All the best for 2008

31 December 2007

Today is the last day of 2007 and on behalf of all the gay boys, Turkish twinks, sexy gay amateurs and the makers of the Turkish Boy Blog and I’d like to wish you all the best for a safe, healthy, and happy 2008.

May all your gay sex fantasies come true and you can experience many sexual options as you can. I hope all your wishes come true!

Yeni yilinizi kutlar, saglik ve basarilar dileriz!!

sexy Gay Boy Mehmet

30 December 2007

Your Name: Mehmet

Favorite Position: I am versatile and I love all positions. But my favorite is one that I am sure most guys would love. I love taking control and giving my partner a blowjob is one of the most personal sexual experiences one can enjoy. It is very sensual and romantic and we can become one.

Your First Love: My first love was Sharif. We had a very private time together, we loved teasing each other and our sensual sexual moments were something I lived for.

Favorite Night Club: I like visiting Prive, it is one of the oldest of present gay clubs in Istanbul. It can get very noisy late into the night, but it is still a good place to listen to the music…

Favourite Turkish Food: I enjoy eating Zeytinyagli Kuru Dolma which is eggplants and bell peppers stuffed with rice, onions, olive oil, sugar, dried mints, cinnamon, cumin, black pepper, salt and some lemon juice.

Favorite Music: I love listening to Candan Erçetin, who is one of the most powerful female voices in Turkey.

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Weird Gay Boy Soufiane

29 December 2007

Your Name: Soufiane

Favorite Position: I love being taking from behind as I can imagine a lot of guys like. The position is perfect for a full on ass pounding and I can feel my partner’s balls hitting against mine when he fucks me hard and fast.

Your First Love: Ali was my first love. We met in a Turkish bath when I needed some time to myself. I’d been working as a rent boy and only enjoyed oral sex and I needed time out and it was there that I met him. His touches were so gentle and made me grow hard so quickly. I fell in love so quickly…

Favorite Night Club: I love going to the Barbahce, it’s a place to meet real gay guys instead of rent boys.

Favourite Turkish Food: My mom makes the best Hamsili Pilav!

Favorite Music: My favorite music comes from a band called Mogollar they have been around for some time letting others enjoy Turkish ethno rock.

You can see more of Soufiane’s pictures inside

Gay Boys to Remember

28 December 2007

I was told today that is set to grow through 2008. The site owners want to keep the site unique and full of Arabian gay boys and Turkish twinks. However it is hard to find the Turkish and Arabian gay boys but the search is on. Over the past year some of the horniest guys we’ve written about include Cengiz and Baba.


Cengiz is a horny guy who loves to entertain and sitting down with him with a glass of wine is an experience some guys would give anything to enjoy. He is hot and very sexy and he knows how to make love. He is versatile and loves sex with gay guys.


Baba is very sexy in an exciting and stimulating way. He is a muscular man and knows how to give a guy a wild and sexual time. He loves pleasing his lover and enjoys the pleasures his partners give him.

Gay Dancing Boy

27 December 2007

Your Name: Muhamed

Favorite Position: I love taking control and my favorite position is on top because my cock slides in so deep and I can penetrate my lover’s ass as hard and fast as I want to.

Your First Love: Onur was my first love. And I still see him from time to time when I visit the gay bars in Istanbul.

Favorite Night Club: TT’s Gay Bar – located in Sehit Muhtar Caddesi Ilkyaz – it is exclusively for gay men only. It has a dance floor and live music and I love it when the DJ is making the music also. It’s perfect to take a friend to have a fantastic night out.

Favourite Turkish Food: I love Turkish Delight… it’s sweet and if made well it tastes beautiful. Some countries try to make it but nothing beats real Turkish Delight from Turkey.

Favorite Music: I quite like Duman and I am thinking of going to see them at the Istanbul Hilton Convention Center on New Years Eve. For those who don’t know, Duman is a Turkish alternative rock band.

You can see more of Muhamed’s pictures inside

Gay Bar in Taksim Square

26 December 2007

I wanted to take a good friend to some where a little different when he came to visit from the United States. It was the first time for him in Turkey and I was pleased when he asked if he could come and stay with me. My heart skipped a beat because we had been in contact via webcam and emails and chatrooms but we had never met in real life before.

He was very attractive and in a way I thought he was more of a man than I was because he was always well dressed in modern suits and he worked in an office where he had to dress that way each day. He was a lawyer for a fairly big firm and I thought he was more upper class than I was. But his attitude was always friendly and we got on so well.

I worked my days in one of the Turkish baths but I wasn’t going to tell him that until he arrived. That was one secret I had kept. No… I never worked as a rent boy, but I did work well and I had a few lovers from overseas.

I wanted to impress him a little so I decided to take him to a place called the Other Side Cafe Bar. It was here that we felt very relaxed and we could talk for a little. We enjoyed a nice dinner, selecting a combination of Turkish and international dishes.

other Side is a gay bar in Instanbul, it’s located at Lamatine Caddesi 11/4, near Taksim Sqaure and their opening hours were from 3pm to 2am in the mornings. We ate and then enjoyed the nighlife together. We didn’t have to venture away from here because it was very cozy for both of us. This gay bar welcome gay men from other countries and we were both so very relaxed together.

When I told him about me working in the Turkish baths, he asked me if I had ever experienced gay sex in a hammam. I could honestly tell him that I hadn’t. It was then that he looked at me and asked me if I would take him to one where we could experience our first time together.

Our night went well… it was our first night together and throughout we talked about giving each other a blowjob, and our first time fucking that we would soon experience. I knew then that we would get on well.


Bi Threesome in Taksim Gonen

Our threesome was an experience to remember for a long time. It was once a fantasy but sometimes fantasies come true in many ways and this Christmas was very different and very unexpected.

We found ourselves in Istanbul. Work had kept us away from our families but at least we were together in this very different but friendly place. The people were fantastic, welcoming us to join them when we thought we would be alone. Yusuf became more than a friend when he arrived to pick us up for the day.

Kerry and I were only just starting to get ready for a special Christmas dinner with his family and he caught us in the shower together. He walked straight in and smiled at us and we couldn’t believe that he was as open minded as we were. Although Kerry was a little shocked to see him standing there watching us together.

In moments he shocked us a little more by stripping down and joining us in the shower. He kissed us both, the three of us hugging and him wishing us a Merry Christmas. I didn’t flinch at all when he kissed me and his hand reached down to touch my cock. It grew hard in his hand and holding us both he continued to kiss me. It was then that I realized Kerry was moaning, his fingers were playing with her clit and I could tell she was turned on immensely.

He knelt down in front of us. My cock was close to his lips when he opened wide and sucked the full length of my cock deep into his mouth. He continued to play with Kerry until he felt her cum on his fingers. Her legs were shaking and she held onto me and kissed me while still cumming for Yusuf.

It was at that moment that he stopped sucking and stood up. Our cocks were hard and he encouraged Kerry to kneel down with her back against the wall in the shower. He turned me around and I was facing her and with my hands pressed firmly against the wall of the shower my cock slipped into her warm mouth.

I felt Yusuf behind me, he was kneeling, spreading my ass cheeks and I felt his tongue, pressed firmly against my puckered hole. My moans told him how much I loved feeling him tongue fuck my ass. And it was then that I realized he was soaping up his fingers, making them nice and slippery… he slipped one finger deep inside my ass. My virgin ass opened for him. The pain was incredible but the pleasure was fantastic.

Slowly he worked it in and out of my ass, until he felt me opening up to him. But then he stopped.

Kerry continued to suck my cock when I felt him standing behind me. His cock was hard, and I felt it pressing against my tight hole. My heart was beating fast when I felt the head of his cock slip into my virgin ass. I felt Kerry holding my thighs as Yusuf pushed forward, his cock penetrating me, my ass was on fire and the pain was very intense.

I screamed into the shower, my ass was burning and he stopped for a moment, until once again I was used to his size. When he thought I was ready he pushed the entire length of his cock deep into my ass and slowly fucked me. The pain turned into pleasures out of this world.

He fucked my ass and I fucked Kerry’s mouth. My cock was hard and throbbing and I knew I was about to orgasm. Kerry knew that it was about to happen also and sucked me hard, causing a suction to happen around the head and when I felt Yusuf thrust forward, I felt his cock pulsate inside me, the first shot of his hot cum inside me, caused me to cum, shooting my hot cum down Kerry’s throat.

Yusuf let his cock slip from my ass, his hot cum overflowed mixed with the water that washed it away. Kerry stood with us, and we all kissed. Our bi threesome, our first ever bi threesome was experience in Taksim Gonen and we were sure it wasn’t our last.

We quickly dried, changed and Yusuf took us to meet his family where we celebrated Christmas together. Our first Turkish Christmas and our first bi threesome together.

Shy Gay Boy Dogan

24 December 2007

Your Name: Dogan

Favorite Position: I love being taken from behing. The feeling of my lover sliding his cock deep into my ass is an incredible feeling. The pleasure and pain is something that one remembers for a long time, my cock gets very hard when I get fucked in the ass.

Your First Love: Burak – yes.. he was my first love. He gave me a work out when we were together, he didn’t take it slow at all, he fucked me fast and hard and he took me in my favorite position… from behind.

Favorite Night Club: To get to my favorite club, you need to cross the Bosphorous in a boat. It has an oriental feel to it but I love it. It is a place you can relax, by the pool, on the sun terrace and enjoy a meal in the restaurant. The views of the river are very spectacular. This club is Club 29 – Adnan Saygun Cad, Ulus Parki Içi 1, Ulus Istanbul.

Favourite Turkish Food: I like something simple when it comes to food especially when I am in a hurry. I like Doner kebabs, they are very tasty.

Favorite Music: I like music by Serdar Ortaç.

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Gay Boy Thoughts

23 December 2007

I love the sound he makes when I suck his cock. It’s a wonderful cock, that grows long and hard and throbs the moment I touch it. I love when he moans and sighs or gasps when I flick the head with the tip of my tongue. I love making his toes curl from the wild sensations that I produce when I suck him or stroke him.

When he holds my head and fucks my mouth with his cock, I am always ready to slide a finger deep into his ass. He cries out just before he cums. His orgasm is intense as he shoots hot cum deep into my mouth. I swallow every drop , his cum is hot and salty. I love our special moments together and cock sucking is one of the closest moments a man can have.

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Murat Gets Personal

22 December 2007

Your Name: Murat

Favorite Position: I love being on the bottom when he lifts my legs high and slides his cock deep into my ass. It’s an incredible feeling. Looking deep into his eyes while he fucks me is very special.

Your First Love: My first love was Adem. He was a gorgeous boy but he loved himself too much and forgot that pleasures were for both of us.

Favorite Night Club: I love Soğancı Sokak No: 7 Kat 5 Cihangir İstanbul. My friend and I made our way up to Fifth Floor and it was an experience to remember. The food was perfect, the music and the people were wonderful.

Favourite Turkish Food: I love Guvec because it is fantastic on a cold winter night. it is full of lamb, eggplant, carrots, potato, onion, green peas, tomato paste and spices. And it is nice to share with a horny lover…

Favorite Music: Seksendört – I am even a fan club member.

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Nassat Shares All

21 December 2007

Your Name: Nassat

Favorite Position: Versatile – I love being able to enjoy both pleasures. Giving and receiving, cock sucking and fucking and being fucked and suck.

Your First Love: Mehmet – he knew how to suck my cock well and we both felt so comfortable together. Laying together in front of a warm fire after making love was an incredible experience.

Favorite Night Club: I like going out to the REINA Muallim Naci Caddesi 120 – Ortaköy. It’s a place where I can eat and enjoy the night away with my lover. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a night club but more than a place to enjoy a fantastic night out.

Favourite Turkish Food: I have a bit of a sweet tooth and that is why I love Baklava

Favorite Music: My favorite music is Turkish pop rock by Renkli Ruyalar Oteli – Teoman.

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Nadir and Riza Fuck Session

20 December 2007

I can imagine his gorgeous face, smiling in pleasure and pain as I pounded into him, and I can imagine how his big, beautiful cock of his would throb and pulse as I stroked it. It would be getting stiffer and bigger as he got closer and closer to cumming. I’d cum inside him about the same time as he orgasmed, both of us shuddering and groaning as the wild pleasures washed over us.

When we finish he would pull me down for a passionate kiss at the very end, thanking me for another great fuck session.

Nimble and Quick Haldun

Haldun is one horny guy that knows how to get into many positions and he would be fantastic to watch him in action with

another guy. I loved looking through his pictures because for one he is a gorgeously handsome man with a cute smile and when

he looks at you, it makes you want to take him in your arms and fuck him all night long.

I pictured watching him release his cock from his jeans before stripping down naked. His cock was hard and erect and then he began to put his body into positions one could only dream of doing. He lifted his legs and locked them into place behind his head. The look was incredible especially when he smiled up at who was with him.

His ass cheeks were spread wide and his asshole was there for the rimming or reaming. I wondered what it would be like to slide my cock into his ass while he sucked his own cock. But once again, they were thoughts and I wondered what would happen if he came. His hot cum would cover his face or shoot deep down his throat…

The moment was perfect and you can enjoy his pictures too inside the members’ area of

My Gay Sex Fantasy

18 December 2007

When I saw some pictures of Urs and Tarkan together, I realized that I had looked at their pictures many times and now a fantasy hit me because when I saw Tarkan fucking Urs’ mouth, I wished it were me. I wondered if dreams could come true and if I showed my lover Adem these pictures would he take me like Tarkan fucks Urs.

My gay sex fantasy would see me sucking him slowly. Working my mouth back and forth along the shaft with my tongue flicking the head of his cock. He holds my head in his hands and fucks my mouth, fast and hard until I feel him making me gag a little. I can feel his cock pulsating on my tongue moments before the first spray of cum hit the back of my throat and many spurts of his hot seed fill my mouth almost to overflowing.

I don’t spill a drop and because I was a good gay boy, he asked me to kneel for him and I know he is stripping out of his clothes before he fucks me slowly….

I love looking through Tarkan and Urs’ pictures and I am sure you will too. Check them out when you can, it’s what fantasies are all about!

Sexy Deniz

17 December 2007

Sometimes spending time within the members’ area of can be a little bit challenging because there are so many gay boys to look at. There is a huge list of names and you have no idea what he will look like when you click his name. The link takes you to his pictures and when I did that today I found Deniz.

Deniz was laying back on the bench, he looked like he was ready for a work out and I could see his cock bulging in his jocks. It would have been so nice to reach out and touch him for real but I was miles away, almost like a voyeur viewing him from a distance. All I could do was picture what it would be like to feel his cock in my hand, letting me stroke him until he comes. I knew I could give him a work out like he had never had before.

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