Long Haired Sexy Nassat

I have no clue as what is up with Nassat and his obsession with name brand clothing. He arrived at my studio apartment wearing a motor jacket, a black t-shirt and blue jeans. The young Turk has a rough handsome look with long hair and clean-shaven face. He could not wait to lift his black t-shirt to show me his hairless chest and abdomen once I started snapping pictures.

The young Turk pulled down his blue jeans to expose his name brand black boxer briefs. He pulled them down before turning around to show off his firm hairless young butt. Nassat laid down on the floor and stroked his young cock. He had a nice thick triangle of curly pubic hair above his young cock. I watched as the young Turk’s penis grew hard while he masturbated.

Nassat sat cross legged and asked me if he was turning me on. I unzipped my fly and pulled out my stiff shaft. The young Turk licked his lips and asked for a taste. I stepped closer and he wrapped his moist mouth around my hard cock. He gave me a great blowjob until I exploded. Nassat swallowed all of my hot semen.

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Clean and Showered Bulent

I arrived at Bulent’s apartment just as he was finishing his shower. He answered the door wearing a white towel wrapped around his slender waist. The young Arabian’s short black hair was still wet and I could smell the soap that he had washed with. He invited me into his apartment and asked what I wanted. I told Bulent that I was in neighborhood and thought I would stop by to say hello.

The young Arabian knew that I was there for more than just visiting for he unwrapped the white towel from his slender waist. Like his chest and abdomen, his pubic mound was hairless. Bulent’s uncircumcised cock was just as long as I remembered it being. I kneeled before him and pulled the foreskin back to reveal his purple crown. I kissed the tip before bringing it into my moist mouth.

I sucked Bulent’s young cock and felt it grow bigger inside my moist mouth. As I sucked, I played with his hairless balls. They soon boiled with hot sperm but I did not want the young Arabian to explode just yet. I stripped off my clothes and spread my buttocks wide for him. Bulent took the invitation and licked my anus until it was wet with his saliva. He then plunged his young cock deep inside me. Bulent fucked me until he exploded inside my anal cavity.

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Dildo Ass Fucking

Tarkan normally loves having gay sex with another gay Arab boy but today he was all by himself and he was feeling horny. In the attic where no one could see him playing with himself, he began slowly rubbing himself through his jeans. His cock was hard and he imagined he was with his gay lover.

His gorgeous looks were a huge turn on and it was a shame that all the guys he knew were away. He pictured his lover sliding his hands inside his jocks and holding his throbbing cock tightly. he could almost feel him stroking him and instantly he thought of the fantast night in the hamman in Turkey when he first had sex. The moment was perfect.

He quickly stripped out of his jeans and released his cock from his jocks. Tarkan began pinching his nipples and playing before removing his jocks so he had complete access to his cock, balls and ass. he began fingering his tight asshole getting it ready for a massive toy to slide inside him.

He fucked his tight ass with the massive dildo while stroking his cock. He slides the dildo deep inside him, fucking himself while stroking and you can see all his pictures where he he cums inside Istanboys.com.

Turkish Boy Update

28 October 2007

We’re almost through another month here at the Turkish Boy Blog and we’ve seen many Arab gay boys and Turkish Twinks along with some amateur gay guys too. We’ve experienced threesomes and couples, plenty of cock sucking and ass fucking and much more. Today I have to say that one horny gay boy inside Istanboys.com really did catch my eye.

Onur, is horny, he is sexy and he has the look that a lot of men would love to enjoy. He is very passionate, he looks like he could use his mouth well giving a wild blow job, but at the same time his ass looks good enough to eat… or fuck.

When you watch him in action through his pictures you will see just what I mean. I am sure you will enjoy Onur as much as I did and it would be great to watch him live in action with another gay boy or mature gay lover. Gay sex is fantastic to watch when you can and you can find some fantastic gay sex moments inside Istanboys.com.

Tight Virgin Ass

27 October 2007

Muhamed’s eyes caught my attention along with his cheeky looks. His pictures inside Istanboys.com were incredible, they reflected how he was in real life. Sweet, almost innocent and he was a gorgeous gay boy waiting for someone to take him and fuck him. I could imagine another man sinking his cock into his sweet mouth, or deep into his tight virgin ass.

Even though Muhamed’s pictures are few they allow you to have some wild fantasies and I really hope that over time the guys here at Istanboys.com will find him again and capture him, not only in pictures but also in a video. I’d love to watching him strip and stroke his cock for all members. His pictures are good but I believe we all want to see more of this horny gay boy.

Muhamed Visits Barbache

Cahil loved men. He had walked the streets looking for his mature lover and he found him in Barbache. It was a fantastic evening, very peaceful for a Turkish winter’s evening. The tourists that normally fill the place had all stayed in their rooms. It was perfect.

Cahil smiled and played with his drink while looking into Muhamed’s eyes. Cahil loved men, horny men and he really didn’t mind what flavor they were. They could have been American, English or Turkish; it really didn’t matter as long as they gave him love in return for the time they spend with him.

Muhamed was different. He accepted for him as he was, and his gorgeous young man looks, his smooth brown skin and his muscular body was a turn on for most men, including Muhamed.

Muhamed was older, more mature than Cahil, his body was solid and hairy and his dark black hair made his dark eyes stand out. His lips were incredible especially when he kissed Cahil. Muhamed worked in the city and these moments were sensual for him. He had a wife at home and Cahil was his young lover who knew how to please him.

They hardly said a word while they were in public and when they finished their drinks they began walking the street to Cahil’s tiny apartment. All the time they didn’t walk together as much as they wanted to and it wasn’t until they were inside that they held each other. The moment was one they both loved, and Cahil savored every moment.

They kissed passionately. Muhamed holding Cahil in his arms, their kisses were hungry and Muhamed’s tongue forced its way into his young lover’s mouth.

Cahil pulled away only long enough for them to both undress. They needed to make love urgently and Cahil fell to his knees taking Muhamed’s cock into his mouth. His tongue snaking across the head, catching the pre-cum that was already dripping from the tiny slit.

His swollen shaft throbbed in his mouth and while he sucked he caressed his tight balls until he could feel them getting harder while he sucked. Muhamed, thrust his throbbing cock deep into his mouth, pushing it further down his throat until Cahil was whimpering, and almost gagging.

Muhamed didn’t want to cum this way. He pulled Cahil off his cock and helped him up. Cahil knew what he had to do. He made his way to his bed and knelt on the edge with his ass facing his mature lover. He spread his cheek wide, his tight hole twitching nervously as it always did.

Muhamed grabbed the lube from the bed side table and coated his cock in it. He pressed the head against the tight hole and pushed. Cahil relaxed and felt the head of Muhamed’s massive cock slip into him. He whimpered and cried out but, the pain was bearable and it soon turned to pleasure as he rocked back and forth on the massive cock.

With long slow strokes his hard cock slid deeper inside Cahil’s tight ass. He would pull it out only to sink it all the way back in again.

Cahil’s cock was hard and it was dripping pre-cum onto the sheets below and he knew Muhamed was about to cum. He could feel his cock pulsating inside him. He wanted every drop of hot cum that he could give.

His older lover began pounding into him, faster and faster, his tight ass squeezing his cock, making it as tight as he could, until he came. He squeezed all the cum from his cock and his moans of pleasure were music to his ears.

Cahil began stroking his own cock, waiting for Muhamed to insist he turn over. And when he did, his older lover opened his mouth, waiting for him to cum in his mouth. His mouth caught the spurts of cum as he came and he drank down every drop.

They lay together, knowing that their few moments together is all they have till the next time with Muhamed visits Barbache.

Young Turk Nizar

I was proud and yet saddened when I heard the news that Nizar enlisted in the Turkish Army. I knew that he had enough muscles to survive boot camp but I was more worried about him being shipped to a foreign land. I called the young Turk and asked him if he would strip for me one more time before he left for basic training. He agreed and he arrived at my studio wearing a
green army cap and a pair of camouflage pants. Nizar was still slender with muscular arms but his hair was cut short in military-style and he had a five o’clock shadow.

The young Turk stripped off his blue t-shirt with “Army? printed on the front. His chest and abdomen was still very hairy.

Nizar raised his left arm over his head to show me his hairy armpit. I told him how proud I was of him joining the Turkish Army. A noticeable bulge grew in the crotch of the young Turk’s camouflage pants.

Nizar stripped off his camouflage pants to reveal his bigger than average penis. He still had a thick mound of pubic hair and hairy legs. The young Turk began stroking his penis and I snapped pictures as it grew longer and thicker. After his young cock was fully erect, he turned around and showed me hairy anus. I felt my own penis growing hard in my pants but I
concentrated on taking pictures of Nizar.

The young Turk sat on the floor and began masturbating while wearing only his green army cap. I will admit that I rubbed my penis through the fabric of my pants as I continued to snap pictures. When Nizar began pinching his nipple with his free hand, I fished my penis out. We both masturbated and I found it had to hold the camera with one hand. Hot semen soon erupted from Nizar’s young cock and landed on his hairy abdomen. I finally exploded and my fresh man seed landed on his hairy chest.

The young Turk rubbed our juices together for he knew that he would not be doing that in the Turkish Army.

Gay Fethi Strips

24 October 2007

When I found Fethi’s video I wondered what he would get up to. He moved slowly at first, stripping out of his jeans but not before showing off his cock and balls. When he removed his jeans his white jocks highlighted his hard throbbing cock which I can imagine lots of guys would love to close their mouth around.

Fethi stroked his cock well considering the camera was there, almost in his face. And I am sure he loved every second making the guys watching him, horny.

With his jocks down around his feet, his balls hung down, they were tight, filled with cum. He was ready to cum for you and you can see Fethi cum in Istanboys.com. His Mpeg can be viewed online or downloaded. This video screen grab is from video number two in his collect.


Bad Boy of Gay Porn

23 October 2007

I was browsing the members’ area and I found Mete. He looked like the bad boy of gay porn and I wondered what it would have been like appearing with him in photos, enjoying sexual moments together. His dark hair is a huge turn on and his brown eyes beg you to fuck him.

When you see his pictures inside Istanboys.com you will understand what I mean when you see his eyes. His eyes seduce you and they are a huge turn on. Now… they may be a turn on but wait till you see his sexy body and huge cock. His cut penis is one

I’d love to feel slide inside me. And if he doesn’t fuck me, I’d suck his cock for him.

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Tarkan Dildo Play

I received a few dildo samples in the mail a few days ago and I immediately thought of Tarkan. He always enjoyed playing with dildos and I thought I would capture the moment on film. I called the young Arabian up and asked if he could come over to my studio for I had a few sex toys for him to play with. He knocked on my door sooner than I had expected him to. Tarkan said that he was more than ready to play with my new dildos.

The young Arabian couldn’t wait to get on the bed with the sex toys. He pulled his white sleeveless t-shirt up to reveal his hairy abdomen. Tarkan then fished his young cock out of his black shorts. He began masturbating and he was soon fully erect. The young Arabian stripped off his black shorts before he began sucking one of the dildos.

The sight of Tarkan sucking a dildo and masturbating made my penis come alive in my pants. With the dildo covered with his saliva, he inserted it slowly into his hairy anus. I couldn’t stand watching the young Turk fuck himself with the sex toy any longer. I fished my penis out and began masturbating. When Tarkan turned over, I replaced the dildo with my hard penis.

I fucked the young Arabian until I exploded deep inside his anal cavity. He turned over and masturbated until he climaxed. Hot semen erupted from Tarkan’s young cock and landed on his hairy abdomen.

Young Turk Nassat

The young Turk was eager to show me his new black boxer shorts with white trim. He quickly pulled down his blue jeans while he told me how good they felt. Before I first photographed Nassat, he was a down on his luck college student. I offered to help him providing I could take pictures of him. The young Turk agreed and he enjoyed paying his own way while I enjoyed the sight of him stripping in my studio.

Nassat still had his long hair from when I first photographed him. His face was still clean-shaven and his chest was still hairless. The young Turk still had hairy armpits and a nice triangle of short black curly hair on his pubic mound. While his legs were hairy, his testicles were not. Nassat was still handsome in a boyish way even though he had recently turned twenty-one.

As the young Turk stripped off his clothes, I snapped pictures of him with my camera. I found him to still be desirable and I offered him more help if he needed it. Nassat told me that he actually found a part-time job at a local bakery as a delivery person. As he masturbated, I found my own cock growing hard in my pants. I resisted the urge to pull my throbbing tool out and concentrated on the young Turk masturbating.

Nassat soon climaxed and I captured the moment of his hot semen erupting from his young cock on film. Before the young Turk left, he offered to suck my throbbing tool. I took him up on the offer and it was one of the best blowjobs that I had ever received.

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Young Gay Arabian Tuna

I caught up with Tuna at a local hotel room. He answered the door with a large white towel wrapped around his waist. The young Arabian was still handsome as ever with short black hair and a hairless chest. He told me that he was just about to take a shower. I asked Tuna if I could snap a few pictures and he said that I could.

The young Arabian looked at himself in the mirror and decided that he didn’t need a shave. He was one of the few men that I knew that could shave once a week if he wanted to. Tuna unwrapped the large white towel from around his waist and stepped into the bathtub. He turned on the water and adjusted the temperature. The young Arabian stepped under the spraying water.

Tuna wore only his necklace and bracelet while he showered. After he was completely wet, he grabbed the bar of soap and began rubbing it all over his hairless chest. I snapped pictures of the young Turk taking a shower and I wanted to join him. He soaped up his young cock before he rinsed off. When Tuna finished, he stepped out of the bathtub and dried off with the large white towel.

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Sexy Azize

When Azize came in for his first photo shoot, he had spotted a large old trunk that was in a corner of my studio. I had forgotten all about it until he asked me what was inside. I told the young Turk that it was just a bunch of old props that I used to use in the photo shoots. He pulled the large old trunk out of the corner and sat down on it.

I smiled at the sight of the young Turk sitting on the large old trunk for it was a perfect mixture of new and old. Azize was wearing a t-shirt that he had ripped the sleeves off and a brand new pair of dark blue denim jeans. The old trunk had paint peeling off it but it was still sturdy enough to hold him while he sat on it. I snapped a few pictures of the young Turk sitting on the large old trunk.

Azize stood up and stripped off his t-shirt. He then pulled off his brand new pair of dark blue denim jeans. Next to come off was his white boxers and my smile grew bigger at the sight of his hairy young cock. He sat back down on the large old trunk and began masturbating. I snapped pictures as his young cock grew longer and thicker. Azize finally climaxed after several minutes and his hot sperm landed on his hairless flat abdomen. See Azize’s pictures at Istanboys.com

Young Turk at the Gym

18 October 2007

I first met Fethi at the gym and I knew that I had to make love to him. He was sitting on a wooden bench and lifting two dumbbells that weighed ten pounds each. The young Turk was slender and tall with well-defined biceps. His short black hair was combed back and he had a faint mustache. Fethi was wearing blue jeans and a black t-shirt.

I knew that I could not just sit down and watch the young Turk at the gym. I sat down on a weight bench opposite of him and began lifting a dumbbell that also weighed ten pounds. As I lifted the dumbbell, I stole glances at Fethi. He finally noticed me and gave me a friendly smile.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you in here before,? Fethi said.

“I don’t come in here as often as I used to,? I said.

We then introduced ourselves to each other and that is when I learned his name. As we continued to lift the dumbbells, we talked about exercising and life in general in the great city of Istanbul. The young Turk was hardly sweating when he stopped lifting the weights and pulled up his black t-shirt. He had some hair around his nipples and his navel.

I looked around the gym and noticed that we were the only two people there working out. Fethi put his black t-shirt down and started to pick up his dumbbells.

“I bet you have a big and hairy young cock,? I said with a mischievous grin.

He stopped reaching for his dumbbells and looked at me. The young Turk at the gym leaned back on the wooden bench and lifted his black t-shirt high enough so that only his hairy belly was visible. He then unbuttoned and unzipped his blue jeans. I watched as he pulled out his young cock. His long penis was uncircumcised and I could see a nice thick jungle of short black hair on his pubic mound.

“You have a magnificent young cock,? I said as I tried not to drool at the sight.

“Thanks,? he said.

Fethi wrapped his left hand around his young cock and gently squeezed. I watched his long penis grow even longer. He pulled his black t-shirt up and began to pinch his hairy nipples one at a time.

The sight of the young Turk at the gym masturbating made my own penis hard. I put down the dumbbell that I was lifting and fished out my own dick. My penis was soon fully erect in my hand but it was not as long as Fethi’s young cock was.

The young Turk at the gym stood up and quickly stripped off his black t-shirt, blue jeans and underwear. He sat back down on the wooden bench and watch me masturbate for a little bit.

I could not resist the temptation anymore and I stripped off my clothes. I kneeled before Fethi and wrapped my moist mouth around his hard young cock. I managed to take half of his stiff shaft into my mouth. I then licked his hard young cock until it was completely covered with my saliva. I then bent over the wooden bench.

“Fuck me,? I said.

Fethi stood up and stood behind me. He spread my buttocks wide before plunging his hard young cock slowly into my hairy anus. I felt his stiff shaft stretching my anal cavity wide and I felt like I was in paradise. He fucked my hairy anus for what felt like an eternity.

As his hard young cock slid in and out of my anal cavity, I reached down and began masturbating. Hot semen erupted from my piss hole and landed on the edge of the wooden bench that I was bent over. Fethi finally exploded while his hard young cock was buried deep inside my hairy anus. His hot semen filled my anal cavity and his spent penis slipped out after every drop was spilled.

We quickly dressed since we were still in a public building. I was surprised that no one had caught us fucking. The young Turk and I hit the showers at the gym. His young cock grew hard while we were showering. He fucked me again as the water sprayed on us.

I bought him a light dinner at a local restaurant and I fucked him for dessert. Fethi was the horniest young Turk that I have met at the gym and for that I am glad.

Baba Cums in the Shower

Baba loves to take showers for he enjoys the cool water on his broad chest. He has very short hair on his head and a small amount of short brown hair on his pubic mound. I love snapping pictures of the young Arabian taking a shower. His uncircumcised cock is larger than normal and it starts to grow as soon as water hits it.

I don’t blame the young Arabian for wrapping his hand around his penis while taking a shower. His young cock grows ever larger as he pulls the foreskin back and forth. If I wasn’t snapping pictures, I would join Baba in the shower immediately. Instead, I continue to snap pictures as he masturbates while the cool water hits his broad chest.

Baba turns around and shows me his little firm butt. I snapped several pictures of his pale ass before he turned back around. He soaps up his hairless body before continuing to stroke his uncircumcised cock. The young Arabian finally explodes and he watches as his hot semen goes down the drain. You can too at Istanboys.com.

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