Harem Boy part 1

Harem Gay

Harem Gay

In only a tiny silk loincloth wrapped around his waist Luc was standing in
front of a damping bath. The hot water waiting for him to be bathed in.

To each side a boy approached. They untied his silk loincloth and led him
into the bath. These boys must have the best job in the palace, Luc
thought, eying over the two young boys tucking at his gear.

A total of five of them serviced the baths of the harem. A harem of twenty
boys that is. As far as we know this is quite unusual in the Arabic world.
The sheik who secretly loves young men had build a second palace just for
the pleasure of loving boy. A special part of the harems quarters is
reserved for a fabulous bathhouse. It’s a real masterpiece with several
showers, a sauna and massage tables around a small circular pool. Only the
best materials were used in the construction, beautifull marbles, exquisite
mozaics, large mirrors and the best there is in bathing utilties. On one
side there are three complete bathrooms where the haremboys are prepared
for their master.

In one of these bathrooms Luc was washed by four expert hands. His body was
carefuly scrubbed with special gloves and lucious soap leaving his skin
smooth and clean smelling of honey. Everything was coverd; his hair his
face and his feet. His balls, his dick and his butt.

Luc got arroused, he allways felt so good in this ritual. The washingboys
wearing their white thongs, crouched around the bath to reach all parts of
his body. Akim got hold of his head while Yussuf worked his way up from
Lucs feet to his groin. The carresing touch over his upper legs got his
dick growing. With a soapy cloth Yussuf grabbed the smooth full balls of
the haremboy. It had it’s effect on Luc who looked full of lust at Yussef.
They have had a lot of encounters together in this bathhouse. Luc leaning
back, closing his eyes remenissing about how he fucked Yussufs sixteen year
old butt in the sauna. Yussuf had just entered the league of bathingboys
and the members of the harem were betting who of them would be taking his
cherry. It took Luc only three days to suduce him. Lying in the bath he
remembered their hot interaction in the sauna. Their bodies slick with
clean sweat, the drops pearling down Yussufs back in to between his smooth
cheeks, lubricating his first fuck which he received from Lucs strong eight
inch cock.

But this time he was going to spent the night with the sheik. The
preparation continued. Luc stepped out of the bath into a big shower where
Akim washed him of with a special bathoil. Yussuf stood aside watching the
ritual commence. It wasn’t hard to see why he gave in so easily to this
young man. Luc was the only european boy in the harem. His fair skin made
him stood out in the group. And not only that. Luc had all the right
assests to be a perfect haremboy. Not to tall, a beautifully proportioned
lean body, long slightly muscled legs with a nice piece of dick in between,
a small round bubble butt with seductive dimples in smooth cheeks, narrow
hips, a sixpack abdomen with strong pecs and wide shoulders. To top it all
off Luc had a classic pretty face with deep blue eyes half coverd by his
long blond hair. Yussuf took in the sight absently rubbing his hard dick.
Akim had his own pleasure with rubbing the bathoil in Lucs smooth skin.
Reluctantly he finished the bathoil which left Lucs skin shining in the dim

Since the sheik wanted his boys to be smooth allover he had them shaved.
Lucs bodyhair was carefully shaved off by Akim, first his armpits then his
pubic patch. The sharp razor felt good on his skin. Through the now wet
white fabric Luc could see Akims hard dick. The smooth fabric sticked to
his olive skin and on the back the thong disappeared in smooth boybutt.
Akim got on his knees to attend to Lucs balls. In order to get a close
shave Luc had to be hard. That was no problem for Akim. Only the sight of
him got Luc going and now Akim licked over his upper legs to his balls and
took in his dick for some hard sucking. Luc was all up and ready, stepping
away from the water standing legs wide. Akim soaped up and razed Lucs balls
smooth. Luc knew the drill and voluntary turned en bent over deep offering
his firm ass for the same treatment. Akim took some more time as he enjoyed
Lucs behind. It was muscled and yet soft. Smooth and lightly tanned. In
between the crack were some little hairs witch where slowly cut of by Akims
razor. As a reward Akim licked Lucs smooth boyhole. Luc moaned in
anticipation but Akim knew that now was not his time.

Luc took in the pleasure of the touch of four hands on his. His skin still
wet Lucs body was completely oiled. Yussef took special attention in oiling
Lucs ass. His warm wet fingers trailing through his smooth cleft over and
over again. Several times an oily finger was inserted in his quivering hole
prepairing it for what was going to happen. At the end his perfect body was
clean, completely smooth and with a velvet glimmer all over in the dim

Finally Luc was dressed for the master. First a wide golden cockring was
placed over his genitals. A sheer silk cloth was wrapped around his waist.
The soft transparent fabric reached down to his ankles. Carefully Yussef
arranged the fabric. It was fitted to leave a gap open from his abdomen to
his feet. His groin was allready equipped with a tiny thong in the same
silk by Akim. Lucs half hard dick was visible through the sheer silk and
when he moved the long cloth waved around his lean legs showing the muscles
moving under the soft skin of his upper legs. Akim placed a big diamond in
his navel and beautifully decorated gold bracelets were placed around his
upper arms, just above his biceps. Rich diamond studs in his ears draw the
attention to his beautifull face.

His dedicated bathboys bowed an left the private bathroom leaving Luc in
font of a tall mirror. Not a word was spoken during the whole ritual. Luc
was ready.


One of the sheiks chamberboys welcomed Luc in the private domain of sheik
El Ahmali Bin Shadea. This man was of royal descend and his whealth was
limitless. It was reflected in the way he lived, surrounded by the most
beautifull objects in this luxurious palace. Luc was led through the
spacious salon to the sheiks room for pleasure. Gold decorated purple
coloured wallcoverings, numerous candle lit arabian lamps, two tree-size
palms and in one corner a extra large low bed coverd in velvet pillows in
different sizes and colours.

There awaited the sheik, relaxing in a sea of deep and bright reds, to
pinks and gold pillows. This man was a real treat in every way. A sculpted
body with smooth bronzed skin stretchings over his muscles. “Welcome to
Ahmalis pillow pad!”, he greeted Luc amically. “Thank you, Ahmali” said
Luc, his horny eyes wondering over the sheiks body. He was hardly dressed
lying down in a skimpy loincloth but beautifull the more with his long
jetblack hair falling over his shoulder shooting a seductive smile at Luc.

Luc could hardly take it anymore and looked away from Ahmalis dark
glinstering eyes. Precum leaking from Lucs half hard dick had caused a dark
wet patch in the front of his thin golden thong. It informed the grinning
sheik of Lucs aroused state so he beckonned him over to the low bed while
croutching to the edge of the cushions. Luc looked down on the strong back
of Ahmali who was on his hands and knees focussing in on Lucs crotch. The
loincloth was half covering the sheiks thight ass. He sat back on his knees
and kissed Lucs flat stommach. His tongue moving over the soft skin
trailing down to the base of Lucs dick. With is nose pressed in the smooth
skin between Lucs silk wrap and the top of the thong he pulled Luc onto the
bed. Luc stepped into the pillows while Ahmali slowly moved back to the far
corner of the bed. He enjoyed the look of one of the stars in his harem;
Luc. This young blond god was like the diamond he wore in his bellybutton.
Bright, energetic, cut to perfection and hard. Lucs cock pressed all his
eight inches straining in the now full silky thong. Ahmali decided to take
this pressure away before thoroughly enjoying this boy for the rest of the
night. With his hands on Lucs butt he pulled his still standing treasure
closer. His soft lips pushing into Lucs well filled silk. Licking his upper
legs, the sensitive spots near his bulging crotch, under his balls. His
fingers kneeding the mounts of soft flesh of Lucs tight butt, trailing down
in the smooth cleft toying with the string of the thong that caressed his
oiled center of his desire. Luc snapped. He teared away the silk thong
freeing his cock. A freshly shaved young-mens dick stood straight out from
his smooth abdomen. A 20 centimeters long cock, heavy and thick in
circumfence, forskin cut and showing a perfect gland wet with precum.
Ahmalis eyes widened while magnetically attracted to this delicious
big-boy-lollipop. His long tongue teased the wet tip, encircleing the crown
and licking up and down the shaft to his smooth balls which were pushed
forward by the large cockring. He rolled the juice-filled orbes in his warm
mouth. Luc closed his eyes grabbing gently the sheiks head who just stuck
his expert tongue in between his balls and his leg probing deeper over the
soft perineum to reach Lucs hole. Ahmali knew all his boys triggerpoints
and grinned develish looking up into the in extacy aching face of Luc.
Again Ahmali sat back on his knees and took Lucs throbbing piece in one
take down his throat engulving it in wetness and warmth. While he kept him
there his tongue massaged the sides of his dick and Ahmalis nose pressed
against the smooth perfumed skin at the base. Slowly the sheik let go of
Lucs precious cock which was now covered slick from balls to the top.
Several hard sucks later, Ahmalis hand at the base of the heavy cock, Luc
gave in to the excitement and literaly exploded in Ahmalis mouth shaking on
his feet but supported by the sheiks strong hands on his hips. Ahmali
drinking all of the lovejuice but still hungry took this perfect cock down
his throat for a last long pop. Glad with this sweet release Luc let
himself fell down backwards into the soft cushions.

Lounging back on his elbows on a big blood red roll-pillow he grinned
seductively at Ahmali whose lips were shining with his and Lucs juices. He
was sitting opposite of him still on his knees and in between some straps
of fine white fabric in his lap stood his giant manhood pointing up to pass
his bellybutton. The sheik was gifted with the biggest penis and a set off
large balls in a smooth hanging sack. Luc licked his lips. This was going
to be a hot night…

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