Turkish Boy Jale

31 December 2006

When I first found Jale on IstanBoys.com, I knew that I found a great gay site. He’s 18 years old, slender and has a sexy smile that lights up his whole face. His picture gallery features him shyly stripping off his baggy shirt and pants. I love how bushy his pubic hair is and how it frames his young cock.

After the Turkish boy was fully undressed, he sat down and stroked his magnificent cock. He’s circumcised and has no excessive body hair, which really turned me on. I can just imagine myself there with him and licking his swelling glan. I just had to take my own cock out and jerk off while looking at Jale’s young naked body. I fantasized about having my moist mouth wrapped around his hard swollen shaft and sucking it like an eager schoolboy.

I was very pleased that IstanBoys.com showed pictures of Jale’s thick cum. I exploded while imagining myself swallowing all of this sticky man juice. I wonder what the gay boy was thinking of when he exploded.

I love watching Arabian boys climaxing and IstanBoys.com has plenty of them. The site has pictures and videos in several formats. There is a long list of horny gay studs from Turkey. However, one of my favorites will always be Jale because he’s such a sexy boy.

Melih Loves Gay Sex

30 December 2006


I was born in Ankara

Age: 19

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Body Hair: The only body hair that I have is on my ass, pubic mound and legs.

Build: I am lean with some muscles but I’m shorter than most of my friends.

Circumcised: Yes, I am circumcised.

Piercings & Tattoos: I have no piercings or tattoos.

Loves: I love seeing the sights of Istanbul with my buddies. The Topkapi Palace is always a sight that I love visiting. I also love touching my nipples when I masturbate. I often fantasize that a fat and juicy cock is sliding in and out of my hairy asshole. My nipples get so hard when I get excited.

Hates: I don’t hate much since I’m pretty mellow. I would say that I’m not too fond of noisy and rude people.

Note: You can view more pictures of me at IstanBoys.com.

Turkish Gay Boy Masturbating

29 December 2006

IstanBoys.com has a great collection of videos featuring Turkish twinks masturbating. A favorite of mine is Adem for I love his lean and tall body. He has a thin goatee that also turned me on. His video set features three video clips that can be downloaded or streamed. He started the session by reaching into his white pants to withdraw his young cock. While he jerked off, he pulled up his shirt just enough so he can pinch his nipple.

I could tell that Adem was so turned because he took off his shirt to reveal his hairy armpits that was wet with sweat. He rubbed his nice firm boy butt before taking off his pants. He stroked his young hard cock some more much to my delight. I love the close up scenes of his hairy chest and legs. He was sweating all over by the time he came.

You can find Adem’s videos only at IstanBoys.com in Real Player, Windows Media, Quicktime and MPEG formats. Fans of Turkish twinks will greatly enjoy the masturbation videos.

Gay Guy Duman

28 December 2006


I was born in Kars

Age: 24

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black 

Body Hair: I have hair all over my arms, armpits, chest, belly, pubic mound, ass and legs.

Build: I have a lean and muscular body.

Circumcised: Yes, I am circumcised.

Piercings & Tattoos:I have my ear pierced because lots of gay guys love piercings

Loves: I love boating with my friends and we usually use sailing boats in the Sea of Marmara. Fucking with your buddies while on a rocking boat is one of the greatest feelings in the world. I also like working on my tan even though my friends keep telling me to shave my body hair.

Hates: I hate speedboats because they are noisy and most people don’t know how to drive them safely. I also can’t stand the smell and taste of garlic. I have an uncle who has bad breath that smells like garlic.

Note: You can view more of my pictures at IstanBoys.com.


Young Gay Male Turk Abi

27 December 2006

Abi enjoys relaxing outdoors and that was where the photographer from IstanBoys.com found him at. He was wearing a white t-shirt and tight briefs that barely contained his huge package. The young Turk male rubbed the bulge and made his package grow even bigger.

The photographer from IstanBoys.com did have him stand up to show off his firm butt. Abi pulled down his tight briefs to show how hairy his ass was. I would love to get my hands on them and squeeze. He turned around to show off his erect penis and my mouth was salivating. The young Turk male can fill my asshole with his monster cock anytime he wants.

He pulled his white t-shirt up to reveal his hairy belly before sitting back down. The young Turk male showed off his hairy chest and I am glad that his hot sweaty body was captured on film. If I was there with him, he wouldn’t be relaxing outdoors because I would be sucking and riding his monster cock.

If you want to see Abi masturbating outdoors, then you need to join IstanBoys.com. The site has exclusive gay pictures and videos featuring young Turk males.

Young Turkish Gay Boy Berk

26 December 2006

Berk wasted no time in taking off his black long sleeve shirt for the photographer from IstanBoys.com. He may be short but he has a great hairless chest and flat abs. The young Turksh stud works out to keep his body lean and slender. I have a workout in my bedroom that he can try whenever he wants.

He unfastened his blue jeans and reached into his black briefs to fondle his package. The photographer from IstanBoys.com had him roll over on the bed to show off his backside. Everything about the young Turkish stud is perfectly suited for my bedroom. He would make a great gay playmate.

After he turned back over, Taner stripped off his black briefs so his hairy and sweaty legs could get some fresh air. He began stroking his cock until it was fully erect. I was salivating at the sight and had to whip my own dick out. I jerked off to his pictures at the site and wish I was there with him.

If you want to see Berk cum, then you need to join IstanBoys.com. The site has exclusive gay pictures and videos featuring young Turkish studs.

Arabian Gay Knight

As I floated in the swimming pool, my naked body soaked up the rays of the sun. I was eighteen and about to start my first year at a small college in Istanbul. My friends call me Erhan but I earned a new name over the summer when I met my Arabian Knight.

He was twice my age and a friend of my father’s. Ali hired me to clean his large swimming pool every day. The pay was fair since the work was easy. He had lost his wife in an accident a few years ago and they had no children of their own. We got along pretty well and he would fix me something to eat when I finished cleaning his swimming pool.

A month went by before the older arab guy asked me out for dinner. I accepted since he was footing the bill. We ate and then went to a nightclub that I didn’t think that Ali knew about. After a few drinks, we went back to his place where he gave me an offer that I couldn’t refuse.

“I want you to suck my cock, Erhan,? he said.

My dad knew that I was gay so I suspected that he told his friend. I had never been with an older Arab guy before so I was thrilled at what he wanted. We both stripped before kneeled down before him.

Ali was in good shape for an Arab guy of his age and he was pretty handsome. His stomach was a little bulging and he was very hairy. The only body hair that I had was on my pubic mound. His circumcised cock was fairly large too. I because planting kisses all over the length of his fleshy pole. His cock grew longer and thicker.

I had doubts that I could fit his fleshy pole into my mouth because it was so huge when fully erect. I finally wrapped my lips around his swollen glan and began sucking. I heard my Arabian knight moan as his cock grew even harder in my moist mouth.

As I inched more of his monster cock inside my moist mouth, I began to fondle his hairy balls. I tasted pre-cum that soon escaped the older Arab guy’s piss hole. I didn’t withdraw my mouth from his swollen shaft even though I could only take half of it into my mouth.

To my relief, Ali exploded quickly inside my mouth. I swallowed all of his semen before my mouth released his spent cock.

“Now lets go for a swim in the pool,? the older Arab guy said. “And then I’ll fuck your little boy butt.?

My Arabian knight started calling me his pool boy ever since that night. We haven’t fucked since that night for he found himself another wife to please him. I will never stop fantasizing about my Arabian knight even after I go off to college.

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Muscular Gay Boy Tuna

24 December 2006

I was born in Bodrum

Age: 23

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Body Hair: I have short hair on my head and some on my legs. I shave by face, chest and pubic mound on a regular basis. I love when I get my hairless balls licked and sucked.

Build: I have a slightly muscular build because I work out at the gym where I often get hit on by some hot gay men.

Circumcised: Yes, I’m cut and I keep my cock clean.

Piercings & Tattoos: Both of my ears are pierced and I have no tattoos…yet.

Loves: I love drinking expresso and working out to keep my body fit. I love being hit on by men at the gym so keep an eye out for me and you might just get lucky. I did what the Americans call classic rock like the Doors but I am also hip to the new pop sounds. I am flexible but I mostly like being the bottom.

Hates: I hate cheap ass tourists that forget to bring condoms. If you’re going to fuck my ass, you better be protected for I will be if you want me to fuck your ass. I also hate fish jokes and the smell of fish.


Note: You can view more of my pictures at IstanBoys.com .

Young Turkish Stud Rico

23 December 2006

I’m so excited after seeing Rico at IstanBoys.com that I just have to tell out about the Turkish boy. He is in a sauna sitting on a white towel. The young stud jerks off to make his cock even bigger. I would love to slide my asshole down his hard shaft and ride him like a gay cowboy. He would still be hard after exploding deep inside me so I would have to bang his boyish butt.

Rico looks like he could handle any cock in any of his holes. I would love for him suck my dick but I know it would be as big as his. His sexy butt looks like it would be tight around my shaft too. I would love to spend a day in the sauna with him.

Looking at the pictures of him jerking off for the crew at IstanBoys.com made my own dick hard. I had to pull my own shaft while I imagined meeting him one day. The site should be proud to have found such a young Turk with a big cock like him.

There are many well-hung Arabian boys at IstanBoys.com but Rico is one of my favorites. The site has picture galleries and videos featuring full nudity and hardcore action.

Blowjob Turkish Twinks

22 December 2006

I love watching videos of Turkish twinks giving blowjobs. Luckily for me, IstanBoys.com has a video set featuring a young Turk giving a hot blowjob to his gay boyfriend. The video is broken down into three clips that can be downloaded or streamed. The videos made my dick hard because of the great close up action.

I had to jerk off while watching the exclusive blowjob videos at IstanBoys.com. The uncensored gay action doesn’t stop with just cock sucking. The Turkish twink also sucks his boyfriend’s balls. I love the tattoo of a crucifix above the boyfriend’s belly. The cumshot is so incredible that I came so hard that I almost passed out.

Sound is included in the blowjob videos at istanboys.com so you can hear the Turkish twinks moan. The videos are available in Real Player, Windows Media, Quicktime and MPEG formats. I can’t wait for IstanBoys.com to add more cock sucking videos.

Turkish Gay Boy’s Big Cock

21 December 2006

I was born in Instanbul

Age: 19

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Body Hair: I have plenty of body hair for you to run your hands through.

Build: I am of a slim build and some will call me tall and skinny. But I have one thing that a lot of guys like. I have a big thick, long cock that many gay boys enjoy. If I get bored I can find ways to suck it myself.

Circumcised: Yes I am cut. Like I mentioned before I am also very big and I never have to worry about my size because guys love it. Being circumcised means I get to enjoy the feelings a lot more than guys that aren’t cut.

Piercing & Tattoos: I have tattoos on my legs. One is around my ankle and other is on my left thigh.

Loves: I love shocking the gay boys when I am with them because I can suck my own cock. It gives me a real buzz to see their face especially if they join me and help me suck it too.

Hates: There’s not much that I hate. Except I don’t like having sex with drunk tourists visiting Turkey


Note: You can find all my pictures at IstanBoys.com

Young Gay on the Rocks

20 December 2006

I first spied the young gay Turk on the rocks by the Ocean of Marmara one sunny afternoon. He was around eighteen or nineteen years old with a nice lean build. He was wearing baggy white pants and a stripped shirt. I was careful and found a spot where I could watch him without him seeing me. My only regret was that I didn’t bring along my binoculars.

I wondered what such a handsome youth was doing alone on the rocks. He looked very friendly and I was sure that he had plenty of friends to hang out with. From my hidden spot, I watched him lift up his stripped shirt. His hairless chest was flawless and his abs were to die for.

When the young gay Turk pulled his white baggy pants down to reveal his hairy uncircumcised cock, my own dick started to come alive. Rarely, had I ever seen such a perfect specimen of the male body. I would never have thought I would find one while on my vacation in Istanbul. He stripped off his clothes and started to masturbate much to my delight.

I watched as his young cock grew harder with each stroke. My mouth was drooling at how large the fleshy pole grew. My dick was straining to get out of my jeans so I withdrew it out into the open. As he continued to masturbate, I began stroking myself. I knew that I just had to meet him.

My desire to touch the young gay Turk overcame me and I strolled out on the rocks. He was so wrapped up in pleasing himself that he didn’t notice me at first.

“Mind if I join you?? I asked.

“Not at all,? he replied with the look of a boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar. “I’m Zeren.?

“Nice to meet you and I’m Jack.?

I stripped out of my clothes before I kneeled before him. I just had to taste his monster cock. He let out a slight moan as I wrapped my mouth around his swollen glan. I sucked his hard cock until my jaw ached.


“Fuck me on the rocks,? I said after I withdrew my moist mouth from around his monster cock. 

He parted my buttocks and aimed his swollen glan towards my anus. Since his cock was wet with my saliva, he slid easily inside. I felt him fill up my asshole and I moaned with delight.

Zeren fucked my ass on the rocks until he couldn’t stand it anymore. He pulled his monster cock out and I felt his hot seed spray onto my backside.

“Let’s get something to drink and get out of the sun,? I said.

“Sounds good to me,? he replied.

I was so happy that I found Zeren on the rocks that day. I spent the rest of my vacation in Istanbul having wild sex with the young gay Turk.

Turkish Twink Lovers

19 December 2006

Azize is always getting into trouble and Jeff had to come to his aid on his way to do a photo shoot with IstanBoys.com. It seems a couple of guys didn’t like the way that the young Turk was looking at them so they attacked him. Luckily, his gay friend and lover came to his rescue. Azize came out with a slight cut to the side of his forehead that only required a big bandage.

Since Jeff escorted his gay friend and lover to the photo shoot, IstanBoys.com decided to shoot both of them. I’m glad that they did because there is some hot chemistry between the two Turkish twinks. In a matter of moments, Jeff has his shirt off and Azize couldn’t keep his hands off him.

By the time they were able to show off their uncircumcised cocks, my cock was already throbbing at the two handsome Turkish twinks. Both have great abs and hot butts. They are not covered in body hair but they do have thick curly pubic hair.

The camera crew at IstanBoys.com had be as hard as I was when the gay action started. Azize rewarded his gay friend and lover for rescuing him from the bullies by sucking his cock. After he gets hard, Jeff takes his turn at sucking cock. I wish I had been at the photo shoot with these two Turkish twinks. It may have turned into a wild threesome.

If you want to see some great gay cock sucking action, then you will want to join IstanBoys.com. They have lots of pictures and videos featuring handsome Turkish twinks.

Bad Gay Boy Ferhat

18 December 2006

If you enjoy bad boys, then you will love Ferhat, who is found IstanBoys.com. He has pierced ears and a colorful dragon tattoo on the back of his right shoulder. Despite his bad boy attitude, he loves having hot gay sex and is not shy about showing off his hot ass. He even spreads his buttocks apart so we can seen see his hairy asshole.

I can tell that the Turkish boy loves to be the bottom. He finger fucks his asshole while he jerks off. I can just imagine his finger being my hard cock. I would bang his boyish butt until I exploded deep inside him.

I love the close-up shots of Ferhat’s young cock and hairy asshole at IstanBoys.com for they make my own dick hard. I had to stop myself from licking my computer monitor. I bet his gay ass tastes as good as it looks.

You can find this young Turkish boy at IstanBoys.com along with several other twinks. The site has nude picture galleries and hardcore gay videos.

Gay Sex Fantasy in Taksim Square

In the middle of Taksim Square who would have thought that fantasies could come true. Especially fantasies that involve two gay men… that is where my fantasy takes place and it is a place where I would love to visit one day.

My dream found me sitting across from Nimet wondering why he kept looking at me. I was just visiting but he looked right at home. He was a very handsome boy, around 20 years of age and his dark eyes caught mine.

He smiled.


I wondered how he knew what I was thinking. I was looking for someone just like this gorgeous guy. I wasn’t sure if he was gay or bisexual but I wasn’t too concerned. Either way if he wanted we could bring each other pleasures that we’d remember for a long time.

He broke the silence again and introduced himself as Nimet. He was tall, skinny and he had a look of lust about him. Nimet offered to show me around Taksim Square or provide any service that I needed him to.

When he smiled he showed me just how cute he could be and I liked that. I was nervous and yet at the same time excited because I was keen on feeling Nimet’s mouth wrapped around my cock. Or my lips wrapped around his.

I invited him up to my room. I wanted an excuse to have some time with him before he took me to see the sights of Taksim. The moment I turned the key in the lock, Nimet was inside, encouraging me to have a shower. He helped me undress before leading me into the marbled bathroom.

His dialect wasn’t too bad. I could understand what he was saying but actions speak louder than words. And I knew what he was encouraging me to do and I knew that I was going to enjoy my time with Nimet.

He was as quick as a rabbit. Bouncing around everywhere; singing and humming and helping me to strip out of my clothes. Before I knew it was in the shower and he was out of his clothes and joining me.

The sight of his huge long cock caught my eye and I heard myself gasp in shock. Nimet grabbed the soap and washed me down, his fingers soapy and slippery caught my cock and he began stroking me.

His tall slim body moved well. I felt him move away a little and when I looked down he was soaping his cock, stroking it. It was huge and I wanted to feel it inside my mouth. My hunger for gay sex and cock sucking was incredible. I fell to my knees in front of him. I knew he what he wanted and he knew that I was keen to suck his circumcised cock. I licked my lips before licking the head of his slick boyish cock. A cock that was a real gay man’s cock… his pre-cum was nice, almost salty but nice.

Nimet placed his hand on the back of my head and pulled me onto him. His thick cock hit the back of my throat and I almost gagged. But didn’t. I was hungry for Nimet, hungry to feel his thick cock sliding deep into my tight ass. But… not yet…

I wrapped my hand around his cock and began stroking him slowly as I sucked him. His pre-cum dripped onto my tongue and I sucked him harder. I was trying so hard to make him cum for me. I wanted to taste his salty semen.

I could feel his cock throbbing against my tongue. I knew he was close. But it was at that moment that Nimet pulled me off him.

He made me stand under the water with my back against the wall. I watched his every move. He knew I was hungry for his cock, but I wasn’t about to enjoy it thoroughly. He didn’t want me to have it… not yet…

You can read more gay sex fantasy stories written about the hot Turkish and Arab boys in IstanBoys.com … enjoy.

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