Soapy Ass Boy

30 November 2007

When I looked through I found Jamal he was getting ready to have a shower, so he decided while the camera was there he would put on a good show for the photographers. It was almost like he knew that the cameras would catch him and he certainly put on a good show.

I believe every guy watching him had a hard cock when they watched him lather the soap over his ass and almost slide a finger deep inside. Jamal looked like he was really enjoying himself and his cock was nice and hard when he looked over his shoulder at the camera.

Slip into amd see Jamal play in the shower, I am sure you will enjoy his pictures as much as I did.

Turkish Bath Fantasy

I almost dropped to my knees when a sexy Turk surprised me with his greeting. “Selam! How can I help you today??

I found myself a little nervous when I replied and I didn’t really know why. “I’m here to experience one of your find rubdowns and a bath. I’ve been told so much about you and how good you are with your hands!?

I couldn’t help my nervous dribble. This Turk was so horny and I was having trouble hiding my hard-on. His response was to point to a sign that gave me a few options but there was one in particular I was looking for. I wanted a bath where he gave me a massage. I was told it was the best one to have.

When I told him I wanted the Bath ‘n Massage with a friendly masseuse he smiled and led me to the dressing room in the back. He handed me a small towel and asked me to remove all my clothes. I smiled at him and did as he requested and when I removed my clothes my cock was hard and ready for play but I wasn’t sure if he was keen to massage me in the way that I needed him to.

I began removing my trousers when I saw him looking at me. “My name is Adem, come with me and I’ll get your bath started.?

I followed Adem to the next room which he called a bathing chamber. “Relax in here and the moisture will make your skin feel very nice.?

He showed me how to rinse myself down and I sat back enjoyed the steam bath. I had a private bathing chamber which was perfect because I was very nervous. I lay back and closed my eyes and when I could hear movement, I rinsed my body off ready for Adem when he came back.

Adem asked me to climb up on the marble bench and with my face down, Adem began to work his magic on me. His fingers touching me felt fantastic. He was a masseuse who knew how to turn me on.

He scrubbed me down with a glove that felt almost like it was made of sandpaper but I knew all he was doing was getting rid of dry skin… he told me that he was using a glove called a kese and I wondered how the hell a guy doing this could turn anyone on. But when he asked me to turn onto my back and he began scrubbing my tummy, I knew.

When I looked into his eyes, my cock began to grow and throb. And I nearly came when he asked me if I wanted the works. I nodded and gasped for breath when he took my cock in his hand and began stroking it. He began masturbating me and I couldn’t move. It was almost like I was glued to the marble bench.

I closed my eyes and it was then that I felt him take the head of my cock into his mouth. He sucked me, and I could feel my cock growing harder in his mouth. The feelings were incredible. It didn’t take him long to get my balls tingling. I was on the edge for only a few moments when his hand grabbed my balls and gently squeezed. I came, shooting my hot cum into his mouth.

He waited until he had milked my balls dry before letting my cock slip from his mouth. Adem looked down at me and smiled. “Are you sure you want the works??

All I could do was nod… and whisper ‘yes’ before he asked me to turn over and lay on my stomach. He climbed up onto the table and I felt him spread my ass cheeks and I woke to my alarm making a hell of a noise beside me…

Fantasies can come true and maybe one day this one will.

Gay Fantasy Boy

When I slipped into like I do quite often I found myself looking down the long list of Turkish Twinks and Arabian gay boys and my eyes settled on Atakan. Atakan was liked by the guy taking his pictures.

He caught the right side of him, and his come fuck me eyes made me almost cum in my pants. He is very muscular because he works out at the gym and his cock looks so good when he works his hand around it and strokes it for you and me.

Watching him masturbate was a fantasy that many young guys would love to experience. But I know many guys who would love Atakan to masturbate them before they return the favor. Come and see Atakan’s and many other gay boys’ pictures inside

Gay Fetishes and Turkish Delights

27 November 2007

Inside the members’ area of you will find lots Turkish delights, twinks and Arab gay boys along with horny boys who have a fetish. These gay boys are incredible really and being dominated is all part of the fun.

One set of pictures caught my eye and with a ball gag in his mouth, he is bound and he enjoys his pleasure and pain. One thing this gay boy enjoyed was having nipple clamps attached to his nipples. They pinch them tightly and make his squirm a little. But he will never complain because if he does, he will be punished severely.

You can see his fetish pictures and others inside

Cute Hairy Gay Lover

If you ever want to shower with a friend, then it’s time to shower with Erkan. He is a cute guy who loves to please then men he is with at the time. If you ever visit Istanbul, you are about to find some guys like him.

They spend time in the gay bars, sometimes looking for gay boys to play with or rent boys. Their cock sucking skills were perfect, with mouths that knew how to suck a cock, working their tongues over the fat bulging head of throbbing cocks and making their lover cum so quickly.

The day the photographers caught Erkan in the shower he was getting ready to see his lover. I loved looking at his dark skin and hairy chest and he was a cute guy who I believe will pleasure lots of men and gay boys. You can check out Erkam and his sexy body at

Arabian Gay Lover

On of the most disorganized sets at features Erdem. He peels an orange while relaxing on his bed. The young Arabian is wearing only a white sleeveless t-shirt that is pulled up over his hairless chest. His abdomen has a strip of black hair running from his navel down to his hairy pubic mound. Erdem’s nutsack and lower legs are also very hairy. He stands up on his bed and turns around to expose his hairless buttocks.

After stripping off the white sleeveless t-shirt, the young Arabian masturbates while on his bed. However, he is then shown completely dressed in a beige jacket, white sleeveless t-shirt, dark blue jeans and black socks. Erdem strips off his clothing while on his bed. He masturbates before getting off the bed and sitting on a upside down wastebasket. The young Arabian is shown fully clothed again but wearing a dark jacket.

Erdem strips again and masturbates again until he climaxes. His hot semen lands on his strip of black hair running from his navel down to his hairy pubic mound.

Berkan And Gehrard Captured

24 November 2007

I was lifting weights at the local gym when I spotted the two young Turks working out. They both had short black hair and slender bodies. I knew that they were gay by the way that they looked at each other. I had seen that same look when lovers of any sex are together. I knew that I had to capture them on film so I put down the weights that I was lifting and walked towards them. The young Turk looked at me as if I was interrupting a magical moment.

I introduced myself and explained that I was a photographer. They introduced themselves as Berkan, who was wearing a sleeveless gray t-shirt, and Gehrard, who was wearing a necklace. I then told them that I wanted to capture them having sex on film. They looked at each other before talking the offer over. I did not have long to wait for the reply and I took them straight from the local gym to my studio.

The young Turks were still sweaty from working out and I placed them on the wooden bench next to the large walk-in shower. I grabbed my camera and loaded it with film. By the time I started snapping pictures, Berkan had his gym shorts off while Gehrard was wearing just his black jock strap. The latter was pulling the front of his boyfriend’s white jock strap to the side to reveal his young cock. I quickly started snapping pictures.

Gehrard wasted no time in wrapping his moist mouth around his boyfriend’s young cock. Berkan’s uncircumcised penis grew longer and thicker in his mouth. I had the urge to put the camera aside and join the young Turks. Instead, I continued to capture the gay oral sex action. Gehrard sucked his boyfriend’s young cock until he was ready for something else.

The young Turk then pulled his own throbbing tool out of his black jock strap. I was amazed that his young cock was half erect since it had not been touched by his boyfriend. The young Turks placed their throbbing tools together and looked into each other’s brown eyes. I heard Berkan whisper how much he wanted to fuck his boyfriend in the ass.

Gehrard laid down on the wooden bench and placed his hands on the back of his head. His boyfriend positioned himself between his legs. Berkan plunged his young cock deep inside his anus. I snapped pictures of the gay anal sex action that was happening before me. Gehrard wrapped a hand around his young cock and began masturbating while his anus was being fucked.

I did not have to wait long for the young Turks to reach their climaxes. Gehrard exploded first and his hot semen erupted from his throbbing tool and hit his boyfriend’s chin. Berkan pulled his young cock out of the tight anal cavity that he was fucking and sprayed his fresh cum on the flat abdomen before him.

I put the camera down and stripped off my clothes. I joined the young Turks in the shower and they were soon hard again. We soaped up each other’s bodies before we had a threesome. I was glad that I had Berkan and Gehrard captured on film.

Sexy Abi

23 November 2007

The third set of Abi has the young Turk wearing a black long-sleeved shirt with a swirl printed on the front, faded blue jeans and brown leather shoes with black laces. He has a full head of black hair and clean-shaven face. Abi lifts he black long-sleeved shirt to show off hairy abdomen before sitting down in a chair. He pulls his faded blue jeans down to expose his black boxer briefs and hairy thighs.

The young Turk stands up and pulls his black long-sleeved shirt up over his hairy chest. He strips off his shirt before pulling his black boxer briefs down. Abi’s young cock is slightly above average and he has a thick patch of pubic hair. He sits back down in the chair and starts to play with his young cock.

After Abi’s young cock is fully erect, he strips off his clothes. He stands up and puts his right foot on the chair. The young Turk turns around and squeezes his hairy buttocks. He turns around again and starts humping the chair. And you can see his pictures inside

Young Turk Timur

22 November 2007

One of the most bizarre sets at features Timur. He is shirtless and his arms are through a giant metal wheel attached to a wall while his wrists are shackled to a wooden beam running horizontally behind him. The young Turk has short cropped hair and a small patch of hair on chin. His narrow chest and flat abdomen is slightly hairy. Timur is able to strip off his faded blue jeans while bound.

Wearing only a pair of black briefs, the young Turk’s ankles are shackled to another wooden beam running horizontally behind him. A black leather collar with a short chain leash is placed around his neck. Timur’s young cock is pulled out of his black briefs before he is blindfolded. The chain leash is then wrapped around a wooden beam above him. A long chain is wrapped around the young Turk’s slightly hairy chest and flat abdomen.

Cum in my Shower

Flicking through the picture sets in I came across Bayar. The photographer had caught him getting ready to have a shower and of course when people are watching he decided to play with himself and the guy behind the camera. He stripped slowly and climbed into the shower.

He washed himself, using the soap to make a lather and his cock was hard because he was thinking about masturbating himself in front of you. He knew you would be watching him shower and stroke his cock. His thoughts went back to the hotel in Taksim Square where an older, more mature man met him in a bar thinking he was a rent boy. He took him back to his room and all he wanted Bayar to do was shower in front of him and to cum in his shower.

He did as he was asked and he did exactly the same for you while the cameraman snapped picture after picture. He stroked his cock and before long just like he did in that hotel, he had an orgasm in the shower. You can see his pictures inside the members’ area of Enjoy.

Tarkin and Urs

20 November 2007

Inside there are many sets of pictures of Arabian gay boys and Turkish Twinks and two guys in particular seem to attract my attention, sometimes more than others. I believe it is because when you look through their three sets of pictures there is so much happening.

You will find them giving each other blowjobs and I have to admit their cock sucking is a huge turn on. Ass rimming, kissing, and ass fucking action is fantastic and a huge turn on. These two gay boys know how to give each other pleasures that some of us have never experienced. And if you have experienced it, you will understand how good a mouth on a cock feels, how good it feels when a cock slides into a tight ass, or how good the receiver feels when those pleasures are given.

Visit and see Tarkin and Urs in action.

Filling His Tight Ass

19 November 2007

I first met Gedim at a local restaurant in Istanbul a few weeks ago. He was one of the waiters wearing a white shirt, black pants and a red bow tie. I was so impressed by his social manners and good looks that I asked if he ever modeled. He told me that he had not but would be interested. I gave him my business card and told me to call me if he ever decided that he wanted to be a male model.

The young Turk called me a few days later and asked me if the offer was still valid. I told him that it was and we set up an appointment for a photo shoot. He arrived a few minutes early and I explained that I photographed nude young Turks. I had to look at his identification to make sure that he was over eighteen. He was, in fact, a month away from his nineteenth birthday.

After filling out some paperwork, I led Gedim to my photography studio. I began snapping pictures as he undressed. He could not wait to take off his white shirt and black pants. His chest and abdomen was as hairless as his face. A nice bulge was noticeable in the front of his black briefs. I knew that I could not wait for him take off his underwear to see his young cock.

The young Turk ran his hands over his hairless chest before he playing with his nipples. I watched as the tiny buds grew hard. The nice bulge in his black briefs grew bigger as well. He pulled down his underwear to reveal his young cock. I tried to stay professional as I snapped the pictures but the sight of his half-erect manhood was making me horny.

Gedim turned around and placed his hands on his hairless buttocks. His smile was so inviting that I wanted to put the camera down and kneel before him. I wondered how he would taste as I snapped pictures of his hairless buttocks. I almost lost it when he spread his firm butt to reveal his hairless anus. He looked over his shoulder and gave me the biggest smile that I have ever seen.

The young Turk turned back around so that he was facing me. He wrapped his hand around his young cock and began stroking it. I snapped pictures as his manhood grew longer and thicker. I felt my own penis coming to life in my pants and I knew that I would have to release it soon.

Snapping pictures of Gedim masturbating was making me horny. I knew that I had to have him when he kneeled on the floor. He looked so delicious that I put the camera down and stripped off my clothes. The young Turk sucked my penis until it was wet with his saliva. I then positioned myself behind him and spread his hairless buttocks wide. I slowly entered his hairless anus and fucked him until I climaxed.

My hot semen filled the young Turk’s hairless anus and I pulled my spent cock out. I sucked his young cock until he exploded inside my mouth. I savored his precious seed before I swallowed every drop.

Sexy Gay Boy Ozkan

Sitting in a chair that looks like it belongs to his grandparents, Ozkan is wearing his boxer briefs. He has short spiked black hair that makes his ears look large. The young Turk is clean shaven but has hairy legs. He has a slightly hairy chest and his abdomen is well-defined. Ozkan has a tattoo on his right shoulder.

The young Turk strips off his boxer briefs and sits in the chair naked. His pubic mound is neatly trimmed and his young cock is uncircumcised. Ozkan begins masturbating while sitting and he puts his left leg on the chair. He decides to get more comfortable and moves to the bedroom. The young Turk masturbates while on the bed.

With a fully erect young cock, Ozkan stands up. He turns around to show off his hairy firm buttocks. The young Turk sits on a small table before moving to the backyard. He then works out before taking a shower.

Young Arabian Gay Boy

17 November 2007

The young Arabian is wearing black silk boxers while relaxing on his bed. He is short with shortly cropped black hair and a thin goatee. Serkan is wearing earrings in both ears and he has a tattoo on his right shoulder. His narrow chest is hairless but he has some hair around his navel. The young Arabian pulls his limp young cock out of his black silk boxers.

Serkan takes off his black silk boxers and kneels on the bed. He turns around to show off his hairless firm buttocks. The young Arabian sits on the bed for a better view of his young cock. He is uncircumcised and has thin patch of pubic hair. Serkan is then shown wearing tan pants and a black belt. He strips them off to show his black silk boxers.

The young Arabian must be bisexual for a redheaded woman is shown sitting on the bed with him. She touches his hand and seems to be saying something to him. He then poses some more in and out of his black silk boxers. Check out more Arabian gay boys and Turkish twinks at

Gay Boy Jock Strap

I was unprepared for what Zeki was about to show me the other day. He had called earlier with excitement in his voice and told me that he had something to show me. When I arrived at the young Arabian’s apartment, he was wearing a blue t-shirt, jogging pants and black shoes. I asked him what was so important that he just had to show me. Zeki lifted up his blue t-shirt to reveal his hairless abdomen before pulling his jogging pants down to reveal his white jock strap.

The young Arabian was excited about wearing the white jock strap. He turned around so that his back was towards me and showed me his firm buttocks. The sight of Zeki’s bare butt was turning me on so I pulled my penis out and began stroking it. He pulled off his t-shirt before turning around again to face me. The young Arabian placed a hand inside the white jock strap and brought his young cock out.

I knelt before Zeki and wrapped my moist mouth around his manhood. His young cock grew longer and thicker as I sucked it. The young Arabian was so excited that he quickly exploded in my mouth. Instead of swallowing all of his hot seed, I spit some of it on his white jock strap. I put Zeki’s spent young cock back inside and began licking it.

The young Arabian was soon hard again. He sucked my penis until it was fully erect. I fucked Zeki while he wore his new white jock strap. Check out Zeki in his jock strap at

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