The Arab Boy with the Bulge

The Arab Boy with the Bulge


I followed you as you went from ride to ride at the town’s bazar. When I first spotted you it was your short black curly hair that caught my eye but soon my eyes wandered down your fit body to my desired spot. Your Arab bulge was massive underneath the tight stone washed jeans you were wearing. I knew I had to have you right then.

You caught my stare a few times and you could tell I was interested, and the way your bulge strained in your pants I knew you were interested too. I watched as you talked to your friends then left them. As you left I saw you look back over your shoulder to see if I was still following you. When you noticed me I noticed a smile cross your pretty full lips.

For a moment I imagined how wonderful those lips would feel around my cock and I felt more stirrings in my groin. Yes I was following and even though as a fifty two year old man I knew it was a little creepy to be stalking such a handsome Arab boy, I just couldn’t help the pull of longing that had a hold on me.

I watched as you went into the barn that housed all the ribbon winners from the day’s animal judging. The barn was dark and empty, most of the animals long since asleep as I continued to follow. I watched as you went into an empty stall, peeking over your shoulder one last time to make sure I was still there.

I went into the stall behind you and then you opened your lovely mouth and finally spoke.

“I know you want me!” You said and tilted your head as you brushed the hair out of your eyes. Your confidence made me want you even more.

“That I do son. You are very sexy but you are also very young!” I responded.

“Old man, I am old enough to know hunger in someone’s eyes. And by the looks of that bulge in your pants you are very hungry!” You said this to me as you started rubbing the front of your pants. My own cock twitched in my pants.

You told me you were nineteen and that you loved sex with older white guys. You never told me your name though. I was relieved to know you were of legal age, after all I was attracted to your youthful good looks but I wasn’t the type of guy who pursued boys that weren’t of legal age.

You then went right for me and pulled my head into yours and gave me a deep French kiss. I accepted your tongue and offered mine right back. Your smell was wonderful, a musky odor that was playing against the stench of animals asleep in the barn.

I felt your hand as it reached down and started stroking my cock through my pants, a wetness formed in my silk underwear as you continued to rub. I responded by rubbing your magnificent package. You were so big my hand couldn’t even compare to your size. I had to see this piece immediately. I dropped to my knees and unbuckled your belt and freed your monster. You were rock hard and the veins throbbed and stuck out of your ten inch shaft. Your length was only surpassed by your thickness, I had to use both hands to actually get a complete grip around the tool.

I began to stroke this prize that was standing proudly in front of me, the dark purple head called to me with its sticky gift leaking so heavily from the tip. I dropped my head and licked the sweet salty liquid, the splendid taste sent shivers throughout my body. I opened my mouth as wide as I could to swallow your cock. The stretch of my jaw muscles caused a bit of discomfort but the pain was worth the feeling of having your warm hard rod in my mouth. I slid my mouth as far as a could down your pole. I swallowed inch after inch of your hardness I could take no more as I reached half way. Your thickness completely filled my throat and when I reached my limit I backed off. I repeated this movement as I swirled my tongue on the under region of your cock.

I heard deep moans escape your throat and felt as your hips began to rock back and forth to fuck my mouth. I used both my hands and slid them up and down in time with my blow job. The spit that was escaping my lips allowed your shaft to be nicely lubricated making my hands slide even smoother. Your moans started to increase and I sped up my sucking and swirling.

I felt as you stared to really push your hips forward and I accepted even more of your Arab hugeness down my throat. The heat of the moment and my desire allowed me to succumb to even more of your inches and in no time I had three quarters of your rod in my throat. I worked my hands faster as you pumped your hips harder. You were thoroughly enjoying yourself and let me know what a great job I was doing.

“Oh yes pops! Your mouth is so hot … Yes suck my hard young Arab cock you dirty old bastard. Take it right down your throat! That’s it old man suck me! God yes I am so close … I am fucking your face!” You cried.

Your words encouraged me more to get you to the Promised Land and soon my hands and head were a blur as I sucked with reckless abandon. I felt you grip the back of my head and shove your thick Arab cock as deep as my throat would allow. You rose up on the balls of your feet and then I felt the fire in my mouth as you exploded. I tried to keep up with each rope you blasted in my throat but was unable to take such a massive load.


When I finished cleaning up all the remnants of your heavenly juice you looked at me with satisfied eyes and said.

“Shit Pops that was the best fucking blow job I have ever had! So what can I do for you?”

“Son I want you to take that huge piece of Arab meat and fuck me hard in my ass!” I told the handsome Arab boy then I noticed his cock get hard again. I wanted that beautiful piece deep in my bowels and quickly undressed and bent over the rails of the stall.

I heard him spit on his cock and rub it into his pole. I felt the hot hardness as it touched my back hole and I shivered in anticipation. The first push hurt a bit as I felt my ass resist a bit. As I felt him sliding deeper in my rectum the sensation was incredible. My ass gripped his young pole and I could feel every vein as he pushed further in me. I was soon filled to beyond capacity but I wanted all of his cock in me. I thrust my hips back to encourage him to keep going. I panted and started sweating from the increased pressure in my bowels.

He finally made it all the way inside and I could feel his balls tapping against my own and his body was tight to mine. He stopped for a second to make sure I was comfortable with his presence. Then he started backing his cock out of my tight hole. He was scratching an itch that burned deep within me and I loved it. Soon he was thrusting in time, slowly at first but soon his need took over and he was pounding my ass hard and fast.

My cock was straining and leaking and I gripped it. I slowly stroked my cock as the youth pounded my ass from behind. My precum was leaking like a faucet as I enjoyed the backdoor pleasure the boy was giving me. I could hear his moans as he thrust time and time again. God it felt so good to have this young boy fucking my ass with his monster cock. I had never felt so full in my life!

I increased the speed of my jerking and my cock was soon covered in my slippery ooze. Then I felt his hand move mine away and he took over the grip on my throbbing cock. My hand felt good but his had was magnificent as it slid up and down my pole in perfect time with his thrusts in my ass. I began to urge him on.

“Yes Arab stud fuck my hot ass! Oh son your hand feels so good, your cock feels so good in my tight white ass! Yes … keep fucking me you hot bastard!”

“Ohhhhhhh pops I am going to fill your ass with so much Arab cum you are gonna think you was having an enema! Your ass is so tight around my cock. Your cock feels so good in my hand. Come on Pop’s cum all over my hand!” He responded. His thrusts were lightning fast and I knew he was close to cumming. I wanted it to last a bit longer and I also wanted to look at him when he came deep in my ass so I pulled away from him.

He was confused for a second but I told him what I wanted and then I lay down in the hay lifting my hips in the air. He got on top of me and put my legs on his shoulder so my ass was in just the right place for his beautiful cock. He didn’t even take his time when he plunged back into me. For a minute I thought he might make it all the way to my stomach when his cock drove in me.

The Arab boy with the bulge looked deep into my eyes as he pistoned his cock in and out of me once more. He reached down with his hand and grabbed my cock again. He was pile driving my ass and I recognized the look on his face, one that I have had many times in my life. His speed increased and he moaned as he thrust forward, driving his cock to the hilt. My tight ass gripped him hard and I felt his cock throb and explode as he sent jet after jet of his young cum deep into my bowels. At the same time my body jerked and my cock spasmed in his hands as my orgasm gripped me. My orgasm was so intense it sent a thick rope of cum from my cock high in the air and it landed right on my own face.

The Arab boy with the bulge pulled out of my ass and took his hands and wiped the cum from my face and then licked his fingers. He quickly got dressed and then asked me for a pen. He took out a piece of paper from his pocket and wrote his name and phone number on it then handed it to me. He then looked at me and said anytime I wanted to be fucked to give him a call.

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