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John Smokey: First

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you know when i first started camming i thought maybe it would make me and my girlfriends sexual intimate moments alot fewer and the spark and passion to be hard to find but i think it may actually have done the reverse and made it that m…

Davie Boi: Wants Another Tatt

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Tattoos are so sexy.If had a few thousand dollars i would be booking in my appoint to start a sleeve. I love myself a little flower action mixed with modern art type of thing. With a nice breast piece maybe those exposed nipples type of t…

Jay Fitt: Hey

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hey my name is jay i am very nice guy and i like to make all feel good… i have a very nice phisique with nice symetry an hard work… i have a very ripped body i bet and hope u will all love to see this body and of course everything wha…

Trevor Romero: A Life Changing Decision

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Well everyone, I have made the decision that I want to try and move to Germany permanently in a few years. Keep in mind, I said a few YEARS, not weeks or months. I learned to speak a little better while I was there, but I never really bec…

Sebastian Skyler: Tonights Prvt Show

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hey guys well im going to be doing some new stuff in open show, but if you guys come into a one on one prvt show tonight, you will love the new toy i got i will love for u guys to tell me what to do with it, i think tonight will be a fun …

Radmir K: Proximity

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The proximity is when it isn’t necessary to pull hands to get, Nearby to go to reduce, about, a radius. Not to trust in conditions, not to choose, If you don’t know that is necessary. To see everything beforehand, to splash on pools, Here…

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