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Kyran Clipse: Day 2

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tonight was great I was horny for all the right reasons I felt a deep connection with a special somebody. getting on cam is great! I’m going to try and not cheat on my special person ( as you are reading this muah) I can not wait to see y…

Bobby Sole: Happy Hippo Day!

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Today we celebrate the third largest mammal on Earth. Some of us become like it after the candies of Saint Valentine 🙂 Some other are still in time to become if you are sweet enough to them! Happy Hippo Day to all!

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Dave Hill: Saturday Chillout

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Hi guys. Today I just realized that the fall have already came to us. It is much more colder then at the beginning of this month. But still the sun is shining. So today weather is so nice, that I just took the bike and went to the park wi…

Spike Wilson: 02.02.2017 Important Thing I Have Understood.

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I just want to tell U one thing, which have change my mind on Members. Before that day I thought that all of them needs only one thing, and thats too easy to explain by their acts – they always write to models something like “Oh faster get naked”, “show ur cock and ass” etc., and thats why I thought all of them think that Models are stupid sluts without soul, they only must show their body and do nothing more at all. So, today I have met a Member, who chenged my mind on it. He had take me in pvt and we talks about 30 mins, just having fun, know each other, have interesting dialog. And we have enjoy it. Then I made a show for him and it was my best show. Just because I enjoyed to do it for man, who can see not only a body, but soul of Model too. Dear guests, be more polite please and U will always have best shows. Trust me.Thank for your attention. With love, cutie Spike.

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Brent Duke: Darkness into Light

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hey guys and gals its that time of year again, DARKNESS INTO LIGHT 5k walk in aid of Pieta House, self harm prevention, this is a cause that is very dear to my heart as it means not only alot to me but my entire family, as we know what i…

Vallentino Davis: Good Evening.

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Hello, how are you beautiful people today?Hoping well, i just come back home , was a beatiful day here, i was at gym working out my shoulders and abs a lot of hard work in th gym today , if you would like see the result come and visit me …

Cristi Greenn: It's Time for a Trip

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Hello guys and happy week-end to you all . Is my free day this Sunday and i am planing to spended outside because is nice weather and a fishing trip would be nice and relaxing . Is also the day that i visit my parents house and have lunch…

Crys Rod: Because Like Toplay

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hEI IA HAVE 19 Years ..Hi I m TiTo…I guess I fit his image of what every LA surfer guy should be (though I confessed to him I’d never actually surfed!). I was much more experienced in most things (except sex oddly) since my parents were…

Alexx Twink: Day 3 of Alexx`s Life

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Hey again guys , I apologize fot the absence I dont have time to type in my blog every day So here I am again writein` in my BLOG , today wasn`t an awesome day haha…i woke up very early and felt tired all day long i meet some new person…

Mercin D: Summer

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hey guys summer time is the best time for outdoor sex ,i love it to have sex outside,this is so great and i love it to fuck so long and hard.this is very great to meet nice guys and to have great sex. i love it to be naked and have wild s…

Richard Ville: Big Brother

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So it’s not that long before this show starts again. Applied two years ago and got through to the final stage. Is it worth it and what do you get apart from a bit of fame a bright lights? The audition process was over six months long… I…

Ajay Dare: Dare to Ajay Part 1

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Whats on your mind, is it something that you desire or youd like to look maybe youd just like to touch, speak slowly but surely appropriately but flirty just keep it naughty, no controlling but yet some what demanding, why please if you c…

Jayson Diesel: Navy Academy Student, What's That ? Part 2

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Well as i promised guys i came with part 2 of the topic 🙂 . To make things clear my academy is not a military academy, my academy is a school like any other that form officers and engineers and help them become even more and advance in r…

Denis Cute: My Hero

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If I were a character in a movie or story book … definitely would choose to be superman .nThis is for several reasons not just because it is very powerful and can fly and can do whatever he wants in this world without anyone stopping hi…

Harry Hunter: Newbie

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Hey Guys!Today was my first day! It was great meeting everyone that came into my chat room. I hope you had as much fun as me. Admittedly I was very nervous to begin with, but everyone welcomed me and made me feel at ease. I’m definitely c…

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