Arabian Gay Boy Jamal

It’s shower time with Jamal. The day the photographer turned up to take a few pictures of Jamal, he was just climbing in the shower. This was the perfect opportunity to get some unexpected photos that showed a sexy Arabian gay boy taking a shower.

Jamal - Gay Arabian Boy

At no time did Jamal’s hair get really wet, but the rest of his body did. When he leaned back against the shower wall the water ran perfectly down his body and over his cock and balls. It would have been so nice, kneeling in front of him and catching the flow of water just under his cock.

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If I was lucky enough to join him, a shower session would have been perfect. Taking his cock in my mouth would have been the ideal way to end the shower session but instead, with everyone watching, Jamal, got down on his haunches and stroked his cock until he came.

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Gay Lovers

Nadir & Rizar

Narid & Rizar

They met in Taksim Square

Age: Nadir is 21 & Rizar is 22

Eyes: We both have brown eyes, but then you may not get to see our eyes cause we are too caught up in enjoying ourselves.

Hair: We both have black / brown hair depending on the way the light is.

Body Hair: We have a bit of hair around our groin area. But we’re not overly hairy.

Build: Both Nadir and Rizar are muscular and they love activities to keep their bodies perfect.

Circumcised: No, we’re nice and clean cut which gives more sensations when we suck and fuck.

Piercings & Tattoos: Rizar has a tattoo that looks like a snake twirling around his belly button and a piercing also. Nadir doesn’t have any tats or piercings.

Loves: I love Rizar sucking my cock, he does it so well. His mouth fits around the head perfectly. I love sucking Nadir and licking Rizar’s tight asshole. He tastes so yummy.

Hates: We hate guys who don’t know how to keep themselves clean and some guys are so pushy, it sucks. Treat us well, and we will enjoy the experience with you.

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Stroking Gay Boy

I flicked through some of the images inside and came across a gay boy who has appeared here in several gay fantasies. Basri is a guy that has a cock that some Turkish twinks and Arab gay boys would love to suck or let slide deep into their tight ass.

Basri gay boy

He looks like a sweet boy really especially dressed in his pink t-shirt. But when he strips down and shows his cock, everyone wants to try it. It would be fantastic to meet him in one of the hammas. Feeling his hands touch all parts of my body would be an incredible feeling.

Basri's big cock

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Erol Masturbates

If you enjoy watching videos of hot Arabian twinks masturbating, then you want to check out Erol at He has three video clips that run for around three minutes each. Each video clip is available in MPEG, QuickTime, Real Player and Windows Media formats.

Erol Masturbates

Erol couldn’t wait to get his shirt off in front of the camera. The clean-shaven Arabian twink was in a hurry to get his pants down and show off his young firm butt. Watching him take off his boxer shorts and put on a black jock strap was pretty exciting. More exciting was when Erol’s young cock got hard and he started to masturbate. He turned around while still wearing the black jock strap and grabbed his buttocks. The clean-shaven Arabian twink then sits on the floor and masturbates.

Masturbating Arabian Twink

I greatly enjoyed watching Erol wearing the black jock strap. His videos are only available at

Sweet Young Gay Boys

I had wanted for a long to take a night cruise along the Bosphorus and finally I was able to. I met this fantastic guy there, he was gorgeous actually. He had saved me from an older tourist who thought I was one of the rent boys from the gay scene in Taksim Square. I guess his gaydar had been working overtime…

Ali was so sexy for a gay Arabian boy. He may have been my age but he looked young just like I did even though we were of legal age. I was still at college and when he saved me we were both in the Kay Bar. It was a place where all the young trendy gay boys hung out.

We stood at the bar and drank raki… it was perfect for the evening. Ali’s dark looks were perfect, his eyes as dark as his hair and when he looked into my eyes, he took my breath away.

We talked for a little while and drank a few more rakis before heading back to my room. I fumbled nervously for the key and before we were inside we were both trying to get each other out of our clothes. Ali’s cock was hard and when I took it in my hand, it twitched and leaked pre-cum over my fingers.

He pulled me to him and kissed me, our tongues met and I suddenly realized how anxious I was to feel him close to me. My heart was racing. It had been a long time since I had been with another guy by myself. We were like young gay boy lovers and it felt so right.

We made it to the bed and we licked and nibbled and stroked each other, trying to touch as many places on our bodies as possible. He pushed me back onto the bed and quickly wrapped his lips around my cock. I couldn’t control the moan that escaped from my lips as he caressed and stroked me. The feelings were incredible.

Ali stopped sucking me for just a second; he slid his finger into his mouth and quickly returned to sucking me. And then I felt him sliding that same finger deep into my ass. The feeling was incredible. I felt my whole body trembling and I was trying so hard not to cum too quick. I desperately wanted to experience an orgasm with him, but not like this, not yet…

I needed to taste him too. I encourage him to move a little and I was able to change positions allows his thick circumcised cock to slide between my lips and into my mouth. I touched his cute ass and I couldn’t help but spank him, which pushed his cock deeper down my throat. His pre-cum tasted so nice.

Each time I spanked his ass, more pre-cum dripped onto my tongue… He sucked my cock and I sucked his and it was then that I felt his finger slide deep into my ass once more. The feeling was incredible. I lost it… I bucked up pushing my cock further into his mouth, he fucked my mouth and I fucked his… but with his finger fucking my ass and his tongue teasing the head of my cock and his fine sucking technique, I came, showering his tonsils with my hot cum.

I spanked him hard for making me cum so quickly which triggered his orgasm. He came moments after I did. His cum streamed into my mouth and I tried to swallow as much as I could but there was a good load and I dribbled some out on to my chin.

He pulled his cock from my mouth and quickly turned around and faced me. He giggled and moved closer, licking up the drops that I had lost and he kissed me again. Thanking me and promised to take me to his favorite Hammas for a wilder session in a different setting.

My holiday was set. Ali promised to be my guide, friend and sex buddy for my entire holiday and I had no objections to his offer.

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Handsome Twink Tarik

Tarik is a handsome Turkish twink that I was lucky enough to meet at the local movie house. He’s even a bigger fan of horror movies than I am so we hit it off pretty good. I invited him to my studio and he showed up the next afternoon wearing a long sleeved white shirt and black pants. Tarik was a natural in front of the camera and he was showing me his hairless chest in no time.

Handsome twink Tarik

He did have a hairy belly and I asked him if his pubic hair was just as hairy. The handsome Turkish twink showed me by pulling down his black pants and briefs. He did have a thick patch of curly hair on his pubic mound. He started playing with his young cock as I snapped pictures of him.

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Tarik stripped off his clothes before he turned around to show me his firm young butt. He noticed the large bulge in my pants and smiled mischievously. The Turkish twink has a great smile and I found myself jerking off while he masturbated. The next time Tarik comes over, I’m going to do more than just jerk off.

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Arabian Gay Boy Soufian

Soufian likes to drink soda and wears worn out blue jeans. He’s a clean shaven and tall Arabian twink with a lean body. I’m surprised he’s so lean with all the soda that he drinks but he has a healthy sex life. Soufian invited me to his apartment last week so I could snap some pictures of him in his bedroom.

Arabian gay boy Soufian

As soon as he sat down on his bed, I noticed that he had a can of soda in his hand. The tall Arabian twink popped the top and took a large swallow. He offered me some but I refused since I’m not a big soda drinker. He kicked off his shoes before taking off his black socks. The soda must have made Soufian a little giddy because he was joking around more than he was stripping.

He finally got off the bed and stripped off his shirt to reveal his hairless chest and belly. Soufian lay down on the bed and unzipped his worn out blue jeans. He joked around some more before finally stripping off his blue jeans and briefs. Soufian has very hairy legs and pubic mound but his balls are hairless. I snapped pictures as he jerked off.

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Arabian Twink Mustapha

I enjoy hanging out with Mustapha for he’s clean-shaven Arabian twink that loves to suck cock. He was over at my studio a few days ago and he wasted no time in pulling up his shirt to show me his hairless chest. Mustapha then pulled his young cock out of his blue jeans and I couldn’t help myself from being turned on as I snapped pictures of him. He has a thick patch of pubic hair that I just love running my fingers through.

Arabian Twink Mustapha

The eighteen year old Arabian twink lowered his blue jeans so I could see his hairless balls. He soon stripped off his clothes before turning around to show me his firm young butt. Mustapha’s young cock grew harder as I snapped pictures of him. I admit that my own dick was getting hard in my pants so I took it out and asked him if he wanted to suck me.

Mustapha loves sucking cock

Mustapha didn’t say a word but kneeled before me. He ran his lips up and down my swollen shaft before he wrapped his moist mouth around it. The Arabian twink sucked my cock before I fucked him in the ass.

Berk Jerking

Berk is a handsome Turkish twink that I love to hang out with. He knows the best night clubs in Istanbul to go to and everybody seems to know his name. Last weekend, we went to a new night club that had just opened. Berk invited me along and we met up with a few guys that knew him. He wore his usual black t-shirt and blue denim jeans. We drank a variety of mixed drinks, listened to loud rock music and basically had a good time with the guys.

Our little group stayed at the new night club until the place closed at dawn. The handsome Turkish twink and I were a little tipsy but we decided to hit a cafe for a cup of java with the other guys went home. He admitted that he didn’t want to be alone and he invited me back to his apartment since we were both wide awake. I had been to his apartment a few times but I had never been to his bedroom.

Berk kicked off his sneakers and sat down on his bed. He started talking about which of the guys that we met at the night club he had fucked. The talk about gay sex turned me on and I could tell that he was getting turned on too. He began rubbing his crotch and a nice bulge developed in his blue denim jeans. Berk slipped off his t-shirt and proudly displayed his hairless chest.


Berk Jerking

The handsome Turkish twink flashed me a big smile as I admired his hairless chest. Even his slender arms and flat belly was hairless. He is clean shaven with short hair and most people would expect him to be a sweet and innocent young man. I knew from our nights at the clubs that he enjoyed drinking and having hot steamy gay sex.

I asked Berk if he ever jerked off with another man without ever actually having sex. He thought about the question for several moments before he replied that he hadn’t. I then challenged him to jerk while I watched him. I wanted to suck and fuck him really bad but I also wanted to play with him for a bit.

The handsome Turkish twink accepted the challenge and laid back on the bed. He stripped off his blue denim jeans and kneeled on the bed. I watched with delight as he pulled the front of his black briefs down to reveal his young cock. My own dick was getting hard in my pants and I pulled it out while he slipped off his black briefs.

Handsome Turkish Twink Berk

Turkish Twink Berk Jerks off at

Berk lay back on the bed and began jerking his young cock. His brown eyes filled with lust as he watched me jerk my own dick. His young cock grew longer and thicker as his hairless balls boiled with hot semen. He finally lost control and his precious man seed erupted from his young cock. The sticky white fluid shot out of his piss hole and landed on his hairless belly.

Watching Berk jerking off and coming made me lose control as well. I aimed my hard dick towards him and sprayed the black socks that he still wore with my hot semen. I then climbed on the bed next to the handsome Turkish twink and kissed him. The long night finally caught up with us and we feel asleep in each other’s arms.

Muammer Outdoors Twink

I decided to take a nature walk a few days ago and found myself hiking in the woods with Muammer. He’s a twenty-one year old Turkish twink that loves the outdoors. I started snapping pictures of him after he took off his shirt. Muammer has a hairy chest and a slightly muscular build. Just looking at him shirtless in the woods was enough to turn me on.
Muammer outdoors twink from
We worked our way through the woods and came to a river. I snapped some great pictures of the Turkish twink shirtless by the river. We found a rocky area and I asked Muammer to take off his hiking shorts. He pulled them off to reveal his boxer shorts even though he knew I wanted to see his young cock.
Muammer shows of his cock
After snapping a few pictures of Muammer wearing his boxers, he finally pulled them off. His young cock is uncircumcised and he looked so natural in the outdoors. I snapped a few more pictures of the Turkish twink before I stripped off my clothes. I sucked his young cock before he fucked me in the ass.

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Wild Sexy Twink Serkan

Serkan is a wild Turkish twink with for he has multiple piercings and tattoos. He has both of his ears pierced and a piecing below his lower lip. I asked him if he was going to pierce his cock and he told me that he has thought about it. Serkan has a freaky tattoo on his right shoulder.
Sexy Serkan
He was very relaxed on my bed as I snapped pictures of him wearing only a pair of black silk boxers. The short-haired wild Turkish twink has a goatee and a hairless chest. He couldn’t wait to pull his young cock out of the black silk boxers. Serkan finally took them off and showed me firm butt.
Wild Turkish Twink Masturbates
The wild Turkish twink kneeled on the bed and started pulling his foreskin back and forth. I watched as his young cock grew longer and thicker. Serkan has a thin patch of pubic hair and hairless balls. The more he jerked off, the more excited I got until I pulled my own cock out and started masturbating. Serkan exploded moments before I did. You can see all his pictures at

Shy Gay Boy’s Big Cock

Tesa is one hell of a shy gay boy from Turkey and the day I met him in the motel room, he was as shy as he has ever been. I think the reason behind that was the cameraman was clicking away and he was nervous. In my mind I wish the photographer would take a hike and leave us alone for a few moments.

Shy gay boy Tesa

When you check out the pictures of Tesa inside you will see why I wanted some time alone with him. Sure he was shy, but as he slowly removed his clothes his big cock came to life. His cock was huge, massive in fact and I could almost taste him. And I wanted to. I am sure his pre-cum would have tasted as sweet as he looked for a shy gay boy.

Gay boy's big cock

As the photographer clicked away, I closed my eyes and pictured me closing my mouth around his big cock. He did taste incredible. All the time this shy gay boy fucked my mouth, he didn’t smile, but when he came he certainly did.

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A sudden sound in the room pulled me out of my fantasy, Tesa was lying on the bed, with his cock between his legs and his hairy ass waiting for the photographer to click away. If we had been in private I would have slipped behind him and eased my cock into his tight ass. It would have been the perfect finish to a great time with Tesa the shy gay boy you can see at

Gay Turkish Boy


Gay Turkish Boy Jelcin

I was born in Izmir

Age: 21

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Body Hair: I have a hairy chest, belly, back and butt. I have some hair on my forearms and thighs. While I have a nice thick patch of pubic hair, my balls are hairless.

Build: I have a slender frame with long legs and arms.

Circumcised: No

Piercings & Tattoos: I have nothing pierced and I have no tattoos.

Loves: I love playing video games and I can spend hours at the arcade. My favorite drink is a latte and I have been known to consume three of them in an hour. The caffeine helps me play the video games.

Hates: I hate when people jump in front of you while waiting in a long line. I hate the crash that I have when the caffeine from the lattes that I drink wear off.

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Kerem Masturbates

If you enjoy watching videos of hot Turkish twinks masturbating and playing with sex toys, then you want to check out Kerem at He has three video clips that lasts for around three minutes each. Each video clip is available in MPEG, QuickTime, Real Player and Windows Media formats.

Kerem Turkish Twink

Kerem is a pretty clean-shaven Turkish twink with long black hair. He starts his masturbation session by rubbing the crotch of his blue jeans. There are some great close-up shots of Kerem looking into the camera as he rubs himself. He takes his young cock out and begins tugging on it. The clean-shaven Turkish twink has an above-average sized penis and hairless balls.

Kerem masturbates at

As he masturbates, he pulls his shirt over his head and pinches his nipples. Kerem gets his blue jeans off one leg and starts fingering his anus. He even turns around so the camera can catch his quivering asshole while he masturbates. The fun really begins when Kerem starts playing with his flesh-colored vibrator.

The hot Turkish twink was really enjoyed masturbating and playing with his sex toy. His videos are only available at

Gay Boy Deniz Jerks Off

Deniz couldn’t wait to have his Turkish body captured on film. He quickly stripped down to his white undershirt and black jock strap. I was snapping pictures of him as he was stretched out on the weight bench. He pulled his young cock out of his black strap and started tugging on it. I couldn’t keep my manhood from growing hard in my pants. I know that Deniz noticed it because he smiled and began jerking off even harder.
Deniz Turkish Twink from Istanboys
The Turkish twink began fingering his young asshole and my manhood was struggling to get out of my pants. He finally stripped off his white undershirt and black jock strap. Deniz waved his fully erect young cock around proudly like a flag. I finally pulled my manhood out and began masturbating while I snapped pictures of him jerking off.
Deniz jerks off at
Deniz masturbated until his young cock erupted and I captured the moment on film. As soon as he finished climaxing, I shot my hot load all over the Turkish twink’s hairless chest. And posted his pictures at

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