Bender Gay Boy

31 January 2008

To end the month of January, I’d like to share with you some pictures of Redouane. These pictures were taken for and he joins a very long list of other Turkish twinks and Gay Arab boys who feature inside this site.

Redouane is a very sexy Arab gay boy and he loves showing off his massive cock. Some call him the bender and I am sure you will understand why when you see the shape of his big cock. He loves sliding it into his lover’s ass when he has his legs up over his shoulder because his cock slides in so deep and the bend allows the head of his cock to touch his male g-spot.

I am sure you will enjoy Redouane as much as I enjoyed looking through his pictures. His dark eyes, his dark spikey hair and his sexy features make you want to play while you imagine what it would be like to experience his cock sliding deep into your tight ass.

You can see what I mean when you visit

Berkan and Gehrard Pics

30 January 2008

Berkan and Gehrard are favorites of mine when I feel like flicking through the photo index at They both look so innocent and sweet and at the same time they have fun playing with each other, which shows that they aren’t as innocent as they would like us to think.

In their set of pictures you will find them playing with each other in a rather sensual way. Their touches are soft and gentle, their actions aren’t rush because they enjoy playing with each other’s cock. They love being with each other.

Their cocks are hard and the purple bulbous head shows how horny they both are. I am sure that if you were to fantasize about these two guys, the pleasures you could experience would be endless. I can imagine what they would be like together in Taksim Square in a gay night club, one teasing the other, while every one looked on.

In a room filled with strangers, they would dance the night away before retreating into their unit to suck cock, lick each other’s ass and experience an incredible night of gay sex.

Check out Berkan and Gehrard’s pictures inside

Gay Lover Boy Duman

29 January 2008

Your Name: Duman

Favorite Position: My favorite position is as a bottom. I love laying there with my right leg up over my partner’s left shoulder. My other leg is spread wide and when he slides his cock deep into my ass I can stroke my cock while he fucks me hard. This position is fantastic for both of us.

Your First Love: Zafer was my first love and he was the one who taught me how to enjoy my favorite position.

Favourite Turkish Food: I’m sure many would agree that Ayva Tavasi is very very tasty.

Favorite Town or Resort: I would love to explore the Crusader’s Castle. It is in the town of Bodrum and the castle is home to Bodrum’s famours Museum of Underwater Archaeology.

You can see more of Duman’s pictures inside

Sexy Gay Tarik

28 January 2008

Your Name: Tarik

Gay Sex Fantasy: My fantasy is to go to a small club in Istanbul and meet up with an older man. I would like him to show me how to fuck as hard as he fucks me and to show me how to suck cock and give lots of pleasure.

Your First Love: My first love was Steve. He was an American who knew where the Turkish clubs were. we went out to many great places and had lots of fun together. He really was a fantastic lover and he was a little older than I was. He was also more mature than I was which made our time together so very special.

Favorite Night Club: My favorite night club in Istanbul is Club 14.

Favourite Turkish Town: My mother told me about a town called Kalkan on the Turkish Mediterranean coast. It is an old fishing town.

Favorite Turkish Food: I like Turkish Pizza – Lacmacun

You can see more of Tarik’s pictures inside

Hot Gay Lover

27 January 2008

Your Name: Yasar

Favorite Position: Definitely on my knees, either taking my lover from behind or him taking me. Feeling his cock sliding deep into my ass is an incredible feeling which I am sure most guys who love gay sex, gay anal sex enjoy.

Your First Love: Basri was one horny guy who I fell in love with. He broke my heart when he had to go home to Turkey. We first met in the US and travelled back to Istanbul together, many times.

Favorite Night Club: I’ve been to the Roxy many times when I visit Turkey, I quite like it especially when I go with friends.

Favourite Turkish Food: Zeytinyagli Kuru Dolma is one meal I enjoy making when I have friend’s come to visit.

Favorite Music: Definitely Davut Güloglu… he’s very good.

You can see more of Yasar’s pictures inside

Gay Guys in the Kitchen

26 January 2008

Throughout you will find several guys who love hanging out in their kitchen. And best of all you will find that their pictures show them having a stroking cock hot time. It’s quite amazing what you can dish up in the kitchen and these guys love their Turkish delights along with other sweets such as baklava and sekerpare.

You’ve met these guys before but I want to refresh your memory a little by listing a couple of these guys here. Anouar loves to play and show off his cock to guys who love looking at other guys. He enjoys playing in the kitchen and when you look through his photo set inside you will find him stripping down, from his t-shirt to his blue jeans until he is naked and his cock is hard and ready for who ever wants to play with him.

Duyal loves to work out in the kitchen also. I just hope when he was naked and sitting on the stove top he didn’t get a hot bottom because we all know that a burn will hurt but a thick cock sliding into a greased up ass will keep a cock nice and warm. And Duyal loves playing with other guys and he didn’t hesitate when he was asked to show off in his kitchen. He knew his pictures would appear inside and lots of guys would look at his set of pictures.

Imagine the fun you could have in the kitchen with both Anouar and Duyal.

Turkish Gay Boy Muammer

Your Name: Muammer

Gay Sex Fantasy: My gay sex fantasy would take place under the stars on a sandy beach at a nice village called Kilyos. It is on the Black Sea Coast. My lover and I would find a very secluded place and make love to each other under the stars.

Your First Love: Çelik was my first love. He touched me in many places. He stroked my cock and prepared me for my first ass fucking. The night was fantastic, it wasn’t rushed and we spent hours together. He was my first love and my first fuck.

Favorite Night Club: My favorite nightclub in Instanbul is the Shake’in Gay Cage Bar Restaurant, it’s located near Taksim Square.

Favourite Turkish Town: Making love in Kilyos would be so nice and it is a favorite place of mine but I also love Antalya which is knows as Turkey’s best resort city on the Mediterrenean. So many people visit during the summer months and it’s perfect for meeting lots of interesting people.

Favorite Turkish Food: I like my sweets and one of my favorites, is Sekerpare Dessert, it’s ingredients are simple, flour, eggs, butter, Pistachio and sugar.

You can see more of Muammer’s pictures inside

New Video Footage Show the treatment of LGBT People In Iraq by Police.

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25 January 2008

My Gay Fantasy

24 January 2008

My name is Kamal, I hope you like what you see because I enjoyed posing for the photos that you can see here and also in I love showing off a little especially when I am outside. I can be closer to nature and when I am naked I love letting the sun and the cool gentle breeze touch my body.

when I was asked to have my photos taken I got a real buzz because I knew horny gay guys like you would sit there and look at me. I can imagine you thinking about my hard cock and gently stroking it for me until I came, my hot cum coating your hand and my tummy.

At the same time I would love to share some special time with you in Istanbul. Discovering different sexual pleasures like giving wild blow jobs, ass fucking and rimming along the Bosphorus. I can picture us in the grounds of the Ottoman palace taking turns stripping out of our clothes before we shared those incredible minutes of wild gay sex outdoors. We wouldn’t want to get caught though. I love taking risks but I wouldn’t want to get you into trouble.

If you want to see more of me and my Turkish twinks and gay Arab friends, come on in to… the pleasure will be all mine.

Mediterranean Fantasy

23 January 2008

I met him on trip to Turkey. We were both visiting the seaside resorts along the Aegean and mediterranean coastlines. The seductive feel made us turn to each other for friendship, love and excitement.

We found Alanya and we both loved it. Well we were told about the Alanya and we decided to spend some time at the seaside resort. We were told that the whole town of Alanya is now a huge international Mediterranean resort, and I think they are right.

Lots of visitors stay there and they have hundreds of hotels and villas and most people have a great time. Everyone loves the long sand beaches and the water is so warm… the town is also fantastic to visit… If you go during the summer tourist season, expect to find lots of people there because it appears as if the population almost doubles during that time.

We spent out time enjoying the scenic pleasures and we did take time out to have some private time in our room. The view was spectacular, and so was Ali. He sucked my cock until I came, my cock throbed in his mouth. He used his tongue to tease me. I returned the favor before we had dinner and after we made love till the sun came up.

Lover Boy Tarkan

22 January 2008

Your Name: Tarkan

Favorite Position: On my knees, on my back, with my cock buried deep in a tight hole or mouth… I’m not worried about positions as long as me and my gay sex partner are comfortable and we both get pleasure each time we are together.

Your First Love: Urs knows how to make me feel good and he sucks my cock well and we enjoy each other’s company.

Favorite Night Club: I like going to the Roxy with my friends.

Favourite Turkish Food: Baklava is one of my favorite sweets and when I am in the US or visiting other countries I can go to a special shop and buy some homemade baklava.

Favorite Music: I enjoy listening from music Serdar Ortaç….

You can see more of Tarkan’s pictures at

Cute Gay Boy Jale

21 January 2008

Jale has to be one of the cutest gay boys ever to appear inside And I know he’s been written about and fantasized about for a long time, but he still keeps everyone smiling and he turns most guys on. He really is very sexy and if you found him in Turkey at one of the gay bars you may think he is a rent boy and he will service you.

However if you know him like the cameraman knows him, you will find that he likes to show off his cute body and does it in a way that will turn you on. From taking off his black top, his white track pants to showing off his hairy groin and cock that grows with each click of the camera, you will enjoy watching him.

His gorgeous body is yours to enjoy when you visit, home of Turkish twinks and gay Arab boys.

Tight Ass and Hard Cock

The cameraman caught Ilker posing for the camera before they had really started taking photos. He was showing off his ‘sexy look’ for everyone to see. Head to the side, with his collar turned up, hands on his hips and in front and legs wide apart. He kept everyone amused.

He was the cute gay boy that everyone loved. Well that is how he thought and he was even a little shy when asked to first lift his top a little to show off his nipple and when comfortable the cameraman asked him to be a little more daring and unzip his pants.

When he did, he pulled down his pants and his jocks releasing his growing cock. He held it up, so everyone could see how thick and hard it was, and his balls were tight, possibly full of hot sperm waiting to be released. Ilker stood up again and showed off his cock and balls, before strippingout of his clothes. Suddenly the shy boy wasn’t so shy and innocent any more.

He showed offer everything, his hairy crotch, the hair that ran from his groin all the way up and over his chest. And then like a good gay boy, he bent over, showing off his gorgeously hairy tight ass. And you can see his pictures like I did, inside

Unexpected Gay Sex Pleasures

The night started out innocent enough with two friends meeting for a game of cards, a movie and a few drinks. They met in one of the cafes along Taksim Square when they were both holidaying in Istanbul. Muzaffer couldn’t believe his luck when he met Nedim…. but at that stage nothing happened, they became friends but that was it and they visited places together.

When Nedim knocked on the door announcing his arrival, Muzaffer was a little shocked to find that his friend came with small gifts of Turkish delights to remind them of their meeting in Istanbul. He caught himself by surprise when he hugged Nedim and even more surprised when their lips met in a brief kiss before they pulled away from each other. They were both blushing from ear to ear when Muzaffer invited him into the lounge where he’d already set up the card table and had the media system ready for their videos to play.

What happened next caught him more by surprise…

Nedim placed the gifts on the table and took Muzaffer in his arms and kissed him again. They both couldn’t believe how good the other felt when they were close. Muzaffer felt like his heart was going to beat through his chest. And it beat harder and faster when Nedim began removing his clothes. He removed his shirt before letting his hands move down to his pants where he
unzipped them and unbuttoned the small button. He let them drop to the floor before his hand wrapped itself around his growing bulge in his jocks.

He didn’t say a word, he just let the lust take over him. Nedim helped him step out of his pants and let him guide him towards the bedroom where he knelt in front of him before releasing his huge cock from his jocks. Muzaffer heard Nedim’s shocked sigh when he saw the size of his cock, but it didn’t stop him from taking the head and gently sucking it into his mouth.

Muzaffer felt like he was going to cum almost as soon as Nedim sucked his cock into his mouth. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the feelings he was experiencing, but then he stopped Nedim…. He pulled him up off the floor and kissed him again, and this time he helped him out of his clothes. He wanted his friend to be naked also. Now they were both naked and they lay together on the bed touching and feeling and sucking each other.

It was like time stood still when Nedim knelt between his legs cupping his balls and closed his mouth down over his cock once more. This was just the beginning of a wild night for these two guys, new experiences and new pleasures and a first time with a guy for Muzaffer.

Check out more of Muzzafer and Nedim’s pictures inside

Cock Sucking Lover

18 January 2008

Your Name: Basri

Favorite Position: I love my partner being on top but at the same time I love the sixty-nine position because we can suck each other’s cocks at the same time.

Your First Love: Ismet was a fantastic lover, he took me slowly and made sure my virgin ass was spread wide for the very first time.

Favorite Night Club: When I go out, I like to enjoy myself with my friends and I guess that is why we would go to TT’s Gay Bar. We have a meal and then enjoy the music and make use of the dance floor. It’s perfect…

Favourite Turkish Food: I have sweet tooth and my lovers usually bring me Turkish delight when they visit. Home made Turkish delight is better than the bought sweets…

Favorite Music: I quite like listening to music performed by Serdar Ortaç.

You can see more of Basri’s pictures inside

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