Arab Gay Boy


Arab Gay Boy

I was born in Mardin

Age: 19

Eyes: I have brown eyes.

Hair: I have dark brown hair, I love it because it attracts a lot of horny gay guys.

Body Hair: I have hair where it counts. I’m not covered in hair but my groin and my underarms are fairly hairy and so are my legs.

Build: I have a slim body and I work out a little, but I’m not muscular like some guys are.

Circumcised: Yes I am circumcised.

Piercings & Tattoos: Yes and I have a tattoo that every one can see where I am naked or wear short sleeve shirts or t-shirts.

Loves: I love life and I enjoy entertaining and visiting family and friends.

Hates: I don’t actually hate anything, but I dislike grubby guys who don’t know when to back off.

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Nervous Gay Boy

These few images are from the first scene of Recip’s Mpeg version of his video. The guy behind the camera is trying hard to warm him up so that he is not nervous. It’s almost his first time in front of the camera and when he was asked to strip down it took a little convincing.

Nervous gay boy

He appears to be having fun and it was a relief to see him show off a little of his jocks because finally we were able to see some flesh. He turned around a little and his cute ass was in view…

The Mpeg version has three clips and they start of slowly but eventually you get to see Recip showing off his slender body. When he revealed his cock, everyone wanted more. He was teasing everyone and he knew it too. He wanted to show off a little more before removing his clothes completely.

Gay boy's ass /></a></p>
<p>If you want to see Recip video clips where he teases everyone, including himself, then head into <a Inside you will find clips that can be viewed as Mpegs, via Windows Media Player, QuickTime and Real Player.


Sexy Arab Boy

Azize appears in other sets of pictures found inside but when I first saw him by himself, I realized just how sexy a gay Arab boy could be. He is very, very sexy and a huge turn on. All you have to do is take a look at his pictures here and you will see that he is a gay boy who could please many gay men. If he were a rent boy, then I know that I’d be one guy who would see him quite frequently.

Azize - sexy Arab boy

I first met him at a gay bar and what caught my eye was the way he looked at people. He was a genuine guy, there was no bull shit coming from his mouth and he looked sexy. He loved wearing jewelry and he appeared to be sensual and erotic and I am sure he is a fantastic lover.

Azize - sexy gay boy's hard cock

He has dark hair in all the right places and his smile will make any gay boy or gay man melt before they sucked his cock. Check out his pictures today at

Sweet Loving Gay Boy

“Urs! Get your sweet ass up here. I’m upstairs, in the attic… followed the sweet smell of sex and you will know where to find me!?

Everyone could hear Tarkan calling for Urs. He was his favorite play mate. He was his gay play mate and a guy who would do almost anything for Tarkan. Tarkan remained clothed but Urs noticed some sort of mattress on the floor and he immediately stripped naked because he knew what he had to do. He was Tarkan’s gay lover boy and he would want his cock sucked before anything else happened.

Tarkan and Urs

He knelt on the mattress and opened his mouth and let Tarkan feed him his cock. He loved the taste and he loved teasing his mate. Tarkan let him lick his balls and lick the pre-cum that dripped from the little slit in the head of his cock.

While he sucked cock, Tarkan allowed Urs to play with his own cock, stroking it and getting it nice and hard. If you were watching these two horny gay boys in action, you would be so turned on, just like we were… watching them together was incredible.

Urs sucks Tarkan's cock

Tarkan gave ordered him to suck and to play until it was time. Tarkan was hard and he’d almost cum twice when he insisted on moving away. He stripped out of his clothes and lay on the mattress beside Urs. He sucked Urs’ cock for him and played with his own… and now it was time.

Urs was hard, his cock was throbbing… “Urs… it’s time to fuck my ass!?

Ur’s didn’t hesitate. He knelt between Tarkan’s legs and lifted them a little exposing his tight puckered hole. He pressed the head of his cock against the opening and pushed, until the entire length of his cock was buried inside his gay lover. The feeling was incredible…

To be continued next month…

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Hungry Gay Boy

I thought I was meeting Anouar at his home and he was going to cook a home cooked meal for me. It would have been my first in weeks because I’ve been busy working and partying hard. He suggested I let myself in because he’d be busy preparing the meal and didn’t want to stop until he was ready to serve up his tasty treat.

Sexy gay boy

When I arrived I did as he asked. But his apartment was dead quiet and there was no sound of the horny gay boy stirring the pot, I couldn’t hear him cutting up any of the food or whatever he was whipping up. So I quietly walked towards the kitchen and when I saw him standing there, I wondered what he was up to.

hungry gay boy

The meal was already cooking away but he was standing there, looking right at me. The look on his face was incredible and he looked so horny. Anouar asked me if I wanted to taste him first, before our special meal. I couldn’t resist, especially when he slipped down his jeans and released his massive hard cock from his jocks. I knew I was going to love our special starters and I wondered what we’d have for dessert.

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Muscular Gay Boy

Muscular gay boy


I was born in Bafra

Age: 20

Eyes: I have brown eyes.

Hair: I have brown wavy hair and guys love being able to run their fingers through his hair.

Body Hair: I have a little body hair, but it’s not unattractive.

Build: I love working out and as my picture shows I have a muscular build.

Circumcised: Yes I am circumcised.

Piercings & Tattoos: No… I don’t have any piercings or tattoos.

Loves: I love working out and keeping fit so that I have quality of life, love and sex.

Hates: I hate it when guys let themselves go.

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Abi’s Gay Fantasy

Together we walked up the long flight of stairs to the gay bar. And it was then that Abi pushed me back against the wall and kissed me.

“Najim, I’ve wanted to kiss you for so long and tonight the moment was right. I hope you don’t mind.?

Najim looked at him and appeared to blink many times because he couldn’t speak. His eyes were opened wide and he appeared to be shocked a little. The horny gay boy didn’t realize that Abi liked him and he hadn’t expected to hit on him. It was a little unexpected, but it was very nice.

Abi went to apologize but Najim stopped him by covering his gorgeous lips with his and kissed him. He could feel his cock growing hard against his own and Abi responded with kisses so intense he took my breath away.

He pulled away and they continued up to the gay bar where Abi was working for the night. As he walked towards the bar, he promised to see him later that night. Najim appeared to be blushing and he knew that tonight his gay sex fantasy would come true. When Najim looked around he was a little shocked to see that all the bar staff looked almost like Abi, but from where he stood he couldn’t mistake the his new lover’s brown eyes and gorgeous lips…

Najim had the urge to walk up to Abi and kiss him again, but instead he walked up to the bar and ordered a Raki and waited patiently…

Dejan Masturbates

Dressed in jeans and a black jumper Dejan slowly undid his jeans and dropped them down to his ankles. He stroked his cock slowly and when asked to remove his jeans his did so. All the time he showed off his cock and balls, making sure they were in full view.

Dejan masturbates

His sexy smile stayed on his face while he stroked his cock. He enjoyed wanking himself for the video. He was so focused on cumming for you and he continued to look at you while he played with himself.

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He knew he was turning you on and you can see his video as an Mpeg inside

Army Gay Boy

He’s in the Army now… well he’d like to think he is. Nizar is one horny guy who likes to dress up to please his gay man. He likes to take on the role and his bad boy muscle looks tells his lover that he is in control.

Army Gay Boy

Don’t mess with Nizar because he will take your ass and beat it with his cock or his tongue. His big dark brown eyes will make you melt in front of him. Give him your ass and your cock and he will ensure that he makes you cum.

If you look on he will strip down for you, bend over and show you his ass and he will order you to fuck his tight hole. This gay boy is in the control and he knows you will love the taste of his hot cum.

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Tarkan and Steven

When two gay guys share a place together, one can only imagine what goes on behind closed doors. One day the cameras were allowed in to watch Tarkan and Steven together. They were very sensual and erotic and for guys that was incredible to watch.

Tarkan and Steven at

The way they touched each other was a huge turn on and when they kissed, it was almost romantic. Their tongues touched before Steve started kissing Tarkan’s neck and nipples. He traced a path with his tongue down to Tarkan’s growing cock and licked it through his jocks.

That small moment in time made my cock stand tall and I would love to have been the recipient, but I was a gay voyeur looking on just like you are.

Steven and Tarkan love sucking cock at

Tarkan lay back on the bed and Steven released his cock from his jocks. He licked his balls and slowly began stroking and sucking it. He sucked Tarkan’s cock deep into his mouth and they gave each other blowjobs that would make their toes curl when they came. You can see all the pictures featuring their fantastic blowjob moments inside the members’ area of

Sexy Shower Time

I loved watching Baba shower. Really he is so very shy but when he doesn’t realise that others are watching he pretends their not there and washes himself and turns everyone on at the same time. His body is almost perfect and I am sure you will agree with me that he is a well built, sexy and horny gay boy with looks that turn you on.

Sexy shower time

I am sure you will notice that when he soaps himself up, he does it with such a gentle touch and his cock grows as he does so until it is nice and hard and one can only imagine what it would be like to suck this gay boy’s cock.

Sexy shower time

He looks up for a moment and his brown eyes almost appear to look straight at you. But it is just the way he does when he touches his cock the right way, the feelings are incredible. I’d love to join him the shower and help wash his clean cock and if he allowed me to kneel in front of him, I would catch the drops of pre-cum when I stroke him gently.

Virgin Gay Boy

“I think it’s time don’t you… it’s time to share your sweet virgin ass!?

Adem had been fooling with some of the guys in the gay bar. He had pretended to be gay when he really wasn’t but suddenly he found himself moments away from having his ass fucked by these horny guys. And he couldn’t hide his excitement. His circumcised cock was very, very hard.

He wasn’t sure what his girlfriend would say but at this point in time Adem really didn’t care. He felt Pete’s cock pressing against his tight hole, the pain was incredible and he had the feeling he was being spread wide and he couldn’t stop it because he loved the feeling.

This dark haired guy Pete he stirred up once too often told him, his ass would be his if he didn’t stop and for some reason he kept stirring him. And here he was. The piercing pain spread through Adem’s body like an electric current as Pete and Adem felt the head of Pete’s cock enter his tight ass.

Adem enjoyed the feeling, it was a mixture of pain and then pleasure, but he knew there would be more pain before he felt more pleasure. He felt Pete thrust his hips forward and the entire length of his cock spread his ass wide. As he went to scream from the pain, Yasar filled his mouth with his cock. Instead he moaned around the thick cock now fucking his mouth.

These guys were going to share his ass and he was enjoying every moment of this wild threesome. They were fucking their virgin boy and Adem loved every second of it. He couldn’t stop now if he tried.

Pete fucked his ass hard, slamming into him over and over again, his balls hitting up against Adem’s with every stroke. Yasar fucked his mouth and in his mind he hoped they would see how hard his cock was. He could feel it throbbing with every thrust into his ass and his mouth. Both holes were filled and he was being used as their own private fuck toy.

Pete watched his cock sliding in and out of Adem’s tight hole and suddenly Adem knew they were both about to cum. But Yasar pulled his cock from Adem’s mouth and waited until Pete filled Adem’s ass with his hot cum. He cried out when he came filling their fuck toy with his hot cum.

He slipped his dripping cock from Adem’s ass and made room for Yasar. But Yasar wanted to change positions. He lay back on this floor with his cock standing straight and tall and told Adem to slide his ass down over it.

Adem was nervous and it didn’t take long for Pete to realize that he needed help. He picked Adem up and lowered him until Yasar’s cock was buried deep inside him. Adem’s was whimpering and his cock was dripping pre-cum all over Yasar’s cock. Pete noticed it and knelt down between his legs and as Yasar fucked his ass, Pete closed his lips around Adem’s throbbing and dripping cock and sucked him.

It didn’t take him long to shoot his load into Pete’s mouth and when he did so, so did Yasar, climaxed and filled their new gay fuck boy with his hot man juice.

Pete and Yasar, carried Adem into the shower and they all bathed together. The night wasn’t over… it had only just started…

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Turkish Gay Threesome

Turkish Gay Threesome

We were born in Istanbul

Age: 20, 21 & 19

Eyes: We all have brown eyes.

Hair: The three of us have brown to black hair depending on who you are watching at the time..

Body Hair: We’re not twinks, we have some hair on our legs, well lots of hair especially around our ass and groin.

Build: Slim to thick bodies but we are all clean and work out.

Circumcised: The three of us are cut because we like the clean feeling of a thick cock.

Piercings & Tattoos: The only piercings we have are our ears and we don’t have any tattoos.

Loves: We love working out as a threesome, sucking cocks especially sucking two cocks at one time.

Hates: We hate not being together because threesomes are a lot of fun.

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A Gay Guy Fantasy

Haldun was every gay boy’s fantasy. His blonde spikes and his gorgeous smile, his white teeth that were always shining and his sexy looks were enough to turn most people on, but for some reason he loves showing off in front of the guys.

Haldun a gay guy fantasy

After a long day of filming for Haldun had invited a few friends around to help him relax a little and to do a little show and tell. He was dressed in his board shorts and not much else when he began singing on the table and pretending to do a strip tease. He was fantastic, he knew how to show off and after a little bit of a teasing session he ran into his
bedroom and jumped up onto the bed. He opened his shorts up a fraction and began to slide them down showing off his cock.

Haldun was magnificent. He was a beautiful gay boy and his cock was so huge. It was massive and long and it looked yummy enough to eat. I wanted to jump up on the bed and join him but I knew it would spoil the fun. He was really getting into the swing of stripping down and showing off his beauty body. With his hands on his head he showed how he could make his cock move and when he turned around and looked over his shoulder he showed off his cute ass.

He had an ass that most guys would enjoy sliding their cocks deep inside. By this time he was really turned on and he knelt on the bed and bent back just a little and his cock was pointing almost to the shky. It was an incredible look and one that would stick in most guy’s mind.

Haldun a sexy gay guy

But then he did something a little unusual. He bent over backwards and his cock was standing straigh up. I wondered if anyone could ride it. It would be fantastic watching a horny gay guy lower his cock down onto that long cock. He touched it and stroked it a little before sitting back down on the bed. He wrapped his hand around it and showed everyone how red and horny it was. You could almost see his cock throb and I am sure most guys would love sucking his cock for him.

Suddenly he was tired and he lay down on the bed with his legs wide and beckoned one of us to join him. All I could picture in my mind was laying behind him with my cock between his legs and the head slowly slipping into his tight ass… One day… this is one gay guy’s fantasy at

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