Model of the Week – Stefano

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25 February 2009
Stefano is the Model of the Week for the week of March 2nd through March 8th. Stefano is an absolutely gorgeous, 6ft muscle hunk, with an 8inch, uncut, delicious package. Stefano certainly gets plenty of flexing show requests. But, perhaps you will want something a bit more fascinating, something along the lines of having Stefano slowly drop his clothes and touch his fiery body parts, one by one.

Stefano is an incredible five-star rated, European muscle stud, who certainly stands out from the rest. His extensive reviews definitely live up to his reputation. Be sure to catch his one-hour LIVE feature show, scheduled for Monday, March 2nd from 7:00-8:00 pm ET. Can you stand the wait, to see what Stefano has in store for us? Perhaps some dripping oil on that hot body.

Ahbab News 2009-02-23 16:17:00

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23 February 2009
In response to recent police brutality incidents, HELEM, the Lebanese LGBT organization organized a demonstration in Beirut yesterday... this is the first ever protest of this kind in the region....Check out the video:

Model of the Week – Hadess

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18 February 2009
Hadess is the Model of the Week for the week of February 23rd through March 1st. Hadess is a gorgeous blue-eyed, 6 foot, muscle man, with a delicious 8 inch, uncut cock. This versatile hunk is fond of dominant/submissive role play, anal, and gang bangs. Among being sexual and kinky, Hadess has the qualities of a seductive romantic. Those naughty and nice always get the most attention.

Hadess has won over numerous hearts with his incredible looks, red hot sexuality, and sweet guy personality. Be sure to tune in for his one-hour feature show, scheduled for Monday, February 23rd, from 7:00 - 8:00 pm ET. He will be taking requests from all of his die-hard fans, as well as from many tempted newcomers. See you there !

Fabulous Fundraiser for the Courageous People of Gaza

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16 February 2009
Saturday February 28 from 5-8pm
@ Calvary Church
(48th & Baltimore Streets - Philadelphia, PA)

Featuring: Middle Eastern Food

Presentations: Dr. Labiq Syed & Dr. Labib Syed, brothers out of John Hopkins & members of the Islamic Medical Association of North America, who recently traveled overseas to provide care in war-torn Gaza and will share information about their trip.

Informational Loop Presentation created by Aine Fox

Spoken Word: Poets Aysha El Shamayleh & Ashraf Osman

Music by: Paddy Corcoran (of Paddy and the Hostages)

$10 - General Admission
$25 & Above - Solidarity
$5 for unemployed & students

Call 215-724-1618 or email for ticket information or to make reservations.

All proceeds go to the Emergency Gaza Appeal of the United Palestinian Appeal

Philadelphia International Action Center
EON (End Oppression Now)
PRAWN (Philadelphia Regional Anti-War Network)
FIST (Fight Imperialism Stand Together)

Joe Bolton: The Last Nostalgia

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6 February 2009

The Story

If it rained tonight
I’d lie down
For a thousand years.

—As if nothing had happened;
As if the story
Wouldn’t tell itself forever:

No more mother, no remembered loves, and my pulse
Purified, the only sound
As I lowered myself into the depths…

But the bells are ringing up the hill,
Punishing bells,
Recounting all the arguments against me.

If I’ve created the story of my life,
Why not the story
Of not having ever lived at all?

Maybe then there wouldn’t be this burden
Of what was lost
Almost before it had arrived.

Maybe then there wouldn’t be this weight
Of what is
And what I can feel myself already losing.

Two Songs of Solitude and Lament


There’s nothing to celebrate this evening.
I’ve come home tired
To a mailbox gorged with junk it can’t
Digest, to a room bereft
Of any hope of getting put into order,
To a radio gone numb
With humming the old tunes and passing along
The old gossip: a breakthrough,
A disaster, the economy’s rise or fall, a war
Going on somewhere.

No one will come by, no one will call,
No ex-friend or –lover
Materialize from my wired-out memory.
Boredom is dangerous:
It gets easier with practice. The streetlights,
As if in celebration
Of nothing, erupt the off-shade of cheap champagne,
While in the bedroom
The clock I can never think to wind
Ticks down like a bomb.


Dozing to the tugging drone of fans
These summer afternoons,
The haunt of memory surrounds and inhabits me
Like a siege on some ruined city.
Runners of sunlight manage to twist their way
Through a full-leafed maple,
And the shadow-splotched walls of this room are suddenly
The blush of blood
Across the skin above your breasts
When you came.
Or it rains, and everything the rain streams down
Remembers your hair.
We were in each other’s arms then, but now
We are in the arms of the wind.
The proud ancient warriors, in hopeless bondage,
Would kill themselves
By biting their tongues in two, so as to bleed to death.
I wake in the dark
And walk out onto the balcony to watch the stars
That won’t touch down on the rooftops.

Days of Summer Gone

It’s too late to go back to that apartment
In Bowling Green, Kentucky, where we slept together
So many nights. I wonder if whoever lives there now
And fucks in that bed ever wonders about us?

If memory’s any good gauge, the place
Must be ghosted with us even now—
Where I read aloud to you the love stories
Of other languages, and where there was no part
Of your body my tongue couldn’t locate in the dark.
Don’t try to tell me you’ve forgotten.

I can’t let them go, those days
Of summer gone, for under my eyelids you move
As you moved through the changes of light in that room.

But it’s raining tonight
In Houston, Texas, and how is your weather
In Berkley? What happened to us?
Westward is the world’s motion, and time’s,
If not memory’s.

Gay Iraqi could face death penalty if deportation goes ahead.

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5 February 2009

Asylum seeker would become seventh gay Iraqi to be returned from the UK to country where homosexuality is punishable by death

A gay Iraqi man due for deportation tomorrow has been told by the UK Border Agency to conduct his relationships "in private" on his return to Iraq, where homosexuality is punishable by death.

Campaign group Iraqi LGBT says the asylum seeker will become the seventh gay Iraqi to be returned to the country by the UK, despite the country being one of only nine in the world where homosexual people are executed.

Though a ruling was made in September 2007 allowing two gay Iraqis to remain in the UK, campaigners working on behalf of the man facing deportation tomorrow say his case was held too long ago to benefit from the change in case law achieved in 2007.

Keith Best, the director of the Immigration Advisory Service, told the Guardian that the government ought to give the asylum seeker a fresh hearing.

The United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) has said that the man's homosexuality did not form the basis of his original asylum application in 2001 and that his subsequent conviction for seeking to stay in the country illegally makes him an untrustworthy defendant, undermining his claim to be gay.

Sarah Teather, the Liberal Democrats' housing spokeswoman, who is the Iraqi's MP, is perplexed by a recommendation from the UKBA that the Iraqi conduct his relationships in private.

The document says: "Even if your client's homosexuality were to be established it is viewed that it would be possible for your client to conduct such relationships in private on his return to Iraq. This would allow your client to express his sexuality, albeit in a more limited way than he could do elsewhere."

Teather, the MP for Brent East, said: "Immigration ministers need to show some humanity. If this deportation goes ahead there is a terrible risk that this man will be killed. How can we possibly claim to be a country that values human rights if we are willing to endanger a life in this way?"

Best said: "This is an incredible position. They [the UKBA] cannot say that on the one hand they do not believe him to be homosexual and then recommend ways in which he can cover up his homosexuality."

In September 2007 two gay victims of attempted assassination attempts by Shia Islamist death squads in Iraq were granted asylum in the UK after having their initial applications turned down by the Home Office despite compelling evidence of homophobic persecution.

That case overturned the claim that national governments did not recognise homophobic persecution as a legitimate ground for asylum under the 1951 refugee convention.

Homosexuality has been punishable by death in Iraq since 2001, when Saddam Hussein's government amended the country's penal code. The move was thought to be an overture to the country's Islamic conservatives, whose support Saddam latterly tried to win.

Iraqi LGBT says that more than 430 gay men have been murdered in Iraq since 2003. Safe houses are reported to operate in Baghdad in which some 40 young gay men hide.

The asylum seeker is scheduled to leave the UK tomorrow on an 8.30am flight but this may be delayed since the government has yet to reply to the representations made on his behalf and he cannot be deported until that point.

Model of the Week – Demonte

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5 February 2009
Demonte is the Model of the Week for the week of February 9th through February 15th. This European muscle man is versatile stud that is fond of role playing, kinkiness, and dirty talk. Demonte has a 7.5 inch cock that has its very own special abilities, most commonly referred to as pleasure giving. Toys are always welcome in his room, as long as you request something sinfully playful.

Demonte is all-around exciting fun, so it is no surprise he is this weeks flavor of the week. Be sure to tune in for his one-hour feature show, scheduled for Monday, February 9th, from 7:00 - 8:00 pm ET. He will be on serving your naughty requests and fulfilling all of your sexual desires See you there !
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