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Flirt 4 Free In HD

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Flirt 4 Free has now added HD Video Format! You may now enjoy the most premium experience in adult video chat in the best video and audio quality around! High Definition (HD) streaming is higher resolution than standard-definition (SD) video, aiming at bringing you a bigger, better, and faster frame rate. You now get maximum virtual satisfaction, all in your choice of 640×480 or 320×240 resolution. Want to experience HD quality now? Just browse through Flirt’s list of online performers with an “HD” mark on the top right hand corner of their image, or visit the Guys HD Webcams category, or Girls HD Webcams category to see if your favorites are now in HD. If they are not, simply request that they upgrade, as all of Flirt’s webcam hosts now have the option to do so!As always, Flirt 4 Free’s continued efforts to enhance the live video chat customer experience deem successful! With fourteen years in the running, Flirt 4 Free becomes your HD preferred live adult video chat site! Stay tuned for even more features to come in 2011! […]

Flirt 4 Free Devotes Six Days To Halloween

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Flirt 4 Free will be celebrating Halloween this year like never before. It’s going to be a virtual Trick or Treat extravaganza! Join Flirt in its six (6) day long promotion from Tuesday, October 26th through Sunday, October 31st! That’s 144 hours of Trick or Treat. The game will be based on collecting virtual candy from as many models, and at the end of the week, the customer who has received candy from the largest number of models will win $500 in free credits. Flirt models will be able to give virtual candy to whomever they want, as there is no charge for models to send candy or for customers to receive it. However, the model may require to carry out a forfeit in return! * In order to receive candy, customers must have some credits in your account. In addition, models will be participating in an array of contests. Starting October 26th to October 29th, there will be a Pumpkin Hunt Contest. It will be the models turn to collect pumpkins from as many customers as they can. Each day, the Girl and Guy who have received pumpkins from the largest number of customers will win a $250 cash prize. Customers may vote for their favorite performers by giving them a Pumpkin! Customers will be able to give the special Pumpkin gift to any performer, priced at 75cr for VIPs and 100cr for all other users. *Sending Pumpkins may be done so through the chat interface.But wait, it doesn’t stop there! There will be (2) contests ran for both October 30th and October 31st. Contests are as follows: October 30th$1,000 Random Draw Contest: One girl and one guy will be selected at random from a list of all performers who generated at least 10,000 credits in paid shows. Each selected performer will receive a $1,000 cash prize! Customers may vote for their favorite performers by taking them a Private!Party Chat Tips Contest: The girl and guy performers with the most Party Chat credits will win $500 each. Customers may vote for their favorite performers by tipping them in Party Chat! Flirt will match 20% on any tip given!October 31st$1,000 Top Prize Contest: The girl and guy performers who generate the most credits in paid shows for the day will receive a $1,000 cash prize! Customers may vote for their favorite performers by taking them a Private!Party Chat Tips Contest: The girl and guy performers with the most Party Chat credits will win $500 each. Customers may vote for their favorite performers by tipping them in Party Chat!Visit Flirt 4 Free for more details on special credit pricing, starting Tuesday, October 26th and partake in all of the fun! Be sure not to miss out on seeing your Flirt favorites in their sexy costumes all week long! […]

Flirt 4 Free Introduces Party Chat

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Flirt 4 Free introduces a whole new show type, Party Chat, as of Thursday, August 26th! Although Private shows are not available during party mode, the entire show is solely based on tipping! Everyone can enter a party room, just look for the indicated “Party Chat” label found on the model’s room list. It’s definitely a party! Performers can do anything in party chat they would be allowed to do in a paid show. Participate with your spontaneous requests; just buy a block of credits to use for tipping! No other live show like it! Tipping amounts are done so in the following increments: 25 credits, 50 credits, 100 credits, 250 credits, and 500 credits. Whether you’re a Basic (Gray font color, means no payment account on file), Verified (White font color, has a payment account), or VIP (White or gold, indicates status), participate in a Party Chat room and see what the whole fuss is about, or just ask your favorite to host a party!But that’s not all, with Party Chat come even more changes! We have modified a few more aspects of Flirt 4 Free: – Nudity is now allowed in all rooms, at the performer discretion. *No masturbation, insertion or orgasms.- Premiere rooms are now open to all customer types. – Gifting in the chat is now also called tipping.Flirt’s 14th year has brought with it major advancements! From new features, technology enhancements, to now customer interaction, with four months left in 2010, stay tuned for even more reasons to make Flirt 4 Free your choice for live video chat! […]

New Combo Shows

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Flirt 4 Free has now added a new show type, Combo Shows! Combo shows offer both a Private and Multi-User option. You are now given the opportunity to start an all exclusive and completely voyeur-free one-on-one private show, and/or join a Multi-User show, as long as the model is not already in a Private show. As always, Multi-User is 2/3 the cost of Private. *Combo Shows are only offered when the model is using this show type.Imagine- completely voyeur-less! No other private show experience like it, and now available to you on Flirt 4 Free. Combo shows are offered at a variety of credit rates. All purchases made on Flirt 4 Free are done so via credits. Learn about our current credit buy offers. In addition to Combo Shows, other show types available to you on Flirt 4 Free are: standard, premiere, voyeur, multi-user, semi-private, group chat, and feature! Be sure to visit your favorites to learn more about trying these show types. As always, Flirt 4 Free’s continued efforts to enhance the customer experience deem successful! With fourteen years in the running, Combo Shows are another great advancement, making Flirt 4 Free your preferred live adult video chat site! Stay tuned for even more features to come in 2010! […]

Model Appreciation Days July 28th to August 30th

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In conjunction with the World’s Top Cam Model Contest, running through August 30th, Flirt 4 Free is also having Model Appreciation Days starting Wednesday, July 28th till Sunday, August 30th! For these 35 straight days, performers will have a chance to receive a $1,000 cash prize, a day! A total giveaway of $35,000 in cash prizes alone, making this Flirt4Free’s biggest contest yet! During Model Appreciation Days, there will be 2 types of contests run on separate days: Top Model and Random Draw. Top Model of the Day: The model with the most credits (30,000 minimum or no cash prize) receives the $1,000 cash prize and 20 point bonus towards World’s Top Cam Model Contest. Random Draw Contest: Performers who generate a minimum of 10,000 credits will be entered into the random draw to receive a $1,000 cash prize. * Limit one random draw win per model during entire contest. But that’s not all! If and when a performer wins, the performer’s Top 10 Fans will receive $50 in free credits, each! That’s a total of $17,500 in free credits going solely to the winning team of fans! *No prize will be awarded if no performer wins for a specific date. Check back daily to see if you and your favorite are in the lead! Good luck! […]

Getting Ready for Season 2 of WTCM

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Flirt 4 Free is excited to announce the return of the World’s Top Cam Model Contest! This is the second longest contest ever held on our network and with the second biggest prize pool awarded. The first WTCM was held October 5th through December 12th of 2009. Much like a reality television show, Flirt’s performers were in danger of being eliminated each week! The tallies at the end of each week were based on paid shows, VOD credits, and virtual gifts, and the male and female who found themselves at the bottom would be voted off so to speak. It surely was a 10-week fight to be crowned the top male and female performer on the site. This year’s WTCM will run July 5th through Sunday, August 29th with a preliminary week from June 28th to July 5th. Unlike last season, we have already pre-qualified contestants to participate. These performers are inclusive of last years WTCM, as well as other five-star rated favorites! And in addition, there will not be a voting off process, but instead, models will earn points throughout the 8-weeks of the contest, fighting their way to the top! Learn how models earn points now.Be sure to stay tuned for daily updates once the contest starts. Over $6,000 in prizes will be awarded making this the contest everyone will be talking about for the rest of 2010! […]

Flirt 4 Free’s 14th Anniversary

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Mark your calendars, Flirt 4 Free’s anniversary is right around the corner! Join us Friday, June 4th through Sunday, June 6th, 72 hours dedicated to celebrating Flirt’s 14th Anniversary. That’s right, this year marks Flirt’s 14th year of success in leading the industry in live video chat, since 1996!We will be having a Birthday Suit Contest, Friday through Sunday, as well as offering special pricing on credits! You can take advantage and save 10% on special packages! So bring your birthday suit and grab your favorite model in order to kick off yet another year with us, providing live adult chat with over four thousand web cam performers and models from around the world.As you all know, Flirt has seen many changes, made extensive improvements, and continues to make advancements since its 1996 debut. In recent years we have added Video On Demand, Premiere Chat, Member Chat Forums, Monthly Promotions, Cam 2 Cam, HD Video, and many more noteworthy additions! It’s 2010, and Flirt 4 Free has much more in store for its loyal members, so be sure to stay tuned for yet another extraordinary year! […]

Hall of Fame Record Broken

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We would like to congratulate Harley Marie for her hard effort and dedication, breaking the Longest Paid Show record with 8 hours 14 minutes, and receiving a $100 cash bonus! This is the first major record broken, with the Hall of Fame page debuting as of May 19th!Harley Marie is a blue-eyed blonde bombshell who enjoys trying abnormal out-of-the-ordinary shows. Going on 14 months on Flirt 4 Free, she has now managed to beat Mayaa’s last record of 7 hours and 43 minutes! Harley Marie has set the bar high for the rest of the models, so be sure to congratulate her on her noteworthy victory! Remember, this is an on-going contest for models aiming at being part of the Hall of Fame. Any model that breaks any of the hall of fame records, with exception of the Most Matched VOD, will receive a $100 bonus. So if your favorite is not currently appearing as part of Flirt’s Hall of Fame, you can certainly do something about it, as records can be updated daily! […]

Flirt 4 Free Promotions

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Flirt 4 Free offers a variety of monthly promotional discounts in co-ordinance with sexy themed contest days in order to enhance the customer experience by combining both special offers and heighten delectable appeal to partake in featured activities offered on the site. In joining one of Flirt’s five-star rated performers, you would not only be ultimately enjoying a real-time connection, but can do so in any of the following show types: 30 – 60 cpm in standard, 70 – 120 cpm in premiere, 10 – 40 cpm in voyeur, 10 – 120 in multi-user, 30 cpm in semi-private, 20 cpm in group chat, and 30 cpm in feature!*credit per minuteAs promotions are not pre-announced, customers are invited to check back daily in order to take advantage of anywhere from 10-11% discount on credit chat buys. A steal of a deal and a chance to see your favorites featured in themed lingerie, outfits, fetish, and role play, depending on the seasonal theme! And, if you ever happen to miss out on themed days, you can check the VOD section for corresponding categories, titles, and descriptions! In addition, Flirt has anywhere from one to three monthly Manager Specials appearing throughout the site, allowing customers to take advantage of credit package buys. Just another great perk of being a valued member of Flirt 4 Free! […]

Flirt 4 Free Hall of Fame Debut

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Flirt4Free, leading the industry in live video chat since 1996, is proud to be recognizing historical to-date accomplishments on the site. So, if you ever wondered who Flirt?s record holders are- here they are, all under one roof exhibiting their individual noteworthy achievements!And, not only are models aspiring to appear on this honor some page, the record holders themselves are fighting to continue on in the spotlight.A bright line between the best- of-the-best now gets its visibility! If your favorite doesn?t appear here, never fear, you can certainly make sure they do, as records may be updated daily. Although the bar has definitely been set, records are meant to be broken after all!Along with Lifetime Achievements, some of the records are as follows:Longest Paid Show Most Simultaneous VoyeursMost Simultaneous Multi-User ShowMost Watched VODMost Credits in Single DayMost Paid Shows in a MonthMost Contests WonMost Virtual Gifts in a DayFlirt 4 Free gives great prestige to our hard-working and loyal models.Be sure to congratulate the handfuls that are presently appearing! To visit the Hall of Fame, be sure to make note of the footer at the bottom of Flirt?s homepage, or visit :Girls Hall of Fame Guys Hall of Fame […]

Cam2Cam Revolutionizes Cybersex Online

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Cam2Cam, a feature available to all users once connected to a private show, allows you to participate in a two-way live feed, becoming part of a fully interactive broadcast, all via webcam. Accompanied with a use of a microphone, you can take your online chatting experience to another level- being completely hands-free, and best of all, hands-on. There is no other virtual experience like it!With Cam2Cam being cybersex to its best of its abilities, not only is it the ultimate virtual chartroom experience, it enables you to make a connection in real time with much ease. Surpassing phone sex, Cam2Cam is the only digital medium that enables your favorite Flirt webcam model to hear and see you for the time you remain in a private show with them. Think of it as taking role-playing on a whole new level- to the extreme!Not only does it not cost you any extra, any webcam or video capture device can work with Cam2Cam as long as it is compatible with Flash Player. Flirt4Free offers you a Test Page that enables you to test your compatibility before entering a show! Although we offer an array of private show types such as multi-user, voyeur, feature shows, and group chats, keep in mind that this feature is only available during a one-on-one private show, as it is meant to enhance the intimate experience offered by Flirt4Free. So don?t just get up close and personal, get intimate- get Cam2Cam. […]

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