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Johnny Royal: Going Commando

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So today i woke up late to take my roommate to work. So i didnt feel like looming for boxers, so i just threw on my pants on. I dont normaly go commando but these pants feel nice againt my cock. So after i drop my roommate of i haed back …

Alex Henriquez: Super Hero

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If I could have a super hero power..I think I would want cat woman’s power. Just in a male version. Cause she’s amazing . I like her aggressive attitude the way she fights, the way she jumps, her sight , her hearing is really amazing. It …

Curtis Matthews: Snow Sucks!!

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Hey blog buddies!!! So today I wake up and to my surprise, there’s nine inches of snow on the ground.. I had plans today Mother Nature!! Lol. Anyways, snow means a lot of things for me.. It means plenty of time to jack off my big cock.. O…

Onyx Adonis: Onyx's Sexcapades!

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So today, I woke up around 12, got online and decided to chat with some of you. I got few responses so I got offline, made some food, hopped on my hook up app, and started chatting with some guys, I came across this one in particular dadd…

Wayde Sinclair: Sick Calls

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Sick calls suck ass. I mean it just means you are down a person for the day, unless management decides to cover that shift, which normally is not the case. It is super annoying. It makes for a bad day and normally horrible headaches. Then…

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