Gay Smoking Fetish

31 August 2008

“Hey, my name’s Tursun and these are some of my pics. I know many guys who have a smoking fetish so these pictures will give you some idea of what I’m into too.”

Guys, you can just imagine Tursun saying just that when you see his pictures inside He looks like a devil of a bad boy. He’s into leathers and he has piercings and he smokes even when he was stripping in front of the camera. He likes to show guys what he can do. And when you see his pictures you would never think that he is a guy who would want to strip down to show you that he is interested in having other guys watch him.

When he smokes, he thinks he looks so very sexy. I’ll let you be the judge because I think you will see that behind that shy sleazy look he is one hell of a horny guy. He is quite amazing really.

He knows how blow smoke rings and if you use your imagination a little you will discover that the smoking fetish for gay guys is there and he could blow a smoke ring around your cock you asked him nicely. Head into and look for Tursun’s sets of pictures and while you’re there, check out all the other horny Turkish twinks and horny Arab gay guys.

Big Cock Fantasy

You’re Name: Çelik

My Gay Sex Fantasy: My gay sex fantasy focuses on me and my lover. His cock is massive and all I want to do is fantasize about him. I get to the stage I need to have him and feeling his cock buried deep inside me is wonderful. It fills my ass. It makes me feel like I am being stretched wide but before he fucks me he plays with me.

He covers my ass in plenty of lube before sliding first one and then two fingers into me. He fucks me with his fingers, before pulling them out. He makes me watch him cover his massive cock with lots of slippery lube. I find myself shaking because I know when he slides his cock inside me I it will hurt. But the pleasure will take over the pain when he starts fucking me.

When he slid his cock inside my ass, I relax as best as I can because his cock is very big. I enjoy the moment and when he started fucking me slowly I reached down and wrapped my hand around my cock and began stroking it. When he fucked me hard and fast, I stroked faster, until I felt him cum in my ass. His orgasm was intense and when he slipped his wet limp cock from my ass I turned over for him.

I still hadn’t cum. He knelt between my legs and took my cock into his mouth. He sucked me, his mouth working over the head and his hand stroking me until I quickly came, my hot cum filled his mouth and he swallowed every drop.

I love big cock gay sex fantasies because I can experience sex with anyone but when that fantasy becomes reality, the sex is even better when I feel his big cock buried deep in my ass.

A Wild Threesome

It had been a long time since Kevin had had a threesome and he was looking forward to it. When a get together was called for the Saturday night, he couldn’t resist the temptation. He knew something would happen and he was hoping the action would be fantastic. And he wasn’t disappointed.

Kevin found himself kneeling behind his mate Brian and he spread his ass cheeks wide. His mate, was sucking the other guy’s cock. Brian had invited another friend and it was the first time he and Kevin had met, but for some reason he knew that it wasn’t the first time Brian had sucked his cock.

Brian felt Kevin massaged some cool lube into his ass before sliding his fingers inside him to ensure that everything was covered in lube. He wanted it nice and slippery. Only then did Kevin slide his cock into his tight ass. He penetrated his lover’s ass until the full length of his cock was buried deep. And then he noticed Adem sliding his cock from Brian’s mouth and move away from them.

He just closed his eyes and let the feeling of his cock buried deep in his friend wash over him. He relaxed and was about to start fucking his mate hard when he felt his own cheeks spread wide. He felt Adem use his tongue on his puckered hole and he almost came inside Brian.

But he held on, slowed everything down and let Adem continue licking. But then he stopped. He felt Adem pressing the head of his cock against his hole and when he grabbed his hips and pushed forward his moans were loud. His ass was on fire and his cock was throbbing inside Brian.

Kevin’s ass felt like it was on fire. Adem’s cock was thick and long and it was buried deep inside him. Time stood still has he got used to the size of this massive cock. And when he felt it was ok he began to move slowly, thrusting his own cock in and out of Brian’s ass. The three moved together.

Adem fucked Kevin, Kevin fucked Brian and Brian masturbated. It was a threesome only had in fantasies and Kevin’s gay sex fantasy was coming true just as they began to cum together.

This wild threesome all began with a dare between Brian and Adem and they knew that Kevin was now hooked in with them and they would try something a little different every Saturday night. Perhaps next Saturday they would venture out to a gay bar before finding a place to have another wild threesome together.

Versatile Duman

Your Names: My name is Duman

Favorite Position: I like being with a man that knows how to treat me well. And when we’re together I don’t mind sharing the dominating roll. I like it when we can both be versatile. My favorite position if we’re sharing rolls is standing behind my lover. I love penetrating his ass. Feeling his ass squeezed tightly around my cock is incredible. It doesn’t take me long to fill his ass with my hot cum.

First Love: Zach was my first love. He was a gorgeous Turkish boy who lived in Istanbul. He came to the US to visit his family and we met at a function. It was an incredible experience. He was a clean cut boy, gorgeous black hair and dark eyes, his body was firm and trim and his circumcised cock was fantastic to suck. His pre-cum tasted so yummy and he knew how to fuck ass well too. I returned the favor and slid my thick cock deep into his ass and he moaned so loudly. He was a gorgeous lover and we got on really well until he had to go back to Istanbul.

Gay Sex Fantasy: My fantasy would be to share in a bukkake orgy with at least 10 other guys. I’d be one of the guys stroking my cock waiting in line to cum all over the guy on the ground. I’d want him to take it over the face and if my aim was good I’d direct my spray of cum into his mouth. It’s the perfect cum fantasy.

You can see sexy gay boys like Duman inside

Favorite Gay Boys & Videos

27 August 2008

Some of my favorite gay boys that can be found inside have

different attitudes, personalities and characters. They are all Turkish and Arab gay boys and their fantasies are sure to amaze you. They all love cock sucking, blowjobs, and plenty of gay sex.

Here are a few of the gay boys you can find inside

Tarkan and Urs

These two horny gay guys have quite three sets of pictures of them together as a gay couple. These two hot gay males enjoy their sex more than most guys. The photos you will see featuring them contain plenty of wet and wild blowjobs and hardcore gay sex. Their photos can make your fantasies become a reality.


Deniz is one hell of a sexy Turkish gay guy who loves showing off his body. I am sure you will understand when you take a look at his pictures inside

Besides the gay boys the Turk and Arab vids are quite exciting. There is plenty of hot bodies young gay boys to get you hot and horny and the ass fucking action that takes place is hard and fast and it makes you want to be there with them.

One of the videos that features Turkish amateur gay boys is 100% Turkish Sen Nasi Istersen. This video is part of the Istanbul Boys series and it’s number 23 in their collection.

Istanbul Boys 23

You will get to see a group of horny gay boys sucking and fucking. True gay passion is there and you will find plenty of hardcore gay sex and nothing more. This video is full of blowjobs and ass fucking and you will find yourself wanting more. It won’t take you long to take your cock out and start masturbating while they fuck. It’s what gay dreams are all about.

Slip into and check out the fantastic gay boys pictures and videos today.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Do Kill

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27 August 2008

Nobody wants to talk about gays in Iraq, much less who is killing them.

Lennox Samuels-Newsweek

When militiamen from the Mahdi Army came by the compact, two-story stone home in the Doura neighbourhood of Baghdad, they weren't looking for Sunnis to harass. They were hunting gays. "Bring us your son's cell phone," one ordered the middle-aged man who came to the gate. They wanted to check if his son, Nadir, had been calling foreigners--and in fact he had only hours earlier called this reporter to set up a meeting, and he had repeatedly called a gay nongovernmental organization (NGO) in London. Fortunately, Nadir was ready for them and produced a "clean" phone he keeps for just such a threat. This time they left, but vowed to come back if they found any evidence he was gay--or was talking to undesirable foreigners. Now that Iraq's sectarian war has cooled off, it's open season on homosexuals and others whose lifestyles infuriate religious hardliners.

Sometimes the act of reporting a story is revealing in itself--especially when it proves particularly difficult. This was the case when NEWSWEEK began looking into the problems of Iraq's homosexuals after hearing reports of secret safe houses around Baghdad where many of them were taking refuge from the militias' self-appointed morality police. After weeks of inquiries, NEWSWEEK managed to find Nadir and persuade him to arrange a visit to one of the safe houses he helps run. Instead, the Mahdi militia rousted him the night before. Established in 2004, the militia is the armed wing of the organization led by radical Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, who has been an implacable foe of the Maliki government. Terrified, Nadir contacted people at the London-based gay NGO that finances the safe house, and they instructed him to break off the visit.

That was only one of many problems reporting on gays in Iraq. Iraqi authorities scoffed at the subject--when not scolding a reporter for even asking about it. Some of NEWSWEEK's own local staff were wary of the story. Virtually no government officials would sit for an interview. And the United Nations human-rights office, which has a big presence in Iraq, dodged the subject like a mine field. As with a number of Muslim societies where homosexuality is officially nonexistent but widely practiced, the policy in Iraq during Saddam Hussein's rule was "don't ask, don't tell." But that has changed. Iraqi LGBT, the London NGO that Nadir works for, says more than 430 gay men have been murdered in Iraq since 2003. For the country's beleaguered gays, it's a friendless landscape.

Many officials say they feel that in a country at war, there are more pressing concerns than gay rights. A Ministry of Justice judge rebuked a reporter for wasting time on such an issue, noting that "crimes of sodomy" are "very rare" in society and even rarer in the courts. "Most acts of homosexual people are being done in dark corners and, with corruption and paying bribes, they will be kept there for a long time, for it is not on the top of our priorities list, which is occupied by issues of terror, kidnapping and killing," said the judge, who would not allow his name to be used discussing gays. An adviser to the government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said that of all the meetings he has attended, none ever touched on the rights--or even the existence--of homosexual Iraqis.

The only recourse for Iraqi gays seems to come from activists abroad. Iraqi LGBT, which was founded to defend the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Iraqis, looks after about 40 young men between the ages of 14 and 28 in several Baghdad safe houses. There they are fed, can watch TV, hang out and sleep in cramped quarters, their beds inches apart. They stay away from neighbors and rarely leave their immediate area. "I hope you can see how sensitive and very important the security issue is for the safe houses," said Ali Hili, who fled Iraq and received asylum in Britain.

Hili continues to use a pseudonym to protect himself and insulate relatives still in Iraq. He has not returned home in eight years but does visit Syria and Jordan to raise money and check on an underground railroad that helps spirit some gay men out of Iraq. He says the government tries to monitor the group's activities. Saif, one of the older residents at an Iraqi LGBT house, recalls Saddam's repressive but secular regime wistfully. "Those were the most beautiful days of our lives," he says. "The fall [of Saddam] was the worst thing to happen."

Most people seem to prefer that the subject just go away. A written request for an interview at the Legal Section of the Ministry of Human Rights was greeted with a suggestion to delete the word "gays." A sympathetic senior government official warned that a direct request to talk to a minister about gays could result in a short conversation. "I would ask about women, displaced people, children and others before you get to that," he offered. Officials at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and the Human Rights ministry maintain that they do not keep statistics about gays, largely because the number is so small, "barely mentioned in Iraq" according to one of them.

Even relatively liberal people in Iraq seem to have harsh attitudes toward this subject. "These people are not welcome in the society because they are against the social, natural and religious rules," said one well-educated Iraqi who did not want to be identified more closely. A Baghdad executive said religion and tradition have made the overwhelming majority of Iraqis hostile to homosexuals. "Nobody is interested in talking about this at all," he says with a grim chuckle. A handful of gay men told NEWSWEEK harrowing stories about being cast out of their homes or savagely attacked by the storm troopers of virtue: Shia extremists among Badr Corps operatives (many of whom are now in the Iraqi Security Forces) or groups like the Mahdi Army, and sometimes both. But when told of such atrocities one Iraqi acquaintance blamed the victims, calling them "the lowest humans."

Persecution of gays will stop only if Iraqis can abandon centuries-old prejudices. They would have to acknowledge that human rights don't cover only the humans they like. Insisting that gays are just a few undesirable perverts who "should be killed"--as one Iraqi who works in journalism put it--encourages an atmosphere of impunity no matter the offense. Killing gays becomes "honorable." And raping them is OK because it isn't considered a homosexual act--only being penetrated or providing oral sex is.

Ali Hili says the government, security forces, judiciary and religious establishment are complicit in terrorizing gays. Since the late-evening visit by the militiamen, Nadir has moved to another part of Baghdad and stayed away from home. "They said, 'We will get you even if you fly to God'," he says. Changing Iraq's attitudes toward its gay minority may prove even harder than ending the war.


Fucking Gay Boy Fantasy

You’re Name: Nizar

Gay Sex Fantasy: My gay sex fantasies let me dream about having sex in many places and with as many guys as I want to have sex with. But like most guys tell me, never let a fantasy get in the way of having real sex. I’m not sure how I could go about having sex with a guy I work with at the local late night cafe but it would be fantastic if I could. One of the places I wanted to have sex in was there and if I could do it for real it would happen just like in my fantasy.

My fantasy always keeps in mind the rules and regulations of places because I would like to make this fantasy a reality one day. Sex in the mens room in the cafe was a need that I desperately wanted and I wanted to have sex with a guy I worked with. He was openly gay. He didn’t hide it but at the same time he said he didn’t have a boy friend. So I wanted to be his lover for a few moments at least.

We were working back later than normal after a really hectic day and night sittings. The boss had gone home early and left us to clean up. We got talking and I couldn’t believe it but he was flirting with me. One thing led to another and he took my hand and led me into the mens room. He told me he was horny as hell and wanted me. He didn’t ask if I was gay but I guess he knew from my responses and from the bulge he could see straining to be released from my uniform.

He checked every nook and cranny to make sure no one was hiding inside. He turned and kissed me, on the lips, his tongue slipped into my mouth and I almost came. I had to hold onto him because he kissed so well and when he pulled away he knelt in front of me and released my throbbing cock from my pants and jocks.

He sucked me so well. I thought I would cum almost straight away but he teased me with his tongue and sucked my circumcised cock deep into his mouth. I held onto the wall behind me, and I felt myself thrusting forward fucking his mouth while he sucked me. He didn’t gag once and when I came, he clamped his mouth tight around the head of my cock, his tongue flicked the head making my orgasm more intense.

After catching all my cum in his mouth he stood up and kissed me again. I could taste my cum on his lips and tongue and when he smiled, he told me that we should perhap continue our fuck session at his place.

It didn’t take us long to finish our work and we were back at his place in know time and I never thought showering with a friend could be so very different until that night. But that’s a different fantasy…

Gay Hitchhiker Fantasy

You’re Name: Murat

My Gay Sex Fantasy: Picking up a guy along the dark highway is part of my fantasy. Not knowing who he is but spending a night with him at the nearest motel along the way is exciting and something I may never do in real life but it is my fantasy.

After picking him up, the talk would be about us and who we are and listening to his voice would be a huge turn on. My cock would be so hard and yet because I was driving I couldn’t touch him. His hand rests on my groin feeling my cock growing with his touch. I drive a little faster without going over the speed limit until I see the motel sign up ahead. When we drive in he jumps out and tells me he will get the key while I park the car.

Finally inside, my gorgeous gay hitchhiker is with me. We quickly undress and jump in the shower together. I lean against the shower wall before he spread my ass cheeks. I felt his finger playing with my ass gently massaging it getting it ready for his cock. I didn’t even have time to play with him. I felt him press the head of his cock against my tight hole and the pressure was incredible. Finally the head slipped inside me and I felt my ass burning. It felt like it was on fire but it felt good at the same time.

My gay lover held my hips and pushed his cock all the way inside me and fucked me hard, until he shot his load of hot cum deep inside me. Slowly he let his cock slip from my ass and he dropped to the floor. He had me turn around and he took my hard cock in his mouth and gave me an wild wet blowjob. The incredible feeling as he played with my balls and sucked me until I came for him was wonderful. He swallowed every drop of my cum… From the shower we moved to the bed and when I was hard again, it was my turn to fuck this gay hitchhiker who I could call lover for at least one night.

Gay Lovers Cum Together

Steve lightly ran his fingers through his gay lovers hair. He wanted to touch his whole body before he finally gets to touch his cock. When he did, he played with the head before holding the shaft and flicked his tongue across the head. His mouth closed down over the head, sucking it into his mouth. The feeling was incredible. He only did this for a few moments before releasing his cock and moved down to lick his balls. The moment was incredible.

Joe moaned when Steve focused on his cock once more, sucking the ful length into his mouth. He loved blowjobs and Steve knew how to give a wild blowjob. His cck grew and grew and he felt like he would cum quickly.

Steve pulled Joe’s cock from his mouth and stood up, he wrapped his arms around his lover and kissed him. But instead of him pulling away and kneeling down again, Joe did. And this time he took Steve’s cock into his mouth and sucked it. Both sucked cock so well but they wanted more. They both agreed to climb onto the bed and Joe knelt waiting for Steve to take his ass.

But he didn’t fuck him straight away. He spread his ass cheeks and began licking the puckered skin around his ass hole. He used his tongue to fuck his ass, making his nice and wet. When he thought his ass was wet enough he knelt behind him and pressed the head of his cock against his asshole. Joe soon felt the pain as his ass was penetrated with Steve’s cock.

He fucked his ass hard. It didn’t take long before the were both cumming together. Steve’s cock was buried deep inside his ass and Joe masturbated himself until they came together…

Redouane and His Bendy Cock

You’re Name: Redouane

Gay Sex Fantasy: My gay sex fantasy is one that I often think about because it involves me stripping off in front of a camera and the camera guy encouraging me to show off my cock and ass. During the photoshoot he would play with me, setting the camera so that it would click at appropriate times.

He would make my cock nice and hard and when he sees the bendy shape it takes on when it’s hard he’d ask me to fuck him in the ass with it. If he rides me, the head would hit against his prostate and his moans turn me on so much. Sometimes I feel very lucky having a bendy cock when guys want to ride me.

First Gay Lover: Jeremy was a lover that I will never forget. He knew how to suck my cock and he always knew how to give compliments. He would complement me always, especially when I dressed nice for him or when we went out for dinner and chose a nice wine, he would tell me how good I was. He was the perfect lover.

Gay Sock Fetish Lover

You’re Name: Berk

Gay Sex Fantasy: It’s quite unusual but one of my favorite sex fantasies is having sex with guys who like my ass. I think my ass is cute and there is one guy in particular who I would love to have sex with. I’d like to have many men take it in turns fucking my ass. It is so hard to describe the feelings I get when a guy slides his cock deep into my ass.

The incredible pain before pleasure that is experienced is incredible and I always want more.

My orgasms are very intense when I masturbate at the same time as they fuck me. I am sure if you love being penetrated like I do then you will understand what I am talking about.

Favorite Gay Lover: My favorite lover is a guy called Kenny. I met him in my travels and he introduced me to a fetish that I couldn’t really get into but it was kind of kinky and he was a good lover so I couldn’t complain. He loved fucking me while I wearing socks. He was into socks and he enjoyed massaging me while I was wear them.

He thinks I look cute when I wear my socks and jocks…

Kinky Sex Party

21 August 2008

The guys arrived at the gym for a work out that they would remember for a long time. Most of these guys just assumed that they were coming along to work out in their very own gym. But the guy who organized their workout together had other plans. It was his birthday but he wanted to do something a little different and he knew that each guy that arrived would enjoy times with other guys.

When they came down the stairs it didn’t take long for them to strip down into the gym clothes. Their clothes were very different and the birthday boy looked on. He was as kinky as they come and he wanted to have a kinky sex party with all his mates. It didn’t take them long to get to their workout stations. He looked on enjoying every moment and every muscle in his body was excited including his cock.

He watched them in turn sweating it out and hoping that they would pick up on why they were there. Of course with him watching them they sort of got the idea that he was hoping to have something happen. They teased him by flexing their muscles and eventually they started paying a lot more attention to him.

He loved the attention they were giving him. Jay the guy in the white shorts came over and helped him lift weights. He was his watcher in case something happened and he was doing a fantastic job watching the birthday boy. Another guy came over and was keen to join in. Together they paid attention to his muscles and of course that was the start of their kinky sex party.

The fantasy kicked in and each guy took turns fucking the birthday boy. They took him on the weights bench, over the bicycle seat, over the bench press and with him kneeling down on the floor. Wherver they could fuck him they did. He had a fantastic birthday and his mates found out more about him then they could ever imagine.

Birlikte Ucalim

This raging hot gay movie is part of the Istanbul Boys series, in fact it’s number 16 and the combined scenes total 85 minutes of video play time. There is plenty of bareback action and features some of the hottest gay guys you could ever imagine.

They take thick cocks deep into their ass, while others get into the sixty-nine position and they suck each other’s cock.

The cute young guys from Istanbul Boys 16 can’t wait to show you how much they enjoy shoving their thick cocks deep into another guys ass. And their cock sucking experience is to die for. You will envy they guys taking cocks deep into their mouth or ass.

Istanbul Boys 16 - Birlikte Ucalim

Guys, slip into and enjoy this very hardcore gay video.

Making Their Own Fun

Liam passed his gay lover a bottle of Ale the moment he walked inside. They were going to have the whole day together to do what they wanted before the roommate got home. They thought they may just sit back and watch sports. After all the Olympics were on and they wanted to see how each of the countries were fairing in the medal war.

Liam was a little miffed because all that was showing were the highlights, there were no full events happening so he shut the tv down and sat back down beside his lover. “Looks like we’re going to entertaintain ourselves.”

Liam’s lover is one for ideas and he suggest they play sword fights… with their cocks. They could poke each other and the one who pokes the most gets to cum first.

The quickly stripped down and their cocks were already ready to go. Both guys wrapped their hand around their own cock and began hitting the other’s cock. It was incredible really and their growing cocks got harder.

His lover conceded defeat and asked Liam how he wanted him. Liam always likes to take his lover from behind so he positioned himself quickly and spread his ass cheeks. He pressed the head of his cock against his tight ass hole and slowly pushed forward until the head was inside him. He loved watching his hole spread wide over the head before allowing the thickness invade his ass.

He fucked his gay lover hard and fast and ordered him to masturbate. His lover did as he was told and was soon cumming quickly, his hot cum spraying the floor under him. The pulsations were too much for Liam. His lovers ass had grabbed hold of his cock tight and his orgasm hit him. He didn’t pull put until every drop of hot cum had filled his lovers ass.

Muzaffer Works Out

You’re Name: Muzaffer

Gay Sex Fantasy: I love working out on my body. I like to keep fit and healthy and even though lots of guys think I’m a big boy it’s because I train a lot and what they see are my muscles. One of my hottest gay sex fantasies was about a guy who I met in the gym. He always seemed to be there when I was and he always tried to keep up with me. One day while I was working with weights he came over and offered to help. Hell I couldn’t say no. He was incredible to look at and I had managed to see his bulge one day when he was working out. I had wondered what he was thinking that day to make his cock so hard.

This day, he helped me work the weights and encouraged me to lift more than I had ever lifted before. My reward was to see his cock in the flesh. When he slipped it from his workout shorts, he wasn’t hard but his cock was huge. My mouth was watering and he smiled at me. He knew I wanted him as much as he wanted me.

He held his cock and invited me to touch it. To hell with touching, I was on my knees with my mouth open and I begged him to feed it into my mouth. I had to stretch my mouth wide to fit it inside but I did and he fucked my mouth. I’m glad we were the only two guys crazy enough to work out in the early hours of the morning. We had the gym to ourselves and no one heard him cry out when he came and no one heard my cries when he fucked my ass with his thick cock.

First Gay Lover: Keith was the lover that I never thought I’d ever meet. When we met in the gym that day there was this instant moment of passion and lust and the need to experience as much sex as we possibly could together. We spent months together learning about each other before his work took him to other places. We still talk but you can’t have sex long distance and one day we may get together again.

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