Sexy Gay Basri

Basri’s Briefs

Basri is a slender and tall Turkish twink that knew I was a photographer. We had met a few weeks ago and I told him to call me if he ever wanted to make some extra cash. He called me yesterday afternoon and asked if I could go over to his apartment with a camera. I could tell by his voice that he was excited about something. He gave me the address to his apartment before we disconnected. I grabbed a camera that was loaded with film, left my studio and drove to the address that Basri had given me.

I knocked on the door and was greeted by the slender and tall Turkish twink. He was wearing a baseball cap, a hot pink t-shirt and a pair of white briefs. Basri could not contain his excitement and he hugged me as soon as he opened the door.

“Come in and see what I got,? he said as he finally let go of me.

I closed the door behind me and watched as Basri sat down on a large red bench. He spread his long hairless legs just right and I could clearly see part of a hairless testicle peeking out of the crotch of Basri’s briefs.

Sex Gay Basri

“Nice bench,? I said as I stepped closer. “What do you use it for??

“I mostly use it for my exercises,? he replied. “But I want to do something special so you can capture it all on film.?

Basri began rubbing the crotch of his white briefs as I began snapping pictures. A noticeable bulge developed in his underwear and I managed to capture some great close-up shots. He began squeezing his covered cock and my own dick started to throb in my pants.

Basri rubs his cock through his pants

“I really like your white briefs,? I said. “But I really want to see your young cock.?

The slender and tall Turkish twink pulled the crotch of his briefs to one side and let his throbbing tool loose. He wrapped his hand around the swelling shaft and squeezed it. I had never seen his large young cock before and it was indeed a treat. I continued to snap pictures but I wanted so much to take his throbbing tool inside my mouth.

Basri strokes his cock

Basri stood up on the red bench and pulled off his hot pink t-shirt. He then slipped his white brief down his long hairless legs. The Turkish twink made sure that I got a good view of his hairless ass. I snapped pictures of his firm young butt but I ached to plunge my throbbing dick deep inside his anus. I was there to photograph Basri and not to fuck him.

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After Basri’s briefs were removed, he sat back down on the red bench. He masturbated until hot semen erupted from his piss hole and landed on the red bench between his hairless young legs.

“That was a wonderful show and I captured it all on film and everyone at will love these pics,? I said.

The slender and tall Turkish twink smiled and began rubbing his still hard young cock. I knew I was not going to leave his apartment without a session of hot gay sex. I carefully placed my camera on the floor and began stripping. I fucked Basri on his new red bench.

Gay Boy Strips

Ilker arrived at my studio while I was in the middle of remodeling. He did not mind the mess and he sat down in an old chair that the painters were using when they went on break. The Turkish twink pulled down his tan pants to reveal his large young cock. He had a nice hairy belly that led to his thick patch of pubic hair. Ilker stood up and stripped off his clothes.

Gay boy Ilker

The Turkish twink had hairy armpits, chest and legs. While he had short hair and bushy eyebrows, he had not facial hair. Ilker had a tattoo on his left shoulder. He noticed me admiring his tattoo and he explained that he got it on a dare one night. I dared him to show me his hairy young ass and he did. The Turkish twink then sat back in the old chair and began masturbating.

Gay boy strips

I snapped pictures as Ilker stroke his large young cock. His fleshy pole grew longer and thicker as I captured him on film. The Turkish twink started moaning as he started to sweat more. He stroke his large young cock even harder. Ilker finally exploded and his hot semen erupted from his piss hole.

Blowjob Fantasy

Cengiz is a Turkish twink that enjoys drinking wine in front of a roaring fire. I invited him over to my studio and built a fire in the fireplace. I poured him a glass of white wine. He took a few sips before taking off his shirt to reveal his broad hairless chest. After a few more sips of the white wine, Cengiz had his blue jeans off.

Cengiz Turkish Twink

The Turkish twink built a fire in me as he showed off his white briefs. I could not keep my eyes off the very noticeable bulge in his underwear. Without any urging, Cengiz slipped his white briefs off to reveal his large young cock. The only body hair that he had was a nice triangle of pubic hair. The Turkish twink stood up and turned around so I could admire his nice firm young butt.

I could not resist the temptation of enjoying Cengiz before the roaring fire. I stripped off my clothes before we embraced. The Turkish twink and I kissed before I ran my tongue down his hairless chest and through his pubic hair. I wrapped my moist mouth around his large young cock. I sucked his fleshy shaft until he was fully erect. I then kneeled down before the fireplace so Cengiz could plunge his hard large young cock deep into my ass.

Blowjob fantasy featuring Cengiz

I jerked off as the Turkish twink fucked my tight anus. I exploded moments before I felt Cengiz coming inside my ass.

Sightseeing With Melih

Melih is a handsome Turkish twink that was born in Ankara. He moved to Istanbul a few years ago and he still loves to go sightseeing. I have always enjoyed his lean muscular body and I jumped at the chance to go sightseeing with Melih.

We spent most of the day at the Topkapi Palace and he wore a black baseball cap that matched his t-shirt. His legs were covered by his green pants and he wore sneakers. Melih told me how special the Topkapi Palace was to him because it was the first place that his parents took him when they first arrived in Istanbul. He wanted to grow up to be a sultan and have a huge harem of gay men. After visiting the Topkapi Palace, we went to a local coffee house for refreshments.

My sightseeing with Melih then took us to a few more places that he enjoyed. When the sun was low on the horizon, I invited the Turkish twink back to my apartment. I fixed us a wonderful dinner with baklava for dessert. After the meal, I took Melih to by bedroom to thank him for asking me to go sightseeing with him. I embraced him and planted my lips firmly on his. Melih responded to my kiss and our tongues played a game of cat and mouse in each other’s tongues.

I lifted his black t-shirt up to reveal his hairless chest. I broke off the kiss and lightly kissed his right nipple. The Turkish twink moaned as I began sucking the bud. His nipple grew hard in my mouth and I knew that it was not the only thing growing hard. I switch to sucking his left nipple to make it just as hard.

I knelt before Melih and pulled his green pants down. His young cock was throbbing with life and I kissed his purple crown. I wrapped my moist mouth around his swelling shaft and began sucking. As I sucked his young cock, I fondled his hairless balls.

I did not stop sucking his young cock until he finally pushed me away. My own dick had grown hard in my pants and it was aching to be deep inside the Turkish twink. We stripped and climbed on my bed. He got on his hands and knees while I positioned myself behind him. I spread his hairless buttocks wide and began licking his young asshole.

I entered his anus slowly and felt his anal muscles tighten around my hard dick. As I began to slide my manhood in and out of his young asshole, Melih began masturbating. He exploded moments before I filled his anal cavity with my hot semen. I decided then that I would spend more days sightseeing with Melih.

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Turkish Twink Masturbates in bed

I caught Erdem masturbating on his bed last night. He is a slender Turkish twink with long hairy legs that makes him appear taller than he actually is. His balls are just as hairy as his thighs and he has a five o’clock shadow that makes him look older than his actual age of twenty-two. Erdem did not seemed to care that I caught him masturbating for he did not stop stroking his young hairy cock.

Erdem loves masturbating

The Turkish twink did raise his head up and looked at me. I could tell that he was not going to stop for nobody. I pulled my own dick out and began stroking it. Erdem smiled and began jerking off even harder than before. He began sweating more as his young hairy cock began to grow even more longer and thicker. I pulled my own dick as I watched the Turkish twink masturbate on his bed.

Turkish twink Erdem masturbates for

Erdem used his spit as lube and he would often lick the palm of his hands. His young hairy cock was wet with his spittle but that changed when I exploded. My hot semen landed on his young hairy cock. The Turkish twink then used my semen as lube as he masturbated on his bed. His young hairy cock grew even more longer and thicker than before. Erdem finally exploded and his
hot semen landed on his hairy belly.

Murat In Leather

I met Murat at a local night club a few months ago in Istanbul. He was a handsome Turkish twink wearing tight black leather pants. I introduced myself and bought him a drink. We danced and drank until the night club closed. We were both too wound up for sleep so I invited him back to my studio. I had plenty of beer to keep us going and we each opened up a bottle. Murat sat down in a chair opposite of mine but he could not sit still.

“Why don’t you take off your boots and relax for a bit,? I said.

The Turkish twink smiled before slipping off his boots and socks. He then took off his shirt to reveal his broad shoulders and hairless chest. I admired his muscles and the tattoo around his left bicep. He flexed both of his biceps and I asked him to flex the muscle between his legs. The Turkish twink smiled and pulled his young cock out of his black leather pants.

Murat in leather

Murat squeezed his young cock and I watched with delight as it grew longer and thicker. He had a nice patch of pubic hair that I wanted to run my fingers through. I was too drunk to do anything but watch as Murat squeeze his young cock.

He stood up and lowered his black leather pants as I felt my own manhood grow in my pants. The Turkish twink asked if I wanted to touch his swelling shaft and I replied that I did. I stood up from my chair and kneeled before him. I wrapped my hand around his young cock and squeezed. His fleshy tool throbbed even harder in my hand.

Murat shows his cock

I told Murat how much I wanted to see his young firm ass. He turned around and placed his hands on the back of the chair. I spread his hairless buttocks and kissed his anus. He moaned as my tongue began probing his back door. My manhood was fighting to escape my pants but I was too busy licking his young firm ass to care.

Murat's cute ass

I stopped licking his quivering anus and he pulled his black leather pants down to his ankles. I stood up and undressed as he sat back in the chair. His young cock was hard and stiff. I sat back down in my chair and I admired his naked male body.

Murat strips out of his leather for

We masturbated together until we both exploded. I then led Murat to my bed where we kissed before falling asleep in each other’s arms. Both of us awoke much later with erect cocks. We sucked each other off before we exploded in each other’s moist mouths. I remember that night fondly whenever I see Murat in black leather pants at the local night club.

Turkish Twink Gurkan

Gurkan arrived at my studio wearing a turquoise t-shirt and white pants. He was a handsome tall Turkish twink with long hair. I began snapping pictures of him sitting in a chair. He took off his turquoise t-shirt to reveal his hairless chest and I knew that I wanted to see the rest of him. Gurkan pulled off his white pants to reveal his white briefs.

Gurkan Turkish twink

The Turkish twink rubbed the crotch of his white briefs and a noticeable bulge grew. He took his white briefs off to reveal his hairy young cock and his hairless balls. I was surprised at how hairy his legs were since his arms were not very hairy. The Turkish twink stood up and pulled his foreskin back to reveal his purple crown.

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Gurkan turned around and showed off his firm young hairy butt. He then sat back on the chair and began pulling his foreskin up and down his young cock. I watched as his purple crown would disappear and then reappear. The Turkish twink jerked off and his young cock grew longer and thicker. I snapped some great close up shots of him masturbating. Gurkan finally exploded and he rubbed his hot semen on his hairy belly.

Zeren loves sex outdoors


Fresh twink loves being outdoors

I was born in Izmit

Age: 18

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Body Hair: I have thick patch of curly pubic hair and slightly hairy legs. My arms, chest, belly and testicles are hairless.

Build: I am tall with a lean build and flat abs.

Circumcised: I am not circumcised.

Piercings & Tattoos: I have no piercings or tattoos.

Loves: I love being outdoors and I spend most of my free time down by the Sea of Marmara. I love stripping on a sunny day and letting my large cock soak up the sun. I always get so turned on while I am nude outdoors that I have to masturbate. I have been looking for a man that always enjoys the outdoors so we can get our rocks off outdoors.

Hates: The only things that I hate people who throw their trash out of their windows and pollution.

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Turkish Twink Celik

Celik is a slender and tall Turkish twink that loves relaxing in the bathtub after a long day of attending classes at the university. He is eighteen years old and is studying to be a computer programmer. Celik showed up at my studio one day looking to make a little extra money. I jumped at the opportunity to snap pictures of him while he was relaxing in his bathtub. While he has a nice patch of pubic hair, his balls and chest are hairless. Celik has a nice large young cock that he is proud to show off.

Turkish Twink Celik

The slender and tall Turkish twink filled the bathtub and soaked for several moments before he began fondling his young cock. I snapped pictures of him as his fleshy pole grew longer and thicker. I told Celik how much I admired his young cock and he smiled. He began masturbating in earnest and my own dick grew hard in my pants. I watched as the slender and tall Turkish twink’s hairless balls bobbed up and down in the water.

Bathtime Twink

I wanted so much to pull my own dick out and jerked off while Celik masturbated in the bathtub. Instead, I concentrated on snapping pictures. His young cock soon erupted and his fresh semen landed on his hairless chest. You can find Celik’s pictures inside

Gedim’s Cute Gay Ass

Gedim is always smiling and his smile always makes me happy. I am also happy that I was able to photograph the Turkish twink. He wasted no time in stripping down to his black briefs. He rubbed his hairless chest as I commented on his lack of body hair. Gedim told me that he was lucky in not having a lot of body hair.

Gedim shows off his cute gay body

The Turkish twink took off his black briefs and I made me even more happy by exposing his young cock. He had small triangle of pubic hair above his flaccid manhood. I snapped pictures as he kneeled and draped himself over a chair. His young ass was firm and just as hairless as the rest of him. Gedim sat in the chair and began masturbating.

Gedim loves masturbating and showing off his cute gay ass

I snapped pictures as Gedim’s young cock grew longer and thicker. He probed his young asshole with the fingers of his free hand. I asked the Turkish twink if he wanted my cock deep inside his young asshole. Gedim stroked his young cock even harder until he exploded.

Slender Turkish Twink Emrah

Emrah could not wait to strip off his yellow t-shirt and dark blue denim jeans when he was in my office. The slender Turkish twink from slipped his hand into his gray briefs and pulled his young cock out. He has a slightly hairy chest but the sight of his hairy pubic mound was what got me all excited. Emrah leaned back on my brown leather couch and began stroking his young cock.

Slender Twink Emrah

I watched as his young cock grew longer and thicker. The slender Turkish twink asked me if I liked what he was doing. I told him that I did and I pulled my own cock out. I jerked off as Emrah pulled off his gray briefs. He pulled his foreskin up over his swelling purple crown several times as he masturbated. The slender Turkish twink turned around and showed me his young
firm butt. The sight of his hot ass made me jerk my own dick even harder.

Emrah strokes his young cock...

Emrah lay down on my brown leather couch and stroke his young cock. He told me that he was going to explode moments before his hot semen erupted from his piss hole. The thick white fluid landed on his slightly hairy belly. I exploded while watching Emrah rub his semen all over his flat abs.

Gay Soccer Boy Rico


Gay Soccer Boy Rico

I was born in Ankara.

Age: 20

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Body Hair: I have hairy armpits and pubic mound while I have a little hair on my legs and under my belly button. My face, chest, arms and nutsack are hairless.

Build: I have a lean and muscular body with long legs.

Circumcised: I am not circumcised.

Piercings & Tattoos: I have my left nipple pierced but I do not have any tattoos yet.

Loves: I love playing soccer and working out at the gym. Hearing the roar of the crowd when I score makes me feel proud. I also enjoy have hot gay sex in the shower after a good game of soccer.

Hates: I hate extremely fat and lazy people. If you are going to eat fast food, then at least walk afterwards. I also dislike jock straps and I do not wear one when I am practicing my soccer moves.

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Hairy Gay Boy Ali

One of the cleanest Turkish twink that I have ever met in my life as a photographer is also one of the hairiest. Ali is always taking a bath or a shower and he has hairy forearms, chest and thighs. In addition to his bushy eyebrows, he has a mustache and a goatee. His facial hair makes him look much older than his actual age of twenty-three. The Turkish twink has a thick bush of pubic hair and a hairy asshole.

Hairy Gay Boy Ali

I captured Ali on film while he was in the bathtub soaping up. He could not keep his hands off his small hairy cock and I snapped pictures as he began fondling himself. The Turkish twink stroke himself a few times before rubbing the bar of soap through his hairy pubic mound. He began stroking himself with his soapy hand and I watched as his small hairy cock throbbed to life.

Gay Boy Ali takes a bath

The Turkish twink’s fleshy shaft grew longer and thicker in his soapy hand. As he masturbated, he used his free hand to soap up his hairy asshole. Ali probed his anus with his fingers as I continued to snap pictures. He soon exploded and his thick semen landed on his thick bush of pubic hair. The Turkish twink then got of the bathtub and posed for me.

Sexy Boy Osman


Sexy Boy Osman

I was born in Istanbul

Age: 21

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Body Hair: I have some hair on my chest, arms, legs, pubic mound and around my belly button.

Build: I am tall, slender and have great abs.

Circumcised: I am not circumcised.

Piercings & Tattoos: I have no piercings and no tattoos.

Loves: I love hanging out at the nightclubs with my friends. My favorite drink is straight rum because I feel like a pirate when I am drinking it. Yeah, I do like pirates and I would love to suck Johnny Depp’s mast.

Hates: I hate prudes and prunes because both leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I have this prudish neighbor and he is always bitching about how things were different when he was young. He knows that I am gay and I think he bitches so I will move away. I am here to stay and no prude is going to change me.

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Young Firm Gay Boy’s Ass

I surprised Najim in his bedroom the other day. He was lying on his bed fully dressed and rubbing his crotch as he looked at a gay magazine. The Turkish twink did not get mad at my invasion of his privacy and invited me into his bedroom. He unbuttoned his blue shirt before pulling off his tan pants. Najim pulled his still flaccid cock out of the fly of his boxers before he finally pulled them off.

Young firm gay boys ass

The Turkish twink has a nice thick patch of curly hair on his pubic mound and I resisted the urge to run my fingers through it. He sat up on the bed and put a pillow between him and the wall. Najim spread his hairy legs wide and began masturbating. He stopped once to show me his firm young butt and the large tattoo on his back. The Turkish twink then got his basketball out and sat on it.

Turkish twink shows off his firm tight ass and cock

I wanted so much to trade places with the basketball that he was sitting on. Instead, I watched as Najim batted the basketball off the bed and grab the gay magazine. He found a picture of a man showing off his bare butt and began masturbating. Najim’s young cock soon exploded and his hot semen landed on the white sheet between his hairy legs.

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