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Billy Woods: Hard First Day

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Hard first day Audio not working new cam not here and a very slow day in general had a lot of chat being new did not help so visited some other models rooms talk to them to see what they were doing different then me now I have some ideas …

Jayson Game: Good Morning!!

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Morning Gamers!I’m up pretty early today; I have no clue why either lol. I mean, I went to sleep pretty late (almost 5am) and here I am waking up at 8 this morning and doing the dishes! I can’t complain though, feels kinda good waking up …

Paris Chicone: Today

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Writing my first blog for the site. Not sure what should go into it. Ive been enjoying using the site though i would like to get more customers and have not really figured out how to make that happen yet. My power score seems to be going …

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