Sexy Dark Arab Gay Boy

The photographer from caught Najim, reading a gay magazine featuring some very sexy gay boys. He managed to capture Najim relaxing and at the same time caught some very horny pictures of him. When I first saw Najim’s pictures I couldn’t help fantasize about what it would be like to enjoy this gay Arab.
Sexy dark skinned Arab Gay Boy
His dark skin was certainly one aspect of him that turned me on. And before he stripped down I had a hard-on because all I could picture was his dark skinned cock getting hard. I felt my mouth watering because I wanted to taste him. I wanted to take his growing cock in my mouth and taste his pre-cum and when he was nice and hard I pictured him slipping deep into my ass.
Najim masturbates at
I pictured Najim as a basketball player which meant he would be fit and could keep up my ass pounding for a long time. Sometimes I wish that fantasies would come true especially when there are so many horny gay Arab and Turkish boys in to dream about.

Watching Najim shoot his load of cum over his stomach was perfect. I wish I was there to lick it up for him. Maybe one day…

Arab Gay Lovers

Oh, my! What a fucking turn-on! These two Arab guys are making out on a sun lounge. There was no mistaking the lust that was taking place between these two horny gay guys. And when they kissed, I had shivers running up and down my spine in anticipation of what they would do next.
Nadir and Riza make love at
This photoshoot appeared to be session that no one knew what would happen next. All I can say is this shoot started with a kiss followed by these two horny guys touching, they played with each other’s ass before Riza slipped Nadir’s jocks down and began sucking his cock.

I’m sure everyone watching them was having a problem controlling their feelings. Hard cocks were in abundance and even the photographer was having trouble controlling his hard-on. His bulge was very noticeable and I am sure like he if they had invited us to join them, we would have been having a foursome with Nadir and Riza.
Gay boys kiss
The pictures I’ve chosen for you are quite soft, however if you would like to see the fantastic love making session with a couple of horny gay Arab guys, then you need to slip into just like Nadir slipped into Riza’s tight ass.

Tukish Gay Boy Muzaffer



I was born in Turkey

Age: 19

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Body Hair: I have hair around my belly button, my groin and my legs and a little on my arm. My facial hair when I don’t shave is quite black so I try to keep well shaven.

Build: I am quite muscly with a little extra beef around my tummy, but I know that I’ve been working out a lot so I believe guys won’t see it when they fuck me hard. My abs looked pretty good, so I am pleased with how I look.

Circumcised: Yes I am. I believe a cut cock is a clean cock and guys can see how clean I am.

Piercings & Tattoos: My right ear is pierced and so is my left nipple. When my gay friends pull on my nipple ring the sensations are incredible. I have no tattoos.

Loves: I love guys who are caring and guys who smile. A smile tells so much about someone especially if you are going to meet them and have sex with them.

Hates: I hate guys who think they are better than others. To me life is too short to be so stuck up and pig headed. I hate guys who don’t look after themselves and bathe properly.

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Sexy Arab Boy

Emrah is so relaxed and when I first saw his pictures at I was pleased that the guys behind this site had chosen Emrah to appear in photos for the members of this fantastic Turkish twink and gay Arab site.
Sexy Arab Boy Emrah
I loved the way he casually removed his clothes for the camera, he took his time, and his smile told me he was enjoying himself. He appeared to be so very laid back and oh so sexy and I thought to myself that I’d love to meet him in a hammas in Turkey. To feel his hands all over my body and him making love to me would be a fantastic experience.

The camera caught Emrah at his best this day. He posed for the photographer, and when he smiled at him he was smiling at us, the members also. He didn’t hide his cock from view, in fact this horny Arab brought it out and showed it off to everyone watching.
Emrah poses for the camera at
It was hard and erect and looked delicious and I would love to have tasted the pre-cum I could see forming at the little slit of the cock head. It was a perfect moment and I am sure you will enjoy Emrah’s pictures as much as I did at

Gay Boy Enis Masturbates

I love watching videos of Turkish twinks masturbating at One of my favorites is Enis, who has four videos that are available in MPEG, QuickTime, Real Player and Windows Media formats. The length of each video is three minutes and they can be downloaded or streamed.
Enis gay boy at
One of the reasons that I love watching the videos of Enis is because of his big ears, which makes goofy and adorable at the same time. He wears a baseball cap, denim jacket, black fishnet shirt and jeans. The Turkish twink rubs his hairless chest and flat abs before he pulls out his young cock.

His hairless balls bounce as he masturbates and I love the close up scenes. Enis finishes undressing before he shows off his cute male butt. He spreads his buttocks wide to show his hairy asshole and I can’t help but to imagine myself licking. After the Turkish twink fingers his hairy asshole, he masturbates until he cums.
Gay boy masturbates at
Enis may look a little goofy with his big ears but I love watching the videos of him masturbating. His videos are only available at and I know that you will enjoy them as much as I do.

Gedim’s Sexy Tight Ass

I’ve been making my way around and I’ve found lots of horny gay boys. The Arabian Twinks and Turkish boys are a real turn on, but for some reason Gedim’s cute ass caught my eye.
Sexy Gedim
His images show him posing on the shiny floor boards, and when he was on his knees, his cute asshole and balls were in full site. They looked perfect. It would have been fantastic to bend down behind him and rim his ass with my tongue before moving down a little and sucking his balls into my mouth.
Gedim's shows off his tight ass at
When I saw Gedim, I visualized myself watching him stripping down and posing for me. He stood proud and tall to start with, showing off his tight ass cheeks and his cock and I wondered how the photographer was able to keep taking pictures. My cock was hard and wanted to join him but I am a little shy and I didn’t want to be a distraction. Watching him was wonderful.
Gedim's tight ass and balls
And then when he started moving around on the floor, the photographer captured some of the best pictures. His tight ass, waiting to be licked or fucked and his smile that told everyone he was having fun and you can see just how much fun sweet Gedim was having at

Arabian Twink Jerks Off

If you enjoy watching videos of Arabian twinks masturbating, then you will enjoy watching Deniz at He has three full color videos that are available in MPEG, QuickTime, Real Player and Windows Media formats. Each video can be downloaded or streamed and they last three minutes.
Arabian Twink Deniz
Deniz is a handsome Arabian twink that I found and he was lying on a weight bench. He is wearing white sneakers, socks and undershirt along with a dark-colored jock strap. His legs are hairy and his feet are tucked under the weight bar attached to the bench. Deniz rubs the nice size bulge in his jock strap to make it even bigger. He pulls up his undershirt before pulling down his jock strap to reveal his young cock.
Arabian Twink jerks off
The Arabian twink jerks off and there are some great close-up scenes of his young cock growing harder. He takes off his jock strap so his balls can bounce free while he masturbates. Deniz does cum on his belly much to my delight and he rubs it all over himself.

I enjoyed watched the Arabian twink masturbating and you will only find his videos at

Gay Guy Working Out

I first met Hassan at a local gym in Istanbul and actually asked him over to my apartment one evening. The muscular Turkish twink and I had masturbated together several times since then but I wanted to go the next step. I decided that working out privately with Hassan was the way to further our relationship.
Working out at
I found myself feeling pain in places that I never knew existed when I was working out with the muscular Turkish twink. We did everything from lifting weights to doing push-ups. He felt pity for me after our work outs at his apartment and he would rub my sore muscles until I was so relaxed that I fell asleep. The muscular Turkish twink never took advantage of me and I was determined to change that.

After one of our grueling workouts, I was not feeling as much pain as I usually did. Hassan asked me how I was doing and I told him that I was still feeling pretty bad. We stripped down to our briefs and I laid face down on the weight bench. Hassan began rubbing my muscles liked he had done countless times before.
Hassan works out at
I did not fall asleep like I usually did and my manhood became erect with the massage. I turned over much to the surprise of the muscular Turkish twink. He pulled my briefs down and kneeled beside the weight bench that I was laying on. The muscular Turkish twink wrapped my hard manhood into his moist mouth and began sucking.

His moist mouth was just as magical as his hands were and my manhood grew even harder as he sucked. Hassan’s hands fondled my hairy balls as they boiled with hot sperm. He engulfed the entire length of my hard manhood several times without choking. I ran my hands through Hassan’s thick curly hair as he sucked me.

I finally had to tell him to stop sucking my hard manhood because I wanted to taste his young cock. The muscular Turkish twink pulled his moist mouth away from me and stood up. He stripped off his briefs to reveal his young cock. I sat up on the weight bench and pulled him towards me. I wrapped my moist mouth around the muscular Turkish twink’s throbbing tool and began sucking.

Hassan’s young cock grew harder in my moist mouth as I sucked. I played with his hairless balls with one hand while my other hand ran through his thin patch of curly pubic hair. I was able to deep throat Hassan’s hard young cock without choking.
Work out with Hassan at
I finally pulled my moist mouth away from his hard young cock and stood up. The muscular Turkish twink climbed on his bed and wiggled his hairless ass at me. I climbed on the bed and positioned myself behind him. I spread his hairless buttocks wide and spat on his asshole. I plunged my hard manhood slowly into the muscular Turkish twink’s back door.

As I fucked Hassan’s tight asshole, he stroked his hard young cock. He exploded moments before I erupted deep inside his back door. Hassan and I have found a new way of working out together that is much more pleasurable.

Arabian Twink Outdoors

I first met Mehmet near the river one afternoon and he seemed to enjoy being outdoors. He was a slender Arabian twink wearing a white cap and light blue pants. I asked him if he minded if I took some pictures of him and he told me that I could. Mehmet soon had his white sleeveless t-shirt off to show his hairless chest and flat abs.
Mehmet loves being outdoors
The slender Arabian twink was a natural in front of the camera and I snapped several pictures. He began fooling around on a pile of logs. Mehmet was laughing that someone was so interested in taking pictures of him. I did get him to take off his white cap so I could snap a few pictures of his short black hair. The slender Arabian twink flexed his muscular biceps and was enjoying himself.
Sexy gay Mehmet outdoors
I finally asked Mehmet if he would mind posing nude for me. He thought about for several minutes before unfastening his light blue pants. The slender Arabian twink showed off his red shorts before telling me that we had to go to my place before he would show any more. I invited him back to my apartment and he did show me his young cock.

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Slim Gay Boy Atilla


I was born in Manisa

Age: 18

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Body Hair: The only body hair I have is the curly patch of pubic hair. Even my balls are hairless.

Build: I am tall and slender.

Circumcised: Yes

Piercings & Tattoos: I have my ear pierced once and I have a pierced belly button. I have no tattoos at the moment nor do I plan on getting one anytime soon.

Loves: I enjoy dunking chocolate chip cookies into milk. I broke up with my last boyfriend because I ate cookies in bed and got crumbs all over. I also love having my big fat juicy cock sucked especially when I am having cookies and milk.

Hates: The smell of garbage from my neighbor’s apartment really makes me angry. I wish they would learn how to take out the trash once in a while.

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Arabian Twink Masturbates

Fuat is a slender Arabian twink that enjoys coming over to my apartment in Istanbul to look at my collection of gay magazines. I enjoy his visits because it keeps him off the streets and he is a pretty good guy. Fuat came over a few days ago wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of blue shorts. He wanted to know if I had any new gay magazines and I told him that I did.
Fuat slender Arabian Twink from
I invited the slender Arabian twink in and he went straight to my gay magazine collection. He picked up a new magazine on the top of my pile before sitting down in his favorite chair in a corner. He smiled when he came upon a pictured showing a man sucking a cock. Fuat pulled up his white t-shirt and began rubbing his hairless flat abdomen. The slender Arabian twink put the magazine down and took off his white t-shirt to reveal his hairless chest.
Fuat jerks off at
Fuat pulled his young cock out of his blue shorts before picking up the gay magazine. He began jerking off while looking at the picture of a man sucking a cock. I watched as he masturbated until he climaxed.

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Ahbab News 2007-03-20 14:12:00

Comments Off on Ahbab News 2007-03-20 14:12:00
20 March 2007
In Israel, gay Arab activists forge ahead with plans for a rare public conferenceJERUSALEM: A rare gathering of openly gay Arab activists is slated to be held in Israel this month, drawing the ire of religious conservatives. Headlined "Home and Exile," the March 28 meeting is meant to spark discussion of homosexuality among Israel's 1 million Arab citizens, said Roula Deeb, a prominent Arab

Blond Turkish Twink

Haldun is not you typical Turkish twink because he has blond hair. I met him at a local gay club in Istanbul a few nights ago. He was wearing a white shirt and a pair of well worn blue jeans. I bought him a few drinks before inviting him back to my apartment.
Haldun blond Turkish Twink
The Turkish twink sat down on my black leather couch and unbutton his white shirt to reveal hairless chest and belly. He smiled at me before unfastening his blue jeans and pulling out his huge young cock. Haldun said that he was proud of his male member and I told him that he had every right to be. His balls were hairless and he had very little hair on his pubic mound. The Turkish twink lay down on my black leather couch and began masturbating.
Hard Turkish Twinks Cock
I watched Haldun’s young cock grew had in his hand. He stood up, stripped off his blue jeans and sat back down on the black leather couch. I watched in wonder as the Turkish twink locked his ankles behind his head and began fingering his young asshole. I pulled my own hard dick out and began masturbating as I watched him. Haldun soon climaxed while he was on my black leather couch.

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Turkish Soldier

I was in Istanbul when I first met Baris sitting by a hotel’s swimming pool. He was a handsome Turkish soldier in his early twenties that wore a black beret. His black hair was cut short like mine and he wore an olive green t-shirt and camouflage pants. I introduced myself to him and we started talking. I learned that Baris was on leave in Istanbul.

The handsome Turkish soldier got up from his spot by the swimming pool and stepped over to a patio chair. He sat down and stretched his lean body while yawning. Baris told me that he had partied the night before at a local gay bar but had no luck finding a fuck buddy. I told him that I was had the same problem. The handsome Turkish soldier smiled at me and began rubbing the front of his olive green t-shirt.

I watched as his hand slipped from his chest down to the crotch of his camouflage pants. He began fondling his young cock through the fabric. My own penis was growing hard in my pants. Baris pulled his olive green t-shirt up to reveal his hairless chest and belly. He slipped a hand into his camouflage pants and began fondling his young cock.

The handsome Turkish soldier soon unbuttoned his camouflage pants to reveal that he was not wearing any underwear. His young cock stood at attention and I found myself wanting to taste it. I kneeled beside Baris on the patio chair and wrapped a hand around his young cock. I kissed the swollen tip before I wrapped my moist mouth around it.

I savored the taste of his young cock as I sucked. I felt his manhood grow even longer and thicker in my moist mouth. I had tasted many Turkish cocks before but none of them tasted as great as his. I was able to engulf his entire eight inches before I had to release my own manhood.

As I began stripping, Baris smiled and knew what I wanted. He kicked off his military boots before stripping off his olive green t-shirt and camouflage pants. The naked handsome Turkish soldier bent over the patio chair and I entered his tight young asshole. As I fucked him, he stroked his young cock. He exploded moments before I erupted inside his young asshole.

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Gay Mert Loves Sex Toys


I was born in Ankara

Age: 20

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Body Hair: I have very little hair on my arms, chest and belly. While my buttocks are hairless, I do have a hairy asshole. I also have hairy legs and a thick patch of curly pubic hair.

Build: I am of average height with a slender build.

Circumcised: Yes

Piercings & Tattoos: I have no piercings and I have a demon head tattooed on my right upper arm.

Loves: I love smelling the crotch of my used underwear for the scent really makes me horny. I also enjoy shoving dildos up my hairy ass when there are no hard cocks around. When I am with my friends, we enjoy watching baseball games.

Hates: I hate not having something up my hairy ass on a regular basis. I also dislike old women

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