Sexy Turkish Twink Nesip

I ran my eye down the long photo index list, and that is where I found Nesip hiding. I wasn’t sure what he would be doing when I clicked on his name but I was pleasantly surprised to find this young Turkish twink already masturbating.

His right hand was wrapped around his blood filled cock. He was stroking it slowly, making the pre-cum glisten on the head as it dripped from the little pee hole. It was an incredible sight watching him. Nesip was concentrating so hard, it was almost like he didn’t realize the cameraman was there taking these pictures.

When you purchase a membership to you will be able to view his complete masturbation set of pictures. Nesip’s smile said it all when he came all over his tummy.

Gay Turkish Threesome

In this 68 set of pictures I found a cute guy getting fed two cocks. One guy knelt on one side of his head and the other on the other side and they both fed their cock into his mouth. He had opened his mouth nice and wide to accommodate the two massive cocks.

It was interesting to flick through the set because they tred to spread his ass cheeks to and insert both cocks at the same time into his ass. One of the pictures in this set showed a little bit of the cute guy’s face but the rest was covered by the balls owned by one of his gay mates. At one stage they blindfolded him so he couldn’t see who was fucking him or playing with his cock. I even founds some pictures of his ass getting fucked by a thick finger…

The pictures are too hardcore to post here but if you slip into, the set is called Turkish Threesome.

Sener Masturbates for Istanboys

29 August 2007

If you enjoy watching videos of slender Arabian twinks stripping and masturbating, then you want to check out Sener at He has three video clips that lasts three minutes each. Each video clip is available in MPEG, QuickTime, Real Player and Windows Media formats.

Sener showed up for the video shoot at wearing a pair of camouflage pants.

He lifted his black with white trim t-shirt to expose his hairy abdomen. The slender Arabian twink turned around and pulled his camouflage pants down to expose his bare butt and jock strap. He turned around a few times before he pulled his jock strap down to expose his cock. Sener then sits on the floor before stripping his clothes off before he begins to masturbate. He stroked his cock until he came.

Sener is a slender Arabian twink that enjoys stripping and masturbating. His exclusive videos are only available at

Sexy Gay Boy Halil

When I discovered Halil’s pictures hiding away in the huge photo index, I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was gorgeous. Sexy. Hot, horny and fuckable. He had huge come fuck me eyes and his smile was incredible and it made my heart beat. I just wish I had been there when he had his photos taken.

His pictures show him as a timid gay boy to start with but I think the cameraman must have said something to him because suddenly he was all smiles and he was holding his shirt up and showing off his tight nipples. He even squeezed his right one for the guy behind the camera. He was making my mouth water and all I was doing was looking at his pictures.

He stripped down to his jocks and played with himself before stripping right down to show of his cute ass. He stood with his back to the camera, and to the side before kneeling on the floor. He fingered his tight asshole before squeezing his balls and stroking his cock.

I am sure you will love watching him stroke his cock until he cums spraying hot cum for you at

Smoking Hot Gay Boy

He’s a smoker and he thinks he is oh so sexy. His name is Abdullah. His pictures were taken in front of a backdrop, that I am sure was suppossed to resemble a haunted house theme or something. But we can forget the theme because all eyes were on this sexy gay boy.

I noticed that his eyes were dark, very and he tried to look like he was a horny gay boy for the camera. His body wasn’t covered in hair, although he had a very dark patch of curly hair around his groin. His cock stood out from the dark curly hair and I am sure many gay boys would love to look at him.

I couldn’t see any piercings but he did have a tattoo on his left arm. Abdullah is a slim Arab gay boy and his pictures appear inside

Gay Boy Sedar Masturbation Video

26 August 2007

Sedar is filmed in front of a blue backdrop. It highlights his dark looks, his dark hair and his eyes. His body has hardly any hair on it, although his legs are a little hairy. His groin has a lot of dark curly hairs and his massive cock looks fantastic…

His cock is massive, it’s hard and he strokes it till it throbs. He strokes it fast and hard until he cums shooting his hot cum up into the air and it comes down onto his tummy. He rubs it over his tummy and through his hair. It foams up almost allowing you to see just how much there is of it. When he tastes it he knows you will love to taste him too.

You can see his video and pictures inside

Sentimental Gay Lover

“Hey Ali, congratulations on your fantastic win today,? Murat called.

Ali’s sexy smile always won Murat over. He smiled and stepped closer to his gorgeous friend and gay lover. His smile was a mile wide and grew larger when Murat wrapped his lips around his swollen cock. It was growing harder and was already starting to throb.

He couldn’t control the feelings that were going through his body and his sighs of satisfaction showed Murat just how good the blowjob he was giving felt.

Murat sucked Ali’s cock deep into his mouth, massaging his small hairless balls, he could feel the swollen head hitting against the back of his throat but he wasn’t going to stop until he made Ali cum.

His gay lover may have won his swimming competition but in Murat’s heart he had won a lover for life. He was a sentimental guy who had won Ali’s heart and loved making him feel good.

Cute Turkish Gay Boy

From what I can see from Abdel’s pictures inside he is a bright and cheerful gay boy. I believe he is Turkish and he looks like he could be a lot of fun.

His pictures show him stripping down in front of the camera. He doesn’t look nervous at all. His hair is brown and so are his eyes. He only has a little hair on his body, there is a little across his chest and down around his navel and groin.

Abdel is very cute especially in his jocks. In his set of pictures that appears inside he strips down until he is naked and you can see his hairy groin and cock.

Turkish Gay Boy Özdemir

I noticed Özdemir pictures inside and decided to look through his complete set. I guess you could say that the first thing to catch my eye was his cock and balls, they were right there and if I was able to meet him personally, I’d be down on my knees licking and sucking his balls into my mouth. Followed by his cock.

When you slip into you can see all his pictures. He is naked to start with and by the time his photoshoot is completed he shows his ass hole and his cock in many ways. He strokes his cock before cumming all over stomache and all the way up to his chest. His whole set is worth viewing and while you are there please check out all the Turkish twinks and Arabian gay boys.

Good Boy Bad Gay Boy

Sweet Sharif is a sexy good boy who is a real bad gay boy that everyone could grow to love. His sexy outlook on life is fantastic. He’s young, horny and ready to show off his massive big cock to everyone who wants to look.

If fantasies come true then you could see him stripping out of his top and pants until he is naked. He’d be showing off his body and letting me touch him, I’d be allowed to touch his massive cock and suck it into my mouth.

If you had the chance to suck Sharif’s hard throbbing cock, would you turn it down… I don’t think so… Check out Sharif’s horny pictures at

Very Sexy Bayar

Bayar’s set of pictures inside shows him getting naked in the bathroom. It made me wonder why he was stripping down in the shower but I guess it was because the bathroom was tiny and he had more room.

His picture set shows him in his boxers and then finally he is naked. His cock stands out and begs to be sucked.

Bayar looks like he is from Turkey in Istanbul. His hair is dark and his eyes are brown. There appears to be a very small amount of hair covering his body with plenty around his groin. He looks to be around 20 years of age.

I think he would enjoy being taken from behind. When you view his picture set inside the members’ area of you will find him stroking his cock until he cum in the shower.

Not So Innocent Gay Boy

Tesa was playing hard to get it appeared but with a little persuasion Tesa was soon stripping for the cameras. He is a slender Turkish twink, around 19 years of age and his hair is dark… almost black and he has dark eyes that seem to watch your every move.

His cock is massive and it would make most guys a little nervous if they felt it pressing against their tight asshole. He is circumcised which is fantastic for guys who want to suck his cock.

Tesa maybe shy but he loves showing off his cock and I am sure you will enjoy his set of pictures inside the members’ area of as much as I did.

Mike Fucks Mehmet’s Tight Ass

19 August 2007

Mehmet started his morning off in the only way he knew how. With his bowl of cereal and lots of milk. He wanted to be full of energy when Mike arrived because he knew the photoshoot that had been organized was going to be more than just a profile shot here and a smile there. Well that is what he hoped.

At first when he was invited to do this photoshoot he was put off a little because it meant an interruption to his routine, but when the guys promised to provide his favorite cereal he agreed. To top it off while they waited for Mike to appear he ate his breakfast while they took the photos.

Once his breakfast was over he was encouraged to strip down for the camera which of course he did. He looks all alone standing there naked but that was the whole idea. He was a lost and lonely horny gay boy waiting to meet his mystery lover called Mike.

The got some fantastic shots of his fantastic muscular body and his cut cock. He was a fantasy come true for most guys who love Turkish gay boys.

Mike finally appeared and the first picture captured was his profile. Mehmet smiled and was pleased with their choice of gay boys. Mike was slender but muscular and he had a brown moustache and goatie beard and lots of tats down his left arm. He was wearing a black singlet and a pair of blue jeans and Mehmet was eager to get unzip his jeans and release his big cock.

Mehmet really knew what he was doing when he said he needed his morning cereal. He needed the energy to take on Mike and his big cock. He held it firmly in his hand and let his tongue slide across the head, he could taste the pre-cum that dripped from Mike’s pee hole.

Mehmet couldn’t believe how big Mike’s cock was, it was massive and there was no way he could take the entire length deep into his mouth. But he tried.

He held it in his hand a moment longer while Mike told him to get ready for his cock. But first he would suck him, lick his ass before burying his big cock deep in his ass. All Mehmet could do was moan and stroke Mike’s cock while he listened to how his ass would get nailed.

You can see more of Mehmet and Mike’s hardcore pictures inside

Turkish Gay Boy Ferhat

When I flicked through the photo index inside I discovered a guy that I didn’t think would ever find his way inside this site. To me personally he looked too innocent. Yeah I know, you can never tell with some gay boys.

Ferhat’s photos show him standing in front of a wall in his dark clothes. He slowly gets the movement happening and begins to strip for the camera. His body is not a body builder’s body… far from it, but he does have a body that some gay boys would love to cover with kisses.

His body only has very little hair covering it. When he turned around to show off his ass when he was finally naked, I noticed quite a large tattoo on his left shoulder.

He has a cute ass and a fuckable one too by the look of it. I’ll let you decide that when you take up a membership for – the only site on the net that features many Turkish Twinks and horny Arab gay boys.

Ibraham Strokes His Cock

When the crew arrived to take some pictures of Ibraham they found him resting on the sofa. He was dressed very casually in a bright yellow t-shirt and a pair of white jocks. I guess the look stood out because he was resting against a black pillow.

As soon as he saw the cameras on him his hand went straight to his bulge and he back stroking himself through his jocks.

I believe Ibraham had this thing about him where he thought everyone loved the way he looked. And in a way that was true because people just stopped and looked at him. He was Arab looking and very sexy in a strange kind of way.

His series of pictures that were taken for show him slipping his hand down into his jocks and he was stroking himself while the camera clicked away. He didn’t need a lot of encouragement…. Before long he had removed his jocks and his big cock was standing straight and tall. It begged to be sucked but while not in front of the camera.

He really showed off, body, laying on his tummy, showing off his ass before stroking his cock until he came all over his stomach. You can see the drops of cum on his stomach when you view his full set of pictures at

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