Young Turk Strokes His Cock

With long black hair, Fakir is a slender and tall young Turk. He has been growing a goatee every since he turned eighteen. I wasn’t surprised when he showed up at my studio wearing a gray t-shirt and baggy dark blue shorts. He was also wearing white ankle socks and sneakers. Most of his body hair is on his lower legs. Fakir stretched before he pulled his young cock out of the top of his baggy dark blue shorts.

The young Turk’s pubic mound and nutsack are hairless. I’m still amazed at how big his cock his and my heart races as I snap pictures of him putting lube on it. Fakir stroked his young cock until he told me that his baggy dark blue short is ripped in the back. He turned around to show me the rip and I notice that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. The young Turk climbs on the bed and spreads his buttocks wide so I can see his pink asshole.

Fakir turned over on the bed and pulled his hard young cock out through the ripped hole of his baggy dark blue shorts. He masturbated while I continued to snap pictures. My own dick was throbbing in my pants and yearned to be free. Only after Fakir climaxed did I allow myself some pleasure. Come visit and check out more of Tarkan’s pics and some of the other Arab gay boys and Turkish twinks.

Cum Shooting Gay Boy

29 September 2007

A big fan of the United States, Remzi has a full-size flag from that nation in his bedroom. He has cousin living in Texas that went through boot camp last year and is now fighting to keep the peace in Iraq. The young Arabian is planning to travel to the United States once he graduates college or when his cousin goes home, whichever comes first.

Remzi is another young Arabian with long slender legs that makes him taller than most of the young men his age. He enjoys playing basketball and I caught him in his bedroom shortly after a practice session. The young Arabian was wearing gray shorts and a t-shirt with boot camp written on it. He stripped them off to reveal his white jock strap.

He turned around so I could get a good look at his firm ass. Remzi laid on the bed and slipped his young cock out of the jock strap. He masturbated and I watched with fascination on how bigger his pole grew. His body had very little body hair and what little he had was mostly on his lower legs. He had no hair on his arms, chest or pubic mound.

Remzi masturbated until he climaxed. His hot semen shot out of his piss hole and landed on his hairless chest and flat abdomen. The young Arabian was very careful not to get any of his jizz on the American flag.

Osman Loves Teasing Gay Boys

28 September 2007

Wearing a black leather jacket and blue jeans, Osman appears to be in his early twenties. The young Turk has short black hair and is clean shaven except for a thin strip of hair on his chin. Underneath his black leather jacket, he is wearing a brownish silk shirt over a dark gray sweater. Osman lifts his shirt and sweater to reveal his slightly hairy six-pack abs.

The fun really starts when the young Turk reveals his red silk briefs. The tip of his young cock peeks out of his briefs until he pulls his blue jeans and underwear down. Osman has some black hair on his pubic mound, balls and thighs. His young cock is uncircumcised and larger than average. The young Turk strips off his clothes to show off his lean body.

Osman turns around and proudly displays his young firm butt. He sits down and wraps his hand around his young cock. The young Turk masturbates and he quickly climaxes. His hot semen lands on his hairy thigh. Come to and check out more of Osman’s pics and some of the other Arab gay boys and Turkish twinks.

Gay Arab Boy Soufiane

27 September 2007

The night that Soufiane arrived at my studio was a little chilly. He was wearing a gray hoodie over a black t-shirt, a black baseball cap and blue denim jeans. The young Arabian enjoyed making hand gestures while I snapped pictures of him. He unbuckled his black belt before he unfastened his blue denim jeans and pulled his young cock out of the fly of his boxer shorts. His penis is a two-hander and it wasn’t even fully erect yet.

The young Arabian pulled his blue denim jeans and boxer shorts down before he began stroking his young cock. I resisted the urge to kneel down and wrap my mouth around his young cock as it grew in length and thickness. He has a nice thick jungle of dark brown curly hair on his pubic hair while his nutsack and thighs are hairless. The sight of the young Arabian’s large hard cock proved to be too much for me.

I finally put the camera down and kneeled down before him. I wrapped my moist mouth around his large swollen purple crown. I deep throat Soufiane’s young cock while I finger his hairless balls. He explodes in my mouth after several minutes of sucking his large rigid pole. I swallow every drop of the young Arabian’s semen.

Young Gay Turk Reshid

The young Turk was wearing a white cotton t-shirt and a pair of boxer shorts when I entered his bedroom with my camera. He was sitting on his bed with his slightly hairy legs crossed. Reshid recently had his hair cropped short and his mustache made him look a little older than twenty. I told him to relax and pretend that I wasn’t in the room. He chuckled and replied that it would be hard with the flash going off.

Reshid spread his slightly hairy legs apart and reached into his boxer shorts. He fondled his young cock for a few minutes before bringing the beast out the left leg hole. As you can tell by the pictures, that I’m not lying when I call his rigid pole a beast. He soon stripped off his white t-shirt and boxers before he continued to stroke his young cock.

The young Turk turned around and got on his knees. He spread his hairy butt wide to show me his hairy asshole. I found myself wanting to plunge my stiffening dick deep inside his anal cavity. Reshid sat back on the bed and masturbated until he climaxed. His hot semen landed on his hairless chest and six-pack abs. At you can check out more of Reshid’s pics and other Arab gay boys and Turkish twinks.

Tesa’s Secret

25 September 2007

Working odd jobs at a local five-star hotel in Istanbul did have its perks for Tesa. The young Turk was fresh out of high school and started working so he could save up money to attend college. He was slender and tall with short black hair. One of his favorite duties was to make sure all the light bulbs were working. Tesa would go to each empty room and turn on all the
lights. If a light bulb was out, he would then replace it.

Doing the odd jobs allowed him to wear baggy dark blue jeans and a t-shirt. He was also mostly working by himself so he could spend a lot of time goofing off. Tesa’s secret was that he enjoyed stripping in an empty hotel room. When ever the mood struck him, he would strip off his t-shirt to expose his narrow hairless chest and slightly hairy flat abdomen.

The young Turk would lower his baggy dark blue jeans and underwear until his hairy pubic mound was exposed. He enjoyed the cool air of the hotel room since another duty that he had was to keep the air conditioners in each room at a constant cool temperature. Tesa would lower his underwear until his young cock was fully exposed. His would hug himself while pretending that Mert from maintenance was hugging him. He wanted so much to have his large young cock sucked by the handsome man.

Just the thought of having Mert’s moist mouth wrapped around his young cock made him hard. His throbbing tool grew longer and thicker as he stood in the empty hotel room. Tesa hoped that someday Mert would walk in on him while he had his young cock out.

The young Turk stripped off his clothes and sat on the bed. He leaned back against the wall with the two throw pillows and regular pillows behind him. Tesa knew that what he was doing was risky but he enjoyed the thrill at the chance of being caught. He was gay so he did not care if any of the housekeepers caught him since they were all women. With Mert still on his
mind, he wrapped his hand around his large young cock and began masturbating.

He loved the silk bedspread on the hotel room’s bed. They felt cool on his bare butt and he could not restrain himself from laying down. He received an added thrill when he thought of the next person that would use the bed. As Tesa daydreamed of him and Mert fucking on that same bed that he was on, he stroked his large young cock.

Tesa’s secret would always end with him climaxing. He was very careful not to get any of his hot semen on the bed. The young Turk would then made sure that the pillows were back in place and the bedspread was not wrinkled. He would let his hot semen dry on his slightly hairy belly before getting dressed and leaving the hotel room.

Watching a Gay Porn Movie

24 September 2007

I was invited over to Tarkan’s apartment to watch a new gay porn movie that he recently bought. Of course, I brought my camera because I never know when an opportunity might arise for me to use it. Such an opportunity arose when the young Arabian was feeling horny while watching a gay porn movie. Tarkan has been trying to grow a mustache and goatee for the past few weeks.

I started snapping pictures of the young Arabian sat on his couch and rubbed the crotch of his blue jeans. He soon took off his white sleeveless t-shirt to expose his slightly hairy chest and flat abdomen. He soon slipped off his blue jeans and played with the crotch of his black briefs. The young Arabian stripped off his underwear and began masturbating while he watched the gay porn movie.

Tarkan has nice hairy arms, pubic mound and legs. His balls and pink asshole are hairless. He grabbed a bottle of lubricant and spread some on his young cock. The young Arabian sat on the floor and stroked his rigid pole while he fingered his pink asshole. He soon climaxed and his hot semen landed on his slightly hairy chest.

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Sporty Gay Arabian

23 September 2007

The young Arabian was wearing a black baseball cap backwards, a yellow t-shirt, black pants and white sneakers while he sat on a coach. He was slender and tall with very short hair. Mert kicked off his sneakers before he stripped off his yellow t-shirt his hairless upper body and the tattoo on his right bicep. He slowly stripped off his black pants to reveal his white briefs. The young Arabian had a big bulge in his underwear.

Mert pulled the crotch of his white briefs over to expose his hard young cock. He was proud to display his huge rigid pole. The young Arabian turned around on the couch to expose his hairy asshole. He stood up before laying back on the couch. The young Arabian turned around again and plunged two different sex toys deep inside his hairy asshole. He turned around again and masturbated with one of the sex toys inside his anal cavity. Mert climaxed and his hot semen landed on his slightly hairy abdomen.

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Tarik and Tabib Fantasy

22 September 2007

I very rarely have the opportunity to shoot pictures of two young Turks at the same time. Tarik and Tabib are a couple who insisted that they be photographed together. The condition was more than fine with me because they were both handsome and muscular young gay Turks. As soon as I started snapping pictures, they had their belts unbuckled and rubbing their crotches.

Tarik and Tabib lifted their white t-shirts to expose their nipples and six-pack abs. Both of the young Turks had hairless chests and slightly hairy stomachs. Their white t-shirts were soon pulled behind their necks and they lowered their pants. Each were wearing identical white briefs and I wondered if they shared clothing. The handsome and muscular young gay Turks exposed their hairy pubic mounds before turning around to show me how they like to squeeze each other’s firm buttocks.

The young Turks stripped off their clothes before they sat on the floor. I snapped several more pictures before I asked Tarik and Tabib if they would enjoy a threesome. They nodded so I stripped off my clothes before I joined handsome and muscular young gay Turks. We sucked each other’s cocks before I plunged my cock into Tarik’s anus. My own anal cavity was invaded by Tabib’s young cock. We finished the threesome by spraying our hot semen on each other’s chests.

Almost a Gay Virgin

21 September 2007

Having a rough childhood has made Ozan a tough young Turk. He strolls into a room with an attitude that you would expect from one who spent several years fighting to survive in the streets of Istanbul. When I first met the tough young Turk about two years ago, he had just turned eighteen and had no dreams or goals. I took a chance and offered to shoot pictures of him so he could make some cash. Ozan took me up on the offer and both of us glad that he made the choice for he now has an interest in outdoor photography and is working his way through college.

I managed to snap some pictures of him a few weeks ago. He was a little older but you could still see some of the street still in him. His black hair was a little longer than most of the young men in Istanbul and he wore a running jacket instead of a leather jacket. Ozan still wears blue jeans and sleeveless t-shirts because he feels more relaxed in them.

When Ozan stripped off his clothes for me, I was still amazed at how untouched his hairless body was. He still had a tattoo on his right bicep as a reminder of his days on the streets but he no longer had the bruises or the sickly skin color. Ozan told me that he started to shave his pubic hair to make his young cock look bigger. I told him that he didn’t need to since it was big enough.

I enjoyed snapping pictures of the tough young Turk masturbating. When he climaxed, his semen landed on his hairless chest and flat abdomen. I was so fortunate to capture the moment on film. You can see Ozan’s pictures inside

Sexy Young Turk

20 September 2007

The young Turk was enjoying having pictures taken of himself in his own bedroom. He was wearing an off-white shirt with long sleeves and dark blue jeans. Erdem stripped down to his white-shirt before he got an orange to eat. He ate the juicy fruit before he stripped off the t-shirt. The young Turk stroked his young cock while he laid on the bed.

When Erdem’s young cock was fully erect, he got up from the bed and sat down on a large overturned bucket. He then stood up and turned around to show off his pale hairless ass. The young Turk was still having fun when he draped a flag on his shoulders. He stood on his bed and turned around to show his pale hairless ass again. Erdem laid back on his bed and masturbated until he climaxed. His hot semen landed on his hairy pubic mound.

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Gay Ozdemir Masturbates

19 September 2007

I have rarely seen a set of long legs on a young Arabian until I met Ozdemir. His hairless legs are long and slender just like his arms. He is very tall with short dark brown hair a clean shaven handsome face. Snapping pictures of the young Arabian was a little difficult since I wanted to cram as much of him into the pictures as I possibly could. He wasted no time in stripping off his clothes once he arrived at my studio. I had the young Arabian sit on the couch and he quickly began fondling his young cock.

As I snapped pictures of Ozdemir masturbating on the couch, his young cock grew longer and thicker. He had a nice patch of black curly hair on his pubic mound and a little armpit hair but the rest of him was hairless. Without any directions from me, he turned on the couch so that his firm buttocks was facing me. I snapped some great pictures of Ozdemir spreading his young butt wide.

Even though I was behind the camera doing my job, my cock couldn’t help but to come alive. I resisted the urge to plunge my throbbing tool deep inside the young Arabian’s ass. He laid down on the couch and began to stroke his young cock. Ozdemir then began to finger his anal cavity and I had to release the beast from my pants. I continued to take his picture as he masturbated. Once the young Arabian climaxed all over his flat abdomen, I began stroking my own cock until I added my semen with his. You can see more his pictures inside

Fakir’s Lesson

18 September 2007

Fakir is a young Turk that has been taking photography classes at a local college in Istanbul. He is slender and tall with long black hair and a goatee. I was proud that he was taking an interest in something that he could make a career of. He came by my studio one Saturday and asked my help. He wanted to take some nude pictures for his class but he did not have a model. Fakir asked me if I would like to be in front of the camera for a change.

I thought his offer over very carefully. I was used to being the one behind the camera and snapping pictures. The young Turk smiled as he waited patiently for my reply. I finally caved it and told him that I would love to be his model. Fakir had a good camera for beginners and he started to snap a few pictures of me still dressed. I then started stripping and I watched as his eyes grew big when my cock was exposed.

I wondered how long the young Turk would last before he joined me. I gave him a few pointers about lighting. He adjusted his flash and snapped a few more pictures. When I wrapped my hand around my older cock, I noticed a bulge starting to grow in Fakir’s pants. Being a photographer that shot pictures of young Turks, I knew what he was feeling. It was hard not to get excited about seeing a naked man in front of you.

I smiled because I realized how hard it was being in front of the camera. Most people think that I just tell my models to strip and act naturally. For some I find that easy to do because I want to capture the beauty of their naked bodies. I found myself wanting Fakir to stop snapping pictures so we could fuck.

I asked the young Turk if he wanted me to climax. He replied that he did not because this was for his photography class and only nudes were allowed. The young Turk finally was satisfied and put his camera down. He stripped off his clothes and stepped closer to me. We hugged and kissed before we climbed on the bed. I wrapped my moist mouth around his young cock and sucked it until he was fully erect.

I then licked Fakir’s quivering asshole until it was wet with my saliva. I then plunged my swollen crown into his anus. While I fucked his tight ass, I reached around and stroked his young cock. He climaxed moments before I exploded inside of his anal cavity. Fakir thanked me for the lesson and I told him that I was there if he ever needs more.

Sucking His Cock

17 September 2007

Unlike most young Turks, Nimet enjoys wearing sleeveless blue jumpsuits. He is slender with short dark brown hair and a long narrow face. His hairy chest is clearly visible since he does not button the sleeveless blue jumpsuit all the way. Nimet has hairy forearms but is clean shaven. I invited him back to my studio and asked him what else on his body was hairy.

Nimet was more than happy to show me his hairy abdomen and pubic mound as I snapped pictures. The young Turk’s uncircumcised cock was large even while flaccid. He stripped off the sleeveless blue jumpsuit but left his black shoes and white ankle socks on. His legs were also very hairy and he had two colorful tattoos. The tattoo on his left thigh was a large one while the one on his right calf was smaller.

The young Turk surprised me when he bent over and wrapped his mouth around his own purple crown. He sucked his young cock and I found the beast between my own legs awaken. I complimented Nimet on his flexibility and I continued to snap pictures of him. He sat in the director’s chair and began masturbating. When the young Turk started sucking his own cock again, I pulled my penis out and began stroking it.

Nimet’s cock grew into a monster as he sucked himself off. My penis grew hard in my hand and I could not resist the temptation of the young Turk. I told him to bend over and he did. He sucked his own cock while I plunged my hard dick deep inside his ass. When Nimet climaxed, he swallowed his own semen.

Young Gay Arabian Masturbates

16 September 2007

A young Arabian with a slender frame, Taner is wearing a dark blue shirt with long sleeves and light blue jeans. He leaves his shirt unbuttoned to expose his hairless chest and flat abdomen. The young Arabian unfastens his blue jeans to expose his pubic mound covered with a nice tangle of black curly hair. He pulls his uncircumcised cock and hairless balls out of his blue jeans.

Taner wraps his slender fingers around his young cock and begins masturbating. His penis goes from flaccid to erect within a few strokes. He strips off his dark blue shirt and strokes his penis some more. The young Arabian takes off his blue jeans and sits in a folding wooden chair. His young cock is twice as large as it was when he first exposed it. Taner poses in different positions on the chair while his erect penis is jutting straight up.

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