Death by Water

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30 October 2008
"Phlebas the Phoenician, a fortnight dead,
Forgot the cry of gulls, and the deep sea swell
And the profit and loss.
_________________A current under sea
Picked his bones in whispers. As he rose and fell
He passed the stages of his age and youth
Entering the whirlpool.
_________________Gentile or Jew
O you who turn the wheel and look to windward,
Consider Phlebas, who was once handsome and tall as you."

-T. S. Eliot

Model of the Week – Dennix

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29 October 2008
Dennix is the Model of the Week for the week of November 3rd through November 9th. This hot stud reveals he is a big fan of sweat, chests, nipples, tattoos, piercings, and big cock. His fetishes include armpits, leather, toys, ass play, and rough sex. Dennix can be a naughty boy, as he likes to participate in orgies. He also reveals he is looking for a man that allows him to feel like the only one around.

Dennix describes himself as a real man that can certainly bring fantasies to life and fulfill all desires. He is a guy next door type that can certainly do more than just let you borrow some sugar, Dennix can bring over the eggs and cream any time you need. If you want to spend some time with a gorgeous guy with muscular abs and a tight ass, you might want to steer in his direction.

Model of the Week – Dylan E

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23 October 2008
Dylan E is the Model of the Week for the week of October 27th through November 2nd. Dylan enjoys sports, cars, movie dates, video games, and most of all, porn magazines. His fetishes include eyes, and his ultimate fantasy is being watched while jerking off during an in-class session. Dylan is a versatile hunk that loves being submissive, as well as dominating you. Would you like to sit next to Dylan as he strokes. . .

Dylan is very well aware of his muscular physique. He reveals he works very hard to maintain looking as sexy as he does. Most of all, he loves his pectorals and his juicy cheeks, and we are not referring to the ones on his face. You might want to see for yourself, since it surely is great eye candy. You can almost taste how sweet and yummy this guy really is, but do not take our word for it- let him show you.

Model of the Week – Jhon X

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16 October 2008
Jhon X is the Model of the Week for the week of October 20th through October 26th. Jhon is definitely a fan of sex, but not only that, he prefers to have sex in a bathtub. His fetish are underwear and, not to mention, panties. Jhon has been rated nothing short of 5 - stars and goes well recommended for his endless energy, charm, and horny demeanor.

Jhon has an muscular body, a great ass, and a nice 9 inch cock to go with the package. His smile is said to melt your heart, and his personality is just as sweet. Jhon definitely makes it to the favorites list with the quality of his private sessions. If you want to see for yourself, be sure to stop by for a taste, or small bite, of this gorgeous guy. You might just like the action he has to offer.

Gay Threesome Fantasy

12 October 2008

You’re Name: Wahid

My Gay Sex Fantasy: My fantasy sees me kneeling in front of two gorgeous gay studs. They only take a few moemnts to unzip their pants and release their massive cocks from their pants. Their cocks were already hard when they wanted me to suck them. I managed to suck the first one into my mouth without gagging but then the other wanted me to suck his too and I did. I went from one to the other, sucking and licking the head and tasting the pre-cum. When I wasn’t sucking the other I was stroking his massive cock.

The more I sucked the harder they seemed to get… it didn’t take long before the first guy was cumming in his mouth. When he pulled away I sucked the other guy again, wanting him to feed me his hot cum. It was then I felt the other guy behind me. He knelt down behind me and began rimming my ass. I could feel his tongue pushing into my ass…

The more he licked and fucked my ass with his tongue, I sucked the other guy until I felt the throb and the first spurt of cum hitting the back of my throat.

His orgasm made his knees almost buckle and I knew I had made some friends for life. I also knew that the gay sex I would experience once they had recovered would be fantastic. I can’t wait for them to fuck my ass.

Favorite Night Club: I would love to visit the Kervansaray Restaurant & Night Club in �?stanbul – in Taksim.

Favorite Turkish Town: The coast towns of Turkey looked appealing and I think if I was to visit Turkey I’d like to visit Antalya, Turkey’s best known resort city on the Mediterrenean

Favorite Turkish Food: One of the real favorite foods is köfte. It’s a simple meal but at the same time they are extremely tasty meatballs.

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Fred trouwt met Mohammed

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10 October 2008

Marokkaan Mohammed en Nederlander Fred zijn van plan in het huwelijksbootje te stappen. De familie in Marokko moet nog op de hoogte worden gebracht.

Mohammed kwam vier jaar geleden vanuit Marrakech naar Nederland. In maart ...

Ahbab News 2008-10-09 18:59:00

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9 October 2008
Imperfect Strangers Mohamed and Ahmed push through the wall of burly, beefy men and force their way up the stairs to the roof-deck bar. It’s Saturday night at the crowded Chelsea gay destination known for leather and fetish displays—like the man downstairs polishing patrons’ shoes on his hands and knees—and these boys are ready to mix and mingle. Mohamed’s lanky frame is squeezed into skinny

My Gay Sex Fantasy Guy

My Fantasy Guy: Onur

My Gay Sex Fantasy: My fantasy guys is Onur and my gay sex fantasy includes him… because it’s all about him and gay boys often like to enjoy a gay sex story together. Onur is sexy, he’s very beautiful and he has a big dick. There is one thing I especially love about Onur and his eyes. His eyes say so much, they are very dark and they turn me on because I know he is watching me.

I first saw pictures of Onur inside He features in the photo section with other Arab gay men and hot naked boys. I thought he may have appeared in some gay hardcore videos but he didn’t and that doesn’t matter because I make my own. My fantasies are the only gay sex video clips I need of Onur. When we get together it’s almost like we are two Turkish gay boys wrestling together. We take turns sucking cock and when he fucks my ass he fucks hard.

He pounds my ass, sliding his hard massive cock in and out of my tight gay boy ass… and when he cums he shoots his load all over my ass… fantasies are great to experience but you can have your own gay sex fantasies featuring any gay Arab man or Turkish twink when you see some of the nude gay guys inside

Model of the Week – Amk

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8 October 2008
Amk is the Model of the Week for the week of October 13th through October 19th. This muscular stud has our interest captured with the sight of him simply flexing his muscles. Amk has fetishes that include domination, oil massages, and golden showers. He prides himself on knowing all about sex and possibly becoming your sex trainer. Amk definitely has a think or two to show you...

Amk has been considered a sex god. But, do not let him looks and interests stray you away from his genuinely sweet personality.  Amk believes in the importance of good quality sex, love, and friendship. There is a lot more that meets the eye, with this gorgeous man. One thing is for sure, Amk is all for oral and hardcore pleasures. Nothing better than a man who knows what he likes...

Study Incentive

He has the most beautiful body, his abs are perfect and he’s gorgeous to look at. His hair is long and I love running my fingers through it, but not today. I am standing close to him and I run my fingers down his body, over his nipples until I find his cock hardening in his jocks. Sex, hard anal sex is all that is on my mind. I need to feel my cock buried deep in his tight ass. I need to fuck him.

Jake let me hold him and play with his ass cheeks through his jocks. I had him remove them so I could stroke his hard cock. I heard him moan softly, a moan that begs me to stroke him harder but I need to punish him. He is my slave for a day. He is my student who wants to learn how to be submissive to me. I can control him and I do. He anticipates the slap on his ass and I feel him move slightly when my hand finds its mark.

My cock is painfully hard but I don’t want to rush it. It’s important to hold off as long as possible because he knows that his pleasure will come after some pain. He waits for me to slap him again but this time I reach for the studded paddle. I rubbed his ass with it before bringing it down onto his ass cheek. His moans were loud. I held him and felt his cock pressing against my thigh.

I couldn’t help but understand his need to be my student and to have a gay bdsm fetish… although it wasn’t quite a fetish, a gay fantasy would explain it more. I smiled at him and used the paddle again on his ass.

He knew he couldn’t cum without permission… his ass was hot and ready for me. I bent him over and pressed my cock against his tight ass. He moaned loudly as I pushed the entire length of my hard cock deep into his tight ass. His cries begged me to fuck him hard and I did. When my orgasm hit me I shot my load deep inside him. And only then was he allowed to cum…

Jake is my Turkish boy fantasy and his fantasy is being my gay submissive or slave… I’m not sure which he is yet…

Mile High Gay Fantasy

You’re Name: Candan

My Gay Sex Fantasy:In my horniest dream, I used to find myself naked from the waist down, sitting on this big guy, with his pants around his ankles, a cap on his head. I’d be squirming on big-guy’s lap, my asshole around his fat cock, feeling it cram inside me, my ass milking it, when all of a sudden we had tilted backwards, and I’d realize I was looking at cloud cover, as we took off in our Boeing 747, gravity pushing us backwards. Meanwhile, the lift off pulled our asses forward, while his big cock banged sank deeper inside me. Damn, that was the best dream ever.

Your first love and how you met: I told my parents I met my first boyfriend, or rather best friend, as far as they knew, at that time, when I was buying a hat.

It sounded better than the truth, which was that he barged into the dressing room when I was trying on jeans. I hadn’t noticed the wallet lying on the corner shelf, until a long arm reached past me and grabbed it, while a lazy voice muttered” so sorry,” and a pair of jet black eyes studied my package.

Embarrassed, distracted, and unaware of Ikay’s ability with slight of hand, I didn’t realize until later that he’d filched my cell phone as well. Later when he returned it to the same store, the owner called me to pick it up, unharmed, except for a full cache of messages and photos. I actually got a very sexy text message while standing at the check out counter. After I got it, I made Ikay sweat it out a bit, but in the end I forgave him for stealing my phone, and allowed him to make it up to me, several times over.

Favorite Night Club: I’m really partial to The White House Bar in Bodrum

Favorite Turkish Town: I love Istanbul, the tourists, the clubs, where East meets West.

Favorite Turkish Food: Rose sherbet is orgasmic.

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Mad Poets at the First Friday Main Line

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3 October 2008
I will be reading tonight, Friday, October 03 2008, between 6:30-10:00 pm, part of the Mad Poets Society at the Main Line First Friday. The reading will be at:
Suburban Office Equipment
49 E. Lancaster Avenue
Ardmore, PA 19003

I will be reading along with RICHARD S. BANK, DAVID W. WORREL & EILEEN M. D’ANGELO, Editor of the Mad Poets Review and Director of the Mad Poets Society. For more information, see:

Mad Poets Festival

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1 October 2008
I will be reading at the Mad Poets Festival, which is on Sunday, October 5 2008, from 12 pm - 5 pm at the Media Borough Hall (at 3rd & Jackson Streets in Media, PA). I'll be in the last set which features Leonard Gontarek, Richard Bank, Ray Greenblatt, Alison Hicks, Amy Laub, and lots of other great local poets!

Since 1987, the Mad Poets Society has proudly hosted the Festival on the first Sunday in October, in conjunction with the Media Food & Arts Festival (which packs State St. in downtown Media with a wide variety arts, crafts, live music, and fresh food). The Mad Poets Festival features five hours of short readings (approx. 5 minutes) by 40 locally and nationally known poets, followed by a reception.

There will also be munchies. But you can walk up to State Street (only two blocks or so) and be at the Media Food Festival where there's lots of good food, bands in the streets, etc. So come to town early, catch some poetry, run up to the fair, eat yummy stuff, and be back in time to hear me read! It’s a party, get together day.

And if you want to read your work at this special event, contact Eileen D'Angelo at

Kemal Shows Off

He’s not so sweet and innocent as he tries to make out. He’s a very naughty gay boy and he loves gay sex and showing off.

You can imagine him posing for the camera, he’s fast and quick and wants everyone to notice him. He shows off his ass, his cute ass cheeks spread wide and when he turns around you can see his cock, thrusting forward when he moves his hips back and forth.

He’s very natural and very athletic and most gay men would love to feel his tight ass stretched around their big dicks. He’s the perfect innocent gay boy who would enjoy a mature gay man fucking his ass.

The photographer can’t keep up with him, but he tries. You can see him show off to the camera, he wants you to kiss his lips, his neck and chest before licking his ass.

It would be nice to feel his gorgeous body laying on top of mine, our cocks rubbing together or us head to toe sucking each other’s cock. I would love to be his play thing and he could use me and tease me while he shows off as long as he fucks me hard when he needs to climax.

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