Masturbating Gay Boy Taner

31 January 2007

Looking like he should be an American pop star, Taner started his photo session at by showing off his hairless chest and belly. He must have been in hurry to dress that day because he forgot his underwear. I’m really glad that he didn’t wear any because that meant that the young Arabian male was able to pull his hairy dick and hairless balls out faster.

He stroked his cock a few times before taking off his shirt for the photographer at Taner went back to masturbating and I wished I was there to help him get even harder. I would suck his purple crown like a lollipop and then take more his swelling shaft deep inside my mouth.

After taking off his blue jeans, he sat down on a folding wooden chair to jerk off some more. If I was to mount him, the chair would break under our combine weight. Then the young Arabian male would have to fuck my ass on the floor.

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Arabian Twink Hakan

30 January 2007

For a short Arabian twink, Hakan really knows how to turn me on with his photo session from He wastes no time pulling up his shirt to show off his hairless flat abs. Then he turns over, pulls down his blue jeans and grabs his firm and smooth butt cheek for a good squeezing. When he turns back, he grabs his cock and starts pumping. I wish I was there with him so I could grab his butt and cock.

To make his cock even harder, Hakan fingers his hairy asshole for this fan of I have something much bigger that I would love to shove up his tight ass. He takes off his blue jeans but leaves his gray socks on. The Arabian twink jerks off some more and I can’t believe how huge his cock is. I definitely want him to fuck my poop chute raw first. I wouldn’t let him stop either until he exploded deep inside me. For a finale, I would fuck his hairy asshole until I came.

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My Gay Soldier Boy

I first met Nisar at the gym earlier this summer. He was wearing camouflage pants, a green cap and a gray t-shirt with “Army? printed on it. The young Turk looked to be around twenty-two but it was hard to tell with his five o’clock shadow. He asked me to spot him on the weight bench and I did. That was when we introduced ourselves to each other.

“My name’s Nisar,? he said with his hand outstretched.

“I’m Jeff,? I replied as I slipped my hand into his.

His shake was firm and I found myself wanting to get to know the young Turk a lot better. I took the chance and asked him if he enjoyed being with guys.

“I sure do,? he replied. “You want to have a workout session that’s a little more personal??

I nodded and we went to the locker room. Nobody else was around that time of the day so we had the place pretty much to ourselves. We embraced and kissed each other.

After we parted, we began stripping. I noticed that my soldier boy had hair on his chest and belly. I ran my fingers through the sweaty mess of hair before I kneeled down before him. His pubic hair was nice and thick but I was more interested in his above average cock.

I engulfed his swelling cock and began sucking. My hands fondled Nisar’s balls as I slowly inched more of his fleshy pole into my mouth. I squeezed his cock head with my throat muscles and I heard him start to moan.

As I deep throated my soldier boy’s fleshy pole, my own dick grew hard. I wanted the young Turk even more and I began to suck even harder. I soon tasted his pre-cum but I didn’t stop sucking his monster cock.

Nisar soon exploded inside my mouth. I swallowed every drop of his precious seed. I finally released his spent cock from my mouth and told him to turn around.

My soldier boy had a very hairy anus but I began licking it anyway. I tasted nothing but sweat and even probed his asshole with my tongue. The young Turk’s cock began to grow erect again. I knew then that the time was right.

I stood up and spat into the palm of my hand. I spread my saliva all over my swollen dick. I then slowly entered the Nisar’s hairy asshole. The rear entry was tight but I soon felt him relaxed.

The young Turk began jerking off as I fucked him from behind. My balls boiled with sperm yearning for release and I began sweating. When I felt myself exploding, I plunged my hard dick all the way inside his anal cavity. Nisar came again moments after my semen filled his asshole.

We took a shower before going our separate ways. Now whenever I go to the gym, I make sure that I have a great workout session with my soldier boy.

Turkish Twink Tuna

28 January 2007

When Tuna arrived for his first photo shoot, it was one of the coldest and rainiest days in Istanbul. That’s why he was wearing his winter cap and coat when he arrived at the motel room. He stripped them off and warmed himself up while the photographer from talked with him. The Turkish twink commented that he actually enjoyed the winters in Istanbul.

After he was fully warm, he began to strip off his clothes. The only place that Tuna had any body hair was on his legs. He kept his cock and balls hairless. The Turkish twink masturbated in various spots around the motel room. He even showed off his nice butt on the bed. I wish I was on that bed with him so he could fuck my ass instead of humping the pillows.

The photographer from enjoyed snapping pictures of Tuna and invited him for a few more sessions. I’m glad that they found the Turkish twink because he’s such a handsome hunk. I could stare at his hairless cock and balls for hours.

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Young Arabian Twink Bulent

27 January 2007

Wearing only a fluffy white towel, Bulent did twenty push ups. He then showed off his developing muscles. The young Arabian twink is slender as a bean pole but that’s how I like him. His hairless chest and flat abs are so yummy that I just want to run my hands all over them.

Bulent finally lowered the towel for the camera crew at He showed off his firm and hairless boy butt. The young Arabian twink turned around to show off his uncut hairless cock. His manhood was so long and think that I got giddy just looking at it.

After sitting down, Bulent pulled back his foreskin to reveal his head. Oh, how I would love to get a chance to wrap my mouth around his cock. I could suck his young Cock like a good little gay guy that I am. He began stroking for the camera crew at and I just had to pull my own dick out start jerking off too.

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Gorgeous Gay Turk

Dogan is in the house at and he couldn’t wait to show off his tattoos on his chest and shoulder. He had to take off his gangsta jacket, long sleeved denim shirt and white t-shirt to do so but I’m glad that he did. The young Turkish twink is lean with a flat and hairless belly. I would love to run my fingers down the thin strip of hair on his broad chest.

I was surprised when he pulled down his blue jeans for for he had no hips. He reminds me of those dolls…er, action figures that I played with when I was younger. Dogan has a nice hairy cock that I would love to play with. I could lick and suck him all night long. I would never want the young Turkish twink to leave my house. He would be my real-life doll…er, action figure. I know that he likes to play dress up since he wore his gangsta jacket but I wonder how he would look in black leather chaps.

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The Scarecrow

I knew that the young man that I had met in Istanbul earlier this month was what I really went on vacation for. He was a lean and tall Turk that had long arms and legs. His black hair was longer than most and he wore a white bandanna tied around his forehead. I had seen him at a gay nightclub where my friend, Attila, had taken me.

I knew that I wanted to get to know him more the moment I had seen him walk in. I didn’t care that I was twice his age. I asked my friend, whom I visiting in Turkey, about the young man. He laughed when I pointed out the object of my desire.

“That’s the Scarecrow, Metin,? Attila said. “Are you sure you want a bean pole like him??

“Oh, yes,? I replied. “If his cock is as long as his arms, then I will be a happy man.?

“He may have a long one but I have heard that it’s a skinny one too.?

“Don’t always believe what you hear.?

My friend finished his drink and flashed a big toothy grin at me. He stood up from our table and walked over to Metin. They exchanged a few words before they walked back. Attila made the introductions before they sat down. I flagged the waiter for another round of drinks. We talked while we waited for our drinks to be delivered.

The three of us got wasted but we were sober enough to make it back to Attila’s apartment. He grabbed a bottle of wine and insisted that he was going to finish it while watching us.

Metin and I embraced before I pressed my lips on his. We kissed for several moments before we began stripping each other’s clothes off. I proved Attila wrong when the Scarecrow’s cock was revealed. The young Turk may have been skinny but his manhood was thick.

I kneeled before him and began kissing his purple crown. His cock grew harder, longer and thicker inside my moist mouth. I fondled his balls and I drew more of his swelling shaft into my mouth. I was only able to take half of his nine inch cock but that was more than enough.

With Metin’s monster manhood fully erect, I stopped sucking and turned around. Atilla laughed and tossed the young Turk a condom and a bottle of lubricant. He tore open the foil package and pulled the condom out. He rolled the condom down his monster manhood before applying plenty of lubricant to hairy asshole.

He finger fucked my anus for several moments. As he did so, my own cock grew harder. I felt him enter my hairy asshole with his monster manhood. He fucked my ass for several moments as I jerked off. I climaxed only moments before he exploded deep inside my hairy asshole.

I couldn’t get enough of the Scarecrow and we spent the rest of my vacation fucking while Attila watched.

Gay Big Cock Lover

24 January 2007


I was born in Istanbul

Age: 20

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Body Hair: The only body hair that I have is on my pubic mound.

Build: I have a lean and muscular body thanks to a regular routine of exercising and watching what I eat.

Circumcised: I am not circumcised.

Piercings & Tattoos: I have no piercings or tattoos.

Loves: I love big dicks and I often deep throat them during foreplay. The biggest dick I ever deep throated was eight inches. I almost gagged because it was thick too. I also love it when a big dick comes on my smooth chest because it makes a great skin conditioner.

Hates: I find that fat and lazy people are those people that I don’t want to be around. You only have one body so please take care of it or at least make an effort. It’s a known fact that the majority of fat men have small dicks. I also dislike the smell of sour milk and roommates that never throws spoiled food out.

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Sexy Gay Boy

23 January 2007


I was born in Istanbul

Age: 18

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Body Hair: I am pretty hairless all over except for the thick patch pubic hair and the thin strip bellow my belly button. The back of my thighs are pretty hairy too.

Build: I am lean with a nice firm ass.

Circumcised: Yes, I am circumcised.

Piercings & Tattoos: I have no piercings or tattoos but my boyfriend wants me to get my ears pierced. I like my ears without holes for now so I won’t be piercing my ears anytime soon.

Loves: I love getting my tight asshole fucked with a hard fat cock. When I masturbate, I finger fuck my asshole while pretending that I’m getting ass fucked. I could spend every day with my boyfriend fucking my tight asshole. I also like having hard fat cocks spilling their seed inside me.

Hates: I dislike rude people that always think they are better than everyone around them. I also hate abusive people and I cannot stand seeing any living creature being hit. The world could use a lot more lovers than fighters.


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Naughty Arabian Boy Halil

For such a clean-cut Arabian, Halil proved that he could be a naughty boy for He lifted up his shirt and began playing with his nipples. I just love his smooth and hairless chest. The dark-haired hottie pulled off his shirt and ran his fingers down his flat stomach.

He unfastened his slacks for the photographer at and rubbed his pubic mound. The Arabian boy is such as tease because I could just imagine those where my hands touching him. He stood up and pulled his slacks off to my delight. I just love the big bulge in his white thong. I would pull those off him with my teeth if I was with him.

The clean-cut Arabian took off his white thong to reveal his hairless cock. I admit that I was drooling because he is so perfect. Even the boy’s butt is perfectly round and inviting. I just had to jerk off while looking at the his pictures at His hairless cock grew longer and thicker.

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Fethi Hot Young Gay Turk

The camera crew of went to a local gym in Istanbul to scout out for a hot young gay Turk. They thought they went at the wrong time because they hardly found anyone working out. Fethi was the only guy they found and he was lifting a pair of dumbbells. He said that he was twenty-three years old but his mustache and goatee makes him look a few years older.

Fethi was asked if he wanted to make some extra money showing off his nude male body for The young Turk accepted the offer and he was soon lifting up his black t-shirt. He revealed his hairy chest and belly much to my delight. When he pulled out his cock, my mouth was watering.

He finished stripping and began masturbating for the photographer from His cock grew harder and I wanted to kneel before him and run my tongue through the hair on his pubic mound and manly legs.

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Gay Ass Lover Abi

20 January 2007


I was born in Izmit

Age: 21

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Body Hair: My legs and pubic mound are very hairy. I also have some hair around my belly button.

Build: I am slender and muscular but I’m really proud of my great abs and firm ass.

Circumcised: Yes… I love to keep my cock very clean.

Piercings & Tattoos: I have no piercings but I do have a few tattoos.

Loves: I love working out even if that means having hot and sweaty sex. I enjoy sucking cocks as well as taking them deep inside my ass. Most men think I’m a top by the way I look but I actually like being the bottom.

Hates: I hate people who don’t take care of their bodies. They could get some great exercise by fucking my ass.

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Turkish Threesome

You may be wondering how hard the gay action at really get. One of my favorite hardcore picture gallery features three very horny and well-hung slender studs getting together for a wild Turkish threesome. They gay guys suck each other cocks until they are hard and ready for action. One of the lucky twinks suck two cocks at once. I think I will invite him to my next all-male orgy.

The photographer from snapped plenty of close up shots of the Turkish threesome. I felt like I was right there in the action. The trio compared the size of their fully erect cocks to each other. I would have loved to have been the photographer right about then. A bottle of lubricant was passed around and they jerked off each other’s cocks. I just had to jerk off myself when they started to fuck each other’s hairy assholes.

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Turkish Twink Baris

18 January 2007

With a head full of thick hair, Baris came to the photo shoot for dressed in a dress shirt over a t-shirt, black slacks and white sneakers. He wasted no time in showing off his young chest and Calvin Klein boxers. I was a bit surprised that the Turkish twink has tattoos on his biceps and back for he looks so innocent.

The fun part began when Baris showed off his manhood for the camera crew of His young cock is thick and long while framed by his slighty hairy mound. I was surprised at how big his manhood was since he was still limp. The Turkish twink turned around and showed off his nice little ass.

Baris fingered his hairy asshole before he started jerking off. Watching him masturbate made my own dick hard and I fell in lust as his manhood got even bigger. The Turkish twink exploded and he kept jerking off his cock covered with his hot fresh semen. I shot my load moments before he came again.

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Gay Soccer Boy

17 January 2007

I had been coaching soccer for the past ten years so when Rico tried out for the team, I knew that he was a natural soccer boy. He was fast on his feet, had all the right moves and knew how to play with the ball. I found out how well he liked to play with balls one night when he invited me over to his apartment.

“Coach, I love playing soccer,? he said after he gave me a beer. “But there is something that I enjoy even more.?

“What can be better than kicking the ball on the field?? I asked.

“Sucking a pair of hairy balls in my bedroom,? he replied.

I won’t deny that I have had sex with my players before but Rico was different. He was a handsome young Turk that just started college and had dreams of becoming the best soccer player in the world. I wanted to be there to help him meet his dream head on.

He must have noticed that I was deeply in thought for he asked me if anything was wrong.

“Nothing’s wrong,? I replied. “But are you sure that you want to have sex??

The soccer boy didn’t answer but he did reach out and grabbed my hand. He pulled me up off the small comfortable sofa and to his bed. The dark-haired young man wrapped his arms around me and pressed his lips against mine. I kissed him back and I knew that I wanted more of him.

I broke off the kiss and began undressing him. He had his left nipple pierced and a ring was dangling from it. I planted small kisses on his throat and chest as I worked my way to the pierced nipple. The bud grew hard quickly when I began sucking it and he moaned with pleasure. I switched the other nipple and made it as hard as the first.

Rico’s manhood grew erect as I sucked his nipples. I was going to kneel before him to suck his cock too but he stopped me. The soccer boy began undressing me before he kneeled in front of me. He began sucking my hairy balls and my dick started to swell to twice its size.

As he sucked, he began to finger fuck my ass. I started to sweat as I tried to keep from exploding. My hairy balls boiled with my semen and pre-cum escaped my piss hole. His mouth never moved away from my testicles. I began to stroke my swollen shaft as he continued to suck my hairy balls.

I finally lost control and my semen shot out of my piss hole and splattered onto the soccer boy’s forehead.

“You really do love sucking hairy balls,? I said. “But I don’t want you to waste that hard cock.?

I bent over the bed and spread my legs wide. Rico spat on my hairy asshole, before he entered me. He fucked my ass deep and hard before he exploded deep inside of me. I knew that the soccer boy would be spending a lot of the time off the field sucking my hairy balls and fucking my asshole.

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