Gay Boy Initiation

He was the bad boy and he was desperate to become one of them. With his hands bound behind his back he knelt on the bed and they attached a collar around his neck and the leather strapping came down over his chest down to his cock. It was there that it really caught my eye because it was attached to a cock ring. His cock was hard and the ring sat at the base of his cock. It was an incredible look.

Timur wasn’t sure what would happen to him, but he was certainly in awe of what was about to happen. One of the helpers came to him and began attaching a chain to the ring at his neck, while another was about to gag him.

His heart was racing. He really had no idea why he agreed to the initiation, but he wanted to be apart of the BDSM gay boy ring that he’d heard so much about.

With the ball gag firmly in place; the eye covering was lowered to ensure he couldn’t see anything else that was about to happen to him. All he hoped was that the pain wouldn’t be too bad before the pleasurable sensations kicked in.

He was made to lay face down on the bed and that was when he felt pegs being placed on his body. It hurt at first, but the pain was bearable.

He was fully aware of the woman in the room. With that he was a little embarrassed but, he knew that he had to do as he was told. That was all part of the initiation and apparently she was a good mistress and he had to follow her orders. He would have preferred a Master to be delivering his punishment…

Timur was told to turn over and that was when he felt his nipple being pinched and a peg attached to it. It hurt but all he could do was moan around the mouth gag.

The treatment continued with pegs attached to the shaft of his cock and one just under the head at the most sensitive and tender flesh… it felt so good… It was then that he felt his legs being raised and spread wide. All he knew was this was the way it was meant to be. His cock and ass were exposed to the guys who wanted him… His real initiation was about to start…

Anouar’s Big Cock

I’ve heard about big cock sex but I never thought I would find anyone who could ever fulfill a fantasy of mine. I once dreamed of enjoying a horny gay guy with a big cock, and when Anouar’s cock came into view it was almost like a dream come true. Well, almost.

I sat back and watched him in the kitchen. His dark hair and dark eyes and pouty lips were a huge turn on and then he started to slowly strip. Any thoughts of having lunch with him had gone out the door in just a few seconds, instead I was hoping to have him for lunch. Him and his cock that is.

He slowly stripped out of his black t-shirt and his blue jeans and lowered his favorite underpants. His massive cock sprung out and was already hard. My mouth was watering; I needed to feel the thick throbbing flesh against my tongue, sliding down my throat… but not today…

Anouar continued to strip down until he was naked, his cock stood out from his body. And when he sat down in the chair it stood straight and tall and I could see pre-cum glistening on the head.

Not once did he stroke it. Instead he teased everyone who wanted to watch him and if you want to see all his pictures, slip into you will be impressed with the size of his circumcised cock.

Horny Gay Ali


I was born in Afyon

Age: 20

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Body Hair: I have a mustache and a goatee. I have hairy arms, chest, belly, legs and pubic mound. While my buttocks are not very hairy, I do have a very hairy asshole.

Build: I am a short Arabian twink with a stocky build and long legs.

Circumcised: I am not circumcised.

Piercings & Tattoos: I have no piercings or tattoos at the moment.

Loves: I enjoy taking cold showers on a hot summer day. I also enjoy talking dirty on the telephone with my gay boyfriend. We often call each other late at night and masturbate while we talk dirty to each other.

Hates: I hate having a hairy body since I itch when I sweat. I also dislike shaving and I have tried shaving some of my body hair to stop the itching. The itching does not stop and the body hair grows back thicker than before.

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Cool Gay Boy

He’s such a cool gay boy, well he likes to think he is. The day we found Duyal he was showing off in the kitchen of a new unit he’d just found. He stood there with his tongue out, looking like a real gay boy porn star.

Duyal wore his cp and only took it off when asked to. He looked like he felt almost out of place but at the same time he was quick to show off his cool gay looks. Before long he was stripping out of his clothes with ease and he even had a smile on his face. At that time he was standing there in his jeans and white singlet top. He looked perfect and so very, very sexy.

His smile said it all and it made his little thin line moustache stand out even more. He really was a cool guy and he was incredibly sexy and it made me want to take him there and then. Visions of him bent over the kitchen bench while I knelt behind him were so strong. I’d part his ass cheeks and lick his cute puckered asshole.

I came back to real life when I heard him turn the tap on to have a quick wash to freshen up. It was supposed to be the wet look for the camera but all it did was make him look incredibly horny and most of the guys watching wanted him.

He slowly removed his jeans and his boxer shorts and in a few seconds he was naked and lifted himself up onto the stove top.

He lay back and closed his eyes and began stroking his cock. When he came he shot his hot white cum all over his abdomen.

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First Time Cock Sucking

It had been a long night and his other lover had turned him down for other reasons and he needed to be with someone, even it if was just for a few moments. He softly called out to the barman who in turn whispered to another guy who was sitting at the bar. Emre Khan had taken a liking to a guy who had been flirting during most of his shift.

Within seconds Candan was beside him in the dark hall. He didn’t even make small talk, instead he pulled Candan to him and kissed him, sliding his tongue almost down the young man’s throat. He couldn’t help it, he was so horny and he needed some release and this guy had almost begged him to take him home with him.

But they weren’t going anywhere. They were in a long dark hall that only he had access to at that time of night. He felt Candan responding and Emre felt his hands touching him, massaging the small of his back and firm ass cheeks.

As a precaution he looked around to make sure no one was close by while still kissing the horny young man, who he believed was another person who worked the bar. He was sure he had seen him before when he was working and tonight for some reason his looks and his horny messages had turned him on. His cock was so hard, and it needed some attention.

He pulled away from Candan and told him how good a kisser he was.

“Wow! You certainly know how to kiss…. The barman told me your name and I want to know a little more about you….?

As he spoke he reached down and began unzipping his fly…

“Candan, I want you to work your wonderful mouth over my hard cock…. Would you??

The look on the young man’s face said it all…

“Oh yes…. Fuck yes… I’d love to!?

Emre pulled his cock from his pants. It was dripping with pre-cum and he stroked it a few times all the way up and down the shaft readying it for Candan.

His young lover, knelt down in front of him admiring the massive cock in front of him. He could see the droplets of pre-cum dripping from the head and immediately moved to get closer. He opened his mouth and let Emre slide his cock inside, deep inside his mouth, till it was hitting against his throat.

He moaned just as Emre did…

“Oh…. Damn… that’s it… suck it, suck it for me please!?

Candan began to suck Emre’s cock gently, but Emre wanted and needed more. He placed his hands on his head and felt Candan’s head moving slowly. And it was then that he began moving the young man’s head for him. He felt the need to bring himself off using this guy’s face as a fuck toy. He moved his head, slowly at first and then faster. He fucked his face faster and faster and he could feel Candan gagging a little but not too much…

He didn’t stop and he knew his new gay lover was enjoying it because he was allowing him to use him. Emre fucked his mouth hard until his balls were brushing against his lower lip. He was now taking almost all of his cock down his throat and he was sucking and using his tongue to tease him.

Emre could feel his cum starting to churn around his balls…

“Oh, man… suck it… that’s right, suck my hard cock…?

He let go of Candan’s head and leant against the wall. He began thrusting his cock harder and faster into his mouth. He felt the young man’s hands on his ass, pressing his cock deep into his mouth. And suddenly it hit him…

He pressed his hands on the back of Candam’s head and held him there…

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming… oh damn… take my load down your sweet throat and drink it all…?

Emre felt his hot cum shoot down Candan’s throat and he didn’t think it would ever stop. He was shaking as he slowly pulled his cock from Candam’s mouth…

“That was so nice… thank you… come back to my room, I’d like to return the favor…?

Candan followed wondering how far he would go with this sexy gay guy. It was his first time and so far he felt he had done well… he wondered if his ass was up to a fucking especially with Emre’s massive cock…

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Shy Sexy Ilhan

The day the cameraman caught up with Ilhan was one where he was feeling very shy. It took quite some time to make him feel a little relaxed and he removed his jacked. But when he did so, the horny gay boy sat back down in his chair and casually talked a little more about himself. Finally he was began to come out of his shell and stood in front of the curtain that had been put up in a hurry just before he arrived.

Slowly he began stripping for the camera. In doing so everyone watching could see how nervous he was. Before he removed his t-shirt he undid his jeans and his jocks were showing.

The tattoo on his chest just about his left nipple caught my eye. I wondered what the significance of it was but I let it ride and instead admired his body. He was so slender and with his hair slicked back the way it was made him look incredibly horny.

When finally he slipped out of his blue jeans, I discovered he wasn’t wearing jobs but boxers that fitted him so well. I could see his bulge in his pants and would have been so nice to kneel in front of him and get close to his cock.

It didn’t take him long and he was standing there, naked, his cock ready for him to play. He sat back down in the white director’s chair and stroked his cock. And you can see the outcome by viewing his pictures at

Gay Kitchen Fantasy

Nassat called me on his new cell phone a few days ago. He wanted me to come over to his new apartment with a cup of sugar. The Arabian twink was making cookies and had ran out of sugar. He gave me the address to his new apartment and I told him that I would be there as soon as possible. I grabbed the container of sugar and headed over to his new apartment.

The Arabian twink answered the door and led me into the kitchen. He took the sugar and measured out a cup before adding it to his cookie batter. Nassat then put several dollops on a cookie sheet before putting it in the oven. He set the timer before telling me thanks for the sugar.

While we waited for the cookies to bake, Nassat pulled his black shirt over the back of his neck. I admired his hairless chest and flat abs. He stripped off his black pants before pulling his purple briefs down over his young cock. The Arabian twink had a nice patch of curly pubic hair that I wanted to run my fingers through.

I kneeled before the Arabian twink and kissed his young cock. I ran my fingers through his curly pubic hair before I wrapped my moist mouth around his swelling purple crown. I sucked his young cock until it was fully erect.

Nassat turned around and I pulled his purple briefs down. I spread his firm hairless buttocks wide and spat on his puckered asshole. I massaged my spittle into his anus and probed him with a finger. He was tight so I told him to relax.

The Arabian twink did relax and I soon plunged my hard dick deep inside his tight asshole. He stroked his young cock as I fucked his anal cavity. Nassat shot his load on a cabinet door moments before I exploded deep inside his tight asshole.

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Sexy Gay Boy Alaydin


I was born in Ezine

Age: 21

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Body Hair: I have a mustache and a goatee. I have hairy armpits, legs and pubic mound. I have a little hair on my belly.

Build: I am a slender Turkish twink with flat abs.

Circumcised: I am not circumcised.

Piercings & Tattoos: I have my left ear pierced. I do not have any tattoos at the moment.

Loves: I love wearing blue jeans while I am at home relaxing. I also enjoy masturbating while looking at my favorite gay porn magazine. I do

enjoy reading the gay sex stories.

Hates: I hate wearing shirts on hot summer days. I also dislike tests that are more than two pages long.

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Turkish Twink Murat

After Murat finishes jogging with Mehmet, he takes a shower and changes clothes before coming to my studio apartment. A few days ago, he showed up wearing a black leather pants. The Turkish twink had a mischievous look in his eyes and I knew that he was horny.

He sat down while I fetched him a bottle of beer. Murat took a sip of the amber brew and sat the bottle on the floor. He stripped off his shirt to expose his hairless chest and flat abs. The Turkish twink had a tattoo around his left bicep, which I had not seen before. He noticed that I was admiring his tattoo and told me that he planned to get one on his right bicep.

Murat unfastened his black leather pants and pulled his young cock out. He began to stroke his throbbing tool and I watched it grow bigger. My own dick was growing hard in my pants and yearned to be released. When his young cock was fully erect, he stood up and pulled his black leather pants down. The Turkish twink turned around and showed me his nice firm butt.

I wasted no time in stripping off my clothes and positioning myself behind him. I plunged my stiff shaft deep into his tight asshole. As I fucked the Turkish twink, he began jerking off. He shoot his load moments before I exploded deep inside his tight asshole.

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Mehmet And Mike

Mehmet loves eating breakfast cereal but he never buys his own. Instead, he goes over to Mike’s apartment every morning and eat his fruity cereal. The Turkish twinks are long-time friends and gay lovers. Mehmet is clean-shaven while Mike has a goatee and mustache. At first glance, you would not think that they are gay lovers.

After eating a big bowl of breakfast cereal, Mehmet is ready to start the day by sucking his gay lover’s cock. Mike has several tattoos including a starburst tattooed around his belly button. He has tried to talk Mehmet into getting a tattoo but he has declined to do so.

After getting a blowjob from Mehmet, Mike wraps his moist mouth around his gay lover’s cock. He then tells him to turn around so he can lick his quivering asshole. Mike admits that having Mehmet eating fruity cereal before their gay sex session makes his anus taste better. He then plunges his hard cock into his gay lover’s asshole.

Mehmet loves the sensation of having his gay lover’s cock buried deep inside his anal cavity. He strokes his own dick until semen shoots out of his piss hole. Mike pulls his hard cock out of his gay lover’s tight asshole and asks him if he wants another bowl of breakfast cereal. Mehmet says yes and pours more fruity cereal in a big bowl. He places the big bowl of breakfast cereal on a stool and puts his chin on the edge.

Mike aims his hard cock towards his gay lover’s face before exploding. His hot fresh semen hits Mehmet’s nose and cheek before running down his chin and on to the breakfast cereal in the big bowl. Mehmet eats the fruity cereal and every drop of his gay lover’s semen.

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Jale Strips and Masturbates

If you enjoy watching videos of handsome and slender Turkish twinks stripping and masturbating, then you want to check out Jale at He has three video clips that lasts three minutes each. Each video clip is available in MPEG, QuickTime, Real Player and Windows Media formats.

Jale strips off his long-sleeved black shirt to reveal his hairless belly and chest while he is standing in front of a white screen. He pulls down his white pants to expose his very hairy pubic mound and flaccid cock. The handsome and slender Turkish twink pulls off his white pants and black socks before sitting down. He strokes his long cock to make it hard and even longer. Jale masturbates until he shoots his load of hot fresh semen on the white floor.

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Sexy Gay Lover


I was born in Simav

Age: 18

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Body Hair: I am clean shaven with very little body hair. I do have very hairy armpits and pubic mound.

Build: I am a lean Turkish twink with flat abs with long legs.

Circumcised: I am not circumcised.

Piercings & Tattoos: I have my left ear pierced and a tattoo on my right bicep.

Loves: I love when my gay lover runs his fingers through my hairy armpits and pubic mound. My most prized possession is the watch that my father gave me on my eighteenth birthday. I wear the watch all the time now.

Hates: Leering old fat men who think they can get a blowjob in a dark alley for a lira or two. They promise to pay you after you perform the oral sex but they do not.

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Nadir and Riza

Nadir and Riza was relaxing by the pool when they started kissing. They had been swimming before stretching out on the patio chair to soak up the sun. The Turkish twinks had plenty in common including short hair, clean-shaven faces, broad hairless chests and flat abs. Like always, Riza was on top of Nadir.

Nadir’s hand snaked down his gay lover’s hairless back and pulled down his blue swimming trunks over his firm butt. He squeezed Riza’s hairless buttocks and fond his young cock growing hard in his red swimming trunks.

Riza noticed the bulge growing in his gay lover’s red swimming trunks and stopped kissing him. He ran his tongue down Nadir’s broad hairless chest and pulled his red swimming trunks down to expose his throbbing tool. Riza wrapped his moist mouth around the swollen purple crown and began sucking it.

As he sucked his gay lover’s cock, Riza pulled his own dick out of his blue speedos and began stroking it. When Nadir’s young cock was fully erect, he stopped sucking and told him to turn over. Riza spread his gay lover’s buttocks wide and began licking his quivering asshole. He licked it until it was dripping wet with his saliva.

Riza then plunged his hard dick slowly inside Nadir’s tight asshole. He exploded deep inside his gay lover’s anal cavity moments before Nadir shot his load.

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Sexy Arabian Gay Twink

Muzaffer always dress nicely whenever I visit him. He was wearing a long-sleeved stripped dress shirt and black pants a few days ago when I went over to see his new house. He is a clean-shaven Arabian twink that enjoys gourmet dining and fine wine. We enjoyed a superb dinner that he had prepared.

After the meal, we retired to the living room and he sat in front of the fireplace. Muzaffer told me how glad he was to see me. He then stood up and began unbuttoning his long-sleeved stripped dress shirt. The Arabian twink exposed his hairless chest and belly before unfastening his black pants. He was wearing boxers and I joked that he had finally switched from briefs to boxers.

Muzaffer pulled off his black pants and turned around. He pulled his boxers down over his firm hairless butt. The Arabian twink turned around again to reveal his large cock. He pulled his boxers off before sitting back in front of the fireplace.

I stripped off my clothes and kneeled before him. I wrapped my moist mouth around his large cock and began sucking it. Muzaffer’s shaft grew longer and thicker as I sucked. When his large cock was fully erect, I stopped sucking and stood up. The Arabian twink began sucking my dick until it was just as hard as his.

Muzaffer kneeled on the floor and I positioned myself behind him. I spread his firm hairless butt wide and spat on his anus. I fingered his tight asshole before I plunged my hard dick deep inside. As I fucked the Arabian twink’s tight asshole, he stroked his large cock.

He soon shot his load on the floor and I exploded deep inside his tight asshole.

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Turkish Twink Abdullah

Turkish Twink Abdullah


I was born in Batman

Age: 19

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Body Hair: I have very little body hair and most of it is on my pubic mound, balls and thighs.

Build: I am a lean and tall Turkish Twink with flat abs and long limbs.

Circumcised: I am not circumcised.

Piercings & Tattoos: I have no piercings at the moment but I do have a tattoo on my right shoulder.

Loves: I love smoking while wearing black denim jeans. I also love my new black briefs since black is my favorite color. I also enjoy talking with my gay friends on my new cell phone.

Hates: I hate my lips because my friends tell me that I have the lips of a girl. I hate girls and I do not think I have girly lips. I do not enjoy kissing because of my friends telling me that I have the lips of a girl.

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