told him…

My gay lover grabbed hold of my legs and thrust forward pushing the entire length of his 8 inch cock deep inside me. It felt like my ass was being stretched to the limit. The pleasure and pain was almost too much, but I held off cumming. When I knew he was getting close, I began stroking my cock. It felt so damn good. He fucked my ass harder and faster as I stroked and when I couldn’t hold off any longer I cried out as I came.

My orgasm set him off and he came too …. My ass pulsated around his cock, milking it until my ass was full of his hot cum.

The night was perfect… a romantic dinner for two, the hot tub and plenty of fucking for two…

Best Friend Gay Sex Fantasy

Your Names: My name is Cevdet I usually quite shy but you caught me at the right moment. I like guys who are open and who are quick to take the lead.

Favorite Turkish Food: Mushroom Pilaf – Guvecte Mantarli Pilav has a very different taste but it tastes nice… and it’s easy to make.

Favorite Turkish Place: One place I’d really like to visit is Istanbul. I’d like to explore Misir Carsisi, Golden Horn and a hamam… It would be great to visit the museum of St. Sohpia and perhaps visit Prince’s Island. I’d need a week or more when I visit but it would be a fantastic holiday.

Gay Sex Fantasy: Sex with my best friend is my biggest fantasy. The problem is, he is straight and I am gay and I am not sure how he would react when I ask to suck his cock and for him to fuck my ass. So for now, that fantasy is just a gay sex fantasy and one day I hope it will become a reality.

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And Yet

Comments Off on And Yet
23 March 2009
Just because the stitches in my back are itching
doesn’t mean they want to heal.
You should know better,
you who’s been itching for years
and yet…

It flashed on the screen
in the corner of the room
like the shape of a desire that was.
You almost recognize it,
masked like the face of an old lover
by time.
The room brightened a bit
and everything darkened around,
like silhouettes against a sinking sun.
You stood there, paused in half-turn,
and stared—zipper undone, index finger
on the remote’s “Power? button—
and yet…

The rest of the night packs itself away,
a force of habit:
mugs in the sink, keys in the lock,
phone off and plugged,
the routines of a day ready to turn in.
Gingerly you lift the back of your hand
to your face and inhale.
At that point you don’t care
if it makes you nauseous,
if it smells like spring
or just the soil beneath.
You fill your lungs hoping
—you’re not sure what for—
and yet…

Gay Cum Lover

You’re Name: Gedim

My Gay Sex Fantasy: Being on show has always been a fantasy of mine. My fantasy doesn’t always include sex but I do masturbate a lot while they watch.

And often I will masturbate until I am ready to cum and I stop and lay down on the floor at the feet. Knowing they are looking at me turns me on. I love them seeing my slender twink body, it’s almost hairless and lots of them love to see how I look. They like to run their fingers over my naked body while I stroke my cock for them.

They are naked too and I watch each guy’s cock grow hard as I near my orgasm. When I cum, they know it’s their turn. Each stroke of their cock brings them closer and closer to me. Some kneel around me, some stand over my head and when they orgasm they cover me in their hot cum.

It feels fantastic when their cum hits my face or my body. When they are finished they leave, although the last guy stays behind because he wants something a little more. I lay there and he lifts my legs and he scoops up some of the cum from my body and uses it as lube.

I feel the head of his cock pressing against my tight hole and he pushes forward. He fucks my ass and when he is about to cum, he pulls out and sprays his cum over my cock and balls. It’s the perfect fantasy…

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Gay Boy Voyeur

The show was happening and Adem and Jared both knew that there was a guy waiting for them to start their show. They’d discovered webcams a few months before and it took them quite some time to feel comfortable before they did their first show live. They had fun practicing though.

Today was the day… Adem knelt down in front of Jared and kissed the head of his hard cock before he closed his mouth down over the entire length. The pleasure was incredible and Jared couldn’t help but moan loudly. He could feel his cock growing hard against his lover’s tongue. Adem played with his balls too while he sucked him and tried not to gag as he took the entire length down his throat. Messages were popping up on the screen in front of them and they were words of encouragement, urging them on and urging Adem to make Jared cum.

Both guys knew that this other guy was stroking his cock, jerking off while he watched so they wanted to make the moment very real. The guy begged them to change position and had Jared turn around and encouraged Adem to spread Jared’s ass cheeks wide. The guy then begged him to fuck Jared…

Jared bent over and spread his ass cheeks willingly for Adem. He felt Adem massage some lube around his asshole before feeling the head pressing against him. Jared moaned loud knowing the other guy could hear him and when Adem thrust his hips forward sinking the entire length of his cock deep inside him he begged him to fuck his ass.

He looked over his shoulder and saw three words on the screen… “Yeah, fuck him!?

Adem held his hips and fucked him hard and fast and when he was about to cum, there were four words on the screen… “cum on his face!?

Adem pulled his cock from Jared’s ass and Jared turned around just in time. He knelt quickly as Adem came, his hot cum sprayed over his face…

It was the perfect end to a great first time live showing… Their next one was about 20 minutes later and this time it was Jared who would take control….

Cruising Turkish Gay Boy

Your Name: My name is Olcay I usually quite shy but you caught me at the right moment. I like guys who are open and who are quick to take the lead.

Favorite Turkish Food: Chicken Almond Pie is really yummy. Some would know it as Tavukly Bademli Tart. I love making this pie with left over chicken when I have some. It tastes great!

Favorite Turkish Place: In the summer months I’d love to go to a place where it is cool and the sea breeze is incredible.. One place is Buyukada which is an island in the Sea of Marmara. Lots of tourists go there to enjoy the sea… and I am sure there are lots of guys interested in other guys there too. Everyone is friendly…

First Lover: Ali was my first love. Actually he was my first lover and he was very gentle with me. We met in one of the nightclubs when we were both out cruising and from a time that was quick and over in a moment, we were suddenly seeing each other. It was incredible really.

Our first time together was a quickie, fast and easy and from that moment we took our time and realized that we both needed to feel how good sex really was without rushing it. He penetrated my ass only days after we first met and he was very gentle.

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Teasing Gay Boy

Your Name: My name is Sener and I love being teased and touched.

Favorite Turkish Food: I quite like Lentil–Bulgure–Spinach soup or Ispanakli Bulgur Corbasi. I eat more vegetables than meat so this makes a wonderful meal with some fresh bread on a cool night.

Favorite Turkish Place: There is one place I’d love to visit in Istanbul Turkey and that is the Topkap Sarayi (Topkapi Palace). It is such an incredible place and if you look on line you will see what I mean. To me a palace is very romantic and it’s supposed to be the royal palace for the duration of the Ottoman Empire.

You’d be surprised at how many fantasies one can have in this palace.

First Lover: My first lover was Jerry and it was his first time too. It was very strange because we had both just come out and when we met it was almost like it was meant to be. We went to his unit and talked first and it happened. It started with a kiss followed by a blowjob. The moment was fantastic.

You can see sexy gay boys like Sener inside Istanboys.com.

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