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This day, refusing to end.

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If I were a day, I too would refuseTo walk gently into that good night.Clinging at the edges of the frame,I too would have clawed and scrapedLike a brat denied for the first time.Stopping for a moment, I lift my head,See the backs of heads bowed in com…


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Life, in its grandeur,flickers at the corners of my eyes.Arms screaming wide,chests heaving to the skies,the salty smell of warm sweatthreatening to break out;I hear a buzz,a hum, an excuse of being.Life is elsewhere,some other time, somebody else,a fa…

And Yet

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Just because the stitches in my back are itchingdoesn’t mean they want to heal.You should know better,you who’s been itching for yearsand yet…It flashed on the screenin the corner of the roomlike the shape of a desire that was.You almost recogniz…

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