Dominated Timur

29 February 2008

Your Name: Timur

Favorite Position: My favorite position is being submissive to my Master. I take up whatever position that I am told to take up.

First Love: I wouldn’t call it love as in being in love. My love is for my Master who dominates me, he was my first love and I do what he wants me to do and at the same time, he looks after me very well.

Favorite Club: I enjoy going to Kehribar with my Master. They have the latest Turkish music, some pop and some jazz.

Favorite Food: Manti is everyone’s favorite isn’t it. I enjoy it when simmered in a tomato paste. My Master likes this as a treat…

Favorite Music: Master often plays Duman…. and I believe they are quite good.

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Feza Gets a Paint Job

29 February 2008

I found a very refreshing sets of pictures featuring a horny Turkish twink named Feza. He was quite cute and it looks like the day the camera guy found him, he was getting ready to paint a wall, in a strange design but it looked very good.

He started painting and then stripping off slowly. His chest was suddenly bare after stripping off his yellow t-shirt and it wasn’t long before he had white paint down the front of himself. He quickly wiped it away and because painting the wall again. It would have been interesting watching him move his sexy body while painting.

The purple paint on the wall looked good, but he looked a hell of a lot better and it would be an incredible experience to be with him.

Now naked, begins showing off his body, his cute ass and cock while painting and looking over his shoulder while he paints the wall. He wants to know everything the cameraman is up to so that he can tease you with his eyes. It was magic watching him stroke his cock in front of the camera and like me, I am sure you will enjoy looking through his fantastic set of pictures inside

Jerking Off

Sometmes it’s easy to pretend you’re at the beach or by the pool but Zeki takes those visions one step further by having his photos taken with a water pleasure scene behind him.

He does what most guys do when they have a camera in front of him. He starts of nervously showing just a little of his skin before he begins to show his white jocks. He first slips his hand into his pants and adjusts his cock in his jocks a little more before sliding down his pants.

One of the hottest moments during his photoshoot was when he turned around and showed off his cute tight ass. I am sure you can all imagine what it would be like to take control and slip your between his tight cheeks and into his ass. He quickly turned around and with his hands in his jocks he stroked it gently before stripping his pants and jocks off and sits in a beach chair and strokes himself while the camera continues to take photos.

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Cock Sucking Gay Boys

26 February 2008

There’s nothing quite like a good blowjob and Tarkan and Urs always know how to put on a fantastic show for members of Their cock sucking is incredible and they both take in turns sucking each other. When you slip into you will find Tarkan and Urs have three sets of pictures for you to check through.

In Tarkan and Urs 3, Tarkan stands while Urs is on his knees. he is naked, leaning sideways sucking Tarkan’s cock deep into his mouth. He starts by teasing the head, licking all around it before sucking it into his mouth. He takes a few moments licking all along the shaft and if he had access to Tarkan’s balls he suck and lick those also.

Throughout the session, they move around a little but most of their time together is spent sucking cock. I noticed that Urs also plays with his cock too. He strokes it slowly, while he gives Tarkan a blowjob. When they change positions Urs is on his back with Tarkan feeding him his cock. he controls the moment, moving back and forth sliding his cock in and out of his mouth. He likes to sink it in deep, until the head of his cock hits the back of Urs’ throat.

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Fucking Fuat

25 February 2008

Your Name: Fuat

Favorite Position: I’ll say it. I love to suck and I’m slight. I’ve had lovers on the small-boned side like myself and with one or two we’ve even managed to do what I call the fuck and suck, where I get to suck my lover’s cock and fuck him at the same time. He has his legs akimbo. Obviously, it’s a position for the limber.

First Love: I met Asaf at a party. He looked so cute. I bummed a cigarette off him. Our hostess didn’t like us smoking around her cherished furniture and antiques. So she chased us outside. Three hours later, we were still chatting on the terrace, smoking away. I went home with him that night.

Favorite Club: Club MOJO in Istanbul has live music and a fun atmosphere.

Favorite Food: My mother has a recipe for leek and Lamb; Etli Pirasa that is absolutely delicious, my favorite.

Favorite Music: I like Turkish techno music. Salih Saka is one of my favorites. But I am open to variety and often look for a mix of artists on my cassettes. Istanbul Calling is especially hot, in my opinion.

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Loving Cahil

24 February 2008

Your Name: Cahil

Favorite Position: I prefer to bottom and I like things edgy. I like toys, being spanked, etc. I love macho tops and role playing Yeah, I like moving and interacting with my lover. But I’m a big fan of the ultimate submissiveness of being flattened over a table and just done then and there too.

First Love: I was gay-clubbing with a bunch of my friends and Kadir cut me from the pack I was dancing with so smoothly, it was like being scooped up by a polar bear. When the music turned slow and he pulled me into his arms I felt my heart thrum louder than the disco beat of the club. I knew I’d found the one I was willing to go all the way with.

Favorite Club: The Halikarnass Disco in Bodrum is hot.

Favorite Food: Sucuk; Turkish pepperoni is delicious, whether in sandwiches or prepared in a hot dish. I just love it. We always had it at home and I’ve kept that tradition up in every place I’ve lived in since.

Favorite Music: I love to dance to disco and electronic. But romance is something else. Nana Mouskouri is Greek. But her music touches my Turkish soul. Oh and music to my ears is listening to the gay boys come inside

Cumming Together

23 February 2008

Your Name: Anouar

Favorite Position: I love kissing the person I’m making love with. So, I’m sort of married to boring old missionary, I guess.

First Love: Fortunately, my parents found me a tutor, a lovely compassionate man and exchange student, not much older than myself, named Hakeem. One day, when I was feeling particularly despondent, Hakeem was comforting me and things took a decided turn towards the physical. For my part, I got into University. For Hakeem’s, he became a hot commodity among parents of lackluster student’s due to my parents non-stop raving. They never did find out about our relationship. We loved cumming together especially when we had our first time together.

Favorite Club: I love the disco life you find in Bodrum. The Fora Bar has a great view of the sea. I love going there.

Favorite Food: I’m not a big eater. As a student, I always ate on the go, picking up a snack here and there, and often forgetting to eat. My mother used to call me her picky eater. But I do love Simit, the Turkish snack made with sesame seeds and somewhat reminiscent of the more western pretzel.

Favorite Music: I like American Hard Rock, especially older stuff, like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin.

Shy Turkish Twink Özdemir

22 February 2008

Özdemir sat on the leather lounge waiting for encouragement. He sat looking at the cameraman and when he was told to play with his cock, he solowly stroked his cock until it was nice and hard. All he had to do was relax a little and take time to enjoy the feelings that he was allowed to experience in front of the camera.

When you visit you will see him showing off his balls and his cock and I am sure you will imagine what it would be like sliding your cock deep into this Turkish Twink’s ass. His hole looks incredibly tight and he could spread his ass cheeks wide, let you slide your cock inside while he played with his cock and balls.

This shy Turkish Twink’s cock grows so hard when he shows off for you so you can picture for yourself how hard his cock will be when you fuck him, hard and fast. Check out his pictures inside … I am sure you will enjoy his pictures along with the other gay boys inside this unique Turkish gay site.

Abi Loves Roasted Meat

21 February 2008

Your Name: Abi

Favorite Position: My last lover was a big burly guy, who used to put me on his lap and fuck my ass. Bopping along, frigging my dick, while he reamed me, his hands on my hips, or playing with my nipples, or helping me squeeze my bad boy; it was very intense. I loved it.

First Love: I started early. My best friend Serkan’s had a big brother named Ali. One day, bored, we spied on him and a friend and got a real eyeful. The next day I shyly suggested to Serkan we try some of the things we’d seen, and my first sexual relationship was born.

Favorite Club: It’s hard to pick a favorite. But I guess I would have to choose The Secret Club. I met my last lover there.

Favorite Turkish Food: Meat roasted on a skewer is a specialty in Turkey. Myself, I like the Iskender kebap, made of slices of grilled lamb dressed with savory tomato sauce and browned butter that you find especially in the city of Bursa.

Favorite Music: My grandfather was Gypsy. And I remember him playing traditional music for our family get-togethers. I’d nod off in my mother’s lap, the sharp, sweet notes of his clarinet soothing me to sleep. As a teenager, I discovered electronic music. For my last birthday my sister bought me an album called Electronic Gypsyland that pretty much marries my traditional and techno tastes.

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Turkish Boy Duman

20 February 2008

Your Name: Duman

Favorite Position: I love to lick and be licked and to take things slow, building up to a slow steady fire of passion. So, I am a big fan of the number six position. Whether flat, one supine the other prone, or side to side, it rocks. But there is something quite special about doing it side by side. It can take concentration and a bit of maneuvering to get it right.

However, as it happens, my last boyfriend and I were pretty much of a size. We each put a leg around the other’s shoulders to create access for the other’s mouth. And it was as if we become one unit, one sensuous snake, creating oodles of sensations at either end, wonderful.

First Love: Mustafa was my first serious love. He and I attended university together. We got together to exchange study notes one afternoon and ended up in bed, exchanging so much more.

Favorite Club: Along the Bosphorus, the strait which joins the Sea of Marmara with the Black Sea in Istanbul is chock-a-block with nightlife. My favorite, Pasha, has two dance floors and lots of different sorts of music. I don’t get a chance to go there often. But it is always worth it.

Favorite Turkish Food: I have a sweet tooth, so I love baklava. As a child, I would visit my grandparents in Gazianep, where they grow she most wonderful pistachios. My grandmother would put pistachios in the baklava. To this day, I can close my eyes and taste it.

Favorite Music: I love many sorts of music. However for lovemaking I enjoy playing Anatolian Folk music. I have several albums of Güler Duman that I especially love. The music is earthy yet also ethereal, very sensuous.

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Holiday Gay Sex

His holiday was coming to end and Steve sat back and reflecting on his fantastic moments with Adem. Adem know how to treat him right and he remembered where he met him. He met him here, in the bar he watching two horny guys making out when Adem interrupted his thoughts. It was the timing that was perfect and so right.

Adem stood before him, smiling and encouraging him to dance which he did. He wasn’t even sure why he got up to dance with this stranger but now, he is so pleased he did. This gay boy, took showed him how to experience pleasure beyond his wildest dreams or fantasies that he’d had in the past.

Slowly they moved together, their bodies slightly touching and when the music stopped, Adem pulled him to him and kissed him sensually. He responded. Their tongues touching for the first time, almost took his breath away. Steve was taken in and his cock was reacting and growing in his jeans. He never knew that a first time kiss could be so powerful. His cock was hard and Adem knew it.

He took his hand in his and led him to a dark corner of the bar. Adem pushed him back against the table and kissed him again, this time, the kiss was more powerful and his response was to kiss back but Adem pulled away. He knelt down in front of him, and unzipped his jeans releasing his cock from his jocks. He sucked his cock deep into his mouth giving Steve the best blowjob any man could ever imagine. Steve came within seconds, shooting his hot cum deep down Adem’s throat.

Adem stood before him allowing him to slip his cock back into his jocks. He was shaking when he zipped up his jeans… Adem smiled at him and took him by the hand back to the dance floor. Adem invited him to stay for a meal before inviting him back to his apartment for dessert.

The night was perfect…

Sexy Gay Boy Deniz

18 February 2008

Your Name: Deniz

Favorite Position: I like to see who I’m doing. So, I like to get the guy I’m with to lie down with some big pillows elevating his ass for easy access. The position feels powerful to me and very sexy.

First Love: I met Serdar while he was working at my uncle’s restaurant I came in one day before the busy time to deliver a message to my uncle from my mother. I had to pass the kitchen to get to his office and I saw Serdar washing dishes with his sleeves rolled up, humming.

His biceps caught the attention of my libido, while the off key, happy tune made me smile. I was half way to gone when he turned around and flashed me a huge smile and sealed my fate.

Favorite Night Club: I love Club Inferno in Istanbul. It really lives up to its name.

Favorite Turkish Food: In Turkey we make a kind of flatbread called lavas. When it is cooked with ingredients on the top then folded over it is called gözleme. There are many varieties of gözleme, depending on what the lavas are stuffed with. I especially like gözlem patatesli, which is stuffed with mashed potatoes. Yum.

Favorite Music: I like music with a bit of a western influence, especially electronic and new age pieces. I am a fan of Can Atilla, especially.

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Lens Master Jizz Master

17 February 2008

Such a sweet face; I love and deplore the white socks still on his feet, in his later shots, adore the thigh-long-dong, and the pose-happy side views that have him patting his own ass. The fact that he can sit on his ankles is admirable. I’d think, this one fancies himself a model. But then the latter photos are so relaxed, the face so elfin-sweet, I can all but hear him saying Nahh, I’m funning with ya mate, just flirting with the camera a bit.

So, flirt with me, I think. I place myself behind the camera. Now I’m lens-master. Yeah, Baby. Cream the lens for me, get it all gooey.

I want to see that frog pose some more, I think.

But first, get off the damn stool. I want that arm behind you, straining to hold you up, back arcing—thighs— diesel-pumping against your heels, like you mean to crunch through the flooring with your toes, while you frog-fuck the air. That sweet little lip will be bleeding with the force of your sweet little teeth biting it.

Pump, Baby, Pump, till you jizz the camera lens.

Only then am I gonna let you rest up, but only enough so you can come in me next.

Hot Ride

16 February 2008

He thinks he’s hot alright, the way he positions his hog and ass-cheeks so they’re right by the fireplace in many of his photos.

In one, his hose is daring the fire. In another, the same flames are roasting his buns. I guess he’s got a right to be proud of that foot-long-red-hot-hotdog and those round white buns. I’d chew them all in an instant.

With that Trojan head and those Sir-Stallion-loins, he’s like a chess piece carved out of ivory, or alabaster, warmed with a little pink. He needs taming, like a proud steed.

My horse needs a bit, I think, a saddle too, and some reins, lots of reins—a plush saddle for my pampered ass. I intend to ride him naked. We’ll ride in the ballroom, where we will ball, after our ride. I’ll lay down fur for his knees. But the rest of him won’t get off easy. No.

You, see, in my neatly leather-gloved hands, I intend to hold not only the reins that will move his head, but another set to yank his nipple clamps, and another still to pull at his leather choker, the one I will place on my proud pony’s prouder pecker.


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Letter to my Gay Lover

15 February 2008

The climb—closer to heaven, nirvana, and some slight appreciation of both than I’ve ever been, I nonetheless came as close to hypothermia, and collapse, as I ever want, as well.

I am Mobi, a climber, photographer, and connoisseur of life.

A letter awaited my return. The world had heard of my successful climb, oohed over my pictures, and mourned my Greta-Garboesque desire to now fade for a bit into the woodwork. It took an old friend like Emile to know what I truly needed.

Dear Mobi, the letter started.

I was sorry to hear of your rundown condition. I would love to have you visit me. Consider it an opportunity to recoup from your rigors. My harem, as you know, is small, but select.

I have an especially appetizing newcomer, I think you would appreciate.

As my guest, I want you to feel free to partake of my delights as freely, as if they were your own.

However, if you would like to make this a working holiday…

Three photos tumbled out, distracting me from finishing the letter, though, really, I didn’t need to.

Shall, I say that financing my hobbies, the public, as well as private ones, can be very expensive?

It can.

Buttering up the ladies, tantalizing their men with tales of my adventures, I’ve schmoozed my way into many wallets, including Emile’s, before he knew of my other proclivities, and me of his.

We both adore young men. But I have a certain knack for disciplining and training that exceeds the average. I’m sometimes asked to take on…certain students.

Emile knows my tastes.

I gazed at the first photo, both as aficionado and potential…teacher. Café au lait skin, I noted, also plum nipples and nicely-furred, well-veined legs. The calves bulging from a pair of white socks made me smile. Paired with a muscular set of arms, the limbs suggested a young man’s strength, while the belly below an amber six- pack retained the delightful curve and softness of youth.

The dick-centered-concentration of the downward head evoked the intensity of a shy virgin, mustering courage for a first kiss, and had me near drooling. I felt the awakening of a many-weeks-dead desire and dropped my pants to explore my throbbing member.

Ah, cheeky devil… his gorgeously nested, beautifully weighted pink schlong, above, a hinted at landscape of hairy butt-crack was fully revealed to the camera in photo two.

In the third, my proposed student was all but waving it at me, his lovely, straining- to-break- his-grip-cock, jutting from its cushion-plush-sac. The expression he wore was as cocky as…well…the rest of him.

I licked my dry lips, imagined my finger sliding up and down that phallus, reaching into his hairy, boy-ringed entrance. Eyes closed, I smelled the scented oil I preferred, mingling with his man-boy-oils, his musky essence.

I have a lovely collection of antique cock-rings, plugs, and other…equipment.

Yes, I think, typing my reply to Emile, in my head.

He will be a joy to discipline.

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