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Worlds Top Cam Model Contest Season 2

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There are only 3 more weeks left to crown the World’s Top Cam Model Season 2 winner. In the overall lead are: Roxy Rayne and Stefano In this week’s lead are: Kourtney Dash and Stefano How Performers Earn Points: – Breaking Hall of Fame Record (Most Credits in a Single Day)- 30 points – Model Appreciation Month Contest (daily winner)- 20 points – Top 20 (End of Each Week Tallies) – Up to 20 points – Consistency (3 hours a day) – 3 points Learn more about the World’s Top Cam Model Contest […]

Model Appreciation Days July 28th to August 30th

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In conjunction with the World’s Top Cam Model Contest, running through August 30th, Flirt 4 Free is also having Model Appreciation Days starting Wednesday, July 28th till Sunday, August 30th! For these 35 straight days, performers will have a chance to receive a $1,000 cash prize, a day! A total giveaway of $35,000 in cash prizes alone, making this Flirt4Free’s biggest contest yet! During Model Appreciation Days, there will be 2 types of contests run on separate days: Top Model and Random Draw. Top Model of the Day: The model with the most credits (30,000 minimum or no cash prize) receives the $1,000 cash prize and 20 point bonus towards World’s Top Cam Model Contest. Random Draw Contest: Performers who generate a minimum of 10,000 credits will be entered into the random draw to receive a $1,000 cash prize. * Limit one random draw win per model during entire contest. But that’s not all! If and when a performer wins, the performer’s Top 10 Fans will receive $50 in free credits, each! That’s a total of $17,500 in free credits going solely to the winning team of fans! *No prize will be awarded if no performer wins for a specific date. Check back daily to see if you and your favorite are in the lead! Good luck! […]

Getting Ready for Season 2 of WTCM

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Flirt 4 Free is excited to announce the return of the World’s Top Cam Model Contest! This is the second longest contest ever held on our network and with the second biggest prize pool awarded. The first WTCM was held October 5th through December 12th of 2009. Much like a reality television show, Flirt’s performers were in danger of being eliminated each week! The tallies at the end of each week were based on paid shows, VOD credits, and virtual gifts, and the male and female who found themselves at the bottom would be voted off so to speak. It surely was a 10-week fight to be crowned the top male and female performer on the site. This year’s WTCM will run July 5th through Sunday, August 29th with a preliminary week from June 28th to July 5th. Unlike last season, we have already pre-qualified contestants to participate. These performers are inclusive of last years WTCM, as well as other five-star rated favorites! And in addition, there will not be a voting off process, but instead, models will earn points throughout the 8-weeks of the contest, fighting their way to the top! Learn how models earn points now.Be sure to stay tuned for daily updates once the contest starts. Over $6,000 in prizes will be awarded making this the contest everyone will be talking about for the rest of 2010! […]

And The Crown Goes To…

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Next week is the final week of Flirt’s World Top Cam Model! We are just a few days away from seeing who will be climbing their way to the crown. The big awaited moment is always here and Flirt will have their first crowned model! Standing a test of 10 week, all in order to wear the crown for Top Model! Stay tuned as we will announce who are our 3 finalist on Monday! […]

The Final Week Will Be An Interesting One!

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There is plenty in store for us for the last week of the WTCM Contest! As we mentioned, we were looking forward to spicing things up! The remaining contestants will have an option of doing a one-hour feature show in order to make for great credit earning potential! Stay tuned for more details! […]

One Week Away From Finals!

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We are just one week away from the finals for the finals of the WTCM Contest! Yes, it’s finally here, and soon we will find out who will be crowned Flirt’s World’s Top Cam Model! With four contestants left in the running, there is so much that can happen this week! One will be voted off and three will remain for the final fight! With each contestant making every minute count, we have some awaited surprises to expect! […]

Holiday Weekend and WTCM!

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Here in the United States, Thanksgiving is a national holiday where nearly everyone has the day off from work to celebrate. What a better way to celebrate than to support your favorite model running for Flirt’s World’s Top Cam Model Contest! To our US based customers, we hope you have a great Thanksgiving Holiday and to everyone else, a terrific Thursday and Friday!Flirt’s WTCM Contest […]

Holiday’s Approaching !

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We have a big U.S holiday approaching, as it is Thanksgiving Day this Thursday, November 26th! With WTCM contest running on its 8th week, we have and added holiday cheer! All the models have been making extra efforts to put in the hours, as we have many contestants online now, trying to climb higher on the now short list! Flirt’s WTCM Contest! […]

Already Week 6!

We are well into Week 6 of WTCM Contest! Only 10 performers left in the running, out of our original 20 contestants! By this Sunday, only 8 contestants will be left and we move that much closer into crowing Flirt 4 Free’s World’s Top Cam Model! As if that’s not exciting enough, we have today’s Sexy Stockings and Rock Your Socks Promo!Flirt’s WTCM Contest […]

Weekend Right Around the Corner!

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With the weekend here we have a little more room for change in the safe list. Our bottom three surely have a chance to climb into a more guaranteed spot to continue onto next round. Keep in mind that Sunday is the last day for contestants to move up before being eliminated. Good luck to our favorites! […]

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