Clean Shaven Turkish Twink

28 February 2007

If you are looking for videos of clean-shaven Turkish twinks, then you will want to check out Sevilin at He has three video clips that can be downloaded or streamed. Each video is available in MPEG, QuickTime, Real Player and Windows Media formats.

Sevilin appears at the beginning of his videos with a white shirt pulled up behind his neck to reveal his white undershirt. He rubs the crotch of his blue denim jeans and a nice bulge develops. The clean-shaven Turkish twink pulls up his undershirt to reveal his hairless chest. He rubs his nipples before he pulls his cock out. I love the close-up scenes of his hairless balls and his swollen cock head. He does strip off his clothes to show off his nice firm ass.

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Slim Gay Boy Jale

27 February 2007


I was born in Inebolu

Age: 18

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Body Hair: The only body hair that I have is on my armpits, pubic mound and legs. I do have a faint mustache that I recently started growing.

Build: I am very slender for my height. Sometimes I have problems finding pants that fit me because my waist is so small.

Circumcised: No, I am not circumcised.

Piercings & Tattoos: I have no piercings or tattoos.

Loves: I love sailing on the Black Sea when I am not partying at a nightclub. I often daydream that I am a corsair like Redbeard. My favorite movies have pirates in them and I drive my friends nuts by reciting the lines that I have memorized.

Hates: Loud and obnoxious people at nightclubs. They often ruin the fun for the rest of us.

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Sexy Gay Boy Recip

I first met Recip at a corsair nightclub and we hit it off pretty well. After a few drinks, he invited me back to his place. The Turkish twink looks like a bad boy with his thin mustache and small goatee. Both of his ears are pieced and he enjoys wearing black shirts like most corsairs do.

The Turkish twink barely got the door of his apartment closed before he pulled his black shirt up over his neck. I was expecting a really hairy chest but he just had a small patch on his sternum and around his nipples. He pulled down his pants and boxers before squeezing his firm buttocks. Recip squeezed his cock and asked me if I want more. I told him that I did and he gave me a naughty smile.

Recip sat down on the floor with his pants and boxers wrapped around one ankle. He did manage to kick off one of his shoes. I watched the Turkish twink masturbate. He soon exploded with his hand wrapped tightly around his hard cock. His semen oozed down his fingers and I wanted to lick it off.

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Arabian Twink Baba

Nothing turns me on more than an Arabian twink with muscles. You can tell that Baba works out because he has very muscular arms and legs. He recently shaved his head because hair makes him sweat too much. I told him that there was something that he could do to make me sweat. He invited me back to his apartment so I could tell him what it was.

Baba gave me a quick tour of his place before we stopped in his bedroom. He knew what I wanted and he soon had his pants and shoes off. The Arabian twink sat on the edge of his bed wearing only his t-shirt and boxers. I asked him if he was very hairy and he showed me that he wasn’t by stripping off the rest of his clothes.

The Arabian twink had a think patch of pubic hair but the rest of his body was hairless. While he had no tattoos, he did have the underside of his cock pierced. He masturbated on his bed until he exploded. You can see more of his Baba’s pics at

Sexy Gay Boy

24 February 2007


I was born in Bursa 

Age: 21

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Body Hair: I have a faint mustache that I recently started growing. I have very little hair on my armpits, belly and chest. I have a thick patch of pubic hair but my balls are hairless. My arms are not very hairy but my legs are.

Build: I am of average height and slender.

Circumcised: No and I have no wish to be circumcised.

Piercings & Tattoos: I have no piercings and no tattoos.

Loves: Besides having hot gay sex whenever I can, I love hanging out at the nightclubs. My favorite drink is red bull and vodka because it really gives me a rush. I also enjoy relaxing with my friends.

Hates: I don’t really hate anybody or anything. I do have strong dislikes and my boss is currently at the top of that list especially when he wants me to work late.

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Tall Arabian Twink

23 February 2007

If you enjoy watching videos of tall Arabian twinks stripping, then you want to check out Adem at He has three video clips that lasts three minutes each. Each video clip is available in MPEG, QuickTime, Real Player and Windows Media formats.

The tall Arabian twink is wearing a black baseball hat, a light blue long-sleeved shirt and white pants in his videos. He starts rubbing himself before he pulls up his shirt to reveal his slightly hairy chest and belly. Adem then pulls down his pants to reveal his hairy cock. He wraps his hand around his swelling shaft and begins to masturbate. The tall Arabian twink strips of his shirt before showing off his hairy ass. He masturbates some more before pulling his pants completely off.

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Turkish Twink Kerem

Kerem is unlike the other Turkish twinks found at His hair is longer and he is never late due to the watch that he always wear. He also doesn’t believe in wearing underwear, which is fine by me. His cock comes to attention as soon as he unzips his jeans.

I love how hard his young Arabian cock gets hard before he gets his jeans all the way off. Like his chest, Kerem’s legs are hairless. He does have some pubic and ass hair. His butt is nice and firm.

Karem loves anal sex and proves it at buy shoving a long dildo up his asshole. I wish that it was my cock going in and out of his gay ass.

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Gay Twink Wahid was invited into the home of Wahid, a handsome young Arabian in his early twenties. He told the camera crew that he enjoyed playing football and showed them a few moves. The gay twink looked pretty hot with his moustache and goatee.

Wahid sat ended up sitting up on the couch and pulled off his sneakers and socked. He then pulled off his red t-shirt to show off his hairless chest. The young Arabian had abs to die for and I just wanted to run my fingers down them. I could barely wait for his to strip off his denim jeans.

The young Arabian rubbed his cock through the fabric of his red boxers while the photographer snapped pictures for His swelling cock head popped through the fly of the boxers. Wahid finally pulled down his red boxers and started to masturbate. He then pulled down his red boxers so he could stroke his hairless cock even harder.

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Handsome Turk Bayar

20 February 2007

Finding a handsome Turk is not always easy for Fortunately, the site did strike gold when they found Bayar at a local nightclub in Istanbul. The twenty-four year old hunk loves putting on his favorite dress shirt to scout for other gay men. I would love to be the lucky guy that goes home with him.

The photographer of told him to undress in the bathroom. He did and he showed off his very hairy armpits and slightly hairy chest. I would love to run my fingers through the curly hair at the base of his above average sized penis. Bayar looks to be a handsome Turk that you would want to please in anyway you could.

He began masturbating and his penis grew even bigger much to my delight. I love how the photographer from snapped close up shots of his hard cock. I’m betting that bad boy would feel great up my asshole. I’m going to start hanging out at the local nightclubs in Istanbul in hopes of being picked up by Bayar.

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Mete Young Gay Loves Masturbating

Mete invited the camera crew from to shoot pictures of him at his home. He wore a dark t-shirt and faded blue jeans for the occasion. The twenty-four year old gay Turk stripped down to his white boxer briefs. I would love to run my hands over his hairless chest before going through the hair on his belly.

He stripped off his white boxer briefs to reveal his thick hairy cock. Mete sat down on his bed and began masturbating. As his cock grew even bigger, my own dick yearned to be released from its prison in my pants. I had to jerk off while looking at the exclusive pictures of the young Turk masturbating.

Mete laid back on his bed and squeezed his cock even harder for the camera crew from The photographer snapped some great pictures of the naked young Turk. I really love the close up shots of his big hard cock. I would love to have him bang my butt.

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Gay Boys Outdoors

Mehmet and Murat… what can I say. I wanted to play with them the moment I spotted them playing in the great outdoors. They had a cheeky look about them and I wondered what they were up to before I let my imagination run wild.

I saw the photographer clicking away and taking as many shots as possible. Their bare skin teased me especially when their nipples became hard in the cool air.

Watching these two young Turkish gay boys was fascinating, even though they didn’t do anything sexual during their photoshoot it didn’t take a lot to visualize a sensual moment with both boys at the one time.

Their soft skin begged to be touched and between them they let their fingers brush each other’s skin. I’d love to play with them and have fun in front of the camera at the same time, showing off and really getting close and personal with Mehmet and Murat.

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Gay Boys Monster Cock

17 February 2007


I was born in Turkey

Age: 22

Eyes: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Body Hair: I have a moderate amount of hair covering my body. I love feeling a guy’s hands over my smooth body without any hair in their way.

Build: I am well built, not overweight but perfect for my height. I also have a fantastic looking cock for anyone who wants to give it a try.

Circumcized: Oh yes… I am circumcized and I love feeling a guy’s mouth over the head because it’s fantastic when they use their tongue to lick around the rim.

Piercings & Tattoos: No.. not tattooes or piercings. I like to try and keep my body free of markings.

Loves: I love guys who like to try something a little different and unusual when we have sex.

Hates: Smelly feet is a huge turn off. Yuck.


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Gay Boys Gym Workout

16 February 2007

He loved the gym because a work out was always good for him and, it helped him get through each day. And he never knew who he would meet on those days. Generally, it was lots of guys together but one day when he was working out another guy was there by himself. It was just the two of them in the gym together.

Berkan couldn’t believe his luck. He’d heard that this guy’s name was Gehrard and he was such a good looking guy, even with his clothes on.

After a few complimentary words, Berkan and Gehrard quickly came together and began touching each other. A friend had told Berkan just how good Gehrard was and he couldn’t tell his friend that they’d already had time together. And now another friend… me, had found them together. They looked wonderful together in the gym.

Their touches and caresses were slow at first and one can only imagine what was going through their minds when Berkan spanked his ass, lightly at first, but then a little harder than before. His whimpers were fantastic and their cocks throbbed together. Soon Gehrard took Berkan’s cock in his mouth. Watching them together was incredible.

Never fully naked but they were perfect together.

In a gym in Taksim Square, these two guys stroked each other’s cocks. They rubbed them up against each other and before they played with and sucked each other again.

Berkan fucked Gehrard’s mouth, his balls hit against his forehead and it didn’t take long before hot cum gushed down sexy gay boy Gehrard’s throat. He tried to swallow every drop but there was way too much cum.

When Berkan pulled his cock from Gehrard’s mouth he giggled and thanked him for making him feel so good.

These guys were sweet young Turkish gay guys and they knew how to pleasure each other, especially at the gym.

Masturbating Muhamed

Dressed to the nines for his photo shoot, Muhamed had to impress the photographer of He wored a jacket with matching slacks and a white shirt. His hair was longer than most of the Turkish twinks his age and he was more charming. Looking at him, no one expected him to rip open his shirt to reveal his hairless chest.

He then unfastened his black slacks to show off his white briefs. He rubbed the bulge before pulling out his hairy cock. If I was the photographer, I wouldn’t be able to keep my mouth off his swelling manhood. Muhamed started masturbating and his cock grew longer and thicker. He finally stripped off his underwear and slacks so his hairy legs could get some fresh air.

The photographer of managed to snap some great pictures of the Turkish twink in action. I often imagine that it is my hand stroking his hard cock. Of course, I wouldn’t stop just at masturbating Muhamed for I would also take his manhood into my moist mouth.

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Gay Arabian Stud Cahil

After a hard night of partying at the club, Cahil still managed to show for his photo shoot a on time. In fact, he didn’t even bother going home and change his clothes. He still wore his long-sleeve silk shirt unbuttoned over his t-shirt. The young Arabian stud admitted that he didn’t do much dancing at the club last night because his black pants were a tad bit too long.

I doubt that he knows how to dance anyway since he was wearing sneakers. Everybody knows that if you go clubbing in Istanbul, you need to wear dress shoes. Despite his footwear, Cahil is still a hot young Arabian stud. He stripped down to his white socks for the photographer of and I’m glad that he did for everyone should admire his great male body.

Cahil’s chest is hairless but he has a nice thin strip of hair running down his flat belly. His arms, butt, pubic mound and legs are very hairy. I would have loved to have been the guy who picked him up at the club.

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