Shy Gay Boy Tursun

You’re Name: Tursun

Gay Sex Fantasy: I’d like to experience some sex in public. No… not so everyone can see me but in a place on the beach or by the river or in a park. Just the thought of someone catching us having sex is a huge turn on and it would be a great fantasy that I would like to experience for real.

First Gay Lover: Stephan was my first ever gay lover. We met in college and when he invited me back to his room that first time, the experience was incredible. He gave me my first blow job and kissed me with my cum still on his lips. We spent many night together in his room after that…

Favorite Video: I don’t really have a favorite video. I love all the different movies found inside the Turkish and Arab VOD section inside though. There is plenty to choose from and many hours of viewing for all gay guys.

Favorite PornStar: Aaron Lawrence has worked at various times as a male escort and he has won awards such as Best Bottom Escort and Best Versatile Escort.

Pierced Cock Fantasy

He decided there was one way they could save water and that was to take a hot shower together. Kyle couldn’t get enough of his new lover and laughed before telling him he would love to be naked with him in the shower. It was the first time they had showered together since they met.

They held each other and kissed. They were both open with each other and even though the kiss was gentle and loving it turned him on incredibly. Their cocks were hard and they wanted to play. He led Kyle into the showere with him.

He grabbed the soap and began soaping him up. Kyle’s cock grew harder with every stroke. He soaped him up all over until he was leaking pre-cum.

He washed him down and knelt in front of him. He kissed the purple bulbous head before closing his mouth around it. He sucked it deep into his mouth. He could feel Kyle’s cock growing harder in his mouth, managing to suck it deep until the head was hitting against the back of his throat. But he didn’t want to make him cum.

His cock was was harder than Kyle’s…. but he knew what he had to do. Klye turned around and spread his ass cheeks wide. He felt him slide first one then two fingers deep into his ass. When he was relaxed enough he pressed his cock against Kyle’s puckered asshole.

All he heard was Kyle moaning for him to fuck him. He did. He slid his pierced cock deep into his ass and at the same time he began to masturbate his throbbing cock. It only took a few moments before they were both cumming together.

Fantasies are fantastic really and you can see some horny gay Turkish guys inside that can make your fantasies come true.

23cm Big Cock Sex

You’ve got to admit that lots of guys dream of having a big cock. Well the guy that appears in 23cm has a big cock and he knows how to use it. In this video Stephane dick is exactly 23 centimeters long and he invites you to try his joystick or just enjoy him in his solo moments.

All you need to do is slip into and check out this hot video. It’s incredible really and runs for around 109 minutes. You may even get to see him suck his own cock.


A Gay Boy Fantasy

You’re Name: Tarik

Gay Sex Fantasy: My fantasy would be to meet up with Nimet and have some wild sex with him and his massive banana shaped cock. Just the thought of him sliding his circumcised cock deep into my ass makes me hard. He is what fantasies are all about.

First Gay Lover: Jamal was my first very gay lover. I loved everything we did together. We met in a nice quiet gay bar/cafe. He was the guy making the coffee and he knew how to make a wonderful Turkish coffee. He made it just right and when we talked about it, he invited me out one night. It was fantastic and the sex was brilliant.

Favorite Video: I loved watching the video titled Istanbul Boys 19 found inside You get to see some hardcore non-stop sex action featuring some hot and horny gay guys from Istanbul.

Favorite PornStar: Dean Phoenix is a hot guy that anyone would love to meet. He is hard bodied and he loves to have fun. He is definitely a hot stud that I would love to meet up with.

Adem Fucks My Mouth

Adem wasted no time convincing me to meet him in his room. He pulled me close and kissed me before we helped each other out of our clothes. I knelt before him and and admired his massive cock. It was huge and it wasn’t quite hard yet. I held onto his cock and flicked gently at the head, catching the drop of pre-cum before it dripped onto the floor.

I licked all the way up the entire length of his cock before closing my mouth around the head. I was ready to give him one of the best blow jobs ever. I began sucking him into my mouth and I wrapped my hand around the shaft and began stroking him at the same time. It was fantastic. I could feel him moving his hips until he was fucking my mouth.

I managed to keep my mouth closed around his cock while he fed me the entire length of his cock. I think he was around 8 inches long. The head was hitting the back of my throat but I didn’t want to stop sucking him. He held my head in his hands and fucked my mouth, my cock was hard because I imagined him fucking my ass at the same time.

He fucked my mouth and I kept sucking him until he finally came, his hot cum spraying the back of my throat. My Turkish gay lover pulled me to my feet and bent over. He spread his cheeks and asked me to fuck his ass before we parted for the evening.

Ali Masturbates is filled with natural gay boys. They are sexy even though they aren’t porn stars that you may see all over the net. Most of these Turkish and Arab gay guys found in this site experience their first time in front of the camera. So you can imagine that they would be a little nervous. But it doesn’t stop them from stripping down before masturbating for you.

Ali is no different. Although he did prefer to relax outdoors in his singlet and jocks. The thought of posing in front of the camera was almost too much for him because his cock was hard and wanted out of his jocks. But first he had to show off a little for you and he did. He lay back in his chair and the bulge in his jocks was very noticable. He teased the camera guy and played with his balls, cupping them in his hand and giving them a gentle squeeze.

He moved away from his chair and turned around, showing off his tight ass before pulling down his jocks. He released his cock from his pants and wrapped his hand around the base of the shaft and gently stroked it. A drop of pre-cum formed at the little slit in the head and he quickly used his thumb to smear it over the head. It was shiny and wet and it was then that he returned to his chair. His cock was standing straight, waiting for him to stroke it. And he did…

Ali doesn’t disappoint anyone and if you slip inside you can see him masturbate and play with his nipples until he cums.

Slippery When Wet

I desperately wanted to try something different with my lover. And when I went into the bathroom to see what he was up to, it came to me. I wanted him slippery when wet but his hairy groin prevented me from playing with him the way I wanted to. I pushed him back gently against the basin and grabbed his shaver and cream.

I lathered him up and before he had the chance to say anything I was holding his cock out of the way while I removed all his pubic hair. I wanted his groin nice and clean and shaving it was the only way to do that. I removed the hair one stroke at a time. His cock was hard in my hand so I knew what I was doing was turning him.

Removing his hair made his cock look a lot bigger, his cock was huge and by the time all the hair was gone from around his cock and balls, pre-cum was oozing from the little slit.

I leaned back a little and took at look. It certainly looked good but before I grabbed the lube, I had to taste his pre-cum. I had to feel his cock in my mouth.

I closed my mouth over the head and let my tongue flick across the head. I sucked him, and squeezed his balls gently at the same time. He couldn’t take much more of my teasing. I grabbed the lube and poured some in my hand. I slid my hand up and down his cock. Covering it completely. But my gay lover had other plans. He pulled me to my feet and bent me over the basin.

He spread my cheeks and pressed the head of his cock against my puckered asshole. It only took a second for him to penetrate me and feel his balls bouncing against my ass. His thick cock was buried deep inside my ass. And my cock was harder than it had ever been before. He was fucking me hard and I wrapped my hand around my cock and pumped it hard.

I pushed back onto him, riding his cock until I couldn’t hold on any longer and either could my lover. I came spraying my cum all down the bathroom cabinet and he climxed shooting his hot cum deep into my ass.

I love him clean shaven and slippery and wet.

Bush Urges Iraqis To Pass Amendment Banning Gay Marriage

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23 June 2008

BAGHDAD—In a private meeting with Mohammed Bahr al-Ulloum, President Bush urged the Iraqi Governing Council president to amend the recently ratified Iraqi constitution to protect the sanctity of heterosexual marriage. "The Iraqi cons...

Lust door Arabische ogen

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23 June 2008


Door: Tarik Fadili


Easy Going Turkish Lover

You’re Name: Achraf

Favorite Position: I definitely like being taken from behind. The feelings are incredible when a guy slides his cock deep into my ass from behind. He can pull me back onto his cock or I can ride him. Either way, I love it.

First Love: My first love was sex under the stars in Istanbul, but my first real love was Basri. He was a gorgeous lover that I met when I was on holidays. He taught me how to relax and have sex outdoors. We really got friendly with nature. We stayed at the Hotel Yeşil Vadi which is located at Ayder. There were waterfalls and the flora was fantastic. It was the perfect place to close to nature and have fun outdoors at the same time.

Favorite Night Club: I quite enjoyed going to the Barbahce when I was in Istanbul. It was a nice night out with friends.

Turkish Food: I love shrimp… Firinda Karides is cooked in the oven and comes out tasting delicious.

Craig David vindt David Beckham lekker ding

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22 June 2008

(Novum) - Craig David zou op David Beckham of Brad Pitt vallen als hij homo zou zijn. "Ze zijn hot", zegt de heteroseksuele zanger in een interview met het Britse homotijdschrift Advocate. "Dat kun je niet ontkennen. Iedere man z...

Dominating Rent Boy from the Prive

We met at the Prive, a gay club in Istanbul. It was very busy but it didn’t take us long to find somewhere private for a few moments along. Unlike other rent boys, he didn’t try to be nice at all. He was very pushy, he liked to dominate me and in a way that made this horny gay boy perfect for me.

He asked me if I wanted to fuck him and instead of saying anything, I just nodded. He didn’t want me say a word. He took control… “Adem, you want me to fuck you instead, don’t you?

All I could do was not. I went to say something to him but he stopped me again.

“You want me to lay you on the bed and fuck your tight ass. That’s right, isn’t it? That’s what you want me to do!”

All I could do once again was nod and he quickly grabbed me and pushed me onto my knees. “Suck my cock, get it nice and hard for your ass!”

I sucked him, doing my best to please him, making his cock hard and ready for my ass. I feel his cock growing hard and it throbbed against my tongue. It was swelling and was soon an incredible size that I was trying to deep throat. He fucked my mouth, holding my head and when I thought he was about to shoot his load down my throat he grabbed me and pulled me to my feet.

“On the bed, now!”

I lay back and I could feel myself shaking. He ripped off my jeans, my cock was hard and oozing pre-cum. I begged him to fuck me. He lifted my legs and spread them, exposing my puckered ass. He spits onto his hand and spreads it over my asshole. I felt him press his cock against my hole and in one huge thrust he is deep inside me and I’m screaming for mercy. My ass was on fire, it was burning, it felt like it had been spread wide…

I was trembling but he didn’t let up. He fucked me slowly, I could feel every veiny inch of his cock sliding in and out of my ass. My pain quickly turned to pleasure. He told me to wrap my hand around my cock and jerk myself.

I did as he said…. he fucked me and I stroked my cock. The faster he fucked the faster I stroked and it didn’t take long before we were both shooting loads of cum, his deep in my ass and mine all over the both of us.

The rent boy pulled his limp cock from my ass and headed for the shower. I lay there and closed my eyes and remembered every detail of my night with the gay rent boy I’d met at the Prive. He left soon after and I showered… I’d go back in a few days and see if he was working again. I was hooked on the dominating rent boy.

Versatile Fuat

You’re Name: Fuat

Favorite Position: I’m versatile, I love it both ways, all ways… I like being fucked, I like penetrating another guy’s ass, but I have to say I do like being penetrated with my legs up over my partner’s shoulder. Looking into his eyes when he fucks me is incredible. His eyes say so much.

First Love: Danny was my first love. He was cute, sexy and he loved teasing me. He was an incredible lover and we got on so well. But we got caught at work making out in the broom closet and we had to part ways… but we still see each other when we can socially.

Favorite Night Club: I’ve been told the Shake-in is a fantastic venue for a great night out. I’ve been told to make sure I go to the left end of Yeşilcam Street… right at the corner and I’ll find it. The music is supposed to be wonderful and I am looking forward to going when I visit Turkey.

Turkish Food: As a quick meal when I have the munchies I live to eat Mucver… It’s made with zucchini and onion and they are like little fritters when served.

Cocksucking Teaser

urs knelt in front of me, he was already naked and his cock was hard. He unzipped my jeans and released my cock from my jocks. He smiled before taking it deep into his mouth. He knew how to suck my cock, his tongue teased the head and I could feel the flow of pre-cum as it dripped on his tongue.

It felt so nice. He Teased me, licking the head and sliding his wet mouth up and down the full length of the shaft. I held onto his head and began slowly fucking his mouth. And when I looked down I noticed he was playing with his cock. He was stroking it, while I fucked his face.

He was teasing me but I wanted more… I wanted to feel his cock buried deep in my ass. He kept sucking me until I came and he had me lay down on the floor and he knelt between my legs. He pressed the head of his cock against my puckered hole and with my legs up in the air he fucked me. It felt so good. When he came he pulled out and sprayed his load over my ass cheeks.

Slip inside and check out the full set of pictures that show just how much cock sucking and ass fucking Tarkan and Urs enjoy.

Arabian Sex Attack

Lots of guys fantasize about being in the movies and the lucky guys are the ones that get to live them. Just like the guys from Arabian Sex Attack.

The action that takes place in this video is hot, wet and wild and the guys are sucked and fucked and you can watch it too when you visit Slip into the members’ area and see just how good these sexy Arabian gay boys are.

Arabian Sex Attack

The brief descriptions available for this site is: Young people and beautiful Arab standards are exibent; these young guys are sucked and are fucked up the ass without any complex in front of the camera of our reporter. You will succumb to the charms of the Middle East! Enjoy!

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