Gay Exhibitionist

Your Names: My name is Emre

Favorite Position: I love being in control, that is the position I like to be in. It’s my favorite and as you can see from

my pictures inside I love showing off my body and being in control when I am around guys. My experiences can be quite dominating but at the same time I enjoy being taken by other dominating gay boys.

First Love: I first found myself in love when I turned 18. I had just turned 18 and another guy found me having my first

drink at a bar. It was that night that I knew that other guys liked what they see in me, and they weren’t just turned on by my body. When he spoke to me for that first time, he found that I was as open as he was and we hit it off quite well. He showed me how to work out more in the gym to make my body how it is today and now I do love showing off my naked body to other gay boys who want to look.

Gay Sex Fantasy: My fantasy is to have other guys want to pay to see my body. I am a gay exhibitionist and my fantasy is to not just show off my body but have guys want to watch me have sex with other gay males. It would be fantastic to be on show for everyone to see, not just in pictures at but anywhere where gay guys can watch other guys in action.

Amateur Gay Sex

Pre-cum was dripping from the slit in the head of your hard cock. The temptation to lick it off was teasing me so much. It was a huge turn on and my cock was throbbing as I watched the gay rent boys from the gay night club lick and tickle every part of your body. Hearing you moan was in credible and I could tell you were enjoying every moment of pleasure you were receiving.

The gay boys were a mixture of Arabian and Turkish twinks and they knew every part of your body to tease. I joined them and it was time for us to fuck your cute ass and your mouth. We were going to take turns fucking you. Your cock was already hard from them touching you and I was invited to take your ass first. I knelt behind you and slowly slid the head of my cock into your tight hole. They held you still because you had never had a cock like mine in your ass before.

The head stretched you wide and your ass looked incredible wrapped around the head, squeezing it and slowly I fed the entire 9 inches deep inside you. Your cock was hard and one of the gay boys slid underneath you, closing his mouth around the head waiting for you to start fucking his mouth.

The moment your mouth opened another slid his cock deep into your mouth. I could feel you almost gag but you held still… we fucked you slowly. Me fucking your ass, one guy fucking your mouth and the other giving you a wild blowjob. He didn’t want you to waste any pre-cum. It didn’t take long for us to fill your mouth and ass with hot cum. You came in his mouth and he swallowed down every last drop.

Another guy replaced me, sliding his cock into your ass. You whimpered from both pleasure and pain because his cock was thicker than mine. Another guy filled your mouth and another began blowing you. You moans were muffled, your mouth was full and so was you ass and I was underneath you now and I sucked you, hodling onto your balls, massaging them until you came, shooting your hot cum down my throat.

And I knew that the following night would be my turn and you would have a say on how many rent boys were invited to join our hot fuck sessions.

Horny Gay Boy Emre

They call him Emre and he loves showing off my body. I think he look good, don’t you. Well I am sure he believes he looks perfect. When you venture into you will find a set of Emre’s photos. You will find his pictures hiding in the photo section and he really is calm and willing to show you his ass and his cock. Oh and his body.

Emre is very cute. And when he smiles and shows his ass to everyone his muscles ripple. I can only imagine what it would be like having sex with him. He has all the right moves, he knows how to bare his asshole and hold his cheeks open inviting you to slide your cock deep inside him.

I invite you into and enjoy the horny Turkish twinks and Arab gay boys and of course Emre…

Shy Turkish Twink

Your Names: My name is Mert

Favorite Position: One of my favorite positions is on my knees with my mouth full of a hard cock thrusting in and out, the head hitting the back of my throat until he cums.

First Love: My first love… hmmmm I think his name was Henry, he was a dark skinned Arabian gay boy and his thick cock was every gay boy’s dream. His cock would stretch any tight ass as he did mine. If you looked at him you couldn’t imagine that he had a big cock but he did and it felt very good.

Gay Sex Fantasy: My fantasy sees me in a movie with some horny Arabian and Turkish gay men. I’d like to be there when they want a tight ass or mouth to fuck. I could be their fuck boy. The guy who relieves them when they need to orgasm. Not only would it be fun but it would be a huge turn on for me and anyone watching.

Gay Sex Threesome

There were three of them, Cahil was the youngest but he was the most willing to give as much pleasure he could. He has dark hair that highlighted his thick cock. Najim’s stared at Cahil’s cock, and was envious but at the same time his cock was as big as Murat’s.

Murat held Najim close to him and kissed him firmly on the lips before pulling away. “Najim, I want you to fuck Cahil, just like I fucked you… you can do that can’t you?”

Najim nodded his response and pulled Cahil to him and pushed him down onto his knees. He fed him his cock and he realized how eager Cahil was. He began sucking his cock eagerly and he knew then that he had done this before. He told him through clenched teeth trying desperatly not to cum that he knew he had done this before… he knew that he was an experienced gay cock sucker. He wasn’t as innocent as he made out he was.

Najim worked his cock in and out of his mouth until he could feel the cum starting to boil inside him. He didn’t want to cum in his mouth. He wanted to feel his tight ass wrapped around his thick cock.

But before he could pull away, Murat told Cahil to lick Najim’s ass. And he did. he worked his tongue deep into his puckered hole, licking it and he was ready. His cock was throbbing so much it hurt…

“Turn round, get your ass up in the air!” Cahil did as he was told and he felt Najim press the head of his cock into his tight hole…. “Now, I’m going to fuck you… you’d like that wouldn’t you?”

Cahil nodded and Murat helped Najim with the lube. He poured a big blob of it over his ass and then covered Najim’s cock with some. He held him still while he worked the thick cock into the young man’s tight ass. He pressed deep inside him until the entire length of his cock was buried inside him. He held it there, until Murat was positioned behind him, his cock pressing into his ass also.

The feelings were incredible. Najim fucked Cahil and Murat fucked Najim. Cahil stroked his cock until he came…

Their gay sex threesome was incredible but if you want to see some hardcore fuck sessions that feature Arabian gay boys and Turkish twinks, then you should head into and go straight to their video section.

Arabian Tales

Arabian Tales can take you into a world of gay fantasies with their many Videos on demand that they give you access to with your membership. Today I found Arabian Tales and I am sure like the beautiful twink featured in this video you will have fantasies like he does. You can now join him on his erotic journeys…

Newcummer Jamal al Din, a young and beautiful Arabian teenage twink, rests in the solitude of a Saharan dune with an old trunk left behind by some long-ago lost Sir Galahad. Inside the chest, Jamal discovers a tantalizing tome a sex-filled storybook that takes the viewer on a jizz-filled journey from one erotic scene to another.

Arabian Tales

Check out this fantastic movie, Arabian Tales inside

Turkish Gay Bulent

Your Names: My name is Bulent

Favorite Position: My favorite position is between two guys. Sucking both their cocks at the same time before one guys slides his cock deep into my ass and I keep sucking the other guy. Or I like sucking cock threeways. I suck one guy, he sucks the other and the other guy sucks me… We all climax at the same time.

First Love: When I found out I was gay, I was falling in love with a guy who appeared to know everything. He taught me how to suck cock and I lost my anal cherry to him. But the love from him wasn’t there, which was a shame because I thought he was a really nice guy. I guess that is what love does, it sometimes makes you blind to how a person really is so I just look at all the things he taught me… he taught me how to make love to my partner and to suck cock better than any man.

Gay Sex Fantasy: I think it would be fun to take part in a masturbation marathon with many guys standing, sitting around stroking themselves until they cum. Yep, that is one of my fantasies. I think it would be a huge turn on to watch each guy play with his cock and make himself shoot his cum into a glass bucket to see how much cum everyone could produce as a team.

A Quickie

There was only one dressing room in the store when he went to try on some new clothes for the wedding he had to attend. The sexy looking tailor crammed him into the roomy area and closed the door behind him and locked it. The dimly lit room didn’t stop me from watching what we were doing.

He held him close before pushing him to his knees and quickly unzipped his trousers.

Carl knew what he wanted and he slid his hand down into his jocks releasing an huge cock that was dripping pre-cum from the clean head. He held the 8 inch cock in his hand before closing his mouth over the throbbing head. It filled his mouth completely and he began sucking him. His taste was incredible.

Carl felt his hands on the back of his head pulling him onto his cock, the head hitting against the back of his throat. He was almost choking on the thickness while Kerim continued to fuck his mouth not wanting to let him stop. He began to cum, shooting his man juice down his throat.

It wasn’t long before Carl could feel his own pre-cum dripping from his cock and Kerim knew that he would be horny and quickly pulled him to his feet, knowing that time was against them. He made Carl pull down his jeans while he pulled down his and he turned around, spreading his cheeks and backed onto Carl’s hard cock.

It didn’t take long before his cock was sucking in his hard cock. Kerim’s ass was tight but he had no trouble taking the entire length of Carl’s big cock inside him. They were grunting and groaning and in minutes Carl was experiencing an orgasm like never before. His hot cum filled the tailor’s ass…

And as quickly as it happened, Carl was cleaned up and Kerim was measuring him up for his outfit for the wedding.

Gay Sex Fantasy with Dogan

Your Names: My name is Dogan

Favorite Position: My favorite position is one I take up when having a quickie. It’s an incredible feeling to feel a guy with his hand pressing against the small of my back while pushing his cock into my ass. Once the head slips inside, the feeling is incredible and I know he is about to hold my hips and fuck me hard.

First Love: Gary was my first love and we met in a gay bath. I was face down and he was massaging me. His hands kept slipping between my legs and he massaged my balls gently. He rolled them around his hand. I was his the moment he oiled up my tight ass and finger fucked me until he knew I was ready to turn over. I loved going to the gay bath and Gary showed me how well he could massage all parts of my body, inside and out.

Gay Sex Fantasy: I’d love to be in a gay porno with big boys taking their turn with me. They would oil me up, all over and slide me around from man to man, each entering my mouth or my ass. I’d drink down all the cum or take it deep inside my ass. It’s just a fantasy, but one never knows when gay sex like this will happen in real life until it does.

They Call Him Alaydin

They call him Alaydin, he likes hanging out, he loves cruising and he never says no when a guy with a camera is in front of him. This gay Turkish twink loves showing off and he knews that he will certainly grab your attention when he looks at you. The day the cameraman caught him, it wouldn’t have mattered if he was in Istanbul, or cruising he still would have posed for the camera. It was the way he was.

And of course this gay boy really loved showing off and teasing. You’d never get to see his cock straight away because he would be asking you to beg for it. When he does start showing off you will find that he is not just a Turkish twink but he is a hairy gay boy… but that won’t stop him.

From where you are sitting you can only imagine how good in bed he is. So if you sit back close your eyes picture what Alaydin could do to you. He would be so open for you, he’d kiss your mouth, letting his tongue play with yours and you would feel his hard cock pressing into you. Naked your cocks would rub together, pubes against pubes the pre-cum mixing into yours. And he would move down and take your cock into his mouth. His goatie would tickle your balls…

If you were to change positions a little and let him kneel over you, you could suck his balls into your mouth while he sucked your cock. His balls hang down making it so easy to catch first one in your mouth, gently of course before playing with the other.

All thoughts of him showing off would be gone because you can picture him with you. Sucking and fucking each other. The gay sex between two horny gay boys would be incredible. And all the time he would smile… He loves showing off and giving another guy a good time, and if you are the cameraman, then a threesome may become part of your fantasy…

Berkan and Gehrard Show and Feel

We didn’t have to gay cruising in Istanbul to meet each other. Instead we both hung out at the local gym, I guess in a way you could call it cruising, because until that moment we hadn’t met before. Sure we’d seen each other around but we never dreamed we were both gay boys looking for someone to hang with.

When we met after a workout late at night, there were no other guys in the gym. They’d all gone home to the warm beds but we were both interested in finding out what we each had hiding in our jocks. It all started with a smile, a wink and we were both sitting on the bench touching and feeling each other. But before taking our sexual needs further we decided to show and feel each other’s cock.

Gehrard sure felt good. He is so cute and his nervousness turned me on. His cock was much bigger than mine and I wondered how he would take it. I wondered if he would feel his ass stretching around my thick cock. It turned me on so much just thinking about it. And I realized that gay cruising was nothing like this. There were no hidden moments, our show and feel session was going to turn into more than a touching session with a shy gay Turkish twink who liked to work out as much as I did.

Gehrard had touched my cock once already but that was when it was hiding in my jocks. He knew I was big, but it wasn’t until he released it and he had me lay back in his arms against him, that he knew how thick and big my cock really was. I was looking forward to taking our show and feel session further… and from the way his cock pressed into me, I knew he was also. I knew at that moment we would be two gay twinks having sex later that night.

If you want to see how our workout progressed, head into and check out our full set of pictures.

He Likes a Tight Ass

You’re Name: Ozan

Favorite Position: I love feeling his cock on mine before he slides himself down onto my hard cock. Watching his expression change when he feels my thickness stretching his ass wide almost makes me cum immediately. But I hold off so I can enjoy his tight ass wrapped around my cock.

First Love: I met Vokan through his website. Turned out we each liked hard blooded mysteries and Sushi, so we dated a few times and found out we complimented each other in physical ways as well.

I’ll add only that Vokan is a pro-wrestler, so, naturally, a big guy, plus really built and he has a tight ass. We’ve since gone our separate ways. But his cock haunts my dreams.

Favorite Night Club: The Cineralti Club in Istanbul.

Turkish Food: Romano beans and olive oil is both traditional and tasty and something I love.

Favorite Music: I like Classic with punch, from artists Debussy and Stravinsky.

Gay Pool Boy Fucks His Ass

Erik found himself in Turkey. It had been a long week of travel and until his next phone call came through he wasn’t sure where he would be working over the next few days. So he decided to make the most of it. The hotel he was staying in had a pool on the roof so it was the perfect place for him to settle back and enjoy some rest and relaxation while he could.

He did some laps and splashed around a little before finding a sun bed. It was then that the pool boy, Adem introduced himself. He was a handsome boy…

“Is there anything I can get you sir?” he asked.

“No… I’m fine thank you… I think I’ll just enjoy the sun for a while.”

Erik watch Adem start checking out the pool and doing a few odd jobs and he lay back and watched him. He could see every muscle in his body working as he moved and it was then that he noticed the huge bulge in his swim trunks. Erik licked his lips and wondered what it would be like to feel Adem’s cock slide deep into his ass.

At that time Adem looked over at him and he tried so hard to hide his cock from view. But he didn’t try that hard because he wanted Adem to see the affect he was having on him.

Adem joined him. And smiled into Erik’s eyes. “I think we should move into one of the private rooms don’t you. You can still enjoy the sun and we won’t be interrupted.”

He didn’t wait for an answer because he knew that Erik would follow him. They all did….

“Now, let’s see what you have hiding in your trunks!” He quickly slid them down and Erik’s hard cock was released and Adem quickly took it in his hand and began stroking it.

He pulled Erik to him and kissed him fully on the lips, his tongue slipped into his mouth and Erik almost collapsed from the pleasure he was creating. Adem broke away and removed his Speedos and held Erik to him. Their cocks touched before Adem pushed Erik down until he was kneeling in front of him. “Suck me Erik, I know you want to! I want you to taste my pre-cum before I fuck you!”

Erik tasted him and instantly turned around. He felt Adem move away a little but then he felt cool lube dribbled down his ass crack. He looked into the mirror and watched Adem slide a condom down over the head of his cock. And then pressed it against his tight ass.

“Are you ready?”

He didn’t give Erik time to think about it before pushing the head into his tight hole. He heard Erik cry out but he didn’t stop. His cock stretch his puckered hole wide and soon his 9 inches was buried deep inside his ass.

“Stroke your cock Erik… while I fuck your ass!”

He fucked him long and hard and it didn’t take much for Erik to cum, shooting his load all over the floor. Adem came too shooting his load into the condom. It had the same effect…

He pulled out and helped Erik to his feet. He removed the filled condom and tossed it into the garbage before kissing Erik and thanking him. “I’ll be here every morning if you want to work out again…” With that he smiled and walked away and went back to doing his pool work.

Romantic Turkish Twink

Your Name: My name is Taner… want to hang out?

Favorite Position: My favorite position is on my back with my lover pounding his thick cock deep into my tight ass. And I masturbate while he fucks me hard.

First Love: My first love was Mark. We met in a Turkish restaurant in the USA. He was heading home the following day to Istanbul and I desperately wanted to go with him. He was a true Turkish boy. He was dark skinned with dark hair and eyes and hsi touches were so soft and gentle. He knew how to make love to me before pounding his cock deep inside me.

Gay Sex Fantasy: I’d love to visit Alanya with Mark. We’d enjoy watching the sun going down before going down on each other. That would be perfect. I’d lay on my back and he would straddle my face sliding his cock into my mouth. The moment would be fantastic for each other.

Marrakesh Lovers

When you visit you will discover many Turkish and Arab twinks masturbating while the horny cameraman clicks away. He encourages the gay boys to strip off slowly and play with themselves. Some twinks are a little more adventurous than others and you can watch them stroke this cock until they spray hot cum all over their pubes.

But if you venture a little further into you will find that some of the guys perform for you almost live through a videos and that is when you can see the pleasure they experience when they cum. However if you want to watch some videos that play a little longer you can do that also just by clicking through the Main Menu at the top. You will discover a link to Turkish / Arab VOD.

The video I have chosen today is Men of Marrakesh. The running time on this video is 80 minutes.

Men of Marrakesh

In this video you will discover the Morrocan men show proudly show off their true masculinity and untamed nature. They have this unique fascinating appeal that lots of guys really find attractive and a huge turn on. Six guys between the ages of 18 and 24 move around various outdoor areas and hotels showing off their gorgeous bodies and arabian cocks.

Check out the Men of Marrakesh inside

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